NEW YORK - The world Jewish community including the Vilnius Jewish community has responded with shock, anger and horror at the Lithuanian government’s decision to develop a conference center on the grounds of a 500-year old cemetery. The Jewish cemetery located in Piramont (Shnipishok), Vilnius, Lithuania is the same cemetery where the famous Torah scholar, the ‘Vilna Gaon’ was buried. 

In 2005, the country as a newly established sovereign state authorized the desecration of a 500-year old Jewish cemetery (Piramont in Shnipishok) in Vilnius, where two apartment blocks were constructed on the site. 

In 2008, the U.S House of Representatives passed a resolution condemning the Republic of Lithuania’s government for the desecration and human rights violation.

Despite world outrage at Lithuania’s antisemitic action, Lithuanian officials recently announced approval of their plan to develop an International Conference Center on the 500-year old Piramont cemetery, where the famous Torah scholar, the ‘Vilna Gaon’ was buried.

Rabbi Elchonon Baron, a leading Jewish activist who is involved in a number of causes, expressed dismay at the Lithuanian government’s decision. “The government has reneged on previous undertakings with us that it would not proceed with the development. We feel betrayed and badly let down,” Rabbi Baron stated.

Independent media reports indicate that there is concern the Lithuanian government and Turto Bankas, conducted illegal monetary transactions to secure the support of a rogue Jewish interest group who could rubber stamp their conference development plan, so that it could receive automatic approval. An official investigation by the STT, (the Special Investigations division dedicated to prosecute corruption), into the alleged illegal transactions could not be confirmed.

The full extent of the Lithuanian government’s desecration of the old cemetery in Vilnius can be viewed is a short YouTube video.

The latest antisemetic action, which is considered a consequence of systemic racism and antisemitism in the Lithuanian government, places Lithuania’s membership with NATO in jeopardy. Additionally, relief funding earmarked for the coronavirus fallout from the EU, is expected to come under reconsideration.

About the writer: Jonus Norkus is a human rights activist who is fighting the battle against human rights violations. He is currently focused on combatting cemetery desecration.

Jonus Norkus




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LONDON, AUGUST 7, 2020 - Pacific Transfer becomes the market leader in not just online money transfer but also cryptocurrency online transfer across the world in the safest way. It has emerged as the most dependable company that engages in safe and secure ways to make international payments beating their rivals by many a mile.

With global coverage in over 80 countries and adding new ones regularly, Pacific Transfer has become crypto supported with instant exchange in as many as 30 currencies directly into Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, ETH and XRP, and all without any hassle at all. All money transfer being digital, Pacific Transfer never asks their customers to visit a branch or litter them with any paperwork.

"The use of cryptocurrency for international payments is attractive because it cuts out the need for currency exchange, allowing people to use digital assets for payments in the traditional payment infrastructure. Pacific Transfer the only company that offers OTC rates, you always get the best deal. You can open your account with us, set up your transfer and sit back and enjoy. This whole process, trust me, takes only a few minutes. Yes, we're that good! That's why so many people trust us with their business. For we always, always exceed their expectations. Digital currency is the future that we have already mastered so that you enjoy unrestricted access to the world of borderless payments", said the Senior Manager at Pacific Transfer.

Pacific Transfer also lets the customers stick to their budget, especially when they're abroad, with their built-in budgeting, so that the customer can manage their entire financial life using Pacific Transfer service.


Pacific Transfer was founded in 2016 to provide a faster and cheaper method of money transfer than traditional high-street banks and remittance outlets. Its vision is to create a world where people feel better-connected with their friends and family, no matter how many borders separate them.

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Address - 80 Coleman St, London, EC2R 6PA, UK

Phone Number - +44 2080896856

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Following the death of George Floyd, nation-wide protests have emerged, alongside a serious acceptance of the fact that Black Lives Matter. Many organizations that once shied away from the topic, on account of it being too ‘political’, have entered the limelight, giving their two cents on the matter.

In their effort to show solidarity to the struggles of black people, a multitude of organizations have been actively rectifying actions that are deemed as problematic. Certain big oil companies have also shared their stance on the matter. Among them is Marathon Oil – who has recently terminated their partnership with Balch and Bingham.

The law firm Balch and Bingham was previously their DC lobbying partner, however, taking into account the many allegations against the law firm, Marathon Oil believes that the partnership should be ceased. The law firm has been accused of many cases of alleged racist misconduct and alleged tokenism in their hiring practices before.

With various online blogs like actively reporting issues relating to the law firm’s alleged racist misconduct, the decision by Marathon Oil to cease their partnership is being seen as a positive one by many.

Solidarity towards the Black Lives Matter movement is being shown by an array of big oil companies. Among them is Chevron, whose CEO, Mike Wirth shared some of his thoughts on issues like systemic racism that prevail in America.  Mike stated, “I share the anger and pain felt by so many Americans at the recent killings of unarmed black men and women. Racism and brutality have no place in America. Yet these incidents still occur. And they impact people well beyond those directly affected by such tragedies. Including people at our company. I absolutely believe we are stronger when we embrace our differences, and now is an important time to do just that.”

About is an online blog that covers various unsettling controversies surrounding Balch & Bingham. The Alabama-based law firm has been under fire in the past for alleged cases of racist misconduct and alleged tokenism in their hiring practices. In addition to this, they have also been the highlight of various alleged conspiracies. The website covers all past instances of alleged misconduct, as well as any further updates. The advocacy group originally called for the Trump Administration and Congressional Leadership to ban Balch & Bingham. They now, want Balch clients to suspend their relationship with the embattled firm.

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P.O. Box 381984
Birmingham, AL 35242-1984
+1 800 474-7576
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SPRINGFIELD GARDENS, NY, AUGUST 7, 2020 - Hair removal company Homiley has launched a brilliant alternative to traditional hair removal methods that not only does a fantastic job of a clean shave but is also light on the pocket. Designed for all those who want hairless and beautiful Lux Skin, this product is the best that money can buy for anyone who is looking for crystal clear skin that also doesn't burn a hole in the pocket.


Presenting the DIY Laser Hair Remover that gives silky skin and smooth as the smoothest butter. Users can do from their own homes what they earlier needed the expensive professionals for - silky skin ipl that is also clean and smooth as a baby's skin. This device removes the hair follicles thoroughly so that users no longer have to worry about any discoloration or skin burn as it completely takes care of all the potentially hazardous skin concerns. 


"One of the best aspects about this device is that there are no hidden costs involved. There is also no need for any replacement. You don't have to be an expert with training to use it. It's a 'Do It Yourself'. Even the most novice of persons can very conveniently use it, I tell you. You can also visibly see reduction of at the very least 75% of hair in as little as 3 treatments! Top it all, after you have reached 8 touch-up treatments, you can very happily enjoy a perfect hair-free smooth, silky skin for up to 6 months. Don't forget to leave us your Silky Skin Reviews! ", said the founder of Homiley.


Homiley offers DIY laser hair removal handset that lets women achieve flawless skin in just about 8-12 sessions.

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MUMBAI, AUGUST 5, 2020 - Government of India has simplified the e-Visa rules of Indian Online Visa for citizens of New Zealand to facilitate tours and travels, business and other recreational purposes. Visitors can not only fill out the simplified Indian Visa Application in less than 5 minutes but also they can get the e-Visa in 3-4 business days.

The categories available to New Zealand citizens for visit to India under the electronic Indian Visa or eVisa India regulations are for Tourist purposes, Business Visits or Medical Visit (both as a Patient or as medical attendant / nurse to the Patient). Short term visitors whose staying range is between 30, 90 and 180 days per visit depending on the purpose of visit can now apply for an electronic India Visa for Touristic purposes also known as eTourist Visa with either 1 month (double entry), 1 year or 5 years of validity (multiple entries into India under two duration of visa).

"We're excited to assist and facilitate citizens of New Zealand to obtain Indian Visa online. The government of India has been kind enough to expand and simplify visa rules for a better relationship, both recreational and business, between the two countries. Gone are the days of long queues and waiting period. In a matter of minutes the application can be filled and four days for the visa to be received. The only requirement is to have an Email Id, a credit / debit card in one of the 133 currencies or PayPal. The doors of India has been flung even more wide open. And we're open for business!", said Sangam Joshi.

About: is privately owned website that offers online application services which include helping users in the process of their Indian e-Visa applications. We make the procedure of obtaining Electronic Travel Authorization from the Government of India extremely easy for the applicants.


Name: Sangam Joshi





SAN FRANCISCO, CA, AUGUST 4, 2020 - Apparel designer Help My Mind through its launching partner Teespring has launched a new set of T-shirts featuring positive and motivational messages. Owing to its unique messaging, Help My Mind plans to send a message of Unity In Positivity through its apparel amid the climate the world has found itself in.

Along with its launching partner, Teespring, Help My Mind aims to spread this positive vibe, the simple but special and profound happiness of a positive mind with its variety of clothing range. Ranging from T-shirts to sweatshirts to tank tops to hoodie, it wants to bring together people on the pedestal of staying strong, staying united and doing the right things.

"We had been wanting to launch this line for a while now. But the unnatural climate that set in stopped us temporarily. Well, not anymore. Through our massive variety of clothing options - Hoodies, t-shirts, tank tops, long sleeve, short sleeve, slouchy tee, pullovers, pillows etc., you can spread the message of positivity to yourself, to your near and dear ones and even to people you don't know. Kindness goes a long way, you see. Staying strong, staying positive goes equally longer. Individuals can easily find what they need, what size they need with a wide variety of color options to choose from. I have faith in all of us that if we stay and walk together, we can help each other come out of anything. Literally anything in the world. That's the message of coming alive we at Help My Mind want to spread", said the founder of Help My Mind, Chris.

 It is currently selling its merchandise on the popular e-commerce platform, Teespring.


 Help My Mind is an apparel making firm that sells clothing of a wide range of cold, shape and size.

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MEMPHIS, TN. August 3, 2020 – There is a saying that whatever is posted online will stay there forever. The adage implies that negative information published online will always be easily found. But that’s not so says Wesley Upchurch, owner of His company, which launched quietly a few months ago has already helped dozens of clients remove their criminal history from Google’s top results, even for searches of their individual names.

Wesley Upchurch has helped dozens of clients improve their online reputation. But his company goes beyond reputation repair. In fact, it actually deletes criminal records from online databases, including many of the background check services that employers and landlords rely on. After significant testing and refining of the process, his team is excited to finally offer this service to the public. is now live and it’s making bold promises.

“We are confident that we can remove almost any negative result from Google’s first page,” Upchurch says, “if we can’t help you, we’ll let you know. But in most cases, we are able to push bad press down.” This is important because most people that search you on Google never look past the first page.  When potential employers, customers, or even dates look you up they aren’t likely dig much further, but even if they do it won’t matter. After just a few weeks, his clients often find that the articles which used to linger in the first few results are often buried more than three pages deep.

Someone looking to dig up dirt on their clients would have to dig pretty deep. And before they find something negative they will have to dig through page after page of positive information. This is what means by reputation repair. They don’t just hide the negative information, but actually replace it with positive content. A number of former criminals have used his service to get a fresh start at life. Without this kind of help, a convict’s information could continue to haunt them forever.

Although there has been some criticism that this information should be public, Wesley Upchurch is a man on a mission. He says, “The ongoing publication of criminal records actually leads to higher recidivism rates by making it harder for people with prior criminal history to gain lawful employment. If one can’t find lawful work, he’ll have no choice but to return to unlawful means of providing for himself.” Besides, he says people who have served their time and paid their debt to society should not continue to have their past used against them.

About is an online reputation management company. It was founded by Wesley Upchurch, an internet marketing professional who understands how much impact negative online media has on the lives of regular people who, like himself, once faced criminal charges. In many cases, these news stories contain inaccurate information or are otherwise unnecessarily defamatory. was founded with the idea that no man should be defined by his past.



August 5, 2020

There is a special kind of person who simply adores having the chance to explore an author’s new work, especially when they are sipping on a cup of premium coffee. The passionate team at Bound to Brew understand this fascination well, so much so that it inspired the foundation of their new company. In exciting news, Bound to Brew recently announced the launch of a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter aimed at raising the resources needed to debut its new monthly subscription box. Each monthly box will feature a new first edition book from a different author, along with a premium bag of coffee from one of the nation’s top roasters. For many, this will certainly sound like a small piece of heaven, making Bound to Brew both a guilty pleasure on one hand, and a thoughtful gift on the other.


“We are very excited about the launch of our Kickstarter campaign,” commented a spokesperson from Bound to Brew. “We focus on highlighting new voices in literature and providing our subscribers with freshly roasted gourmet coffee that we're sure they'll enjoy.”

Bound to Brew sees its box as a great way to support emerging authors of all kinds, helping them connect to an audience free from having to negotiate with middlemen and the other well-known challenges of the publishing industry’s distribution methods. The results are hoped to be both happier authors and readers something which would surely drive interest in Bound to Brew.


A portion of proceeds will be donated to The Book Foundation, a nonprofit whose goal is to get books into the hands of children in underserved areas.

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Every now and then persons trying to make up their minds where to put their money ask me if real estate ventures are more or less profitable, compared to other businesses opportunities around.

My response is always that apart from its potential for yielding significant profits, investing in real estate often confers long terms benefits.

I discuss five such advantages below:

1. You Can Refurbish (to Enhance the Value of) Real Estate

After you buy a stock, you hold it for a period of time and hopefully sell it for a profit. The success of the stock depends on company management and their corporate success, which is out of your control.

Unlike other conventional investment instruments, like stocks, for instance, whose rate of returns, depend on third parties (e.g. company management), real estate investments are directly under your control.

Even though you will not be able to control changes that may occur in demographic and economic aspects, or impact of nature induced changes, there are many other aspects that you can control, to boost the returns on your investment in it.

Examples include aspects relating to adding repairs, or improvements/enhancements to the physical property and tenants you allow to live in it.

If you do it right, the value of your investment will grow, resulting in increased wealth for you.

2. Real Estate Investing, When Done Right, is Proven to be Profitable Even During a Recession (like the one we're in right now)

It has on several occasions, been used to effect a bail out, from financial setbacks, such as those that many have experienced during the economic downturn happening in Nigeria today.

A considerable number of clients have confided in me that due to the present economic situation, they are not sure of profitable channels to invest their money. Some of them are done with bonds and treasury bills, but are in dire need of a new investment.

We had extensive discussions, and based on my expertise as a real estate consultant, I recommended landed property investment, as the most suitable and secure alternative channel of investment.

Not surprisingly, the client chose to take my advice - and signed up: it was the obvious, common sense thing to do!

3. Real Estate Investments Are Immune to Inflation

In other words, investing your money in ownership of viable real estate can protect you from the harsh effects that inflation usually has on other conventional investments.

This is because the value of real estate generally tends to rise in positive correlation with inflationary pressures. This is why property values and rental rates go up with rising inflation.

The nature of real estate, therefore affords owners the unique advantage of being able to adjust the rates they offer, to match inflation.

Monthly rents for example can be raised to compensate for inflation - thus providing a cushion effect against inflation induced losses that other monetary investments suffer.

4. Real Estate is Uniquely for Being Universally Acceptable as Collateral, Towards Securing Funding from Banks

Today, real estate in form of either building or lands, with proper titles (i.e. Certificate of Occupancy - aka "C of O") is the most recognized and accepted form of collateral in Nigeria - and some other parts of the world.

It has the unique feature of being able to protect the interests of both the borrower and the bank (that's doing the lending), so that funds can be released i.e. after due verification, and terms and conditions are agreed.

This is one of the key advantages a private C of O has over the global C of O, because the former (i.e. private C of O) is what will be needed by the intending borrower, in the event of any future financial dealings with bank in Nigeria.

5. Real Estate Investing Allows Use of Other People's Money

In other words, you can do it even if you do not have enough money. You just need to know how.

This is possible because real estate is physical property or what is called a hard asset. That is an attribute that makes it attractive to financiers i.e. people with money to invest.

This is why many times real estate products are bought with debt - unlike conventional investment products like stocks which are NOT tangible, and therefore perceived as being more risky to invest in.

So real estate investment can be done using cash or mortgage financing. In the latter case, payments can be so arranged to allow payment of low initial sums, provided by you or a willing third party.

Those payments will be happening on landed property which will continue increasing in value throughout the duration of such payments - and indeed beyond. That further inspires confidence in the minds of those financing the acquisition, that their investment is safe.

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Madbucksz, a talent indieartistic with a fabulous passion in the creative production of fresh music has launched his music album "Starbucksz" on popular online music platforms including Spotify and Reverbnation. Madbucksz is from Bronx, NewYork and the owner of Hitseakersz Music Group Entertainment. Apart from being a music producer, he is a songwriter, beatmaker and video director. His exclusive music album "Starbucksz" features outstanding compositions in the genre of newmusic- Success, Trap house, Dreams, Worth it, Trap House Feat, The Build Up Who R U, DO Me, Bounce, Better, Who You Ridin' Wit, Talking to a Boss, Clap 4 Me, Bag, Rain, Bip in My Drip, Turn Up and Little Things.


The Indieartist Madbucksz has decided a challenging journey to reach the peak of success. His creative mindset and ardent zeal for music composition have directed him to follow his dreams and become one of the best music producers in NewYork city. In his own words -’I realized that I had the gift and an ear for music as I processed information rapidly and learned extremely fast how to find my own sound as an artist/lyricist and as a producer. Over time my work ethic outgrew other people's availability so I decided to build my own foundation with the help of my wife Monica Nicole who helped me get my first real studio situated and that was the fresh start I needed to become my own individual as an artist. As a male, female duet we shared a desire and hunger for the arts that birthed some of the best music I ever created which I decided to save for my sophomore album r n beast dropping in 2021’.

Madbucks set a fresh theme in the genre of newmusic with his amazing skills of slick wordplay along with a windrose sense of music. In his musical journey, he has worked with some of the very talented artists like mike maze, jbeatz the producer and engineer, bash, Scorpio R.I.P and Tyrone. All the songs of Starbucksz's are the product of the heavy composition, marvellous wordplay, inspirational messages and hard-hitting flows. To enjoy the tracks visit the website

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