Statement earrings are one of the easiest ways to pull together an outfit, or effortlessly elevate your look. They’re super chic, and they can easily uplift your outfit and mood.

We've rounded up the best earrings that you can buy now and pay later in Singapore with Atome to split your bill into three easy parts today.

[in]trigue is a conceptual jewellery brand that marries the elements of architecture and nature in the most visually stunning way possible. With their unique collections, these statement pieces intrigue and empower the wearer with their chic, modern and versatile design.

Bohéme collection is inspired by designer, Vero, travel around the world, where each line is inspired by a certain location. Paying tribute to Roman Emperor, Marcus Aurelius’ beautiful daughter, Princess Lucilla, these earrings are a true vision. Intricate, delicate and royal, these earrings are a true symbol of her power and beauty. Stand out from the crowd with these eye-catching accessories that is made with black onyx, moonstones, smoky quartz, blue quartz, amethyst and hydro blue topaz.

Add a splash of colour with these statement earrings from Forest Jewels. These dangling flower earrings are available in five different colours, so you can take your pick for any day of the week!

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Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India – 28th November 2020:  People addicted to the habit of chewing Pan Masala, Gutka, Betel Nut with Tobacco and Smoking are prone to oral diseases such as Oral Submucous Fibrosis.

They need to go to the Dental Specialists frequently, for treatment with so many hassles. Here is Good News coming to them from the Manufacturers of OSMF Mouth Opening Treatment At Home ( announcing availability of a sophisticated mouth opening kit, which they can use at home and get treated.

This announcement released today indicates that this mouth opening exercises device will be handy, to help them to get rid of their oral-health-related problems.

Medical experts in Oral Health explain the term OSMF as “Oral submucous fibrosis (OSMF) is an oral precancerous condition characterized by inflammation and progressive fibrosis of the submucosal tissues resulting in marked rigidity and trismus. OSMF still remains a dilemma to the clinicians due to elusive pathogenesis and less well-defined classification systems.”

The kit advertised will contain mouth opener, 2 months mouth open medicine that is Two Types of OSMF Medicine; 2 OSMF Mouth rinse; Unique Mouth Opening Device for Physiotherapeutic Exercise etc., to help oral submucous fibrosis treatment at home. This way these patients need not go out from their home, to the Dental Clinics for mouth opening treatment.

The announcement informs that those who have oral submucous fibrosis symptoms in various oral submucous fibrosis staging of the disease can use this Kit, for getting rid of the pain and other inconveniences suffered by them.

According to the announcement, the full description of the Kit which brings forth oral submucous fibrosis medicine to the patient’s home is given as follows:

“Natural and proprietary treatment for Oral Submucous Fibrosis Mouth Opening at Home Therapy. Easy to use specially formulated for Restricted Mouth Opening treatment at your convenient and comfort at your place”

Dental Patients are invited by the announcement, to visit their websites for Buy/Shop Online.

About OSMF Mouth Opening Treatment at Home kit:

About Smile in Hour® :

About Innovator :

Media contact
Smile in Hour® Oral Healthcare Company
Address: Taxshila Appartment. Mukhyamantri Avas Yojana, Off, Sindhubhavan Marg, Thaltej, Ahmedabad, Gujarat 380059



As Cartier is well recognized all over the world, the history and stories of this brand spread widely, promoting its good taste in turn. Nowadays Cartier has become one of the top-notch international brands and has enjoyed general affection. So what kind of its history is it that makes all of us moved? If you have heard it, you may actually appreciate it and think it fantastic.

I would like to say something about its extraordinary history since Louis Francois Cartier started his career. Initially, Louis Francois Cartier worked as an apprentice with Adolphe Picard being his master. They produced handmade high qualified jewelry in a small shop at 29 Rue Montorgeuil. He was a talent artist and designer and worked hard, afterwards he grew to one of the best jewelry makers in Paris. Then he carried on his master when Adolphe Picard died and started his own career. As a result, his company was set up which was known as "Cartier".

His business expanded, and he began to design and sell his perfect jewelry to Palais-Royal group who pursued splendor and fashion all the time. It is a good chance for him to develop his business and he is smart enough to grab this opportunity. The royals are fond of his works and some of the romantic stories about these jewelry come out and were kept in the memory of the people for so long time. Louis Francois Cartier was proved that he was not only a jeweler but also a distinguished business man who had made his "Cartier" known worldwide. It was said that he was an elegant handsome man attracting many young women as a genius jeweler, designer, artist and businessman. He was once described by Edward VII as "the jeweler of the kings, the king among jewelers". It indicated his important role in jewelers. And after his management, his son took charge of his company. With his three grandsons' efforts, "Cartier" eventually grows globally.



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November 2020

Faced with crippling debts, any family or business would look at their assets and sell what they can to avoid bankruptcy. Why can’t the UK do the same?


Unlike most counties, the UK has vast treasures, many unseen and unused - land, art, jewels, property and even the coastline - all part of the Crown Estate.  Author David Titmuss says, “why not sell what we don’t need and don’t use, to help the nation avoid years of austerity and financial ruin?”


Over 300 years ago, Charles III signed over all his property to the nation to avoid his own bankruptcy in return for a yearly grant, called the Civil List (now the Sovereign Grant).  The deal described both as ‘madness’ and ‘brilliant,’ prompted much debate given the immense value of the transaction.


While the Queen holds the Crown Assets as sovereign, they cannot be sold by her but she and her heirs get the benefit of the jewels, art and palaces.  The question, said Titmuss, author of The Crown Estate is, “do we really need to keep hold of assets which are valuable yet of little use to the British people?”


The Royal Art Collection consists of 272,544 items ranging from small historic objects to 600 drawings by Lianodo De Vinci. The collection is so vast, no one has ever been able to calculate a true valuation. Conservative estimates put the value at £10 billion while other estimates put a price tag of nearly £100 billion.


‘The Crown Estate’ is a thriller based in the year 2025 where Prince Harry returns to the UK as King. Titmuss says, “As I researched The Crown Estate, the scale and size of the Royal assets astounded me.  The last painting sold at auction by Canelleto fetched £11.5 million in 2005.  The Queen owns 50 Canelletos so, with art inflation factored in at 100%, those 50 paintings could be worth over £1 billion alone.”


Titmuss, a staunch royalist, has written his thriller in lockdown and it is now selling on Amazon on both sides of the Atlantic.  He said, “I’ve been following the Harry and Meghan story like many others.  My thriller, ‘The Crown Estate’ is based in 2025.  This year, with the pandemic, has taught us anything can happen, so I wanted to see ‘what if’ Harry became King.  However, I think it may also be time to sell some of the nation’s treasures - many unused and unseen - to help the British people avoid the hardship austerity could bring.”




‘The Crown Estate’ is a thriller set in 2025. An evil Prime Minister and a retired American General plot to destroy the Royal Family, declare a republic and sell off the nation’s treasures to sure up an economy wrecked by a socialist government. Harry comes back as King following the sudden deaths of his brother and father. The Crown Estate is available on Amazon in paperback and on Kindle and on


David Titmuss is available online to discuss his book, The Crown Estate.


Uber Publication is a publisher specialising in bringing fiction based on current events quickly to the market. More details are available from .The site currently features The Crown Estate by David Titmuss.  Uber publications is keen to work with other authors who would like to bring their work to the market and avoid the delays encountered in using traditional book publishers.  Please contact for further information.




11/25/20 – Business consultant and author, Melinda McAlindon has proudly announced the launch of her quarantine-inspired cookbook titled ‘For the Love’.

‘For the Love’ is a collection of mouth-watering recipes for the whole family, inspired by flavors from around the world. It was created out of a desire to break through the boredom of quarantine and a challenge to cook a new meal every day of quarantine.

Since it was launched last month, the cookbook has drawn amazing reviews across Amazon especially. One user said, “We were getting so bored of the dinners we were preparing and ordering in was getting too expensive. I saw this recipe book on Amazon and it nailed our challenge”. Another user claims, it is a cookbook containing “Food that makes you want to put aside the cell phone and linger over dinner/conversation. Highly recommended”.

Asked about the inspiration behind the cookbook, author Melinda said, “I decided to create to create this cookbook through the monotony of quarantine. I was looking for a way to spice up the everyday! We had our four kids plus a college student from the Bahamas who couldn’t go home, so we had a full house. No one wanted to eat the same meal every day or week, so I decided we should create a new meal every day. Ideas started to come out from everywhere. It became a game for the whole family”.

To purchase ‘For the Love’, go online to

About Melinda McAlindon

Melinda McAlindon is a business consultant with extensive experience in marketing, sales and finance. Mother of four, Melinda has spent years cooking for friends, families and events to hone their cooking skills. She lives and work out of her home in Arkansas and spends her free time gardening and volunteering.

Contact Information

Contact Person: Melinda McAlindon

Email Address:

Website Address:

Phone Number: (615) 772 7947




Norwich, CT

Cydonie Brown's love for Japanese culture and cuisine took her on an unexpected journey she will never forget. Some would say she is living the dream. She would say she "loves Japanese food and culture."

A respected and proud US Navy Military Veteran and a former National Park Ranger, Cydonie Brown has shown a preference for courage, dedication, and thinking outside of the box since an early age.

As if becoming a respected US Navy Military member and building her career in a predominantly male-dominated field was not enough, Cydonie Brown seemed to have always strived for more. Very devoted to Japanese cuisine and culture, she went on to start a small YouTube Channel promoting Japanese food and her favorite dishes.

Little did she know that the channel was to become an extraordinarily popular show that viewers from over 50 countries love!

As you can conclude from her appearances in this show that you can see on the following links, you cannot fail to feel that Cydonie is crazy for food. Do not take our word for it – see for yourself:

Vol. I
Vol. II

It wasn't long before she was noticed by the Japanese TV channels and got her first show!

Saying that this ambitious, unique, strong, and independent local Taftville, Connecticut lady has become a real TV star in Japan would be an understatement!

A large afro, a big laugh, and a strong love for Japanese cuisine made her one of the favorite TV persons in Japan and over 50 countries who follow her show!

When asked about whether her show's success was sometimes, she expected, Cydonie Brown stressed that "success" is not the primary thing she focuses on.

"I must say that it truly fulfills and makes me happy to see children, young adults in awe of the fact that an American woman can speak Japanese."

Not just speak it but become a truly adored Japanese TV star most Japanese viewers are in awe of!

Learn more about this extraordinary woman by looking at her YouTube Crazy for Food show today:

Vol. I
Vol. II

You will be thrilled you did.




[Cydonie Brown]

(509) 237-9247







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CONNECTICUT—A life lived globally comes home to Connecticut as resident Cydonie Brown has begun sharing her experiences through an international channel of food, energy, and culture.

Brown, a biracial black/Native-American woman, spent 11 years living in Japan. During her time there, she ate well and learned how to appreciate Japanese cuisine's health benefits.

"When I first walked into a Japanese bar, the food presentation was mesmerizing," Brown said. "The colors, textures, and the presentations were out of this world."

Viewers are exposed to her encyclopedic knowledge of traditional Japanese cuisine and presentation. The channel makes use of animated characters popular overseas and presents cooking advice in multiple languages. It certainly feels straight from Japan.

"I am not your typical Japanese translator or scholar," Brown said. "I am a plus-size woman with a big Afro and has a big laugh."

With YouTube as her medium, Brown has joined two others; a college professor and a Japanese mother in Los Angeles—together, they share the sights, sounds, and intricate recipes of Japan. Their channel: "Foodots." The format is fun and unfussy, as they cover all the tools and tips needed for the average cook to enjoy the best of Japanese cuisine.

"I was surprised that the show is well received in fifty countries," Brown said. "Diversity of my life experiences as a National Park Ranger, military veteran, and being bilingual gave me the confidence to know that I can accomplish anything."

Brown's ties to the island nation are as unique as they are deep. She served there in the United States Navy as a Radio Intelligence Specialist, later as a housewife; she even held a supporting role in a Japanese television drama.

Japanese food and culture will once again enter the international spotlight with the rescheduled 2021 Summer Olympic Games' arrival. As local media outlets look to advance their programming or follow the networks' coverage, Brown can be made available as a regional voice relating food advice and experiences to the local audience. Her knowledge and skills make her an excellent guest on food segments discussing Japanese cuisine that can be made here in the states.

To learn more about Brown or to watch their latest productions, you can visit the channel at or contact:



North Charleston, SC – Stryker Moving & Storage is providing high-quality interstate moving services at a very affordable price. Stryker Moving & Storage is a worldwide based eminent company that is providing interstate moving, long-distance movingmilitary move, and transportation of household goods’ services since 1995. Stryker Moving & Storage has been recognized because of its best business practice and customer-oriented services. The great customer services distinguished Stryker Moving & Storage from the rest of ordinary companies. For the last 20 years, Stryker Moving & Storage team is enthusiastic to provide the best moving services with ethics and highest standards. Stryker Moving & Storage is a member of the American Moving & Storage Association (AMSA) and we are certified as a ProMover. One of the key features of the Stryker Moving & Storage is that it is known for its great performance internationally. Stryker offers innovative solutions for interstate moving, long-distance moving, military move, and transportation of household goods. Stryker gives special attention to customers’ needs and provides written agreement to the clients to win their confidence.

Through Guaranteed Price Agreement clients can get an amazing offer in which change in weight or condition of the client’s move will not impact the price level. The price will not exceed the estimated cost. Stryker also protects the economic interest of the customers. Stryker provides guarantees to protect the client’s possessions against loss or damage up to 100 percent of their current retail value without any reduction.Trucks owned by Stryker are beautiful state of the art moving vans. They are specially designed to transport household goods safely. Required regular inspections are done to maintain their standards.

Stryker also has its paint and trailer shop to ensure the quality appearance of the moving vans.

Several drives of the Stryker have won the highest professional awards such as Super Van Operator and the Lifetime Achievement Award. Stryker has more than 250 dedicated moving specialists.

Through these specialists, consumers can arrange for moving and local storage services including interstate moving, long-distance moving, military move, and transportation of household goods’ services.

Stryker team is committed to achieving new millstones in upcoming years to facilitate the people in moving and storage services.

Company Name: Stryker Moving & Storage
Contact Person: Cameron J Bright
Email: Send Email
Phone: 8333506683
Address:4280 Piggly Wiggly Drive
City: North Charleston
State: SC
Country: United States



(November 6, 2020): Cellus.Papi is a popular indie artist from North Carolina and is soon to launch upcoming debut album named Fuck school get lit. Born on November 24, the Indie artist also has his own label known as Strictly Business Entertainment. Establishing a strong and profound genre in R&B, Rap/hip hop and R&B, Cellus.Papi has made a successful stance for himself. The celebrity artist offers social media marketing and promotion to artist and brands, and has a number of songs and music albums under his hat. The songs are published on popular music platforms such as Spotify and Amazon Music which streams ad free songs for listeners to make most of. The CD’s and MP3’s are available in for music enthusiasts to buy. With over 141k followers on Instagram and counting, Cellus.Papi is undoubtedly winning hearts across the world today. Bringing about the true essence of rap, hip hop and more, the Indie artist from North Carolina promises to entertain audience even more with the upcoming debut album.

About Cellus.Papi:

Cellus.Papi is a popular Indie artist from North Carolina and is also the CEO of label Strictly Business Entertainment. For more information, feel free to browse:IG:@cellus.papi Spotify:



Saratoga, California – Gentlemen Coders recently announced the launch of RAW Power 3.1, their innovative Mac and iOS photo editing app, and with that launch came a wide range of new features, updates, and improvements. These changes are designed to improve usability, accelerate workflows, and to give photographers the tools they need to create higher quality images, whether they shoot JPEG or RAW. New features include an exceptionally powerful HSL selective color tool, improved export with export actions, external editor support, and specialized RAW+JPEG editing features. RAW Power also adds localizations for German, Simplified Chinese and Traditional Chinese. RAW Power 3.1, developed by Nik Bhatt, a former Apple engineer who led the iPhoto and Aperture teams, is available for download today on the Mac and iOS App Stores.

“RAW Power has the best integration of any photo app on Apple platforms,” said Bhatt. “Customers on Mac and iOS can manage their Apple photo libraries and edit images with RAW Power's robust and easy-to-use editing tools. Everything syncs through iCloud, so they can work on their RAW or JPEG images anywhere they are. With version 3.1, RAW Power adds the best selective color adjustment in the industry, along with new features like External Editors and Export Actions. Photographers can now integrate RAW Power into their existing workflows, getting more done and getting the best results. On top of that, RAW Power 3.1 adds support for both macOS Big Sur and the new M1-based Apple Silicon Macs.”

RAW Power 3.1 for iOS: Improved Editing, Export, and Presets

RAW Power tightly integrates with both the Photo library and the, so photographers can choose where to store their images. Version 3.1 adds a new HSL Color adjustment with 9 built in hues and a custom target hue for precise control. Users can truly customize the final appearance of their images with more vibrant colors than before. RAW Power also adds a completely new Export interface which enables great control when exporting adjusted images or originals. Images can be exported directly to, Photos, or Mail. Presets can now be imported and exported, so you can share presets between machines or between iOS and Mac. Photographers can edit either the RAW or JPEG of a R+J pair in the Photos library. Improved filtering tools round out the release.

RAW Power for iOS is available for $9.99 or as a free upgrade for current RAW Power for iOS customers. RAW Power runs on iOS 12, 13 and 14, but does not support iPhone 5s, 6 or 6 Plus, or iPad mini 3 or earlier.

RAW Power 3.1 for Mac: extends and enhances Photos

The new version of RAW Power adds the much-requested feature of External Editors. Photographers can send a rendered JPEG or TIFF to a wide range of external applications directly from RAW Power. As a result, RAW Power can serve as the hub for their photo editing workflow. Export has also been enhanced with more control over metadata, and new export actions to make it easier to connect multiple apps together. The improved adjustment menu lets photographers collapse all adjustments, expand all adjustments; or keep only one adjustment open at a time. Videos are now supported in the File Browser, including the ability to rate and flag them.

Like the iOS version, the app also adds the new HSL Color Adjustment, improved filtering tools, and the ability to edit either the RAW or JPEG of an R+J pair in the Photo library. All these improvements and upgrades are designed to enable users to create better-looking photographs for personal or professional use.

RAW Power for Mac runs on macOS Big Sur, Catalina and Mojave, and is available for $39.99 or as a free upgrade for existing users of Raw Power for Mac. A free trial is available for download at

Gentlemen Coders’ commitment to constantly improving their products and focusing on user experience shows in everything they do and every update they make to their already-feature packed RAW Power iOS and Mac photo editing apps.

The Gentlemen Coders website, which can be found at: offers more information about the company and its founder, and some useful tutorials designed to help users get the most out of RAW Power Version 3.1.

The Gentlemen Coders website and all Gentlemen Coders products are either registered trademarks or trademarks of Gentlemen Coders in the US.

For more information, press only:

Gentlemen Coders

For more information about Gentlemen Coders, visit:

About Gentlemen Coders

Gentlemen Coders develops and distributes software for professional and enthusiast photographers. Focusing exclusively on Apple platforms, the company offers unparalleled integration with Apple’s built-in services on macOS and iOS, maximizing customers’ investment in Apple devices and services. Gentlemen Coders’ products consistently deliver high-quality image processing, innovative workflows, intuitive organizational tools, and high performance. Gentlemen Coders was founded by Nik Bhatt, former Senior Director of Engineering at Apple, and the former Chief Technical Officer of the Apple Photo Apps group. Mr. Bhatt holds more than 50 patents in a wide range of disciplines including image processing, audio processing, geotagging, wireless networking, and user interface design. For more information, visit


Contact Information:

Gentlemen Coders