SmartMetric, Inc. (OTCQB: SMME) -- Consumer behavior has forever been changed because of the world we live in according to the maker of biometric credit and debit cards, SmartMetric.

The ubiquitous PIN pad at every checkout where you need to touch buttons to enter your PIN code has become a virus spreading touch point. As a consumer goes to enter their PIN number on the PIN pad at the checkout a hesitation happens as they realize they are touching something that any number of consumers have touched during the course of just the past hour. Having no other option the consumer touches the PIN pad and if they are lucky reach immediately for a hand sanitizer. However most don’t because simply there is none provided at the checkout.

PIN pads have overnight become a virus spreading touch point that many consumers have an aversion to in this ever changing world. However there is a safer way and it is already being rolled out around the world. The touchless "contactless" card reader. Instead of swiping and touching a card reader, the consumer simply waves their contactless equipped card within an inch or two of the card reader and instantly their card information is read by the machine. No touching. No swiping. A simple wave of the card in proximity to the card reader and the credit or debit card transaction is done.

Contactless credit and debit card transactions however have a singular issue. They are intrinsically less secure with no authorization such as a PIN number used to verify the authentication of the card user. This is why credit card issuers have limited the dollar spend amount through the use of the contactless credit cards. Making the contactless credit card unusable for such everyday things as a large grocery shopping for a regular family.

SMME has an elegant and effective solution to the insecurity of the touchless and contactless credit card transaction. By adding a biometric fingerprint scanner inside the credit/debit card that scans the card user's fingerprint as they reach across to wave their card over the card reader at checkout, the company has successfully solved the security issue of contactless cards. A SmartMetric biometric technology inside the card now makes the credit and debit card far more secure than reliance on unsafe PIN numbers but now the preferred safe non touch option for consumers in this day and age of the pandemic.

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"We see consumer behavior being forever changed with consumers still wanting to reach for their card to make a payment but not wanting to touch PIN pads and readers at the checkout," said today SmartMetric’s President and CEO Chaya Hendrick.

The SmartMetric fingerprint activated dual interface credit and debit cards, having both contact insertion into a card reader along with contactless RFID/NFC wireless reading, use biometrics to provide a much higher level of card security to that of PIN based cards. At the same time the card's enhanced security that stops the card from being able to be used unless there is a 100% fingerprint match with the card user's fingerprint, provides banks with a much safer card platform. The card's RFID/NFC contactless feature is only activated following the biometric fingerprint match.

Using biometrics that are built into the card delivers a quantum leap in card security while now making contactless card payments even safer than the standard credit card. This means that banks can now rethink the transaction dollar amount limit now in place on contactless credit and debit cards. With a card that can now only be used by the person the card is issued too, contactless "no PIN pad touch" transactions can be safely used by the consumer while mitigating card fraud for the banks.

The global contactless credit/debit card payment market size is expected to grow from USD 10.3 billion in 2020 to USD 18.0 billion by 2025. This is at a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 11.7% during the forecast period according to report published by the research group, MarketsandMarkets1.

SMME is ready to move aggressively forward in making available its new card to credit and debit card issuing banks around the world, in association with the its global banking partners.

SMME is a USA based company with sales and marketing partnerships in Latin America, Europe the United States. Engineering of the biometric card electronics is done in-house and is the owned intellectual property of the company.

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There has never been a better time to start an eCommerce business. With an estimated 1.8 billion people actively shopping online worldwide and all reports showing a growing trend; the time is now to upgrade and build your E-commerce.

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June 29, 2020 – It would be great for the healthcare industry if there is one solution that can be used to harness essential clinical and administrative data while making sure that this information is efficiently and intelligently stored at optimum cost.

This is now possible with Healthcore.

LifeRhythm Labs, Inc. has recently launched a new enterprise that would revolutionize how healthcare operates and manages data both in the U.S. and across the globe. This would allow all essential data to be centrally managed while making sure that it is secured and fully protected from misuse. HealthCore is a three-pronged approach designed to lower healthcare costs while significantly increasing the accuracy and efficiency of patient care.

The primary object of this project is to prepare healthcare providers to manage patient records more efficiently while giving patients a more active role in their health data. Healthcore is an scalable solution developed to unify medical records data while instantaneously checking for accuracy and eliminating risk. It aims to create an efficient and secure data management solution for patient medical records across the healthcare system. This will help in strengthening the healthcare ecosystem with data management efficiencies that can improve care while lowering costs.

"The best possible life can only be lived with quality healthcare. Right now, we are dealing with a broken, antiquated system that leaves all concerned parties searching for more. Patients should have control and access to their information. Providers should be able to quickly and efficiently diagnose a patient to provide care. Payers should be able to save time and money when reconciling accounts," said Troy J. Acevedo, company CEO.

Data has the ability to improve or disable most businesses and this include the healthcare industry. And since we are living in a world of excess data, the constraints of existing infrastructure often results to mismanagement of such data and this usually requires doctors to devote more time inputting data instead of working with patients.

"If we can benefit the global community through our actions and efforts, it will be a successful project. If we are able to help save lives, then we will have accomplished my dreams when founding this endeavor," Acevedo added.

Healthcore changed the landscape by providing a solution with the capacity to share clinical and administrative data across systems using the right strategies and solutions to help providers avoid those high costs while improviding the way they manage and access data. Its three-pronged approach works in unison to simplify health records and data transmission while ensuring full data security, and accessibility.

The first part of the system is the HealthCore Chain designed to provide protection through blockchain by streamlining and reinforcing storage of medical record and accessibility. The second one is the HealthCore Platform. This brings together the privacy, authority, and regulation of the data by using the latest blockchain and crypto-based technology. With this, patients now have greater transparency in securely accessing and understanding their health records. The final part is MedOS. This integrates everything via a secure operating system designed for maximum compliance within the medical industry standards.

Healthcore is all about creating a new world in which competent  and reliable healthcare is a basic human right. When it comes to providing the best care possible, every stakeholder must start with the right foundation. By providing a single integrated platform, Healthcore has empowered healthcare providers to responsibly, strategically, and safely manage their data. This platform is offering unparalleled protection to make sure data security and compliance of existing industry standards are never compromised.

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Troy J. Acevedo






(BOISE, ID) — While the pistons of politics were firing on all cylinders at the Idaho Republican Convention in Nampa, Dr. Anthony Harper had something else which was foremost on his mind. He was mentally preoccupied with the planned construction of a conference centre by the Lithuanian government, known as the Vilnius Congress Centre project, located on the old Jewish cemetery in Vilnius.

The proposal has been slammed by world leaders, Jewish community heads and Rabbinical authorities from across the globe.

Dr Harper is the lead investigative White House journalist with the InterMountain Christian News regarding Anti-Semitism and Religious Freedom violation concerns.

At the Idaho Republican Convention, Dr. Harper took time out with Senator James E. Risch who had previously penned a letter together with two other Senators, Ben Cardin and Pat Roberts on July 6, 2018 (see below). They submitted it to then President of Lithuania, Dalia Grybauskaite, articulating their opposition to the construction of the conference centre on the Old Vilna Jewish Cemetery at Piramónt, in the Šnipiškes section of Vilnius.

Lithuania is part of the EU and also a NATO member.

On the sidelines, Senator Risch confirmed with Dr. Harper that he had met with the Lithuanian Ambassador, Rolandas Krišciunas and that the Honorable Ambassador made it clear that there will be no conference centre on the cemetery. “I assured the Ambassador that Uncle Sam will be watching,” said Senator Risch assuringly.

Dr. Harper has made bold efforts of reporting on the government’s efforts to desecrate the cemetery. In January 2020, he met with the Lithuanian Ambassador to Israel Lina Antanaviciene at her office in Tel Aviv, along with a Jewish delegation of Rabbis to voice their opposition to the construction of the conference centre in the middle of the cemetery. View the video.

“The Lithuanian government’s plan to desecrate the old Jewish cemetery in Vilnius

is not only against President Trump’s wishes, but totally against the beliefs of fellow evangelicals, fellow Americans and believers in democracy,” said Dr. Harper. Evangelicals represent an estimated 1 billion in global membership.

 The Save Vilna is a campaign to stop the construction of the conference centre (Vilnius Congress Centre) by the Lithuanian government. You can view more about the campaign in video at



Jonathan Braun


Rabbi Elchonon Baron, a Jewish activist who works towards furthering Jewish causes, sat down with blogger Jonathan Braun to discuss the Lithuanian government’s recent recognition of the Vilna Gaon’s 300th anniversary of the birth of Vilna Gaon Elijah ben Solomon Zalman.  See Full Details about the Lithuanian government’s announcement. 

On a sunny summer day in Jerusalem, as prayer attendees and visitors at the Western Wall donned masks to protect against the coronavirus, Rabbi Baron collected his thoughts. 

He expressed his pleasure that the new and free Lithuanian government had finally recognized its joint history with the Jewish people and the contribution which the Jewish community had given to Lithuania and to the world, pointedly in the heritage promoted and developed by the Vilna Gaon and his disciples. 

“However sadly,” said Rabbi Baron. “It is ironical that the same Lithuanian government which is giving that gesture of appreciation to the Jewish community, is also ignoring the rights of both the living Jewish descendants of Lithuania and the dead, by actively promoting a terrible desecration of the most important and largest Jewish cemetery in Lithuania (the Old Vilna Jewish Cemetery at Piramónt in Šnipiškes / Shnípishok) by planning to build the Vilnius Congress Centre (a conference centre), on the site of the same cemetery as the Vilna Gaon was buried and on which his family are still buried.” 

Rabbi Baron is part of an action group which is spearheading a campaign to stop the construction of the conference centre (Vilnius Congress Centre) by the Lithuanian government. You can learn more about the campaign on the Save Vilna website.



Jonathan Braun



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Con il tuo acquisto riceverai un omaggio con pagamento alla consegna spedizione gratuita e ordini telefonici.

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Recently, when someone mentioned something a few brain bank, I immediately thought of a set of ideas that are mentioned because the brain bank by any company executive during a staff meeting. i used to be wrong. A brain bank is strictly what its name says: a bank for collection of actual brains collected from donors after their death. Know more

Top research and medical centers need brain tissues for his or her investigations. Since a donated brain can provide an outsized number of samples and most of the studies need a not too big a tissue, one brain can help tons of various researches. quite the count of brains, a spread of brain specimens are needed; therefore, normal brains are even as , or maybe more, in demand because normal brains provide comparison to the diseased brains as control tissue. for instance , especially in Schizophrenia, protein differences inside the diseased brain and therefore the normal brain are easily detected.

The so-called normal brain tissue is that the brain tissue donated by individuals who didn't have head trauma, seizure, dementia, delirium, or drug or alcoholic abuse in their lifetime. fairly often , brain banks run ads posing for normal brains because they're the type most frequently to become scarce.

The recently gathered brain tissue is typically kept briefly term refrigeration or -20 C freezer. For the future maintenance, the brain tissue needs -85 C freezers.

As of today, brain tissue research has contributed to the understanding of the many serious diseases and conditions like Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, Huntington's, Schizophrenia, manic depression , dystrophy , and Autism. Brain banks request tissues not only from the persons who are afflicted, but also from their parents, siblings, and other relations .

Becoming a future brain tissue donor isn't difficult. a person 18 years or older can fill out a form or a questionnaire and send it to a brain bank of his choice, but the foremost important thing is to tell one's family of this--or the other organ--donation. Frequently, the family decides at the eleventh hour whether or to not donate the organs. The survivors of the donor need to confirm the donor's intent and that they need to give their authorization to a Brain Bank to receive the donor's medical records.

If an individual is already a registered donor, his brain doesn't automatically attend a brain bank. A donor has got to check in with the middle of his choice, therefore the brain is collected also . A donor also can add his donor information to his medical ID, if he carries one on himself.

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Scott Le' Rock happens to be one of the best places to buy clothing from today. People are purchasing in large numbers with excellent reviews. Such is the popularity that if it were a store, the queue outside it would have been a quarter mile at least.


Scott Le' Rock Apparel LLC. is a clothing brand based out of Marietta, GA. Launched in 2019, it has gone on to become one of the best fashion websites and is touted as the future of the hip-hop fashion.

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June 28, 2020: Happy Creative Dig has proudly announced that it has recently launched an inspiring new project called The Happy Creative Project. This one of a kind project is aimed at supporting the local artists and giving back to the community, and the team of Happy Creative Dig has recently launched a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo to raise funds and support for this project. The goal of this Indiegogo campaign is to raise a sum of US$ 8,000, and the organization is seeking generous support and backing.

“We take great pride in supporting the local artists by providing them with the ability to share their craft to a broader audience.” Said the spokesperson of Happy Creative Dig, while introducing this project to the Indiegogo community. “We also play our role in helping the artists make their arts readily accessible to the art lovers worldwide, who are passionate about exploring the diverse array of creativity.” She added.

In addition, Happy Creative Dig is home to unique concepts and artistic workshops. The artistic platform is known for delivering meaningful experiences through collaboration with independent artists. Moreover, the Brooklyn based platform is basically redesigning and redefining traditional workshops in order to promote the artists, while also aiming to create a strong social impact on the society. Another inspiring aspect of this platform is that it regularly donates a percentage from its proceeds to the deserving nonprofit organizations. 

To become a part of this inspiring crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo, please make your generous pledges and donations on the link below:






Thank you,

Happy Creative Dig team



Delaware, USA – now that we have finally ‘flattened the curve’ and have the COVID-19 crisis under control, travel restrictions are being lifted and many Americans are beginning to return to their normal way of life. Businesses are reopening, people are back to work, we can finally shop at a real store, albeit in full PPE, and families are planning vacations.

At the beginning of the COVID-19 crisis, everything was put on hold, including vacations plans. Travel was restricted and people were social distancing. While travel has opened up again and it’s time to plan those summer vacations, many people are still concerned about the virus. They are avoided crowded spaces or areas where they are unable to social distance such as on a plane, train, or cruise ship. With the top three vacation modes of transportation still an uncertainty for many, what are travelers supposed to do?

Instead of risking your health or safety this summer on an overcrowded cruise ship, why not consider a privately chartered summertime getaway instead?

Yacht.Vacations offers premium yacht vacations to clients throughout the United States. From all inclusive, private yachts and sail catamarans, each with an experienced captain, a highly skilled chef, and everything you could want to sail away on the ultimate vacation, to custom tailored packages designed for families, couples, corporate retreats and more, Yacht.Vacations is the leader in luxury sailing vacations.

Yacht.Vacations offers discerning clients intuitive, convenient, and easy-to-use yacht vacation services combined with their unmatched customer service and a team of experts passionate about providing the best private and chartered yachting experience possible.

The Yacht.Vacations website, which can be found at: www.Yacht.Vacations offers their extensive portfolio of exclusive yacht vacation services, a simple to use online booking tool, an entertaining and informative blog and so much more.

The Yacht.Vacations website and all Yacht.Vacations products are either registered trademarks or trademarks of Yacht.Vacations in the US.

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8 The Green, Dover, DE 19901

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