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{Atlanta, GA} – Bestselling author, speaker, and certified life coach Darryl Bumpass, Sr. is announcing his newest book, “How To Become Motivated In A Coronavirus Pandemic: The Magic Of Uncertainty.” Bumpass provides readers with the tools they need to be reminded that we didn’t come this far to fall into a space of depression.

“At this moment in time people are dealing with stress, worry, uncertainty, and not knowing which way is up,” Bumpass says. “I believe people need information, inspiration, and motivation.”

Each chapter of the book provides tips for how to keep moving forward-- regardless of what stressful events are happening – in order to stay focused on our purpose and get out of our own way.

“It’s my intention to give people the tools so they’ll be able to become the best version of themselves, step into their blueprint, and regain their peace of mind and happiness”

The book comes in part from Bumpass’ own personal journey. There was a time in his life when the level of stress and worry he was experiencing caused him to be diagnosed with Bell’s Palsy. Recovery involved walking the path he lays out in this work. “Some people are feeling a lot of chaos because of the corona virus pandemic, but the reality is every day is uncertain. Uncertainty is the norm.”

Bumpass has directed successful entrepreneurial ventures for 30 years. He is also a leadership, motivational, and self-mastery expert. His previous works include, “I Know You Hear Me, But Are You Listening?"

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Media Contact:

Darryl Bumpass

Company Name: Darryl Bumpass Sr., LLC


Phone: 917-272-2376

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Los Angeles, California – Friday, July 10, 2020

Every time Apple rolls out new Emojis millions of iPhone and iPad owners go wild.  That is understandable considering Emojis have become an indispensable enhancement to verbal communications.  Nearly 1 billion people who own iOS devices worldwide use emojis all the time to enhance expression and expand communications.  Apple has managed to keep a tight lid on the emojis available to users. Until now.

Weedbams aims to change that with their innovative approach to introducing new emojis for consumers who are fond of marijuana.  Their approach is a clever workaround to current Apple restrictions on emojis by applying a brilliant workaround that maps stickers directly to iOS keyboards delivered via their app.

The result is that iPhone and iPad users will be able to use the forthcoming Weedbams app to drop many different cannabis emojis into every kind of communication including:

  • Social media platforms
  • Texting
  • Chatting
  • Notepad
  • Email
  • Everywhere!

The cannabis industry and millions of consumers are stuck in something of a “no man’s land” as Federal law and persistent social mores are at odds with a booming ecosystem in the states where marijuana is legal.  What is certainly legal everywhere is the right of Americans to free expression.  Weedbams’ new marijuana emoji app expands that freedom enabling users to reference “weed” with emojis other than a maple leaf or a Christmas tree.

All funds raised on this Kickstarter will be applied to developing this app including all the coding required for the keyboard mapping as well as rolling out as many new cannabis emojis as budget will allow.  The more funds raised, the more emojis will be delivered.

The Weedbams Emoji crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter –

The Weedbams Emoji Website -

The Official Weedbams Website -



July 09, 2020:  - Dr. DaShaunda Turner, an author, motivational speaker and college instructor alongside Lakeshia  Franklin, a military veteran adept in helping individuals transit from the military to a new life as a civilian through making the right career and financial choices, collaborate to produce one of the best goto vision board planner called; Get in the Habit of a D’Clazzique Lady.


With the singular vision of helping women stay true to their goals and achieving them through the power of focus and positive vibes, Get in the Habit of a D’Clazzique Lady is a vision board planner, a not so common type of journal packed with tons of thought-provoking exercises designed to help and guide the human mind as it explores the unchartered territory of the mind along with daily positive habit-forming affirmations.

Keeping a journal is a little unknown tool that tends to be underutilized or not used at all by many. A journal is a perfect place to record insights and inspirations, it’s the engine room of the mind for any successful individual, it’s where insights begin to take shape and solidify. Get in the Habit of a D’Clazzique Lady is the ideal weapon to strategize, plan and achieve anything that is desired in life.

In agreement with Dr. DaShaunda, she shares their reasons and intention of creating this, in her words, “this journal is dedicated to helping you get the habit of a D’Clazzique lady; a lady committed to a vision and a purpose and dedicated to making the most of each day. A D’Clazzique lady is a lady who embraces all and everything about her and harnesses the total acceptance of herself into a positive energy that propels her to connect and thrive within her sphere of influence. She is the “Classy and Jazzy Lady”.

Get in the habit of a D’Clazzique Lady vision board journal is powered by the I am A D’Clazzique Lady Organizaion, an empowerment and coaching organization for ladies. It focuses on helping them embrace their self and focus on their goals through vision boarding, planning, and execution.

Get in the Habit of a D'Clazzique Lady is available across different online platforms;,, Barnes & Noble, Google Books, and Amazon. For more information about the book and D’Clazzique Lady Organization, get started here.

About Dr. DaShaunda Turner

Dr. Turner is a serial entrepreneur, the CEO, and Founder of D Global Partners, LLC, and D’Clazzique Hair Solutions, LLC.  With over 15 year’s wealth of experience in human resources, strategic planning, and organizational development, she seeks to help individuals and organizations flourish and attain their goals.

About Lakeshia Franklin

Lakeshia Franklin is a United States Army Veteran with over a decade of serving the nation.  She encourages, guides individuals and families transiting from military to civilians or vice-versa in making the right career choices, as well as how to remain financially stable in and out of college settings.  She is currently working towards a master’s degree in Human Resource Management.

Media Contact

Company Name: I Am A D’Clazzique Lady

Name: Dr. DaShaunda Turner


Phone Number: 931-217-0931


Country: United States



Lena Benjamin, Founder and Consultant of Empower Business is pleased to announce the launch of yet another online platform “Empower Business Club”, after two successful platforms earlier to this. This online membership platform has been created to empower new and existing entrepreneurs to make money from their self-made internet ventures. Applicable for different kinds of entrepreneurs, startups, small and mid-sized businesses, this platform can be used to develop multiple income streams from online businesses; thereby giving the true meaning of achieving financial freedom.

There is no better time than this for a platform such as Empower Business Club to be introduced; in a time where it is very important to create innovative ways and opportunities to make money online. By making the best use of technology and internet, members of this club can have complete leverage on the opportunities that will be presented before them. Lena Benjamin who has already created two successful platforms finds this the best time to provide yet another excellent, efficient and a practical platform to the members.

Members who are business owners, entrepreneurs, freelancers, consultants and corporate executives can benefit from this online membership. They will learn how to increase the monetization of their products and services; and create online brands that make money. Lena says “Starting Empower Business Club as an online membership platform to empower others to take action and make money online was a no brainer for me. With the new normal of having to use the internet more and more, the need to be free to work from anywhere, plus my past online business experience, it is a win-win-win opportunity which is incredibly satisfying”. Lena and her global team offer virtual services to empower online businesses worldwide

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VILNIUS - Community leaders and activists from across the globe have rallied in protest of the construction of a conference center on the old cemetery in Vilnius.

The Chief Rabbi of Israel, Rabbi David Lau, the highest authority in Jewish Law Rabbi Chaim Kanievsky and a respected rabbinical court have all ruled that the construction of a conference center is forbidden and illegal. Their decisions are consistent with a multitude of Rabbis from across the globe, who have come out vehemently against the new conference center. The initiative is also further opposed by the White House, U.S. Senators, Congressmen, Mr. Paul Packer (Chairman of the United States Commission for the Preservation of America’s Heritage Abroad) and the Israeli Knesset.

The proponents of the conference center (the Turto Bankos and the Vilnius City Council) argue that the development will facilitate a remarkable improvement to the area, both economically and aesthetically. To give credence their initiative or perhaps purely out of ignorance, they sought the blessing of Jewish interest groups to support their cause. 

Practically, these interest groups are dwarfed by the authority of the prestigious rabbis who oppose the plan, almost to the point of oblivion. To anyone who is in the know, who appreciates the importance afforded to varying levels of authority in Jewish law, the attempt by the planners of the conference center to candy coat their project is both tickling and a tragedy. It is tickling because the notion that any Jewish body or individual could overrule the authority of Rabbi Chaim Kanievsky, the Chief Rabbi of Israel Rabbi David Lau and a respected rabbinical court, is practically impossible. It is a tragedy because the idea that professionals and Lithuanian politicians who are ostensibly citizens in good standing, could err so badly in their judgement, is sad.

Pointedly, it is unlikely that the Vilnius City Council would allow a junior school student to sign off as a construction engineer to a suspension bridge. But yet that is exactly what they have done. 

Another misconception which the bank and City Council have tried to peddle, is that with the utmost surgical precision and care, the disruption of bones and skeletal remains can be eloquently avoided. “Jewish heritage will be protected,” press releases proclaim.

Preservation of skeletal remains is an important factor in preventing desecration. However, just as important is the requirement that the place of burial be used exclusively as a resting place for the deceased. Most certainly a conference center or a creation with any other purpose, simply wouldn’t cut.

Seemingly, the desire to improve the area by the Vilnius City Council is juxtaposed by the tragic desecration which will take place if the plan for the conference center goes ahead. This leaves the city in an irresolvable quandary.

Enter Adele Schachner Architecture, New York architect and designer extraordinaire, who has put forward a tentative proposal: the restoration of the cemetery to an aesthetically pleasing memorial with beautiful and trendy sidewalks. The plan ensures that the authentic memorial component of the cemetery will be maintained together with a design which is pleasing and attractive to the eye.

“We arranged the ground in a metaphorical gridded cemetery of two shades of gravel,” says Ms Schachner. “We used soft white and grey tones, evocative of the tombstones that once inhabited the site. The gravel also allowed for low maintenance, year round groundcover for the expansive site. We then frosted the existing glass windows and added mirrored panels to the massive roof, reducing its appearance. During the day the roof reflects the sky and gridded ground. At night, the roof twinkles with the thousands of mini solar-powered lights planted at each corner of the ground grid.”

“The forlorn, abandoned cemetery will finally be restored to the prestige it deserves,” she asserts reassuringly.

Whether this foresighted vision is realized, will depend on whether logic, measured thinking and pragmatism prevail. The alternative is sanctions, boycotts and relegation. It’s an avenue which no one wants.

Everyone involved in this dispute would far rather see a prosperous and beautiful Vilnius, a city which could be the cultural capital of Eastern Europe. That is the vision for which loyal Lithuanians, deep in their hearts, want.




David Sagorin

Jewish Lives Matter

About the organization: Save Vilna is an action group which is spearheading a campaign to stop the construction of the conference centre (Vilnius Congress Centre) by the Lithuanian government. You can learn more about the campaign on the Save Vilna website.



“The Extraordinary Women of Destiny” is here to connect African History with Black History and introduce it as an educational resource.


One of Africa’s best kept secrets is its history. The Dynasty Series is here to introduce young black children to a part of their history that has been shrouded in mystery. Many from the African diaspora are unaware of the positive elements of their history before Slavery. The Author ‘Ruth Flynn’ is challenging this perception by bringing to children the rich and complexed history of some of the Royal families in Africa. “Extraordinary Women of Destiny” celebrates the exciting history of Queens and Princesses like Queen Nzinga, Queen Tiye, The Dahomey Amazons, Nana Yaa Asantewa, and many more bold women that graced the African Continent. “Extraordinary Women of Destiny” shows beautiful illustrations, fascinating histories and motivational stories of rulers and leaders. This book inspires children to achieve greatness. Plus, it educates the world about the importance of black history and its strong and undeniable connection with the world.

The book is available in print and ebook version on Amazon
The ebook can also be found on Barnes and Nobles, Kobo and Google Play.

It is a well known universal fact that children who read are happier, healthier, more empathetic and creative. Therefore, representational voices in children’s books, for all children, from all different backgrounds is important. Reading impacts how a child sees themselves and the world around them. Reading can also help children reflect on what they have read and create a better world for the human experience. The author has written “Extraordinary Women of Destiny” to empower small children and give them a sense of pride and joy in the heritage they come from and to encourage children to explore other ethnicities and cultures. The women in this book will show children that their dreams and goals can be achievable and more importantly, it will help young children love themselves and the skin they are in, as they are seeing women in a children’s book that look like them and will help other races gain knowledge of their history.

“I hope to introduce respect, care, compassion and empathy for each other's differences and equality through this book from an early age. And to achieve this, all of us should come together and educate our children about African history!”
-Ruth Flynn (Author)

During Ruth’s time in Schools, she had not seen very much representation of books with Black and Ethnic minority characters which children in a diverse country can relate to. This is not surprising as a 2018 report by ‘The Centre for Literary in Primary Education’ showed that 4% of children’s books published in the previous 12 months featured BAME characters. Ruth believes that all children need an identity and a sense of belonging. Seeing children of colour in books from an early age will empower more children of colour to walk in the footsteps of their ancestors and lead a successful life. It will boost the self-esteem of children and eliminate the mystery surrounding black history and allow people to see the crucial role black people played in history. This Children’s book gives children a broader perspective, understanding and appreciation for black children from an early age


Ruth hopes “The Extraordinary Women of Destiny'' and following books in the series facilitates social change in every country. Further supporting the educational campaign to educate children about black history before slavery and colonization and explore the contributions that Africa has made to make Black children proud.


About The Author:
Ruth Flynn was introduced to African history while she was in Primary School. Reading about the rich and captivating histories of the Heroines and Heroes of the past, Ruth learned to be proud of her culture and identity from an early age. She learned about the lives of her ancestors, who achieved greatness. This made Ruth want to learn more about Black history and discover her ancestry leading to the creation of the masterpiece, “Extraordinary Women of Dynasty”. This book is just the first instalment in the series, including titles like Extraordinary Men of Destiny and Extraordinary African Empires.

Media Contact:
Contact Person: Ruth Flynn
Contact No: 01213824479, 07958246649
Social Media Profiles: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest

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Virtual streaming festival concert Africa Mos-B Si

CAEN, 13 July, 2020 - "Sing 4 Africa", a virtual music festival, is set to be held any time soon, probably in the next few months. A brilliant initiative of the online digital talk show – The COTTON TREE TALK - which is led by MOS-B who is not just Sierra Leone's but most of Africa's one of the most popular pop stars, *Sing 4 Africa" is being heralded as a festival that will bring Africans together in these testing times.

The virtual streaming of the concert is going to take place on various social media platforms and also will be broadcast on many TV stations across the continent.

The artists who will be performing will be both from African countries like Sierra Leone, Zimbabwe, Guinea, Ghana, Kenya, Nigeria etc and even from abroad like Finland. The ‘Africa Meet Sierra Leone’ festival is about bringing people together to continue to push the awareness about COVID-19 and to promote the "twin nature" of the African socio-cultural identity.

"Even though I live in France and love every bit of it, my heart will always beat for the land I hail from. Africans have always displayed what battling adversity and being resilient looks like. And now that we're battling Covid-19, I want us to, one more time, display that same strength through music that brings us all together. Brings humanity together. I'm committed to bringing that African unity again to the forefront along with many other artists from all over the continent on the same platform, at the same time. The world will never be the same again. It's time Africans lead the way", said Mos-B.

The dates for the festival will be announced very soon.

Get more information, please visit


Mos-B is a pop star residing in France but hailing from Sierra Leone.

Media Contact:


E-Mail: -

Lucinda Bancel, Manager #Mos-B

Phone Number:+33 7 68 89 33 64



HONG KONG (July 12, 2020): Privacy advocates and activists have long been upset with major corporations, tech giants and governments for their inability and unwillingness to protect privacy of citizens. From common citizens to the celebrities, who are usually the hardest hit with privacy breaches, have sought and demanded that their data be kept safe and out of reach from prying eyes, even from the gatekeepers of privacy. Lo and behold! They asked and they received! Hash Connect has come out as the privacy champion that everyone has been vying for.

Hash Connect, with its messaging service called Hash Messenger, protects the people's privacy with absolute certainty. It uses the latest encryption and security tools to ensure your messages and transactions are yours and yours alone.  Type a message and then press encrypt and send it to your contact. They'll be able to view it only if you have shared with them your password for decrypting the message and then the decrypted message disappears from the app once the app is deleted from running in the background – unless they take a screenshot.

"We've long contemplated how we can best serve the people not just with what they want but also with what they deserve. All of us at Hash Connect put our hearts, minds and souls into creating Hash Messenger, the one service that people can trust to protect their privacy completely with not just messages but also free, crystal-clear video and audio calls along with group calls. I can assure everyone that your privacy couldn't be in more secure hands that Hash Connects. Do reach us out at", said the Senior Developer at Hash Connect, Victor Parcley.


Hash Connect is a communication firm that combines a private decentralized messenger, cryptocurrency wallet, and DApps browser into a powerful, private, and secure communication tool. It is specifically designed to protect your messages and information from third party interference.



Address - 180 Argyle St., #2013, Ho Man Tin, Hong Kong

Phone Number - +18883863902



(July 11, 2020): Arturo Duarte, a 15 years old teen happens to be the youngest entrepreneur who becomes the current CEO of an established esports organization called Team9K on the account of his sheer talent and skills for social media marketing. Popularly known as Turo over the social media platforms, this youngest entrepreneur(15 years old) and the CEO of an esports organization has successfully demonstrated his social media management abilities and marketing tactics at a very flourishing age. At present, this youngest CEO is owning over 730 thousand followers across social media at 15. Some of his business networks are @fortnihtt, @thequantumplane, @famousmemelord, and @thevipnetwork.

Arturo even shared his life story and his goals, 'I aspire social media marketing and management. I have developed over 730k followers through my brand and other pages I have grown on Instagram. I am part-time working at a social media agency all this at 15. My main goal is to create happiness within the world and spread positivity. My idol (juice world) helped me through depression to become a better person and be able to spread positivity throughout the world. By the time I grow up to my 30s, I aspire to have changed the way the industry works and to remove all judgemental activities in this era'.

This youngest CEO has certainly changed the anticipated dimension of the future marketing industry by achieving his first position as an owner of an esports organisation. His ultimate goal is to spread positivity across the world and this life objective is encouraging him to better his skills and abilities to create a better future. Many social influencers, companies and organizations are actively supporting him in his initiatives and works. To show love and support, follow Arturo Duarte AKA Turo at Instagram-

Media Contact

instagram: @turoszn

twitter: @turoszn




(July 11, 2020): The composer master 10kmusic has recently launched its fresh track in the album of Rewind The Album. The exclusive release is 'Wrap it Up', a whole new latest hip hop song to make the mood for the parties! The song is now available for online streaming on Spotify music. Music enthusiasts who love the rap genre can enjoy the song on this online music platform. The composer of this new track has contributed to the music industry with its previous creations and some of the best compositions are- 3 addictions, Icon, Just Living, Doughlas, and Voices In My Head. All of these disstracks have gained enormous public love and popularity till date, particularly from the hip hop music lovers.

The song Wrap It Up is also enjoying great popularity and has broken the past records of limited time from the release. Music lovers are showing great love for this track and there is regular streaming of this song on online music platforms. Like the past compositions of the same producer and musician, this new release also belongs to the genre of rap and hip hop. This is one of the primary reasons why the track has received so much love from the music lovers.

The 10kmusic has acknowledged that the producer aims to give infinite joy and entertainment to the hip-hop lovers by composing lively tracks by putting his ultimate efforts! The new track of Wrap It Up is certainly one of the best compositions of 10KMusic and it is being streamed online on a great scale. Listeners can make a free Spotify account to listen to this music for free and also stream other great songs of the same composer.

Here is Spotify link of the song-

Media Contact: