Marietta, Georgia, Release: July, 2021


PSBcreative – a leading Marietta-based production company specializing in putting on high quality theatrical works for schools and community theater groups


– is excited to announce that their latest production of Disney’s Little Mermaid Jr. will be streaming on from July 24th to August 29th.


While every theatrical production is a byproduct of both love as well as hard work, this production of Disney’s Little Mermaid Jr. serves as an especially remarkable achievement. After the in-person production was cancelled in the spring of 2020 just days before opening due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the PSBcreative team pivoted to produce a movie version of the musical.


In a reflection of our current times, the film was made entirely in a backyard and basement. Auditions were held via video submission, rehearsals were conducted over Zoom, and each vocal track was even recorded individually in a basement. Costumes and props were made by hand, and the team even constructed a tent studio for filming.


“Despite challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic, we were able to take our creativity to a whole new level,” said Pete Bush, the Director of PSBcreative. “Both casts – with age ranges from eight to 13 years old – worked tirelessly to make our version of the beloved musical classic, Disney’s The Little Mermaid Jr., a reality. I’m incredibly proud of everyone who helped make this happen – together, we figured out a way to keep going, to keep performing, and to keep the arts alive in our community.”


Stream Cast A Dinglehopper here or Cast B Snarfblatt here. To view either production after August 29th, please contact PSBcreative.


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(July, 2021 – (Los Angeles) – When Motown sings “Aint No Mountain High Enough…..”, they definitely were talking about the Founder and Co-Founders of Mandrolli , Tami Mase, Ndileka Mandela and B.Taylor. The African Diaspora Central Bank has committed to invest $9 billion in Mandrolli, a solar and battery-powered electric vehicle (EV) startup based in Johannesburg, South Africa and a base in the U.S, which makes Mandrolli the first in the EV space to raise investment for the entire full production in one round. This move will propel Mandrolli into the mix among new EV companies headed to the automotive market. “What is clear going forward is that industrialization will be the driving force behind Africa’s continental free trade area, and certainly one of the greatest industries to participate in, is,


of course, the automotive industry. That is why our dedicated financial Institution, the African Diaspora Central Bank and ECO-6 are very honored to acknowledge our investment, commitment, and participation with the development of Mandrolli South Africa’s future leading carbon emissions-free automotive manufacturing. We are excited to support the team Mandrolli, with the distribution chain that goes across not only through Continental Africa, but in the Americas and in Europe. ”, says H.R.H Chief Timothy McPherson, Chairman and Bank President.


Mandrolli was birthed in Nelson Mandela’s home province, the Eastern Cape, in which the Honorable Premier Oscar Mabuyane has agreed to support this to the fullest. This is also historical because Mandrolli is founded by African black women, Ms Tami Mase, the CEO and a visionary behind the Mandrolli innovation. “It is extremely thrilling to see this dream unfolding. Mandrolli has become more than just an automotive innovation, but a golden bridge that unites Continental Africa and her Diaspora. The investment Mandrolli received from the African Diaspora Central Bank instantly activates a unified approach to the Continent’s Free Trade and gives Mandrolli the opportunity to industrialize and empower the African Economy.” Tami said excitedly. “More than anything else, I am looking forward to working with Africa and for Africa, starting with our anticipated operations in Malawi, South Africa and the United States.


As the first grandchild of the iconic Nelson Mandela, Ndileka Mandela is breaking barriers and pushing boundaries. She is committed to adding to the Mandela legacy for many generations to come. The Mandrolli car will be the first-ever to bear the signature of my grandfather, Nelson Mandela. Heading the Special Projects Division will therefore give me the opportunity to take responsibility upholding the integrity of his generational legacy and use it to unite the World while preserving our African culture. Seeing this vision manifest through Mandrolli’s vision and designs is a marvel yet to unfurl.” Ndileka Mandela


B.Taylor also will bring a strong punch to this epic undertaking. He is a decorated African American Navy veteran, multi-award-winning artist, producer, best-selling author, engineering educational background, and a goodwill Global Ambassador & Advocate of Entertainment for our nation’s heroes. “ To work with the Department of Defense, serve as a Navy Veteran, be discovered by the Motown Legends, and now get the opportunity to represent one of the greatest figures the world has ever known, what an honor



and blessing from God. This is for all the little black and brown boys and girls around the world that if you put God first and believe great things will come”, states B.Taylor, Co-Founder(Head of U.S. Operations) Mandrolli has also secured global partners that will develop, engineer, and manufacture the first prototype. Mandrolli is not just about car manufacturing, but about getting our black women and youth into the very limited skills industries of the future such as engineering, technology, systems architecture, and digital transformation.





Mandrolli is an innovative Electric Vehicle Start-up that is set to drive Electric mobility pioneering in Africa. It plans to disrupt and shake the Automotive industry by defying the laws of physics and advocating green manufacturing including 100% mushroom leather, carbon fibre exterior and hybrid power harvesting technologies, driving electric mobility right into the future. The company has plans to unveil more innovative features and products soon, bent on keeping its consumers on their toes for the next big thing.


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Marketing assignments have always been a challenge, and to write plagiarism-free assignments can be daunting. Before we start, let's get a better understanding of marketing and Plagiarism free:

What is Marketing?

Marketing is considerably more than just promotion or sales; it has a far broader and wider scope. It's the method by which a company encourages people to buy or sell a product or service. Some examples of marketing are delivering, selling, and advertising.

What is Plagiarism Free?

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Hope 7 useful tips by experts on how to write plagiarism free marketing assignment will be beneficial for you; check out the assignment help provided by us and ask questions if you have doubts.



The podcast, Sluts Sinners and Saints, focuses heavily on the issues that black and indigenous women and femmes of color face in Evangelical churches. These issues typically involve purity culture, misogyny, homophobia, church abuse by way of communal collective narcissism, and racism. Sluts Sinners and Saints aims not only to shed light on a major lack of support for BIPOC LGBTQIA+ women who chose to leave the church or have been excommunicated, but to build a community of support.





As Gen x, Millennials and Gen Z continue to walk away from religion and find spirituality in other forms that are less rigid and oppressive, many are finding healing in the process of deconstruction; unlearning harmful and problematic teachings of the Evangelical Christian church. As this movement springs forward, a small subgroup of people continue to struggle to establish a sense of community within ex-vangelical spaces. Women of color and our experiences within the church of; racism, misogyny, fetishization, hyper-sexualization, exoticism, and church abuse continue to go unheard and unseen. The movement to support those who are left suddenly without their church community, friends and sometimes family, leaves something to be desired for those who were also marginalized within the church to begin with. Lack of visibility of BIPOC people within the church has continued into ex-vangelical communities. The Sluts Sinners and Saints Podcast seeks to change that for those former church members most deeply affected by racism, homophobia and toxic purity culture.


The Sluts Sinners and Saints podcast is co-hosted by two black women; lash studio owner and former Seventh Day Adventist and later, Evangelical Christian, Roxy Barnes who chose to leave the church after several experiences of racism and discrimination in the church.


And former Evangelical Youth Pastor and current social media micro-influencer Ivory Bruinsma, who was recently excommunicated from the church after coming out to friends, family and her former church community, as lesbian. Both women are based in the Pacific Northwest.


Sluts Sinners and Saints publishes a new podcast episode every Tuesday on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Stitcher and many other podcasting platforms. We also post full length videos on our Patreon and highlights on our Youtube Channel. Support our podcast by subscribing!



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(NASDAQ:NISN) a provider of innovative comprehensive solutions through an integration of technology, industry, and finance, today announced that Fanlunke Supply Chain Management (Shanghai) Co., Ltd, a controlled affiliate of the Company, has signed a partnership agreement with Beijing Jingdong Century Information Technology Co., Ltd ("JD"), a subsidiary of, China's leading technology driven e-commerce company transforming to become a leading supply chain based technology and service provider. Under this agreement, the two groups will enter a joint cooperation to develop supply chain services targeting the e-commerce industry.

Beijing Jingdong Century Information Technology Co., Ltd is wholly-owned by Beijing Jingdong Century Trading Co., Ltd and a subsidiary of Under this cooperation, the two groups will lean on their respective logistics networks, supply chain resources, and technologies, to complement each other's advantages and collaborate to develop integrated supply chain solutions targeting the e-commerce industry, deploying JD's e-commerce platform and prioritizing customer experience. Through this cooperation, Nisun will further integrate the upstream and downstream of supply chain logistics and improve efficiency to provide comprehensive products and sales solutions.

"This partnership with China's e-commerce giant marks another important step for Nisun in the deployment of our long-term growth strategy while providing an opportunity for us to expand our presence in the e-commerce field," said Mr. Xiaoyun Huang, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Nisun International. "In addition, making use of JD's advantages in traffic, logistics, and warehousing, Nisun can accelerate its growth in the supply chain industry while improving its capacity and efficiency in supply chain management. This partnership will allow us to improve product and service offerings and remain focused on our goals to meet customer demands while creating value for shareholders."

NASDAQ Listed Technology Driven Integrated Supply Chain Solutions Provider for the International Finance Industry.

  • Linked Platform for Supply Chain, Banking, Securities, Trust, Insurance, Funds, State-Owned Enterprises and Other Businesses.
  • Strong Financial Results in 2020 Generating $42.2 Million Revenue.
  • Launched New Supply Chain Solutions Financing Business to Further Drive Overall Business Growth.


Nisun International Enterprise Development Group Co., Ltd (NASDAQ: NISN) is a technology-driven, integrated supply chain solutions provider focused on transforming the corporate finance industry. Leveraging its industry experience, NISN is dedicated to providing professional supply chain solutions to Chinese and foreign enterprises and financial institutions.

Through its subsidiaries, NISN provides users with professional solutions for technology supply chain management, technology asset routing, and digital transformation of tech and finance institutions, enabling the industry to strengthen and grow.

At the same time, NISN continues to deepen the field of industry segmentation through industrial and financial integration, by cultivating/creating an ecosystem of openness and empowerment. NISN has built a linked platform that incorporates supply chain, banking, securities, trust, insurance, funds, state-owned enterprises, among other businesses. Focusing on industry-finance linkages, NISN aims to serve the upstream and downstream of the industrial supply chain while also assisting with supply-side sub-sector reform.

NISN has an attractive share structure with only 20,555,129 shares currently outstanding.

  • NISN Reports Fiscal Year 2020 Financial Results


On May 3rd NISN announced its audited financial results for the year ended December 31, 2020.

In 2020 the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic presented challenges to NISN and pushed the company to adapt and refine its business model to focus on SME financing and supply chain solutions. Amid the mergers and acquisitions and dispositions, NISN still delivered strong financial performance in the second half of 2020, as the business generated $42.2 million in revenue in the 2020 fiscal year.

Furthermore, NISN launched a new supply chain solutions financing business, which is likely to further drive overall business growth. Looking ahead to 2021, NISN remains committed to providing high-quality supply chain products and services to its clients.

For more information on Nisun International Enterprise Development Group Co., Ltd (NISN)    visit  and  

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Disclaimer/Safe Harbor:

These news releases and postings may contain forward-looking statements within the meaning of the Securities Litigation Reform Act. The statements reflect the Company’s current views with respect to future events that involve risks and uncertainties. Among others, these risks include the expectation that any of the companies mentioned herein will achieve significant sales, the failure to meet schedule or performance requirements of the companies’ contracts, the companies’ liquidity position, the companies’ ability to obtain new contracts, the emergence of competitors with greater financial resources and the impact of competitive pricing. In the light of these uncertainties, the forward-looking events referred to in this release might not occur.



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The world is slowly but steadily rising from the virus that has crippled it for nearly 2 years now. In the wake of the virus, we are organizing International Traditional Sports Day 2021 for the first time virtually. This is a worldwide event celebrating the diversity and the culture of the locals helping them secure their traditions. The games also would help boost the tourism, local traditions, and culture of the host country.

International Council of Traditional Sports and Games or ICTSG is the official umbrella organization for all (Traditional Sports and Indigenous Games) as well as organizers of traditional sports games and sport-related international associations. It also facilitates the understanding of TSG in terms of cultural identity and diversity. It gives exposure to opportunities that mainstream sports can’t provide.

UNESCO is backing Traditional Sports and games to expand intercultural awareness, making geographically distant cultures more reachable, enable youth development and advance ethical sports practices. This fits into UNESCO’s goal of building peace, eradicating poverty, and promoting sustainable development alongside giving a flavor of the different cultures across the globe.

The International Council of Traditional Sports and Games was established at the 4th Collective Consultation Meeting on Traditional Sports and Games, UNESCO on 14th August 2018 at Istanbul Turkey, which was attended by more than 80 participants from 40 countries including Sports Ministers, government officials, representatives of UNESCO Permanent Delegations and international organizations. The International Council of Traditional Sports and Games or ICTSG acts as an international organization aiming to serve as an international platform for the preservation, promotion, and development of traditional sport and games (TSG) at the global level and play an integral part in socio-economic development, cultural heritage promotion, environmental sustainability, a healthy lifestyle, and a peace-building process. International Council of Traditional Sports and Games (ICTSG) better promotes the International Traditional Sports Day. In fact, it makes it more meaningful through its diverse actions in favor of TSG. For example, ICTSG organizes TSG events. This puts more emphasis on TSG. One of the main projects of the ICTG which will promote TSG and the International Traditional Sports Day is the World Traditional Sports and Games. Such an event will draw more interest on TSG, contribute to the gathering of people under important values as solidarity, fair play, and cultural awareness while giving a boost to tourism.

The International Council of Traditional Sports and Games is being led by Khalil Ahmed Khan who was appointed as President in 2018. Alongside him, Shammi Rana was appointed as Secretary-General. Previously he was appointed as rapporteur of the UNESCO Traditional Sports and Games Ad Hoc Advisory Committee in 2017 by the United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization. In his UNESCO role, Rana promotes the mission of Traditional Sports and Games. In the wake of the pandemic, the events are being organized online and the world is the stage to showcase the skills and culture of the community. The International day of Traditional Sports and Games will be celebrated on 14th August 2021 virtually. To catch all the action and keep up to date with the recent development, one can follow TSG’s official social handles.

The International Traditional Sports Day 2021 is worth celebrating to increase positive attitudes much needed in the world. Some of these attitudes are cultural tolerance, inclusion, and peace.




Irvine, CA – California Intercontinental University (CIU) has launched a new payment gateway via, allowing students to make tuition payments through numerous options. These payment methods include Visa, Mastercard, American Express, PayPal, Apple Pay, Google Pay, Amazon Pay, and many more. One of CIU’s latest payment options is Bitcoin and Ethereum, which are two forms of cryptocurrencies. 

What Is Cryptocurrency?

Cryptocurrency is a virtual currency secured by cryptography, making it nearly impossible to counterfeit, according to Investopedia. This type of currency is often a decentralized network based on blockchain technology – a distributed ledger enforced by a disparate network of computers. Cryptocurrency is not distributed nor controlled by any form of government or higher authority. Therefore, it cannot be manipulated easily.

Why Use Cryptocurrency?

As educational institutions begin to catch on to accept the latest payment options, CIU has initiated its first step to provide students the opportunity to cover their tuition costs using cryptocurrency. CIU is prompted to adapt and practice the latest virtual trends in being a technology-first business university while aiming to deliver its students an exceptional online experience. According to, “Colleges interested in growing will ultimately begin to view Bitcoin as a viable payment option for incoming and existing students.” California Intercontinental University is dedicated to driving change, which means the highest innovative standards must be delivered in providing its students an extraordinary online experience.

The Future Of Cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrency is still in the early stages of mass adoption. However, large organizations and countries are beginning to implement digital assets. Reuters have reported that El Salvador is making Bitcoin legal tender in September, and Paypal, has already integrated it into their payments platform. Also, one expert interviewed by CNBC said that “cryptocurrencies will disrupt traditional finance because one of their most attractive utilities is the ability to efficiently transfer payment across borders with little to no cost, delay or foreign currency fluctuations.”

CIU strives to be at the forefront of new technology advancements to offer its students the most diverse learning experience. Thus implementing a cryptocurrency payment option was a no-brainer.


2601 Main Street, Suite 250, Irvine, CA 92614

24/7: +1-866-687-2258



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Documentary films are mainly released to educate, inform, and to inspire people across the world on a particular topic. With an abundance of media outlets on television and the internet, there have been plenty of amazing documentaries made to spread awareness on various subjects. The latest film being released by Falcon Films LLC looks forward to shedding light on the difficulties and hardships handicapped parents have to face.

The film is being written and directed by a popular director Jennifer T. Conerly who is known to have worked on plenty of projects in the past. On top of that, the documentary is being produced with the help of Gary Dourdan and Dellashawn A. Thomas.

The documentary’s main goal is to help the public realize what sort of challenges and triumphs parents go through. The government system does not make it any easier as there is a huge value of policies and useful help in reality. By highlighting these sufferings and triumphs, the documentary aims at spreading awareness and recognition on the topic.

Jennifer’s main inspiration behind the film was to let the public get a better idea of what these hardships are. She can finally visualize the message she wants to convey to the common people after the film’s successful release.

We had the chance to talk to Jennifer as she was most excited to announce:

“The film’s main purpose is to shed light on all the adversities handicapped and special needs parents have to go through. With the film’s release, we hope to spread a message to the public and hope to make a difference along the way.”

Both the director and producers have made plenty of achievements. However, their latest release “The Long Suffer” seems to be one of their biggest projects to date. The film is set to release in 2021. It will be interesting to see what sort of impact the film will be able to deliver on its release.



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NEW YORK, NY, JULY 30, 2021 - Celebrated Hip-Hop artist Wayne Dreadski has announced that he will release his latest number, "Da Candyman" this coming September 24, 2021. Dropping the news on Instagram to his global fans, the King of Dub Reggae has made his intentions clear — people deserve something to cheer about and his new music is going to give it to them. "There is nothing that unites people like music. Good music can even make people hug their mortal enemies because it has the power of love and passion", said Wayne Dreadski on the forthcoming release of his latest track.


The world has started to open up venues for shows, games etc. A lot has been happening globally with the conclusion of continental soccer cups in Europe and Latin America, Olympics in Japan and many other games and music shows of a whole lot of artists across the world. This led Wayne Dreadski to get on his notebook and pen Da Candyman. It is the Real Wayne Dreadski style of music that keeps Hip-Hop fans hypnotized to his music and playing them on loop. Known for his exquisite style in both music and fashion, the passionate singer inspires millions across the world.


Many supporters love that his fan base is growing all over the globe. Hailing from humble beginnings, Wayne has come a long way in achieving all that he has, and it has been possible through the hard work, tears and sweat that he put into his talent. He loves to make music, and good ones that people worldwide will enjoy. He expressed great pleasure that venues are opening up for artists where people can enjoy live music and connect with their favorites once again. It's always surreal for Wayne Dreadski to perform before a live audience who've come because they love him. He appreciates it, and keeps making wonderful music for them. Watch out for Da Candyman from Wayne Dreadski on September 24, 2021.



Wayne Dreadski is a popular Hip-Hop artist from Atlanta, GA. A one of a kind recording artist, he is the King of Dub Reggae. His latest track, Da Candyman, is going to release this coming September 24, 2021.



Media Contact - Debbie B Myers

Address - 234-24 West 24th Street

Suite 9B New NY, NY 10001

Phone Number - (404)438-7638

Email -

Spotify -



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SCOTTSDALE, AZ, JULY 29, 2021 - Popular indie films maker Falcon Films LLC has released their latest movie called The Long Suffer. It is a beautiful and heart-wrenching documentary on parents with special needs and the challenges they face everyday, every moment of their lives. Spearheaded by the terrific director/writer Jennifer T. Conerly, the documentary also shows the uphill tasks these parents face in raising children and tending to their needs while themselves needing special care — something that sometimes they get, sometimes they don't. The Long Suffer puts on full display the beautiful and surreally challenging lives these parents with special needs lead that never makes it to any book, any literature, any media and thus remain oblivious to the rest of the world, their loving existence nary a concern for anyone.


Falcon Films has been a beacon for exceptional films for years now. It specializes in making horror movies and indie movies that frequently feature in international film festivals. It always takes the lead in making never-seen-before and most vibrant films ever to hit the screens. More than technology and CGI, Falcon Films LLC relies on tales and stories that would ultimately capture the attention and have them on the edge of their seats. It believes in making mindful movies tethered by a sensible thread being led by directors who have a distinct vision of where to take the film.


"Jennifer T. Conerly is one of most famous independent movie directors the world has ever known. The fact that the beautiful documentary - The Long Suffer - landed in her hands has been a blessing for everyone involved. Some of the scenes will melt the audience's heart while some may bring them to tears as they describe a wonderful journey affecting the family dynamics in myriad ways. Falcon Films LLC is pleased to have joined hands with her and produce a fantastic piece of artistic excellence in "The Long Suffer", said a spokesperson for Falcon Films LLC.



Falcon Films LLC is a film-producing company that specializes in making horror and independent movies. Over the years, it has made many such movies that have been praised highly by the audience.





Phone Number - +1 855-828-2036


Website -

Email -,