LONDON - In 1992 a non-profit committee aiming to protect and preserve Jewish cemeteries in Europe was established. It was called the Committee for Preservation of Jewish Cemeteries in Europe (CPJCE), founded by Rabbi Elyakim Schlesinger. Fresh out the gate, it had the tacit support of the Jewish community in general.

The CPJCE did not have any official authority to preside over the management of the cemeteries, other than the fact it was ostensibly doing so in the best interests of the Jewish community. The community believed that its goals were commendable.

Today that scenario has reversed course. The CPJCE is not the committee that it once was. Its winning streak, during which it did make some symbolic efforts to protect cemeteries, changed in about 2005. In that year the Lithuanian government announced plans to construct two apartment buildings on Vilnius 500-year cemetery. The CPJCE filed a half-hearted objection to the Lithuanian plan. The CPJCE’s level of authority and degree of legitimacy was so insignificant that they were ignored by the government.

When the Lithuanian government went ahead with the construction of the two apartments, perpetrating wholesale desecration to the cemetery and uprooting skeletal remains, the CPJCE attempted to step in. It tried to regain the credibility that it had lost. It professed that it would play the role of an ombudsman, monitoring and managing the construction process in lieu of fees for which the government would be billed.

However, what the CPJCE became was a partner to the government’s ill-conceived desecration of a Jewish cemetery. Some members of the Jewish community say that their motive’s were noble, but that they unwittingly fell in a hole which had no end. 

It took condemnation by Jewish organizations, for the U.S. House of Representatives to pass a motion in 2008, condemning Lithuania for its "failure to protect the historic Jewish cemetery in Vilnius.” The respective motion was passed, no thanks to the CPJCE.

Unfortunately it was too little, too late, an attempt to close the stable door after the horse had bolted. That House of Representatives motion, the desecration which the Lithuanian government perpetrated in collaboration with the CPJCE, is still ringing in the ears of the Jewish community and those that care.

Today the CPJCE is an embarrassment to the Jewish community. They are a committee which flagrantly violates the decrees of Jewish law, the halacha as determined by Jewish sages and the rulings by Torah giants of this generation.

Members of the Jewish community who are active in protecting cemeteries around the world claim that the CPJCE has less credibility than Korach. Korach was a prominent leader in Bible times who rebelled against Moses.

Tragically and naively in 2012, the Council of Europe provided its member states with a recommendation that they work with CPJCE to protect Jewish cemeteries. This suggestion by the Council of Europe was after the 2005 apartment construction debacle, so no one really knows what happed. As far as the CPJCE was concerned, it had won the lottery.

The alternate and legitimate Jewish organization which the Counsel of Europe recommended in its resolution of 2012 that member states work with to protect Jewish cemeteries, was Agudath Israel World Organization.

The CPJCE has become the de facto address to where anti-Semitic governments turn, to secure their kosher certification. It is a way for these governments to perpetrate wholesale desecration of cemeteries and at the same time claim that they have the support of the Jewish community. When governments need a fixer for their misdeeds, the CPJCE is their port-of-call.

The story of Korach did not end well for him and his followers. He was motivated by his own personal agenda rather than trying to benefit the larger community. Tragically, the course which the CPJCE is following, is no different to that of Korach. Members of the Jewish community who are God-fearing, pray and hope that CPJCE will see the light. Others remain skeptical.

About Jonus Norkus:

Jonus Norkus is an activist who battles against human rights violations and cemetery desecration.





Petula Clark was born in Epsom, England. Her love of music began at a very early age in her mother’s land of Wales. She was a star in the U.K by the age of 9, and she sang for the troops stationed in England during World War II.

Many years later, after marrying French PR man Claude Wolff, she moved to France. Almost without trying, she soon became a star in the country and across Europe. Recording in multiple langages such as French, Italian, German and Spanish.

While still living in Paris, English songwriter Tony Hatch visited her and presented his new composition: “Downtown”. The recording was made in London and destined to become a worldwide hit, leading to a string of top ten records and taking Petula’s career to an international level. To date, Petula Clark has sold over 70 million records worldwide. She has been living in Geneva, Switzerland for many years, where she met up with Charlie Chaplin who wrote one of her major hits “This Is My Song”.

Petula Clark, married to a French man, is perfectly bilingual. France also holds an important part in her life because, after her husband, it is there that she meets Thierry Wolf, who is sometimes presented as her son and that of Claude Wolf. But this heir of a count of empire and General in Napoleon's army is in fact the president of a major European company, (FGL PRODUCTIONS) also an impressario of the famous Russian ensemble The Red Army Choir.

Petula is the favorite singer of Thierry Wolf's mother, and it doesn't take much for him to produce the British diva's big comeback on the legendary stage of the Olympia in Paris :

"Petula Clark is not only a great artist, said FGL’s chairman, she is also a great lady in life. It is quite rare to find an artist of this dimension in whose heart remains so much passion for her art”.

Thierry Wolf decides to produce a song written by Swiss composer David Hadzis. The singer writes the lyrics with the drama of September 11 in New York in mind. The title remains unpublished but the French producer finally decides that Petula must record it when this terrible pandemic starts because this text appears as a message of hope from Petula Clark to his younger generations affected by the Covid 19.

Today this title makes part of the selection of the Grammy Award that the English singer has already won three times during her career. Hopefully this French producer Thierry Wolf will have been right and bring luck to one of the last divas of the international variety.

Before covid 19, she has appeared in the new West End production of Mary Poppins, for which she has been nominated for an Olivier Award.

Petula wrote the following message about the release of her new single “Starting All Over Again”:

I wrote this lyric to David Hadzis’s lovely melody, and it came straight from the heart. We are all going through a challenging time, and the future feels ‘on hold’. We need each other more than ever, and we will, I believe, be stronger for this struggle. My love

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We know tons of artists from the scene. We know the tracks, the performances and see interviews, but what do we really know about our new rising stars? We are diving into the depth to find out who is he, where does he come from and how did he get to where he is today?

The big question is only: Who is Tabares24?

Alexander Aramis Tabares, known by his moniker Tabares24 was born and raised all the way from the heart of Miami – Little Havana. This rising star is making his way to the spotlight with more than 12k monthly listeners and constantly growing there’s no doubt he’ll shine bright and we’ll be hearing a lot about him in the next couple of months!

Tabares24 is poised to make his mark on the music industry and I’m pretty sure he’s doing that with success! With a 305 style of Hip Hop and Club Anthems, Tabares24 is set to make a difference in the music industry with his unique and eclectic style influenced by a blend of genres such as Hip Hop and Rock all the way to Bachata and Salsa.

Tabares24 says;

“With the 2020 Covid onset I’ve locked myself away developing a catalog of songs and used the Quarantine as inspiration for my first single ‘Where’s My Freedom At’. The song talks about the frustrating times of being locked away in a cabin fever scenery and only wanting the normalcy of the Miami life back.”

I can definitely relate to ‘Where’s My Freedom At’. It contains a very catchy anthem with easily memorable lyrics, making sure this tune won't leave your head. Sturdy bass and warped melodies are setting the tone for the stylish vibe of this record. Good stuff!

Make sure to get your ears set on Tabares24 and stay tuned for his newest releases coming your way!

You can listen Tabares24 on the Spotify playlist HIDDEN GEMS. Follow the hyperlink below to connect with the artist and stay within the loop on all of his modern and future projects.

More information
If you would like further information about this release, or would like to contact us about interview opportunities / review copies, feel free to contact us via our press e-mail.

Peter Silva (Artist PR)



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HOUSTON, TX, JULY 23, 2020 - Multiple rabbis and the Tora Code specialists have accepted that Samier Dahria, also known as Sammy Dahria or Sammy The Messiah, is the rightful Messiah the Jews and the world has been waiting for.

High level Rabbis in Israel have confirmed through independent research that The Moshaich is presently in Houston, TX and have assured that they will leave no stone unturned to return him to Israel. Until that happens, Israel's misfortunes will not stop. They have assured that The Third Temple will be built as soon as he returns and sits on his rightful throne promised by God in the Tora. Rabbis Han Schlesinger, Jenn Jaech, Larry Shuvitz have all confirmed that there is very strong DNA evidence and prophecy from the Tora Code that Samier Dahria aka Sammy The Messiah (Sammy The Ben David)" has been here for years but no one was really sure until now. Rabbi Shuvitz even exclaimed in awe," This man is Divine"!

Sammy had prophesied way back in March that the Coronavirus will not leave us any time soon and will bring more death and destruction. As the news stations across the world have been telling us, he was right. Businesses are shutting. People are dying of the virus. To make it worse, there has been a significant increase in natural calamities that has also been taking lives. Sammy has said all of this will stop when he is recognized as the Ben David, Ben Joseph and The Lord's Anointed.

All the major news networks in both The United States of America and Israel - Fox , NBC , ABC , CNN , The Jerusalem Post , Israel News , Haaretz, TVOne etc. - Have connect with him and discuss this with him so that the work can finally have its God ordained peace.

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Sammy Dahria or Sammy The Messiah is the promised Son of David, the Anointed of God in the Hebrew Bible - Tora.

Phone Number: 713-702-9457


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Egal ob Sie nach Bettwaren suchen oder sich einfach inspirieren lassen möchten, im Elmarket Online Shop finden Sie einiges zum durchstöbern. Sie profitieren von bester schweizer Qualität zu einem garantiert günstigen Preis.

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LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA – Thursday, July 23, 2020 – With 30 years and counting under her belt as the go-to party event producer on both the East and West Coast, Patty Laurent has seen and done it all! On the heels of her high-level events for record labels, top-tier brands and chart-topping recording artists, Patty continues to shine as she embarks on a yet another successful journey. Wasting no time during the initial global lockdown due to the Covid19 pandemic, Patty utilized her gift of conversation to develop an Instagram live event that highlights a hotbed of current affairs including politics, social reform & injustice as well as nostalgic trips down memory lane reliving the glory days of the entertainment industry.

On Thursday, July 23, 2020, Patty Laurent welcomes the incomparable Business Mogul and Founder of FUBU Daymond John (Shark Tank, C.E.O. The Shark Group) who will grace “Beyond The Rope” as a special invited guest to discuss a variety of topics including post pandemic economic recovery. This special edition of Beyond the Rope commences at 2pm PST.  Also scheduled to appear is Jeff Robinson, C.E.O. of MBK Entertainment (H.E.R., Alicia Keys), who will also join Patty Laurent on “Beyond The Rope”.

When asked why she decided to create such an event at a time when the world was being forced to take a hiatus, Patty responded:

“I’ve always been a non-conformist. I don’t always follow the rules, meaning, sometimes I go against the grain and set my own standards (within reason) and follow my instincts. That’s what I’ve done as an event producer for the last 3 decades and that’s what I did with the creation of my IGTV event “Beyond The Rope”. I could not sit idly by on the sidelines during this quarantine. I had to shine a beacon on the issues that we all face today, specifically, the current state of affairs including social injustice issues. I believe that it aids in both healing and educating people.” I also have a great network of industry insiders who have graciously shared their experience and stories in regards to music and entertainment and for that I am profoundly grateful.  

“Beyond the Rope” has featured some incredible guests in the past including:  Heisman Trophy winner and
NFL legend Eddie George, Mona Scott, C.E.O. of Monami Entertainment (Love and Hip Hop) and
Chuck Creekmur, author, producer and C.E.O. and Co-Founder of, to name a few.


FOLLOW BEYOND THE ROPE @beyond.the.rope

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Friday, July 31st.

South Jersey-based phenom, Ali Doukali gets real about the trails and tribulations that have plagued him throughout his life, and adolescent music career prior to his much anticipated release on July 31st. Having got his start in arts by publishing a novel two years ago, Ali seamlessly transitioned into writing songs not shortly after. Always having a passion for music since childhood, Ali recounts days his grandmother would teach him the subtle ways of executing notes on her favorite classic songs, this not only laid the foundation for his future in music, but also accounts for his somewhat natural ability to change pitches on his most popular tracks. The true start to Ali’s career as an artist however came in the form loss. The death of a close friend a few summers ago, spiraled Ali into depression, where ultimately he found music as a way to express all of the painful emotions he was dealing with at the time  

Off the record, Ali referenced that his musical journey truly ignited from the ability to morph written expression, into vocal renditions.

“Most of my first works were somber pieces, songs that really highlighted the pain I was enduring throughout that time period of my life. I used it as fuel. As my growth as an artist began, the exploration of my talents somewhat unhinged, and as I grew more comfortable in my own skin, I began truly creating records that had more of a pop, bouncy feel to them.” Ali adds, “I really morphed myself into a well-rounded artist.”  With hits like Pablo a Narko it’s hard to argue with this upcoming star, as his debut video launched November of 2019 featuring on Billboard sound, and later grossing over 100k views on his channel in just months.

Ali’s new single Smooth is a direct window for all listeners into this artists constant battle of friendships, betrayal, and trust. In the cover art, Ali depicts himself as Julius Caesar just moments prior to the Roman giants notorious death by the hands of his most trusted allies. In the record itself Ali references instances of sharing meals at his families table with close friends who turned their backs on him in just seconds. Ali also claims to have given the shirt off his back to those who never deserved it. From start to finish, Smooth is a true masterpiece stemming from genuine emotions.

Ali Doukali’s music can be described as unique, unbothered, and exotic. His music transcends all boundaries and has a liberating vibe that the listeners can’t resist. Ali inherits a wide range of flows, melodies, and versatility that he attributes to his immigrant parents.

Pre save Ali Doukali’s new track “Smooth” HERE:

Contact Details:

Company: Heartbreak on the Radio

Contact Name: Andy Biros

Phone: (724) - 961-2770



Country: USA



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Fairfax, July 25, 2020 -- The Northern Virginia area Fairfax, Arlington and Loudoun counties are soon to have a new option for senior adults and those who can use a bit of extra help in their daily, non-medical needs.

CaringAide is a new app that will change the way families cope with loved ones who may have specific needs or cannot be alone for extended periods of time.

Starting in the fall of 2020, people will be able to find vetted companionship for their loved ones via the new app. All potential “Buddies” will go through a stringent background search and be carefully selected before being considered for contracts. All buddies will come well prepared with masks, gloves, and will take extra precautions in order to ensure the client’s safety during this current worldwide climate.

The app will function in a way similar to today’s service apps like Uber and Door Dash. Anyone needing specific assistance can use the app to have a “Buddy” come to them and provide the assistance needed.

Companionship provides seniors with a sense of security, knowing there is someone there to help keep them safe when necessary, and also provides peace of mind for family members. Most seniors want to stay living at home for as long as possible and meeting their desire to age in place has many advantages.


“The goal of the app is to allow people who need a bit of extra assistance to have the opportunity to find someone quickly and easily without having to bother family members or friends. The aides have the option of working and are expected to help with simple tasks such as grocery shopping, doctor’s appointments, X-ray /MRI/ Lab appointments, simple chores, help with short rides for getting medicines, or just being around for companionship,” said Chalet Chawla Founder of CaringAide.

Caring Aide is still in the development phase but has plans to start work in fall of 2020. The app and its team are currently looking for dependable people who would be willing to be a special part of someone’s life as per the President of the Company- Krishna Kakaraparti

“This is an ideal job for medical assistants, nursing students, nurse’s aides, college students, and drivers for ride apps looking to make extra income on the side. All potential contractors of Caring Aide will be vetted with background checks, driving record checks, and any other pertinent information to be sure they are safe,” said Praveen Venkatesh, CEO of the Caringaide IT solutions LLC

Interested individuals will be able to apply through the app. The launch date is set for Fall of 2020.

Learn more at


Media and Contact Person: Ajith Cherian - Chief Information Security advisor

Caring Aide IT Solutions LLC



19254 Mill Site Pl, Leesburg VA 20176



LOS ANGELES, JULY 15, 2020 - Independent movie company, Stage Door Films, in collaboration with filmmakers and producers from Los Angeles, New York and South Florida, are set to begin filming for a new movie musical for teens. The project is set to begin casting for multiple teen and adult roles soon, beginning with a nationwide search for actors with movie and musical theatre experience next month.

Stage Door Films is collaborating with major players from both movie hubs and the stage to produce an original movie musical centered around teens. With the tremendous success of musicals in recent past, Stage Door Films aims to capture the growing attention of moviegoers who enjoy a good song and dance with their teenage drama. It will begin casting soon

"We had been thinking about the filming of a musical for quite a while now. The silver lining of the quarantine is that it gave us time to brainstorm, come up with a viable plan, and make connections. A lot of people we got in touch with had some unexpected downtime, were willing to listen, and thankfully got on board. This musical will be delving into and dealing with some important issues and will go a long way in becoming a benchmark for Hollywood and Broadway inspired films", said a spokesperson of Stage Door Films.

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This book narrates the life of a certain people called the citizens of IlluminaRti, who are from another world and have lived on earth for thousands of years. Their Black Queen who polices them, has a task to prevent an all out war that is imminent due to disagreements between the four factions that make up this world and she must do all in her power together with her team called ‘S.A.I.’ to stop it.

The Queen aims to consolidate power and reunite with her damaged battle station called the ‘Blackstar’ in the asteroid belt.  Whether or not she can do this, she'll need her agents to be prepared. This book is available on Amazon in Kindle, Audiobook and Paper book formats, the book 2 is also expected to be published in coming days. In its pages lies a deep and compelling story and is a must read for anyone who loves war/military action fiction and adventure stories, all you have to do is open this book and get blown away.

Celeste Stacy is a transgender woman, who lives somewhere in Ohio. Although she has lived there all her life, she has done extensive traveling abroad. As such, she has a very broad view of the world and the people who live here. Her belief is that we all are children of the Earth and that everyone should live in peace and harmony. She currently shares her life with her loving wife, their three adult sons and grandkids.

Celeste began writing books in an unusual manner. She first starred in a low budget horror film that has yet to be published. Then became interested in acting, and while attending college, her English instructor loved her short stories so much as to encourage her to pursue writing instead of the medical profession.