MARCH 03, 2021: Millions of people from around the world suffer from some kind of back pain at some point in their lifetime. Pharmaceutical companies make hundreds of millions of dollars selling painkillers for back pain. However, nobody has found a simple and permanent solution to this problem except an exceptionally talented doctor from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. His name is Dr. Steve Young and with more than 50 published papers, his accomplishments in his field are endless.

One of the patients of Dr. Young is Amy Palmer, an inspiring American woman from New Jersey, who has shared her life-changing experience with the world in a heart-touching video. Amy Palmer is 53 years old, and she has 3 amazing children. Amy was a gymnast in her young age and used to sit 8 hours in her office chair in her corporate career. When her back problem became life-threatening, she met Dr. Young, who changed her life. Her story is inspiring and is changing perspectives worldwide.

“After spending thousands of dollars for my back pain, my whole life changed when I met Dr. Steve Young and he treated me within minutes.” Said Amy, while sharing her experience with Dr. Young. “Can you believe that it takes only 30 seconds and 4 easy steps to relieve back pain, and also to prevent it from ever returning.” She added. This amazing treatment is a combination of simple exercises designed to relieve back pain permanently, and they actually work.

In addition, this amazing technique called Targeted Spinal Release works in less than 5 minutes, and it has been verified by top experts from Harvard, Stanford, and Yale Universities. Moreover, it is used effectively by world’s top athletes including NFL players, NBA players, MMA fighters, and Hollywood actors. Furthermore, it only requires natural movement and takes only 30 seconds at a time. Besides relieving back pain instantly, these four simple and easy steps are also used for treating bulging, sciatic pain, slip disk, and herniated issues related to spine.

The most amazing fact about this effective and safe technique to relieve back pain permanently is that it requires zero equipment whatsoever. These four simple steps or exercises can be done from the comfort of home and can be performed without even breaking a sweat. Furthermore, they are safe, and doctor approved, and people from all age groups can easily perform them. Thousands of people in their 80s and 90s have recovered using these steps, and people that are overweight or even out of shape can also heal their backs with these 4 simple and easy steps to relieve back pain. Boomerang back pain or recurring pain can also be relieved by this effective step by step method.

Watch Ernest’s story of how he overcame back problems with simple exercises:

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AHMEDABAD, GUJARAT, 01 MARCH, 2021 - Cancer is a beast that we have been trying to eliminate since it was first observed. With various treatment options in modern times, it is largely kept at bay if detected in the early stages. One such beast is mouth cancer. And the innocuous disease that leads to it is — Oral Submucous Fibrosis or OSMF.


Oral Submucous Fibrosis  OSMF in itself isn't cancer. As said earlier, it's an innocuous, but irreversible disease in its advanced stages. Oral submucous fibrosis occurs in three different stages :-


  1. Stomatitis
  2. Fibrosis
  3. Leukoplakia (with speech and hearing deficit)


Studies in epidemiology over the years have shown in the oral submucous fibrosis diagnosis papers that tobacco, betel nut, khaini, pan masala and alcohol are the chief reasons for OSMF among East Asian, South Asian and West Asian nations, with people in the subcontinent constituting the highest number of patients. Some of the classic oral submucous fibrosis symptoms are:-


  1. Burning Sensation
  2. Restricted Mouth Opening
  3. Oral Ulceration
  4. Xerostemia
  5. Swollen Gums


Now that we have established that OSMF leads to cancer, what is the treatment for it? Surprisingly, it's easy. India's ace dentist Dr. Bharat Agravat has developed a treatment plan that is a simple DIY method. In his oral submucous fibrosis treatment, he presents an OSMF Mouth Opening Treatment at Home Kit that eliminates all the symptoms from its root. The DIY Home Kit contains:-


  1. OSMF Lollipops
  2. Unique Mouth Opener
  3. OSMF Gel
  4. OSMF Tablets


For the skeptics to know, this product is FDA Approved and is manufactured in a GMP Certified Facility. Sold across the world, from India to the United States, this product is portable and is virtually guaranteed to provide you relief every time you use it. Use the product strictly as told by your doctor and not only will your life be back to normal, you can also eat your favourite dishes again and you will have your confidence back in social circles. Seek treatment at the earliest at the earliest and oral cancer will have no chance of getting to you.


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OSMF Mouth Opening Kit is a path-breaking, Do-it-yourself combo of mouth opening medicine tablets and mouth opening exercise device. It has been invented by Dr. Bharat Agravat. He is Cosmetic and Implants Dental Surgeon and has set new benchmarks of award-winning excellence in his 20 year long career. prominent and world renowned Indian Ayurvedic Herbalist Dr Harsha Agravat


Develop by Smile in Hour® An innovation-driven Oral care company created by dentists and health care professionals are driven to enable the true potential of every being we touch through high quality, best-in-class functional dental care, and rehabilitation. Also Marketing and Managed by Dr Agravat Healthcare Ltd Pharmaceutical Company India.



Address - Smile in Hour® Spalon Dental Clinic Thaltej & Bodakdev

Mohini Complex, UF-2, Beside Atithi Dining Hall Near The Pride Hotel. Off S.G. Road, Judges Bunglow Rd, Bodakdev, Ahmedabad, Gujarat 380054



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Jacksonville, FL February 28th, 2021 Pitbull owners and fans can now order Son of a Pit’s fresh, organic, all-natural dry and wet dog food specifically formulated for their medium to large dog breed from the comfort of their home.


Son of a Pit (SOAP for short), the first and only African American woman owned organic dog food brand and manufacturer, and it is taking the online business by storm by offering its wet and dry organic dog food for pitbulls, bully breeds, and other medium to extra-large breed dogs in a convenient monthly subscription. “Our customers are busy professionals and pitbull or large breed dog lovers who have experienced the pain of cheap and low-quality dog food which can really hurt their pets. They’re all looking for a better food source for their furbaby, but don’t have the time to make it themselves,” explains Dawn Holman-Smith, owner of Son of a Pit. Dawn set out to create a custom dog food that would give her pitbull the nutrients he needs to grow up healthy and strong, to improve his digestive tract, and to give him a healthier, shiny coat. After hours of consulting with veterinarians and pet nutritionists, Dawn finally found the winning pet food formula in 2018. As she began to create recipes for her pit Jonas, she decided to post them on social media platforms, and the requests started coming in. In a matter of months, Son of a Pit had a ton of new customers just from social media alone, while only servicing the local counties in the Jacksonville, Florida area.


Now, three years later, Son of a Pit is branching out online to attract new customers. “The demand from the additional convenience of offering our products online orders has been insane,” said Dawn. “But our dedication to providing organic, fresh food for pitbulls, bully breeds,


large and extra-large breed dogs remains true. We will not compromise on providing excellent quality food at an affordable price.” Currently, Son of a Pit, offers the SOAP Viddles food brand in four balanced wet food recipes and two dry food recipe options for medium to large dog breeds. In addition to dog food, Son of a Pit, is also offers treats, nutritional supplements, and grooming products.


For more information, or to order organic dog food for your pit today, visit:


About Son of a Pit

Son of a Pit has been creating dog food since 2018, when founder Dawn Holman-Smith started to make food for her first blue nose pitbull, Jonas. At the time, over 40 dog food brand products had been recalled so Dawn decided to make his food herself. After hours of consulting with her veterinarian and pet nutritionists, Dawn developed the right recipe that included all of the nutrients her growing boy needed. Thus, Son of a Pit was born and became the first and only African American woman-owned dog food manufacturer and brand in the United States.


Press Contact


Dawn Holman-Smith


(904) 701-2233



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OCALA, Fla. – February 28, 2021

In Freedom of the Press in Small-Town America: My Opinions, Steve Hochstadt offers readers a chance to be transported to the political and social climate of Jacksonville, Illinois. During a 9-year career as an op-ed columnist for a small-town newspaper in America’s heartland, Steve Hochstadt wrote about all the key issues of 21st-century American life. From family holidays to police brutality, climate science to fatherhood, partisan politics to economic inequality, to racism and sexism and truth in politics, he covered it all. He used weekly opinion columns to trace our country’s political history as well as his own journey as a journalist-historian.

Holocaust historian, child of a Jewish refugee, and admirer of Jackie Robinson, his personal background gives him a unique perspective on political issues in this country. He relies on history, careful logic, and real evidence to back his personal opinions. The stories Hochstadt tells are both universal and particular, constructed by observing America and the world from the vantage point of Jacksonville and his own family history. His essays connect national politics and daily life in small-town America. Hochstadt’s optimistic belief in the power of liberal journalism transforms these essays into a message of hope to all Americans.

Full of compelling stories and clear writing, this is a book you won’t want to miss.

Author Bio:

Steve Hochstadt grew up on Long Island and earned a BA and PhD at Brown University. He taught history at Bates College in Maine for 27 years and at Illinois College in Jacksonville from 2006-2016. His early research measured migration in Germany and his book, Mobility and Modernity: Migration in Germany, 1820-1989 won the Sharlin Prize of the Social Science History Association. After that, the Holocaust became his focus and he wrote Sources of the Holocaust, a document collection that is used across the country in Holocaust courses. His grandparents escaped from Vienna to Shanghai in 1939, and two books reveal the refugee experience: Exodus to Shanghai: Stories of Escape from the Third Reich and Shanghai-Geschichten: Die jüdische Flucht Nach China. He sits on the International Advisory Board of the Shanghai Jewish Refugees Museum. In his free time he is a flower gardener and pancake maker.

Freedom of the Press in Small-Town America: My Opinions will be available through Amazon and all major book and e-book distributors.

Please send any reviews along with the signed General Permission form to the listed contact above.

Editorial Office

1405 SW 6th Avenue • Ocala, FL 34471-0640 • Ph 352.622.1825 • Fax 352.622.1875

Crystal Edwards, Project Manager

352-622-1825 •

Author: Steve Hochstadt

Publisher: Atlantic Publishing Inc.

1405 SW 6th Ave. Ocala, FL 34471

Paperback ISBN: 978-1-62023-820-2

E-book ISBN: 978-1-62023-821-9

Retail Price: $21.95

Publication Date: November 24, 2020



Don’t forget following key procedures and legal requirements while buying home in Nigeria so that you may not face any legal trouble with the property. Only a lawyer can prepare legal documents according to the Nigerian law, and he gets fee for this.

Necessary Documents for Buying Nigeria Property

Buying Nigeria Property requires several essential documents for passing good title to the purchaser. The documents include:

Approved Survey Plan

Approved survey plan shows the actual location and boundaries of the property and also reveals whether the land is under the government acquisition or not. It clears all the doubts about the land.

Deed of Assignment

It’s also a very important document made after the conclusion of any land transaction. It’s prepared by any of the both, the buyer or the seller of the land. It transfers an interest in the form of property from buyer to seller.

Probate and Letter of Administration

If the owner of the property is late in any transaction, the buyer has to request for probate or letter of administration for the property. Any document of the property before his death becomes invalidated after his death to convey the title.

Certificate of Occupancy

It certifies the legal ownership of any property irrespective of its use. It’s delivered by the government attesting to the owner’s interest by following the applicable laws. It also shows that any individual who has acquired an interest in the land has been given now a statutory permission of occupancy by the government.

Governor’s Consent

It’s the approval o f a governor of the state because under the Act of 1978, the transaction of any Nigeria Property is incomplete without this document.

Power of Attorney

When an agent is acting as the owner of the house, this document is required because it allows the agent to act as an owner on the behalf of the real owner of the property.

Steps for Buying Nigeria Property

Here are the some steps to buy Nigerian Property.

  • The buyer has to get all the relevant document from the seller regarding property title. 
  • The buyer has to engage then to a lawyer to investigate the documents.
  • The buyer also has to research at the land registry through his solicitor to make sure the property’s title.
  • The seller and the buyer can go ahead if the title has been proved a genuine one after the investigation.
  • The interest of the property has to be conveyed if the entire sum is paid.
  • The buyer then has to go to perfect the tile of the land property with the land registry to finalize the whole transaction.

It’s a smart thing to involve a lawyer while buying Nigeria Property because his responsibilities are all-encompassing. After hiring a lawyer, now it’s his role to play in preparing the property contract. The lawyer is to save you from any legal trouble because you don’t want to face any legal problems even you have paid for this.



ALBA, TX, FEBRUARY 28, 2021 - Pets have been close associates of humans since the dawn of mankind. People across the world have different types of pets, quite often myriad ones. But the one pet that humans take special delight in is — The Cat. From being deified into various deities in ancient Egypt to beheld as delightful, furrylicious human friends, cats have come a long, long way.


It also goes without saying that such lovely cuties deserve all the love and care that we can shower upon them. The animals who practically put a huge smile on our faces every time we see and hold them need the best nutrition, healthcare and playtime we can give them. Are you ready for it?


Lo and behold! Worthy Cat is here! The best, the most effective and the most fun monthly subscription boxes ever for your furrylicious pet that will make and brighten their day. Compared to most other toys and treats for your cats out there, Worthy Cat gives the most natural treats and entertaining and fun toys that'll keep your cat entertainingly busy. It also goodies customized to your cat's chewing needs and other new and exciting products for you to try out.


"We don't believe that pets should be taken for granted. That's why we always have our cats present in our brainstorming sessions to deliver the best for them. You can choose our adorable theme boxes for one, three, six, or twelve month subscription. In less than a month, you can watch your kitty play and snuggle against the goodies. We're sure you can picture such a picture in your mind! You can cancel anytime your want, if at all you'll want to! We promise you this — We make for your cats exactly what we'll give to our cats. Nothing less. Our cheap subscription boxes are not only filled with the best toys and treats but are also the best gift for cat lovers!" said the Marketing Manager of Worthy Cat.


For more information, please visit



Worthy Cat is a subscription box for cats that is filled with toys, treats and other healthy products that are specifically designed to become the eye candy of any cat imaginable.



Address - Annetta Robbins, PO Box 837, Alba, Texas 75410

Email -





Regardless of whether you don't have a record or don't as a rule utilize the social systems administration site. You will find that there is a gathering there that accommodates your point so feel free to pursue that social media stage and begin utilizing it. These groups are significant with regards to directing people to your site on the grounds that not exclusively will individuals come and visit your site from experiencing you inside the gathering. They will likewise send individuals over to your site on the off chance that they think of you as a specialist and substance on your site or items that you sell tackle the issue for them.

Beginning A Gathering:

On the off chance that there isn't a gathering in your social media circles for the business that you are in don't be hesitant to begin one. Truth be told, since you will probably be taken a gander at as a specialist in this industry so that individuals need to go to your site beginning a Facebook gathering or gathering on some other social media stage could be perhaps everything thing that you can manage. You may find that once you make the gathering and post about it to individuals who may be keen on it that you'll before long have a sizable after and a considerable amount of traffic going to your site.

Advantages of Joining/Taking an interest in Social Media Groups:

There are a great deal of advantages to being essential for a social media bunch that is worked around your theme or industry. First and foremost you have the perceivability that accompanies being a part and having your site data on your profile or wherever inside gathering posts where they permit you to put a connect to your site. In the event that you can respond to inquiries regarding the business and offer individuals great guidance you will rapidly develop a standing as a specialist in the field. This will make considerably more individuals need to ask you inquiries and get counsel from you and it will allure individuals to look at you outside of the gathering setting which implies they will be going to your site. Yet, building a standing as a specialist in that industry doesn't simply apply to the Facebook gathering or whatever social media bunch you are essential for. When individuals know your name and know you as a specialist you can compose articles and posts on different sites gatherings where individuals may as of now know about your ability. This implies that you will make some simpler memories getting a foot in the entryway at different undertakings that you are chipping away at as a specialist in that industry. With regards to visitor posting you will have an unequivocal bit of leeway from your support in social media groups inside your industry. That is on the grounds that not exclusively would you be able to utilize your participation to persuade individuals to permit you to visitor post on their blog you'll presumably have the option to discover individuals inside your own gathering that will permit you to visitor post as a trade-off for a connection. Truth be told they will be glad to have your ability on their blog in the event that they think of you as a pioneer or an educated individual inside the social media bunch that you're in.

Social Media Groups Give You Devotees:

At the point when you are essential for a social media bunch around a specific industry and you start to fabricate a standing as a specialist individuals begin to tune in to your sentiments. This implies that you can make item proposals and offer guidance that may bring about you having the option to acquire member commissions or other money related prizes. Anyway this is an extraordinary duty thus you need to be mindful so as to just advance things that you are certain are significant to those you are affecting. You will lose the entirety of your believability in the event that you start to advance things that are useless just to bring in cash from your supporters. Talking about devotees you'll have the option to build your after by joining these groups by a gigantic sum. For instance in case you're essential for a Facebook bunch individuals will need to follow you on your Facebook account on the off chance that they like what your posting. Regardless of what your social media stage on the off chance that it has a gathering you get an opportunity of acquiring devotees and on that social systems administration site as well as on the significant social systems administration destinations where they can discover you. In the event that they stagger for you on Twitter they'll follow you since they know you from the Facebook gathering. There is no uncertainty that Facebook and other social media groups have huge advantages for somebody who is hoping to showcase their site without going through any cash. These groups are allowed to join and just require a venture of your time and mastery to deliver profits.

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(February 28, 2021): Gone are those days when companies used to print billboards and spend huge on traditional marketing tactics to promote their business and products. In the current time, companies are largely opting for digital marketing for its effectiveness and affordability. In this case, digital marketing agencies are making a huge profit by serving these aspiring companies and businesses. Hence, digital marketing makes for a great career opportunity. Entrepreneurs are preferably choosing this line of occupation to reach their professional goals. However, these newbies digital marketer must know What is digital marketing Business. 


Digital Marketing is an umbrella term that accommodates diverse ideas regarding the online marketplace and plethora of promoting channels. The major lines under this industry are SMO, SMM, SEO, PPC, Funnel Marketing, Influencer Marketing. Augmented Reality, Ecommerce and many more. If one is wondering How to start a digital marketing business, then having an in-depth idea in these important fields is utterly important to grab quality clients. High-profile clients only spend money on agencies that can give result-driven solutions. By learning proficient digital marketing tactics, your agency can retain those clients with quality services. 


To help the emerging digital marketers in growing their business, Digital marketing mentors have exclusively brought a productive online webinar that will discuss the ideas like What is digital marketing Business and How to start digital marketing business. These webinars are hosted by experts who are established professional marketers in the same industry. They will share their real-life experiences, helpful tips and the secret to flourishing their business by capturing high-profile clients. Joining this webinar is free and the content is highly informative and helpful. To get direct access to the webinar visit the link- and complete the registration. 




BANGALORE, 28TH FEBRUARY, 2021 - Corefactors has emerged as the most trusted CRM software to generate and convert leads to boost business revenue. Trusted by over 4000 users across India like Piramal Group and Manipal Hospitals, Corefactors is the only firm that captures leads, distributes, nurtures and concerts into business deals the most effectively of all. It is the most efficient all-in-one lead management system software that people can procure to take their business to newer heights and, of course, heightened revenues.


Some of the most prominent features are that you can capture leads from over 50 sources like social media, Indiamart etc., follow-up with leads over email and WhatsApp, running campaigns on multiple channels for greater visibility and design an eye-grabbing landing page that in itself seals at least 30% of the deal. Other features include improving the team's productivity with specific pointers and measures. This has a huge potential to realign their mindset for better and improved selling. Engagements that are pre-configured and automated, a ticketing system that is inbuilt to bring to resolution the queries and concerns of erstwhile customers and integrating with the vendors are some of the other fantastic features that provide a seamless experience of using the software for optimal results and business growth.


"It has been a great ride for us in the past few years. To have over 4000 clients, including giants like Piramal, Manipal Hospitals, Dr. Agarwal's Eye Hospital, Ujjivan etc. has swelled our chest with pride. Every single member our organization has put in their heart and soul to design, market and sell this now #1 sales CRM software with an integrated lead management system. The testimonials that we have from the top management of multiple clients is a witness to the excellent product that Corefactors had designed. On that note, don't forget to try out Teleduce along with our software. The features and pricing will never cease to amaze you", said the Senior Manager at Corefactors.


For more information, please visit



Corefactors is a leading & award winning integrated marketing and communication solutions provider. This integrated CRM software and marketing platform provides sales CRM, Marketing Automation, Customer Support Software and Customer Success Manager to its users to generate and convert leads and grow business.



Paranthaman M.


Phone Number - 080-67335577


Customer Support - 080-67335505


Address - Corefactors, #43/1, 3rd Floor, Krishna Reddy building, Doddanekundi main road, Bangalore, Karnataka, India 560037


Email -,




Houston Artist Sack Currently on 5 Years deferred probation , But still not letting up with his New release 6 & 8’s And Shotta man. His single Shake that Ahh is still on the top of the billboards with record labels fighting to sign him . He apparently just linked up with Artist Sauce Walka And brick wolf pack , A collaboration is most likely on the way .A Fresh new mixtape Out on 4 bonds And thugging describing his Cases and tribulations That resulted to his next mixtape 5 Years Deferred Referring to him Signing for his 5 years of probation . Will he be the next big thing ? Will he overcome his troubles with the law ? Do this 20 year old kid got what it takes to be great ?
Follow Sack @