VILNIUS - On June 9, 2015, the Government of the Republic of Lithuania passed resolution No. 597 acknowledging the Vilnius Concert and Sports Hall reconstruction and rearrangement. It was slated as an economic project of State importance, coined the Vilnius Congress Center Reconstruction.

The respective resolution set out the vision of a conference center of grandiose proportions, stating:

"It will have a significant impact on the Lithuanian economic, social, cultural, political life and (or) for the definite field of public relations state, as established and operating in new Vilnius Congress Centre will allow attracting further both foreign and local tourist flows to Vilnius and Lithuania . New business relationships, contracts during international events will be made. International business and foreign investment across Lithuania will be promoted."

The proposal articulated the extent to which the plan would enhance Lithuania's cultural contribution to the world:

"After implementation of the Vilnius Congress Centre project, the conditions to organize not only a high-level international conferences and congresses, but also cultural events, will be provided. The increase of Lithuania, as a cultural region, with the possibility of exhibitions, cultural events, concerts, educational programs organization will be seen."

And finally, in its efforts to develop the new conference center, the government guaranteed protection stating, "It would not only create a missing business (conference) tourism infrastructure, but also protect abandoned and unused Culture heritage infrastructure in Vilnius city center."

"The Vilnius Concert and Sports Hall building complex, located at Rinktines str. 1, Vilnius, is a unique place, positive for the activities of congress center and urban structure of the city, and the optimal accessibility of the object in terms of cultural and natural environment, events security and service. After the reconstruction of the building complex and having applied it for the congresses, conferences and other events, it would not only create a missing business (conference) tourism infrastructure, but also protect abandoned and unused Culture heritage infrastructure in Vilnius city center."

However, what the proposal didn't mention, was that the conference center in Vilnius was to be developed on a 500-year old Jewish cemetery. This property which enjoys international protection from desecration in perpetuity, was the final resting place of some of the most prestigious Jewish sages of the times. These included R. Menahem Mannes Chajes (d. 1636), one of Vilna’s earliest Chief Rabbis; R. Moshe Rivkes (d. 1671), author of Be’er Ha-Golah, a classic commentary on the Shulhan Arukh; R. Shlomo Zalman (d. 1788), younger brother of R. Hayyim of Volozhin and a favorite disciple of the Gaon of Vilna; R. Elijah b. Solomon (d. 1797), the Gaon of Vilna; and R. Abraham Danzig (d. 1820), author of Chaye Adam, a digest of practical Jewish law, together with tens of thousands of graves of all the Jewish men, women and children who had lived and died in Vilna between the years of 1592 and 1831.

What the proposal doesn't say is that the Lithuanian government's initiative had been condemned by political leaders, congressmen, senators and the White House. What the proposal doesn't say is that leading Rabbis from across the globe have vehemently opposed the plan, that community leaders of the 1-billion strong evangelical world community have threatened to boycott Lithuanian tourism, if the Vilnius Congress Center is ever built. Most certainly, in lieu of the Lithuanian central bank's prediction that a fifth of the economy could be wiped because of the coronavirus pandemic, a boycott may well be the last straw. Turning off the taps of tourism would inevitably lead to massive unemployment and economic collapse.

In May 2020 the Lithuanian government announced that it would allocate a state support grant of $45 million towards tourism. A financial analyst who is monitoring the impact of coronavirus on Lithuania said that a tourist boycott would be the equivalent of flushing the $45 million allocation down the toilet.

Additionally, the government's construction plan violates both the Geneva convention and the EU Charter of Human Rights. Both condemn construction on a cemetery.

Proponents of the plan to build the conference center argue that in the spirit of protecting human bones and skeletal remains in the construction process, "the highest level of supervision will be asserted."

However, the leading Jewish authority on Jewish law, Rabbi Chaim Kanievsky has already ruled that "it is forbidden to use the cemetery for any other purpose other than as a resting place for the deceased."

Similarly, a respected Rabbinical court in Israel issued a judgement that the Lithuanian government’s proposal is a blatant desecration of the cemetery and that it is forbidden to build the conference center under any circumstances.

Already members in the Vilnius Jewish community voiced concern that Turto Bankas, the government proxy that is mandated to see the project through to fruition, is using illegal means to acquire authorization from various parties.

One member of the Jewish community, who would only comment on condition of anonymity said, "The system is corrupt to the core. Everyone is receiving under the table payoffs. In most democratic countries, people go to jail for this type of thing."


Washington Review

John Black


Pontik® is pleased to announce the launch of its free online radio station that is available to listeners on a 24/7 basis. The online radio station was launched on the 15th of June 2020, and it's making waves with a wide range of new music releases that are always played on the radio station. Pontik® is a registered trademark of Mercadeo Web S.A.

If you're one of the types that need an online radio station that gives unlimited access to music of any type without any fee or a radio station the plays the latest music releases that are uploaded upon the release by the record labels then Pontik® Radio is your right choice.

Unlike many paid stations that require a certain amount of money to enjoy the latest and interesting online music, Pontik® Radio is an easy listening station that is tailored to make your day a memorable and pleasant one without spending a dime. As a lover of online new music, you can enjoy the station at your workplace, home, restaurant, and many other places.

Furthermore, Pontik® Radio is a unique and one of its kind stations:  the station plays English and Spanish music which brings the best music to Hispanic and Latino Americans. All music is played in a random/shuffle format.

Below are the 6 music sections besides the Regular Programming on Pontik® Radio

  • Riddim: Reggae, Socca, Ska and caribbean rhythms, one hour every day.
  • Latin Dance A Bailar: 2 hours of latin dance music
  • Cantina: A section with the karaoke songs you have sung to (English & Spanish)
  • Before 2000: 80’s 90’s Mixes
  • EDM: Every night the best and recent EDM music (all subgenres)
  • EDM Special: Every Saturday one hour with an international guest DJ

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Enrique Gonzalez – Director



Born in Nuremberg, Germany. Growing up in a military family, in other words being a military brat haha. Season 3 Of The Rap Game on Lifetime w/ Jermaine Dupri and manager of Deetranada. Jermaine "Platinum J" Melvin is a choreographer and entrepreneur. He has taught teens and adults from ages 8-50. His unique style has made him very popular locally which is how he received the stage name "Platinum J". His accolades include appearance on the TV show “So You Think You Can Dance”  and performing for Grammy award nominated R&B superstar Ginuwine during the Baltimore Believe Tour. In 2009 Platinum J won the grand prize after a stellar performance for "Baltimore's Got Talent." Jermaine has performed at many local events to include pep rally's and community services. Although he is highly influenced by Michael Jackson and James Brown he has an originality that compares to none. Jermaine "Platinum J" Melvin also produces his own music mixes for his routines and continues to put his personal stamp on today's modern hip hop dance.



  • Innovative Medication Development & Enhancement Company.
  • Patents for Extraction, Concentration & Processing of Specialized Medicinal Compounds.
  •  New Marketing to Mexico in Collaboration with Factoria Bogar Subsidiary.
  • Balance Sheet Strengthened by $1.4 Million from June Warrant Exercise.
  • New Oral Thin Film Products for High Value Male Dysfunction Market.

On June 3rd CURR, an innovative medication development and enhancement company, announced a collaboration with PMI, a subsidiary of Factoria Bogar in Guadalajara, Mexico. PMI will have access to the CURR bio-product platform, CUREform™ for its medication formulation, and become its distribution partner in Mexico for CURR wellness products, such as its vitamin D, sleep and specialized botanical extract products.

The CURR weekly vitamin D product provides 50,000 IU of vitamin D3 to reduce the risk of infections. CURR sleep strips contain a soothing blend of melatonin, naturally occurring amino acids and beneficial vitamins that promote fast-acting, balanced sleep patterns for a deep, restful slumber and a rejuvenated awakening. 

The PMI collaboration will include several development initiatives with its proprietary prebiotic product from Agave in combination with special botanical extracts that leverage the CURR CUREform™ novel delivery platform for treatment of multiple GI indications. Patient studies are planned for Mexico to improve medication efficacy with CURR extracts and prebiotics.

  • Exercise of Warrants for Cash Proceeds of Approximately $1.4 Million and Completion of Earn Out Related to 2019 Acquisition

On June 9th CURR announced it strengthened its balance sheet with the receipt of $1.4 million in cash from the exercise of warrants to purchase 708,467 shares of CURR common stock held by stockholders of Chemistry Holdings, Inc. at a reduced exercise price of $2.00 per share. The warrant exercise is part of the completion of all earn-out arrangements and obligations related to the CURR acquisition of Chemistry Holdings on May 14, 2019.

Additionally, on June 16th CURR named Jonathan Berlent, to the position of Chief Business Officer. Mr. Berlent will be responsible for corporate strategy, sourcing and executing business development opportunities and will serve as a member of the company’s Executive Management Committee. Mr. Berlent is an accomplished business growth executive with more than 25 years of private and public company experience focused on strategic partnerships and building businesses seeking to own end-to-end market verticals. He has led successful strategic business initiatives across the pharmaceutical, healthcare, life sciences and health & wellness industries, with particular focus on CBD and cannabis, as well as diseases of the central nervous system, or CNS.

  • New Patents Issued on Key Therapeutics for Infectious Diseases

On April 21st CURR announced the issuance of two U.S. Patents: No. 10,639,339 and 10,624,940. The patents represent an expansion of the existing CURR “product by process” patents for obtaining multiple unique concentrates using super critical fluid extraction (SCFE). These include concentrates which have shown promising therapeutic activity in animal studies in areas such as inflammatory bowel disease, cancer and infectious diseases.

Additionally, CURR is granting equipment manufacturers, processing companies and medicine developers licenses to its portfolio of issued and pending process and composition patents for isolating specific botanical compounds using an advanced SCFE technology utilizing carbon dioxide as the solvent. While the patents cover the incorporation of extracts into multiple dosage forms, CURR has retained all rights to applying these methods in oral thin films.

The two new CURR patents cover the extraction and purification of specialized plant material, as well as subsequent processing of extracts for medication formulations. This extraction and fractioning of bioactive molecules allows for the integration of molecules into dosage forms.

  • New Applications in the Multi-Billion Dollar Male Dysfunction Market

This news follows up on a CURR announcement of March 17th which detailed the allowance of Chinese Patent No. ZL201480039313.6 regarding the loading of high amounts of active medicine on an oral thin film using its proprietary delivery systems. This new patent includes the company’s lead product, CUREfilm Blue™, a soluble thin film for oral administration of sildenafil citrate to treat male dysfunction (ED) in China.

The ED market is expected to reach USD $6.5 billion at a 6% compound annual growth rate by 2025, according to QYResearch. The report points out that the Asia Pacific market will be one of the fastest growing markets for ED medicine. Sildenafil is leading the ED market worldwide with more than half of all global sales.

The CURR ED patent covers methods of preparing edible thin films that can deliver high doses of active ingredients that are encapsulated using lipids to form micelles or liposomes. This enables CURR to differentiate its oral thin film product from sildenafil oral soluble films.

For more Information visit the CURR company website at:




Sydney, NSW Australia June 25, 2020:- Tuscany Untouched delight in to announce the individualized traveling overview fills up a specialized particular niche market for those that desire a Tuscany resort. The seven-day tour has components of leisure, food and wine, historical lodgings and scenic views. Visitors can appreciate Tuscany excursions at a rate extra like that which is experienced by the citizens. There is no tension as well as disappointment of reaching one tourist-only spot after an additional, without time to enjoy the experience.

Visitors can trip with the area like a neighborhood, rather than a vacationer. Meeting as well as getting to know the citizens and truly living the Tuscan life for the time invested in the region is a memorable trip via the essence of Tuscany. Its moving hillsides, picturesque valleys dotted with farmhouses, incredible sunflowers in the Summer season, gathered fields as the Autumn techniques, olive groves as well as wineries provide an ambiance unlike that of any other location.

More information can be seen at

A representative for the business clarified, "We live in the Tuscan area throughout spring as well as summer season and personally accompany our groups on daily excursions in the area. Our Italian heritage and also fluency in the language provide an unique as well as genuine means for you to uncover the Tuscan area and also its individuals. Little groups of no greater than a lots individuals make up the regular trips and also the schedules are structured in a fashion which supplies the tourist with the capability to discover individually or stay en masse during day-to-day travels. An outstanding mix of magnificent areas, society, buying, food, a glass of wine and also leisure are a part of each day."

" Throughout the program of your trip", she continued, "your neighborhood host will certainly introduce you to craftsmens, winemakers and citizens who will certainly further improve your Tuscan experience. You are welcomed to tell us the areas you would like to have on your schedule, and also we will customize our Tuscan little team tours specifically to you. Our excursions are designed with organized adaptability taking into consideration each individual in the team, and developing a remarkable experience for all."

Area and get in touch with information can be seen at Tours of Tuscany

Media Contact:
Tuscany Untouched Pty Ltd
Sydney, NSW Australia ABN: 48613426378
P: +61 404 572 020



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A new Black-owned business is emerging from the tragedy at the Pulse night club in Orlando in 2016. W.O.W Ice is opening today, under the operation of Alex Murray, whose sister, Akyra Murray, was killed.

Murray believes in demonstrating resilience, and he says this is a positive ending to a tragic time. “Akyra’s soul will live on through this brand,” he says, “Even the referral code we’re giving out is Akyra’s name, so people will say her name.”

W.O.W Ice is a frozen treat company whose core product offering is similar to Italian ice, with a consistency thicker than a slushy, softer than a sorbet, but thinner than a snow cone. The dessert is dairy, fat, cholesterol, and gluten-free.

W.O.W is committed to giving back to the community. Murray has future plans to start a scholarship in his sister’s name. “Akyra was only 18,” he says. “She was headed to Mercyhurst University on a full basketball scholarship.” Murray wants people to learn about the values his sister embodied, as well as her determination, drive, and passion for helping others. W.O.W Ice is also offering a t-shirt symbolic of Akyra’s colorful aura, to raise awareness and symbolize the importance of living in full color and continuing touching people’s lives like Akyra did.

Murray has also sponsored the Akyra Murray Memorial Basketball Game hosted annually in Philadelphia, where the family is originally from. The game is comprised of the top basketball players in the greater Philadelphia region.

Murray is married to Patience Murray, an author, speaker, and founder of the Survive Then Live Foundation, who survived the Orlando tragedy. He is the father of Arié Rose Murray, 4. The Murrays want to develop something bigger than themselves, even though launching a business during the global COVID-19 pandemic has come with its own set of difficulties.

About W.O.W Ice, LLC



Gold is the Sector to Invest in NOW

  • Active Mining Company Focused on High Value Gold Deposits.
  • Recent Acquisition of Netherlands Company with Very Promising Gold Mining Rights in Kazakhstan.
  • Experienced Management with In-Country and Business Connections.
  • Cicero Transact Group to Assist in Worldwide Business Development and Marketing.

The argument for being invested, directly or indirectly, in gold is perhaps stronger than it’s ever been for today’s generation of investors. Gold stocks are the simplest way for most individuals to gain exposure to the precious metal. As Warren Buffett said, “Bullion produces no income,” so it may be better to seek the upside potential of gold stocks of companies actively in the business of maximizing profits for their shareholders.

Palayan Resources (OTC: PLYN) is an exploration company focused on finding and developing world-class gold deposits. PLYN has positioned itself to capitalize on opportunities in Kazakhstan—enhanced by a team with extensive experience in mining and in-country government and business connections.

  • Palayan Resources Acquires Certain Mineral Rights in Kazakhstan

On June 19th PLYN and Scythian Mining Group Ltd. (“SMG”) announced the closing of a Share Exchange Agreement pursuant to which PLYN acquired all of the issued and outstanding shares in the capital of SMG’s wholly owned subsidiary, SMG-Gold B.V., a Netherlands incorporated company. The parties are working diligently to satisfy all requirements of the Transaction, including the transfer of shares of SMG-Gold B.V. to the PLYN.

SMG-Gold B.V., a private company incorporated under the laws of the Netherlands, holds certain mineral rights through Altyn Kokkus LLP, a Kazakhstan limited liability partnership organized and existing under the laws of Kazakhstan, identified by a Subsoil Resources Use Contract No 2068 for land rights and underground mineral rights to the Kokkus Project, a gold and copper deposit in Kazakhstan (the “Kokkus Project”).

The Kokkus Project is a gold deposit located in the Karaganda Orblast, about 400 kilometers from the regional mining center of Karaganda. It consists of a Subsoil Resource Contract under Kazakhstan law covering approximately 16 square kilometers.

  • Palayan Resources Engages Cicero Transact Group to Assist in Business Development and Marketing Worldwide

On June 29th PLYN announced a business development and data management services agreements with Cicero Transact Group, Inc. ("Cicero"). Cicero will supply targeted data to PLYN to assist the company with its marketing strategy within its industry verticals. Cicero will also assist in gold mining industry research and develop online and offline brand awareness content for the Company. 

The Cicero data management platform and network of company designated websites will target gold mining industry professionals, gold mining stock investors, family offices, and also multiple industry-related groups on social media. Those awareness efforts will provide a significant benefit to the company and help expand its brand recognition, including that of the recently acquired SMG-Gold B.V. ("SMG"). Cicero will not only provide PLYN access to direct industry targeted data, but it will also advise PLYN and its subsidiaries on how such targeted data can help execute their business strategy. Cicero will work closely with PLYN to help establish and assist with their core business objectives and lead generation campaigns.

For more information on PLYN visit visit



Lisbon, Portugal – She Is Awake is a blog written by Antónia Mussache, who is a researcher, blogger and project manager. She aims at empowering people of colour and providing them with a new approach towards sustainability. Additionally, in her blog, she also shares the idea of Intersectional Environmentalism, which is the idea that the effects of the environment are caused by the aspects of society like race, religion or gender, etc. The author is also working on a book called  Intentional Life talks about overcoming poverty and still choice to live as a minimalist.

Antónia Mussache, or nicknamed Nia was born in Luanda, Angola in 1994, this was the time during the Civil War and then she along with her family moved to Lisbon, Portugal. She has BSc in Urban Planning obtained a MSc in Project Management from Cardiff Met University while living in Wales, UK.

She lived a life of poverty, living in slums while she was in Luanda, she was brought up living in a ditch, used as a waste disposal area. While living there, she appreciated nature more and thought that everyone should take care of their environment to make the earth more sustainable. She is currently working on a project named as Zero Waste Angola, which is an educational programmed aimed towards personal and communities level.

In her blog, Nia has shed a light on an important issue of Intersectional Environmentalism, which links environmental effects and some of the aspects of society. For example, environmental degradation often accompanies conditions of poverty, and due to a complex history of racial subjugation within Western society, ethnic minorities are more likely to live in such conditions and thus tend to be impacted most significantly. Incidents such as these push capitalists to continually overexploit both labour and nature, inevitably resulting in a socio-economic crisis.

Antónia is working on a book called  Intentional Life which helps people to create a new mindset towards waste and consumes. The book empowers and inspires people to turn their lives around and make this world a better place for themselves.

Contact Information:

Contact Person Name: Antónia Mussache - Researcher and blogger

Company: She Is Awake


Location: Lisbon, Portugal




USA (6th July 2020): “Coronavirus – The inside Story: Multidimensional Prevention and Treatment” highlights the emotional, psychological, and physical effects that this pandemic has had on everyone in the world.  Some of us have been affected physically by Covid-19, while others have not.  All of us, however, have been impacted psychologically and emotionally, whether we realize it or not. 

There is no denying that the Coronavirus Pandemic has turned our lives upside down.  All of us know that the road ahead is a tough one and is riddled with swift and unpredictable changes.  Keeping this in mind, this latest e-book talks vividly about how COVID-19 has affected all of us psychologically, and more importantly, how can we deal with it. 

Whether you are a healthcare expert or an average person, this book gives practical information and resources that you might find useful.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Tom Garz is the manager of TG Ideas LLC - writing and inventing, since 2003.  Tom has a technical background, a B.S. in Physics, and worked in a variety of jobs in his life. He always has had an interest in Electronics and "fringe science". "Exploring" is one of his favorite activities.

To obtain “Coronavirus – The inside Story: Multidimensional Prevention and Treatment” eBook, please visit

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