MUMBAI, JUNE 01, 2020:- India is a country that still largely considers treatment for mental health and addiction a taboo. However, in recent years, this taboo has gone down as various rehab centres have come up with the promise of completely treating and fully healing the rehab seeker. From small towns to big cities, many such rehab centres, Rehab Centres Reviews and wellness centres have opened in the past decade or so. But do they really get it?

This is Best Rehab Centres come in. It keeps a track of all the major rehab centres in various cities of India and reviews them periodically so that the health and treatment seekers can make an informed choice. Best Rehab reviews centres for various addictions like drug addiction, alcohol addiction, gambling addiction, smoking addiction etc.

Many prominent towns and cities feature on their list with more growing constantly. Rehab centers from places like Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Vadodara etc. feature in the list. Apart from it, if someone wants to have their centre listed, they can contact Best Rehab Centres through the website and get it done after due process and review. All the centres are verified by a team of experts and only then they are listed on the website for the benefit of the rehab seekers.


Best Rehab Centres is a website that reviews rehab centres and lists for seekers of rehab for various addictions like alcohol, gambling etc.

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30th May 2020: Drinking a cup of healthy juice daily helps you in getting the required fiber and vitamins your body needs. Furthermore, one of the major reasons why Centrifugal juicer is preferred by most of the people is because it works at a high speed and does the job immensely fast. More often, it does not take over 2 minutes for making a glass of fresh juice. Moreover, these types of juicers are also relatively simpler in terms of cleaning up and assembling along with being affordable as compared to the slow ones.

For buying the best Centrifugal juicer for yourself, it is important to do thorough research. Regarding the same, My News 8 offers you top 10 Centrifugal juicer reviews so that you can weigh the pros and cons of each one and then choose the option that suits you the most. Moreover, the convenience and speed of these juicers are what sets the device apart from others in the market. By going through different brands of Centrifugal juicers, you can opt for the most perfect one without any hassle.

ABOUT MY NEWS 8: The website offers you an extensively-researched and well-organized list of different types of Centrifugal juicers for making the customer’s buying decision easy and simple. Besides offering you the most robust and efficient Juicer, it also lets you check the price for ensuring the fact that you only get the best. The picture of every different juicer brand is also given on the site so that you get an idea about its design and texture. An unbiased and effective process of reviewing is done at My News 8 so that customers never face any issues when it comes to purchasing the best product.

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TAG: Noted ACLJ founding attorney T. Patrick Monaghan's wife nears death as controversy surrounds her treatment and investigations are under way into the matter in Kentucky.


T. Patrick Monaghan (Pat) is a founding member of the public-interest law firm the American Center for Law and Justice (ACLJ). He is one of three members currently on the Board, along with Jay Sekulow and Pat Robertson. On October 28th, 2019, his wife, 71 year old Mary Louise Monaghan, suffered a severe stroke, steadily improving until late January of 2020 when she developed mysterious symptoms of pneumonia. Shortly thereafter, a DNR was made by her husband, Pat.


At both Jewish Hospital in Louisville, KY, where she was, and Landmark Rehabilitation in Bardstown, KY, where she is, medical directives were given to dehydrate her. This nearly killed Mrs. Monaghan. When her son Joe Monaghan complained, Landmark responded that these directives were issued by her husband, Pat. Fearing for his mother’s life, Joe contacted the Archdiocese of Louisville, the Ombudsman. After the Ombudsman intervened, she appeared to be briefly given some hydration, but the Ombudsman then dropped the matter.


The dehydration issues continued for two months, against Kentucky law, culminating on April 16th when witnesses discovered that her water setting was zero. She was receiving no water at all.  Remedial hydration steps taken after an investigation by the Officer of the Inspector General (OIG) stopped the attempts to dehydrate, but since then she has appeared heavily sedated.  The OIG investigation records are sealed and the facility refuses to release her current prescription list. A review of her prescription list as of April 6, by a practitioner familiar with her records, revealed that Ms. Monaghan was on 11 medications, but only needing two of them. They even had her on a prostate drug.


On March 20th, her son and a friend visited her at 9:00 pm at her window. The TV in her room was so loud it could be heard outside the building, all the lights in her room were on, and her door to the hallway was closed.  She was visibly shaking in bed.  On March 23rd, a police officer appeared, chasing people away from visiting her at her window. This visiting method was being encouraged nationally due to COVID-19. Police investigators and the ACLU are looking into the situation.  Her Son-in-Law works in the Commonwealth Attorney’s office, yet the office has declined to pursue the threats against her life as a conflict of interest.


Landmark has been served with a letter from an attorney stating that the methods used to end her life are illegal. Two state investigations are ongoing. Pat Monaghan has claimed that he wants his wife to live and he is just doing what he knows best, yet Landmark is currently involved in a number of lawsuits.  One, according to Thomas Law Office's website, states that “more than a dozen of the facility’s 200 residents are in immediate danger of “death or serious mental or physical harm.” The owner, Joe Meisels, has been sued by the Attorney General of Iowa for defrauding the elderly by selling fake astrology services.  


Mary Louise never signed a Living Will nor indicated that she wanted to die. Her condition has never been adjudicated according to Kentucky law, and the attempts to withhold her water and nutrition were done in secret.  


LOS ANGELES, CA (MAY 27, 2020) - Dr. Walther E. Budman's company, WEB Agency, has come out with a new test to detect Covid-19.

Named as the Six Sigma Covid Test, Dr. Walther claims that this test is one of the cheapest and one of the most accurate for covid in the market right now.

Dr. Walther also says that his test kit is a low-cost alternative compared to other tests that require needles, injections and other invasive procedures. In comparison, Six Sigma Covid Test for Covid-19 detects the virus without any such procedures and is also highly reliable.

Dr. Walther's uses a completely different methodology to come to medically accurate conclusions so that users can feel safe and be safe to the point where they don't have to be afraid before or after the test. Some modern medical practitioners are alluding and insisting that only their expensive methods are the correct ones, Dr. Walther differs from them in that not only is his test kit highly inexpensive but also gives the test results instantly. Comparing this to others which takes many hours to even days, WEB Agency's Six Sigma Covid Test for Covid-19 is practically a lifesaver.

Upon query, Dr. Walther also insisted that his methods align with the best of modern practices to get the best results. As an example, it is widely known that Covid Smell Test is the first sign of Covid-19 infection. This, along with other relevant variables, is used by Dr. Walther to walk the user through simple at-home processes that are known to help identify those who are infected.

Web Agency About:

WEB Agency is a company by Dr. Walther E. Budman that designs test kits to detect various infections. Recently, it successfully developed the Six Sigma Covid Test for Covid-19.

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Media Contact:

Name - Walther E. Budman, WEB Agency,

Address - Walther Budman Agency 11 E 26th St., Suite 1310., New York, NY 10010

E-Mail -




We are the people: A nurse and business owner, a family vocation restaurateur and waitstaff handed down over the generations stretching back since childhood, grandmothers, dads, business women, a beautician, wedding event planner to a car dealer, a techie accountant, church and synagogue attendees at houses of worship to ardent activists, sisters, brothers, mom & pop businesses from gyms to nail and flower shops.  We are naturalized and born citizens of all colorful shades of humanity, avid concert-goers lamenting cancellations to single mothers, people earning and building their businesses after lives from divorce, recovered addiction and domestic abuse. All of us are workers in some manner who just wish to enjoy life, liberty and the pursuits of happiness. We the people plaintiffs are everyday Americans.  ‘We the people’ have come together.  We the people of Washington are together suing the unconstitutional mandates imposed by Governor Jay Inslee and crew.


We the people bring US District court class action case #20-5408 filed in Western Washington. The complaint simply and elegantly shows the unacceptable tyranny of the governor.  We the people of Washington show clear violations of our basic civil rights.


We the people complain encompassing the violations of the Declaration of Indepence and the Constitution, specifically the 1st, 5th and 14th Amendments, Articles 1, 2, and 4. We the people demand due process, writ of habeas corpus, free movement and free association. We the people are guaranteed freedom from, treaties, confederations and alliances with other states with severe restrictions depriving people of their livelihoods including property. We the people have the right of peaceful assembly. 


None of the plaintiffs have been ill nor shown signs of the virus. We the people have been deemed ‘non-essential’ by the Governor’s illegal proclamation. The terminations of plaintiff’s businesses, assembly and employment are direct and proximate results of the governor’s soft martial law mandates.  None of ‘we the people’ have received notice, hearing, adjudication, opportunity to present witnesses, decision, nor right of appeal. We the people seek damages.


As one of the named class action plaintiff’s states: “I am endowed with inalienable rights, those which I was born with, not ‘gifts from the government.”


We the people have requested a jury trial. 


Contact Info & Website:

Dr. Stephen Pidgeon, JD                                                        S. Rowan Wilson, MBA

1523 132 nd Street SE, Suite C350                                        P.O. Box 254

Everett, Washington 98208                                                    Seahurst, WA  98062                                    

O: 425-347-7513  M: 425-299-9012                                       M: 253-224-9395




‘I See How It Is’ is the new debut from the exceptionally mysterious artist, aptly named KUILL. The artist refers to his style as “elusive pop” where he combines Electro-Soul and Alternative influences to create this regenerative sound that we fell in love with.

KUILL, a 27 year-old from the North of England, stores the details of his history and identity behind a mask, however one thing we know is that he has now begun the journey as an emerging artist and is sure doing very well!

He explains that he has worked with some of the world’s most famous musicians and is now seeking the anonymity and freedom to bring his new sounds to the arena, hence his mask.

From the first moment ‘I See How It Is’ starts playing, one thing about KUILL becomes very obvious… The guy can sing and it’s certainly nice indeed. There is an easy and soulful warm temperature to his voice which makes his performance impeccable as he effectively flows from a cool rhythmic melody to a more elaborate vocal work. Gentle synths paillasse the melody giving it that perfect balance and space to embrace KUILL’s vocals and let it shine.

KUILL sets the proper mood for the track which concurrently explores emotions of isolation and seeks for the purpose of life.

You can listen KUILL on the Spotify playlist HIDDEN GEMS. Follow the hyperlinks below to connect with the artist and stay within the loop on all of his modern and future projects.



More information
If you would like further information about this release, or would like to contact us about interview opportunities / review copies, feel free to contact us via our press e-mail.

Peter Silva (Artist PR)


  • Innovative Leading Entertainment Provider for China.
  • Variety of Premium Content Including Popular Cheers Lifestyle Series.
  • Enhanced Platform Stickiness with Thousands of Brand Names.
  • Strong Financial Results Being Reported for 2019 and 2020 to Date.
  • Initial IOP Generated $220,000,000 in Gross Proceeds for the Company.

Glory Star New Media Group Holdings Limited (NASDAQ: GSMG) is a leading mobile entertainment operator in China. Glory Star’s ability to integrate premium lifestyle content, including short videos, online variety shows, online dramas, live streaming, its Cheers lifestyle video series, e-Mall, and mobile app, along with innovative e-commerce offerings on its platform enables it to pursue its mission of enriching peoples’ lives. The company’s large and active user base creates valuable engagement opportunities with consumers and enhances platform stickiness with thousands of domestic and international brands.

  • TKK Symphony Acquisition Corporation and Glory Star New Media Group Limited Complete Business Combination to Create GSMG

On February 15th TKK Symphony Acquisition Corporation, a special purpose acquisition company, announced closing a share exchange agreement pursuant to which TKK acquired Glory Star in a Business Combination. TKK changed its name to “Glory Star New Media Group Holdings Limited” or GSMG, trading on the high profile NASDAQ exchange. Prior to this in 2018, the original IPO generated gross proceeds of $220,000,000 for the company. 

The potential maximum value of this transaction is approximately $525,000,000, including approximately $100,000,000 in earnout shares. To further the high earnings power here, GSMG management remains committed to its successful strategy of integrating premium lifestyle content with innovative e-commerce offerings to benefit from the growth of consumerism in China. 

  •  Strong Full Year 2019 Financial Results

On March 31st GSMG announced financial results for the full year ended December 31, 2019.
Highlights of this report included:

Downloads of the CHEERS App1 exceeded 85 million for the year ended December 31, 2019, compared to 12 million for the year ended December 31, 2018.
Average daily active users (“DAUs”)2 of the CHEERS App increased to 1.9 million from 0.4 million in the full year of 2018.
Glory Star’s e-Mall sold over 13,180 Stock Keeping Units (“SKUs”), recording over RMB133.76 million (US$19.36 million) in gross merchandise value (“GMV”) 3 through its CHEERS App in the same period.

Revenues increased by 16.7% to US$65.8 million from US$56.4 million in the full year of 2018.
Income from operations increased by 94.4% to US$26.8 million from US$13.8 million in the full year of 2018.
Operating margin expanded to 40.8% from 24.5% in the full year of 2018.
Net income attributable to Glory Star’s shareholders increased by 94.5% to US$26.3 million from US$13.5 million in the full year of 2018.
Net margin expanded to 40.0% from 24.0% in the full year of 2018.

These robust financial and operating results were driven by the GSMG innovative business model, increasingly competitive value propositions, and ability to capitalize on the growing market opportunity. GSMG remained committed to bolstering production capabilities for tailored content and increasing collaborations with experienced producers to develop popular network dramas. Notably, by leveraging professionally-generated content, GSMG has attracted an increasing number of users to its CHEERS App, as evidenced by the sevenfold increase in CHEERS app downloads on a year-over-year basis and the 365.9% growth in DAUs for 2019. As a result of such improvements, GSMG significantly increased the GMV for its CHEERS App during the full year of 2019.

  • Continued Success Shown in First Quarter 2020 Financial Results

On May 11th GSMG announced its financial results for the first quarter ended March 31, 2020.
Highlights included:

Downloads of the CHEERS App1 exceeded 100.5 million as of March 31, 2020, compared to 17.2 million as of March 31, 2019.
Average daily active users (“DAUs”)2 of the CHEERS App increased to 4.1 million from 0.5 million in the same period of 2019.
The Company’s e-Mall carried over 9,602 Stock Keeping Units (“SKUs”) as of March 31, 2020, and recorded over RMB40.6 million (US$5.8 million) in gross merchandise value (“GMV”)3 through its CHEERS App in Q1.

Revenues were US$9.8 million as compared to US$13.8 million in the same period of 2019.
Income from operations was US$2.9 million as compared to US$4.4 million in the same period of 2019.

Despite the COVID-19 outbreak, GSMG delivered a solid operating performance, advanced its flagship e-commerce platform, and drove user base growth. GSMG maintained content leadership by focusing on the creation of original, professionally produced content in the areas of lifestyle, culture, and fashion. As such, GSMG continued to have success in converting content viewers into CHEERS App users, which was illustrated by an excess of 100.5 million CHEERS App downloads, in total, as of March 31, 2020, compared to 17.2 million CHEERS App downloads, in total, by the end of the prior-year period.

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(21 May, 2020):- The age-old love for music can never be denied and people of any age or gender have different tastes of music. Since the internet has become the most convenient platform, people have stopped visiting the stores to buy music cassettes, CDs or DVDs. Modern music aficionados always look for reliable music platforms on the internet and prefer mostly those e-music stores that allow them to download music for free. The e-market has plenty of music stores and in this ever-evolving industry meets numerous fresh MP3 stores every day. MP3Jaw is one of the freshly launched online music platforms that ensure the free download of songs in MP3 format. Users can also download song lyrics along with their favourite MP3 tracks.

MP3Paw has a wide collection of music from numerous artists. People can browse their favourite music artists song on this platform or can search for diverse musical genres like rock, jazz, blues, classical, country, pop, hip-hop, metal, etc. Music lovers can explore through a plethora of old and latest songs at MP3Jaw. This revolutionary platform has made the task of music download to be extremely easy and fast. Users can choose the size variants before starting the song download. This wholesome music platform allows karaoke lovers to enjoy song lyrics and enjoy their favourite tune to heart's content.

The service of MP3Jaw is absolutely free and its broad collection music is constantly updated with the latest song release. The fast loading website with highly functional navigation offers an enhanced UX experience and users can quickly satisfy their demand with a couple of clicks. The website of MP3Jaw allows for music download on both desktop and mobile, thanks to its ultimate conversation standard which make this website easily accessible through any device. To know more about this website, please visit the link-



(20 May, 2020):- Vigrx Plus is a clinically approved supplement for men and made of natural and organic ingredients that effectively strengthen the physical vitality of men. The seen results have earned this special supplement product immense popularity and the total sold number of this product is more than 1.2 million. The product has been a champion for more than 12 years and helped thousands of men who had erectile problems. The powerful ingredients directly simulate the levels of nitrite oxide in the male body and relax the corpus cavernosal tissues to let blood flow to the vital organ and aid erectile dysfunction.

VigRX Plus is additionally filled with the dynamic dose of other energetic factors that enhance the level of aphrodisiac and testosterone. The ingredients efficiently boost sexual libido in men. Taking a regular dose of VigRx Plus can be highly beneficial for men as it also improves the physical strength and aids fatigue. The important ingredients are- Damiana, Epimedium, Asian Red Ginseng, Muira Pauma Bark Extract, Hawthorn Berry, Catuaba Bark Extract, Saw Palmetto, Ginkgo Biloba, and Bioperine. VigRX Plus is easily available in the online stores and it has no potential side effects.

VigRX Plus is clinically safe for being made of natural components. Since the product excludes the use of harmful and artificial indicates, the desired results may take a while to appear but they are permanent and healthy. Apart from refining the sexual well-being, this product is a good source of rich vitamins and organic minerals that also boosts the luster of physics. Other potential benefits of consuming this product are less fatigue, improved stamina, mo more premature ejaculation, etc. To know more about this product, visit the link 



Promoter Box is a unique project organized by 3000 Records offering music free for promotional purposes. Each sampler album can be downloaded with one click as an AlbumZip. There’s no registration or credit card information required. Promoter Box Vol. 30, is available now at

This music promotion project was designed for people looking for some of the best new music by independent bands and artists. This is a great way to download new music legally, since it is available for the purpose of promoting the bands and artists on the album. With this, music fans can legitimately benefit by filling up their mp3 player with great independent music at no charge.

Promoter Box Vol. 30 available instantly at includes different music from bands and artists from across the globe including Fran London feat. Nathan Brumley, Dillgin, Chi-Town Ben and Jackie B, and Terence Thomas.

This sampler album titled Promoter Box Vol. 30 appeals to a wider audience. This free sampler album has been released to provide an opportunity for these talented bands and artists to be heard while attracting new music fans.

People who are interested in independent music is exactly the audience that Promoter Box reaches. This can make all the differences when it comes to getting new music heard by fans, and getting the music into the hands of music industry professionals. For music fans, Promoter Box Vol. 30 is free to download for promotional purposes. Promoter Box offers promotional music to blogs, radio DJ’s, and media contacts. This music is also available to music fans through social media and email. Additionally, 3000 Records promotes music through advertising it with banners, magazine advertising, RSS feed, social media, text ads, and more.

"We're promoting great music to attract new fans for hard working artists and bands. We felt it was time to offer music fans a direct way to get new music that is 100% free, and legal." - Terrance D. Schemansky, Owner 3000 Records.

To download your copy of Promoter Box Vol. 30 visit and pass it along!

Media Contact

Company Name: 3000 Records

Contact Person: Terrance Schemansky


Phone: (888) 463-4336

Address: P.O. Box 285

City: Fenton

State: MI

Country: United States