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Sharjah University Hospital announced the application of the latest international protocols in the treatment of breast cancer patients, which are based on the use of chemotherapy before performing surgeries in some cases of breast tumors, in addition to relying on the best modern scientific methods.

For his part, Prof. Dr. Tariq Ibrahim Mahdi, Head of the Department and Consultant of General Surgery at the hospital, said: “The hospital received a 57-year-old woman who was complaining about the appearance of a sudden lump in the left breast. As she discovered it, she visited us at the University Hospital in Sharjah, especially, because she knew that the hospital uses the latest Scientific methods in the diagnosis and treatment of such cases. The hospital’s doctors determined the optimal treatment for the patient, where a sample of the breast was taken and studied under a microscope, then the tumor was removed after that.

He added, "There are old ways to treat breast tumors, which are to perform an excision first, then chemotherapy and radiotherapy. But the modern way to treat such cases, it to use chemotherapy before performing surgeries in cases of breast tumors larger than 2 cm, then the surgery is performed." By removing a small part of the breast that does not affect the general condition of the breast, after that, chemotherapy is completed. This protocol has proven amazing results worldwide in treating and eliminating breast cancer permanently.”

He continued, "The patient shared opinion with her doctor and did not accept the old method, which is to perform the operation first, then chemotherapy and radiotherapy, as she was looking for the best modern treatment methods. The treating team at the University Hospital in Sharjah decided to start chemotherapy to control the tumor in place. That lasted for two months. Then the operation was performed and only the tumor was removed to keep the breast preserved, which is the best method compared to the old method,” noting that the patient left the hospital one day after the operation, after setting up appointments for medical follow-up in the outpatient clinics, as well as completing chemotherapy after the operation. ".

In the same context, Dr. Ali Obaid Al Ali, CEO and member of the Board of Trustees of the University Hospital of Sharjah, said: “There is a complete unit for the treatment of breast tumors in the University Hospital of Sharjah, that includes the specialties of breast surgery; breast tumors, breast plastic surgery, consultants specialized in imaging of breast diseases and others who are specialized in breast tumor examination. All specialties work as one team to treat breast diseases and tumors according to the latest international protocols.” And he noted that women's health is a top priority for UAE in general and the University Hospital in Sharjah in particular.

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MELBOURNE, OCTOBER 01, 2022 - All of us enjoy a good chauffeur service every time we get the opportunity to have one. It is truly one of the most wonderful experiences one can have during a trip. The journey becomes refreshingly thrilling and enlivening if we get to travel to different parts of the nation and feel the luxury oozing from the limo to make us feel that extra good, to make us glad for undertaking the journey. But is there a Chauffeur Service Melbourne that takes all of the luxury several notches higher than everyone else? Is there a Chauffeur Driven Car Hire Melbourne that is the epitome of comfort and luxury across Australia? Yes, there is. And there's only one — Melbourne Limolink.


Melbourne Limolink — an essential luxury to be enjoyed any time you visit Melbourne. It is, hands down, the best Chauffeur Driven Car Hire Melbourne service with its relaxing convenience and incredible comfort as it takes you to your place of desire, be it an office, a meeting, a date, or a trip across Australia. Their Chauffeured Cars Melbourne services are the easiest to book and it leaves no stone unturned to make your trip a memorable one as you travel with exquisite style in a Melbourne Limolink.


"We are thankful to people for trusting Melbourne Limolink for what we are. It gives us great happiness to know people have loved our services. Our services like Airport Transfers, Corporate Transfers, Wedding Cars Service, Scenic Events, and Major Events cover every single thing you can possibly do or think of. We are a top rated customer service which reflects our Google ratings. Not to mention, we also have hundreds of TripAdvisor 5 stars reviews!


We have more than 15 years of solid experience with many experienced hands of a large variety that puts us in a unique position to understand our customers' needs and their comfort. We have 24/7 operating customer service and are ready to pick you up and drop any time of the day from anywhere. We are prompt, proficient, efficient, family-friendly and are very affordable. We promise you that with us, you'll have the time of your life!", said an excited owner of Melbourne Limolink.



Melbourne Limolink is a luxury limousine Chauffeur service that is based in Melbourne, Australia. It provides services as a vehicle-for-hire, and is the most comfortably luxurious limo service at the most affordable prices.



Address - 29 Golden Ash court, Meadow Heights, VIC – 3048, Melbourne


Phone Number - +61 433185032

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NEF. released her first album titled “Nefertiti” ( in 2014 during her first pregnancy and second year of college. Although this project wasn’t a masterpiece, you can definitely hear the foundatio Although she was interested in making music a career, NEF. didn’t take it seriously. It wasn’t until 2018 when she went public with the freestyle “Quiet Storm” (SoundCloud) that others around her started taking notice of her talent as well. From there NEF. collaborated with the Key Holders Music Group which included other artists and producers from the 843 area.

During this time she was able to gain experience from being on sets, recording in professional studios, and being involved in distribution projects. It was from here that NEF. decided to remain an independent artist.

Consequently, in 2020 NEF. began engineering her own songs, recording and editing her own music videos, in addition to booking her own performances.

As a mother of two she sometimes finds it difficult to balance her second life but motherhood has also brought inspiration to the artist. Resulting in songs like “MILF” and “As The World Turns” (Spotify).

While building herself to become a jack of all trades, Nef. has been able to network and catch the attention of other talented artists such as Tru Heru, Bluebillz, Awon, and Mike Damn.

NEF. is currently working on a few new projects that we can look forward to in the near future. As well as, participating in a tournament for 10k, a distribution deal with, and a celebrity co-sign.

We look forward to experiencing what this upcoming artist has in store for us this year!

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MARLBOROUGH, MA, SEPTEMBER 28, 2022 - There is a serious overabundance of dating sites on the world wide web. So much so that one Google search gives you results that run into a million pages, all claiming to turn the dust of one's dating life into gold. One problem — they charge money. And a lot of it, at every step of the way. But where would you find the coolest dating site that is absolutely free? One name — FRIENDFIN.

Friendfin is the one 100% free dating website that requires absolutely no sign-up whatsoever. It is the coolest dating site where you can meet and greet, chat and/or video chat, hook up and get together with people of any age — those who are younger, those who are older, those who are the same age etc. Without a shadow of a doubt, Friendfin is a website that is better than the best senior dating site. Friendfin is also the best among gay dating sites, Arab dating sites, canada dating site, dating sites Australia, interracial dating site, black dating site, Indian dating, dating site in usa and a whole lot more!

On this 100% free dating site, people can easily add information about themselves, including detailed information if they want to like who they are, things that interest them, things they are doing or want to do. The website also has private groups for members to join with like minded people for keeping in touch and other things.

"At Friendfin, we have a strict policy of "No Hidden Charges". Ours is a free website, and will remain so every step of the way. Meet people in your neighborhood, your state, your country or people from abroad and start having the kind of relationship that you want. We have every single type of legitimate member that you can imagine for a possible relationship. We promise you that at Friendfin, you will never lack a date", said the Founder of Friendfin.


Friendfin is a 100 percent free hookup site operating both nationally and abroad. You can meet and hook up with any person from anywhere, from any age bracket, race, religion or nationality.


Address - 55 Goodwin street, Marlborough MA, USA 01752

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FULLERTON, Calif, Sept, 2022 – California State University Fullerton’s Center for Family Business kicks-off its fall series of one-day workshops on October 18, with the focus on “Developing Non-Family Leaders” for family-run businesses.


The CSUF Center for Family Business, part of the university’s Business and Economics Department, offers family business owners an every-other-month program of in-depth, one-day workshops to help family business owners navigate leadership, tax, legislative, and succession issues family enterprises face daily.

The current schedule starts with the October 18 one-day workshop on leadership and is followed by the December 6, 2022, workshop focusing on “Cybersecurity” and the damage it causes family businesses.

“This series of workshops will be of great importance to family businesses that are part of the California State University Fullerton program,” Pat Soldano, President, Family Enterprise USA, a supporter of the workshop series.

“The workshops allow family business owner to understand the fundamental issues critical to their business’ survival and they have a chance to learn from experts in these respective fields,” she said. “These are compelling topics for the remainder of this year and into the new year. We hope each workshop will bring to life the critical stories that affect families and their businesses.”

In 2023, the CSUF Center for Family Business intensive workshops are slated to begin February 21 with the topic: “Communicating to Your Workforce: How Much and How Often Do You Communicate with Employees?”

This will be followed by the April 18, 2023, workshop entitled: “Board Development: and Successes and Fiascos with Succession Planning.”

The Center for Family business was formed in 1995 by California State University, Fullerton, the third largest business school in the nation. The center was formed to assist family businesses in recognizing common problems and in finding solutions to the issues that confront them. The center's mission is to use education to help family businesses in its region grow and to “keep harmony in the family.”

About Family Enterprise USA

Family Enterprise USA promotes family business and job creation, growth, viability, and sustainability by advocating for family businesses, their lifetime of savings, and the issues they face running their businesses every day. The issues we fight for or against with Congress in Washington DC are high Income Tax Rates, possible elimination of Valuation Discounts, increase in Capital Gains Tax, enactment of a Wealth Tax, and the continued burden of the Estate Tax (death tax), and with the possible elimination of Step up in Basis. Family Enterprise USA represents and celebrates all sizes, and industries of family businesses and multi-generational employers. FEUSA is a 501.C3 organization

Family Enterprise USA Contact:

Pat Soldano


CSUF Center for Family Business,                                                                                                    





MIAMI, Sept. 24, 2022  -- One of the top providers of technology solutions, Techunting, has elevated several important members of its client services team and expanded its leadership team. The growth of the company will be expedited, and Techunting's most precious asset, its talent, will enjoy better support and development opportunities thanks to the expansion.

Matching each client's demands with the greatest personnel from LATAM is the responsibility of the  TH Recruiting Team  .  As VP of Business Development & Marketing, Marina De Giobbi will be working with Techunting to support the company's recent record growth.

We are very happy to have added a Marketing VP to the TH Team, said   Marcelo Teselman, Techunting's CSM & Co-Founder . "Her  expertise will help Techunting achieve its expansion goals and assist us in overcoming the challenges presented by the current business environment. Her  efforts will undoubtedly strengthen us and enable us to expand while generating lasting value for our customers, employees, and business as a whole."

"Technology has the ability to raise individuals; it may significantly improve the quality of life of professionals from humble neighborhoods in Honduras or Argentina. I picture a Latin American region where its people are respected for their talents, innovation, and technological know-how. We are accustomed to pivots, hard effort, creativity, and a can-do mentality in Latin America. In our society, it is inherent. For instance, many people, regardless of their social status, can study and obtain a degree in Argentina because higher education is free there. As a result, we have some of the best technical and developer profiles on the market. LATAM becomes the go-to place for finding pros and squads when you factor in a handy time zone that almost exactly matches those of the US and Canada and a reduced cost of living.”, said De Giobbi.

De Giobbi will be in charge of developing important growth projects as the vice president of business development, including broadening the proactive commercial development discipline. These initiatives will play a significant role in the more accelerated company growth.

Silvana Oviedo will broaden the focus on LATAM for Brazil, Costa Rica, Colombia, and Mexico in her role as Recruiting Manager. She holds a psychology degree and has over 14 years of experience running recruiting operations for technical projects.

Digital Acceleration for company transformation

Almost every company, regardless of industry, wants to expand. It has become clear that technology is essential to growth and innovation.

The secret to a business' transformation is digital acceleration. You become more powerful and resilient as a result. It enables you to scale, accomplish more, cut expenses, and enhance value offers. Additionally, it will aid in preventing you from running the risk of falling behind the competitors.

About Techunting

A well-known provider of technology solutions, Techunting is situated in Miami, FL with offices in Spain and Argentina. Its business is able to create development teams that are perfectly suited to the needs of startups and the greatest organizations by hiring the Top Tech Talent. The most notable customers of Techunting are, among others, Rockwell Automation, Audiocodes,  DMI ,  Prosegur , and Axxiome.

For the Best Companies in the World, Techunting offers IT staffing services (Staff Augmentation, IT support centers, & Recruiting) that are designed as a unique human experience.

Techunting has a staff of professionals in almost every technology imaginable and is still growing its business around the world. 

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NEWSDESK, SEPTEMBER 24, 2022 - Cryptocurrency has reached another level in the past couple of years. Many companies have released tokens and NFT's to draw attention and investments to their company. And now with the advent of the Metaverse, there is a huge rush to be a part of it and provide special services to people never seen before. While many eventually end up sinking, some remain solely because they are different from others and give people an opportunity to earn on their investments and tokens in a much better and innovative way. And there is one company that excels in it and has become greatly endeared to its token holders and investors — Golden Egg.

This quirky token runs on $GEGG and $POOR. This past December 2021 saw the Poor Quack token coming to fruition and running on the Binance Smart Chain.  Given its rewards and style of operation, $POOR quickly garnered the backing of investors and a loyal following of token holders which saw the company hit an ATH of 2.5m market cap. Golden Egg has also launched a $POOR token on the Cronos Chain. Both $POOR and $GEGG are connected to each other through the utilities within the Poor Quack ecosystem.

"Our excitement really knows no bounds. Given our style of operation and our services, we are glad and thankful people are cashing in on our tokens. Imagine earning our Golden Egg token $GEGG which deflates and still has amazing value because of the rewards attached to it! The same Golden Egg token $GEGG pre-sale went live on PinkSale launchpad from the 21st of September 2022 with a softcap of 200 BNB. In fact, just for using the tools at hand, users of the PoorQuack app will be easily able to enjoy multiple GEGG rewards! There are dozens of other benefits. If users are holding the Golden Egg NFT, they will receive a massive 40% boost in Gegg rewards that they earn through the app. Also by holding the POOR ETH king NFT, they will receive an additional 20% boost in rewards tokens! There is nothing like GEGG in the market that gets you rewards this easy. Try $GEGG and $POOR today and start making a ton of money!", said an elated founder of Golden Egg.


Golden Egg is a Poor Quack project of Cryptocurrency that runs on the Poor Quack ecosystem. Its tokens are $POOR & $GEGG. $POOR is the utility token whereas $GEGG compliments it as a reward.


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Asia Art Show is not just a normal showcase of art. Asia Art Show aims to change and impact the artistic scene in Asia especially in Malaysia. This is due to the general view and appreciation towards the art industry in Asia is way lower than in other parts of the world.

Visual art is usually considered a minority industry and the stigma that comes with it is that it does not guarantee a stable and probable future. Even though we have a great number of talented artists in Asia but only 10 percent of them eventually make a living from selling their artworks.

Thus, here is where the Asia Art Show exhibition comes into play as we take daring steps to host a high-profile art showcase event for the first time ever in Malaysia. This event may not be as prestigious as the Art Basel but we are confident that this is the vital first step towards uplifting the Asia art industry.

Now, the question is, why Asia? Not Malaysia?

The answer is that Asia Art Show aims to become an annual event that connects Asian countries with one objective to bring the spotlight to talented artists across the continent. The event will be featuring artists from Malaysia, Indonesia, India, Korea, Germany and many more. Asia Art Show would also like to gather ASIAN CONGLOMERATES in support of the Asian art industry especially Malaysia and neighbourhood countries.

Asia Art Show is a three-day event held with the National Day celebration in mind. Even though it is held in the midst of economic crises, we believe that all of these challenges will increase the virtues and values of artists in order to produce more amazing artworks. Isn’t art a form of emotional release and expression? Not only that but art also serves as a therapeutic means for people troubled with various challenges and we are certain that our fellow artists are some of the strongest creatives in the scene.

Over the years, we has been making efforts to promote and sell artworks via charity fundraising events, sponsorships, garage sales and online websites. We strive to connect artists and buyers through these platforms and many more. Asia Art Show will invite over 1000 potential buyers on the second day followed by the opening of the gallery to the public on the third day. The best thing about art exhibition in Malaysia is that we offer FREE ENTRY in order to encourage more people to embrace the uniqueness of the various expressions of art.

Another big feat of our efforts is that we have managed to gauge the interest of a big Fintech specialist company to sponsor the building of our very own e-commerce website which will be officially launched on the 26th of August 2022.

YAB Perdana Menteri Dato Seri Ismail Sabri has been invited to officiate the Charity Dinner taking place on Friday, 26th of August 2022. This programme includes Special Needs Artists from our respected CSR allies PusatLatihanPemulihanPerindustrianBangi. These unique artists consist of thosewith various diseases such as autism, bipolar disorders, physical deficiencies, cancer and also stroke patients. Moreover, there will also be a special auction for 20 pieces from these talented artists. A portion of the proceeds will be channeled to  selected NGOs.

We are aiming to sell at least 200 artworks as a bench mark of our success of organizing this grandiose event. In our eyes, this event does not only benefit one party, but it sincerely will benefit so many parties involved in this event. Our success will majorly depend on the sponsors, artists, buyers, art enthusiasts, media parties and also everyone who put in efforts to make this event a reality.

Thank you.

Author :HAZRITA MOHD HATTA | Founder of Asia Art Show | Art Market Malaysia 016 3980938

Translated by : Siti Zaleha Sheikh Othman


Providers of innovative social media marketing solutions, PEAKERR, announce the launch of their top-notch SMM panel boosting services to meet clients' needs across industries.

Best and Cheapest SMM Provider Panel for premium accounts Instagram followers, Likes, and Views Instantly. Try Our Instagram panel services: PEAKERR.COM

PEAKERR is an SMM Panel Brand. We Provide SMM followers, SMM Likes, and SMM Views from Various Socia Media sites.

The team behind what can be described as one of the complete digital marketing platforms, PEAKERR, seems to have taken the game a notch higher with the announcement of the launch of their range of SMM panel boosting services. PEAKERR has grown to become a sought-after destination for social media marketing solutions. The introduction of the services aligns with the platform's goal to bring users closer to their target audience by offering the Best SMM panel.

Overview of The Social Media Marketing Industry

The online marketing world has evolved over the years amidst the emergence of many strategies and service providers across the globe. Digital marketing has been described by many as the soul of any organization looking to survive and thrive in the 21st-century business. It has become even more popular with companies as it enables them to reach a wider audience without requiring them to break the bank, practically leveling the playing field and allowing relatively small organizations to compete favorably with the big wigs in their respective industry.

Social media marketing has undoubtedly played a significant role in the growth of online marketing, with businesses looking to leverage the expanding online community to grow their brand. Social media platforms have become a source of inspiration, entertainment, and news. In a related development, such platforms have transcended their traditional use to become one of the most effective digital marketing tools in recent times, with more companies, irrespective of size, nature, or industry, embracing the power of social than ever before. Social network users have continued to soar, with consumer shopping behavior increasingly impacted by Instagram and TikTok. In contrast, marketers have vividly leveraged these networks' drawing power for promotion. The figures have backed the claims, with a report by Statista that social media ad spending was estimated at $132 billion in 2020. The report also projected the spending to exceed the 200-billion-dollar mark by 2024, as more global marketers jump on the social media train, even as the United States continues to remain the most prominent social media ad market worldwide.

One of the significant challenges that businesses have faced as they try to leverage social media marketing to reach their target audience is getting service providers and solutions to meet their diverse needs. Despite the many providers on the market, this phenomenon has not particularly translated into client satisfaction due to incomprehensiveness and relatively exorbitant fees. However, PEAKERR is looking to change this narrative by bringing their mastery of uniquely combining relative affordability with quality, as substantiated by the release of their PEAKERR Services.

The Services Offered by PEAKERR

PEAKERR has built a reputation for not just delivering social media marketing solutions but ensuring that the services align with the latest trends in the industry. This feature has made it the source of the cheapest SMM panel and the most effective solution.

The services offered by PEAKERR are SMM Panel Listing Services, SMM Panel Advertising Services, and SMM Panel Guest Posting Services. PEAKERR, in their tradition, ensure constant update of SMM services to enable clients to compete favorably in their respective industry and not have to pay through their noses in the process.

Why Is PEAKERR Different?

PEAKERR has been popularly described as the source for the best and cheapest SMM panel website, a claim that remains valid, considering the platform's vastness. In addition to delivering a cheap SMM panel to meet the diverse and growing needs of businesses, irrespective of the location, PEAKERR is also user-friendly, with an easy-to-navigate interface that enables companies and other categories of users to find quality SMM panels in India and worldwide.

PEAKERR has a comprehensive and maybe the vastest SMM Panel Directory, with "the Best and Cheapest SMM panels worldwide." The list offered by PEAKERR consists of SMM Panels from across the globe, including India, Pakistan, the USA, Bangladesh, Indonesia, the Philippines, Russia, and many other countries from different parts of the world.

The title of the Best SMM Panel Directory is deserved, with the platform covering practically all major social media networking sites, including YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, and Twitter, all listed with instant delivery guaranteed from the long list of trusted and reliable service providers.

PEAKERR offers the best of both worlds to all categories of users, with 24/7 customer support and fast responses to help resolve any challenges faced. Customer support entertains all questions, one feature that distinguishes the platform from other similar service providers.

Using PEAKERR To Boost Online Presence

PEAKERR is designed to help users build their SMM panel success relatively quickly. The platform is remarkably comprehensive, offering more than 1000 daily traffic from major search engines, such as Google, Bing, DuckDuckGo, and Yandex Search with SMM-related keywords. Users can sign up and buy SMM panel Banner Ads. All the traffic generated goes to the panel by simply clicking the banner ads, making the process as seamless as possible.

The SMM panel directory comes with thousands of SMM panels for Instagram, TikTok, Telegram, YouTube, and a host of others, with constant updates to include new and emerging social media platforms. PEAKERR services with second-to-none quality, enabling all SMM panel owners to promote their SMM panel On PEAKERR.

The introduction and upgrade of the PEAKERR services are particularly timely, as SMM Panels are becoming popular for their use in social media services. The increasing popularity can be attributed to the effectiveness of social media in optimizing businesses, especially their online presence, as seen in the feats achieved in recent times. The SMM Panel enables business owners to maximize their brands and organizations through social media, even with wholesale providers.

The services are reasonably priced to enable users to buy social media services, ranging from likes to followers to views. PEAKERR is unlike an average SMM Panel as it offers the cheapest SMM panel and probably the best in the industry to enable people to buy social media growth services. It also creates an opportunity for users to scale as desired. It can also help minimize the promotion period by promoting the business in very little time while enabling all SMM Panel providers to sell their Services Via API.

The platform offers SMM panels that were expertly designed by a team of professionals to attract the attention of as many people as possible, ultimately bringing many visitors to the website. PEAKERR provides clients with multiple payment options and methods without hidden or arbitrary charges.

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PEAKERR is an SMM PANEL company that specializes in providing a service designed to help clients access hundreds of SMM websites to promote their businesses online without having to break the bank by paying exorbitant fees while maintaining a high level of quality in delivery.

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