Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India, January 11, 2024 - Dr. Agravat Healthcare Ltd., a top-rated company in India in not just dentistry but also across field of oral health and overall wellness, has invited the general populace, visitors, and the distinguished guests to pay a visit to its stall that has been put up at the annual Vibrant Gujarat Global Trade Show 2024 at Gandhinagar. This is the only place in the event where every one of them can richly experience a plethora of products related to oral health, especially OSMF Kit and QSG kit, like they have never seen before.


At the Agravat Experience Center, each visitor and guest will be given the chance to sample the products and provide their valuable response. Virtually all products Dr. Agravat Healthcare Ltd manufacturers will be available on display as a testament to the revolution the company has brought in the field and future of Personal Care and Wellness.

The products showcased at the Agravat Experience Center are designed as a commitment to the excellence in mightily improving the oral care health and quality of life of people suffering from some of the most common oral conditions, such as oral submucous fibrosis (OSMF), mouth ulcers, dry mouth, bad breath, bleeding gums, swollen gums, tooth decay, gum disease, and others.

The Agravat Experience Center is going to introduce a wide range of terrific products, such as OSMF Pops, OSMF Tooth Gel, OSMF Oral Gel, OSMF Vita Tablet, Unique Mouth Opening Device, OSMF Vita Ultimate Health Gummies, Quit Smoking Gutkha together- QSG Kit and OSMF Mouth Opening Kit. Each innovative product has been methodically manufactured to showcase the growth of leaps and bounds Dr. Agravat Healthcare Ltd has achieved and is committed to in future.

This experience is an interactive opportunity for the distinguished guests and visitors to engage with the brand by themselves. Believing in the cardinal principle of "First use then trust," the company encourages people to not just sample but also try the products, and even availing exciting offers available.

The Agravat Experience Center has been positioned atGate No. 03, Hall No. 5, Stall No 351, Helipad Exhibition Centre, Sector 17, Gandhinagar, Gujarat. The magnanimous event will be open from January 9 to 13, 2024, from 10:00 a.m. to 06:00 p.m



The Agravat Experience Center initiative by Dr. Agravat Healthcare Ltd. is a company that aims to provide the best Personal care and wellness solutions to the people. Incorporated in 2008 by Dr. Bharat Agravat, a renowned dentist and oral surgeon, the company has been developing and manufacturing products that are based on scientific research, natural ingredients, and advanced technology. The company's vision is to create a world where everyone can smile with confidence and happiness. For more information, please visit  Agravat Online Store



Gate No. 03, Hall No. 5, Stall No 351, Helipad Exhibition Centre, Sector 17, Gandhinagar, Gujarat – 382016

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