Jerusalem, June 19, 2020 - Sammy Dharia has time and again declared with a lot of evidence that he's the Anointed One, the Messiah prophesied in the Scriptures. But this time, he has brought an even better proof that he is the Messiah.

Addressing it in a message to the Sanhedrin and all the Jews in Israel and across the world, Sammy showed that his lineage traces to King David and that he possesses the rare DNA Y chromosome R1-M124.

While the Jews are awaiting the Third Temple to be built, he says that it won't be built without him. He also has a message to the Christian community across the world to just relax and watch as he unfolds prophecy after prophecy.

Pointing to the situation the world is in right now - the Coronavirus pandemic, the Middle East mishaps, African genocide, rising unemployment rumours of wars across the South Asia and East Asia, the world needs a Messiah and he's the one. He implores CNN, Fox News, NBC, Israel News, The Jerusalem Post among others to contact him, sit with him, build the temple and have the rightful Ben David, the Anointed One sit on God's throne forever as He promised in the Scriptures.

Claiming that the tree will be known by its fruit, the false messiahs will be exposed before others and his claim will be vindicated as the long-awaited Ben David. He will bring all the Jews back to Jerusalem, Elijah and Enoch will return to earth and point him out as the Messiah and he should be put on the rightful throne that is his.

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Name - Sammy Dharia

Phone Number - (+1) 713-702-9457

YouTube page - Sammy The Messiah



SmartMetric, Inc. (OTCQB: SMME) sees that the Covid-19, Corona Virus will have a lasting impact on how consumers interact with the physical world. This impact will be most pronounced in the aversion the public will have to touching commonly used devices such as the credit/debit card PIN pad at a checkout counter.

This aversion to using public touch points will no doubt accelerate the use of contactless credit cards with a growing demand for the abandonment altogether of needing to enter a PIN on a numeric pad at the checkout. The death of the PIN has been coming for a long time given that a four-digit numeric code is today seen as one of the weakest forms of security imagined. Code breaking software you can carry in your smartphone can crunch numbers in seconds to defeat PIN codes. It is just that until now, there hasn’t been the impetus to bring about credit card industry wide change especially in an industry that is so large that implementing change is at best, not an easy task.

"SmartMetric sees that Covid-19 will cause a rethink across all areas that have public touch points ushering in a total rethink on how consumers will interact with devices including the processing of their credit card at a checkout," said today Chaya Hendrick, SmartMetric’s President and CEO.

The SmartMetric fingerprint activated dual interface credit and debit cards, having both contact insertion into a card reader along with contactless RFID/NFC wireless reading, use biometrics to provide a much higher level of card security to that of PIN based cards. At the same time the card's enhanced security that stops the card from being able to be used unless there is a 100% fingerprint match with the card user's fingerprint, provides Banks with a much safer card platform. Even the card's RFID/NFC contactless feature is only activated following the biometric fingerprint match.

Using biometrics that are built into the card delivers a quantum leap in card security while now making contactless card payments even safer than the standard credit card. This means that Banks can now rethink the transaction dollar amount limit now in place on contactless credit and debit cards. With a card that can now only be used by the person the card is issued to, contactless "no pin pad touch" transactions can be safely used by the consumer while mitigating card fraud for the Banks.

The global contactless credit/debit card payment market size is expected to grow from USD 10.3 billion in 2020 to USD 18.0 billion by 2025. This is at a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 11.7% during the forecast period according to report published by the research group, MarketsandMarkets 1.

SmartMetric is ready to move aggressively forward in making available its new card to card issuing Banks around the world, in association with its global banking partners.

SmartMetric is a USA based company with sales and marketing partnerships in Latin America, Europe and the United States. Engineering of the biometric card electronics is done in-house and is the owned intellectual property of the company.

MarketsandMarkets™ provides quantified B2B research on 30,000 high growth niche opportunities/threats which will impact 70% to 80% of worldwide companies’ revenues. Currently servicing 7500 customers worldwide including 80% of global Fortune 1000 companies as clients. Almost 75,000 top officers across eight industries worldwide approach MarketsandMarkets™ for their pain points around revenues decisions.

To view the SmartMetric Biometric Card please follow this link - Video of the SmartMetric Biometric Card.

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SmartMetric, Inc.
Chaya Hendrick
President & CEO
3960 Howard Hughes Parkway, Suite 500
Las Vegas, Nevada. 89169 USA
Tel: (702) 990-3687



Jun 20 2020

Orlando , June, 12, 2020 – Director Allen Woods launches a Indiegogo campaign to produce feature film “Inertia” about homelessness and perseverance.

Based out of Orlando, Florida, this husband and wife team decides to build their own production company and attempts to film movie documenting the effects of homelessness and how families, regardless of its size, work together to make things right against all odds.

The film is based on their true lives when Woods got laid off and after multiple times of trying to find work, going from interview to interview, he received no definite answer. It got to a point that him and his family, including his 8 children ended up sleeping in their car in a Walmart parking lot when their home was given to a “more qualified family”

In order to get their film up and running, they are launching a Indiegogo campaign to raise capital. They have already created a trailer and a short to get people to understand the concept of their film and for people to understand that no matter how hard the issues may seem, with perseverance and the right attitude, things can always become better.

The film depicts an unpromising world where an optimistic young black couple looks for a fresh start and a new beginning until the adversity they once faced together as a team, begins to tear them apart. Inertia is defined as, “a tendency to do nothing or to remain unchanged.” It’s up to the couple whether they rise above or fall behind while being introduced to the most despairing obstacles a marriage can endure, from homelessness to infidelity.

When their dream of a better life together seems lost and unconvincing, the determined couple overcomes adversity and holds onto the hope of teaching their daughter how to survive in a coercive and oppressive society—this last shared goal might be the final flame that ultimately reignites their love for each other.

This film plans to deliver a powerful message of resilience and spirit through the lives of a black couple determined to carry on regardless of an unfavorable society. Actors to look out for in this film include: Freddie Jarret, Brandie Honor, Nico Hicks, David Kearns, Verne Alexandre, and Amiyah Woods. It intends to portray how to overcome adversity and holding on to the hope of teaching their children how to survive in a coercive and oppressive society.

[Reflection Life Productions]





United Kingdom, June 20, 2020 - Modern problems require modern solutions, they say. A rapidly changing world in technology and aesthetics along with customer preferences has been keeping companies on their toes 24/7. Frankly, if beauty isn't coupled with simplicity in your outreach, you're out of the game. That's where Alpha Media comes in. Having set a niche for themselves in the digital services market, Alpha Media PLC gives companies the edge over others in grabbing the prolonged attention and buying interest of their consumers.

"Our Alpha Media Digital Transformation Agency, Alpha Media Web Development and Alpha Media Social Marketing are all set with every piece of idea, creativity and technology under the sun for individuals and businesses to drive change and build their businesses. We are strongly positioned to capitalize on the convergence of data, media, insights and technology to revolutionize how brands connect with consumers. Whether you need Web Design, Graphic Design, Branding, Digital Marketing, 3D Visualisation or Mobile Application (for both IOS and Android) we possess all the tools and faculties with exceptional creativity to make your business exceptional. Advertising and Branding doesn't get better than Alpha Media ", said the Founder of Alpha Media.

Since their founding, they've assisted many businesses in skyrocketing their sales and services. It isn't just brand marketing but also sustainability in design and brand purpose strategies that they deeply engage in that gives their clients the massive edge over others. As we all know, effective communication isn't just telling. It's grappling storytelling. Alpha Media exactly that.


Alpha Media is an insight-driven digital advertising company with roots in the programmatic space since 2016. From turnkey e-commerce development to personalized web applications and websites, the team develops a well crafted responsive web design with a high quality clean and optimized source code. It also develops mobile applications dedicated to smart devices, smartphones and tablets.

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Address - 30 Renshaw St, Liverpool, L1 2SD, UK

Phone Number - +44 1217900822

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Vilnius - An expert panel has unanimously ruled that the planned construction of a conference centre in Vilnius, Lithuania is illegal. The panel consisted of some of the world’s foremost authorities in Jewish law (including Rabbi Chaim Kanievsky) and secular leaders from across the globe

Separately, a legal expert on Human Rights, Mr. Darius Butkus, said that the plan to construct the conference centre on the cemetery is a violation of the Geneva Convention and EU Charter of Human Rights.

“The Lithuanian government would be hard pressed to go ahead with their plans,” said Butkus. If they did, there would a compelling case for the European Union to sanction Lithuania. The economic consequences would be quite profound.”

Rabbi Elchonon Baron, an activist lobbying for the termination of the planned conference centre said that Rabbi Chaim Kanievsky’s ruling is consistent with one of the world’s greatest Jewish Halachic authority on the matter, the Minchas Yitzchak of blessed memory, who ruled that the sanctity of a cemetery continues, even after remains from the deceased have been removed. Rabbi Baron said: “No one disputes or argues with the ruling. There will be no conference centre,” he said emphatically. “It’s not up for negotiation.”

President Gitanas Nauseda’s recent statement emphasizing the importance for Lithuanians to embrace greater respect, dialogue and mutual trust, augers well for the probability that a settlement can be reached in this controversy.

The Lithuanian Post’s decision to issue a special stamp to mark the 300th birth anniversary of the Vilna (Vilnius) Gaon would also appear to be in line with the government’s sentiments to preserve and respect Jewish culture. The begging question which many in the Jewish community are asking is, “Will authorities walk the talk?”

Previous commitments by the Lithuanian government and a statement by Vilnius City Mayor, Remigijus Šimašius to uphold the preservation of Jewish culture and maintain respect for the Jewish religion, is a welcome indication that there is hope that the plan for the conference center, will be scrapped.

A poll conducted by an independent news agency, indicated that most Lithuanians are opposed to the construction of the conference centre on the cemetery.

Dr. Mathew Anthony Harper, a press spokesman for Christian Networks indicated that Evangelicals would boycott Lithuanian tourism, if the plan to construct the conference centre goes ahead. Evangelicals are represented by an estimated 1 billion in number. A boycott would have a significant impact on the tourist industry in Lithuania and result in the loss of thousands of jobs for Lithuanians.

Separately, the White House slammed the Lithuanian government’s plan to construct a conference centre on a Jewish cemetery in Vilnius. President Donald Trump has been a strong advocate opposing the desecration of cemeteries and recently signed an executive order on combatting anti-semitism.

Activists who are familiar with the saga, remain cautiously optimistic that desecration of the historical cemetery, in which family of the Vilna Gaon and other Giants of the Torah World are buried, can be avoided.



Pieter Muller

Human Rights World Monitor


Vilnius - Barry Jenkins for Humans Right Watch writes that the majority of Lithuanians are opposed to  the construction of a planned conference center in Vilnius, Lithuania.

Influential political groups have rallied together to lead a boycott against Lithuanian tourism. It is a protest against the Lithuanian government’s decision to build a conference centre on a Jewish cemetery, a desecration of holy ground, purchased freehold for the Jewish community in Vilnius.

The impact of the government’s decision is set to result in the loss of thousands of Lithuanian Jobs.

At risk is the Lithuanian tourist industry, still trying to make a comeback from the coronavirus pandemic. 

Most Lithuanians believe that the controversial decision is a constraint on enhancing positive diplomatic relations in the international playing field.

A poll conducted by an independent news agency concluded that 58.4% Lithuanians did not favor the construction of the conference centre in Vilnius, 16.3% believed it would be favorable and 25.3% didn’t have an opinion.

The Lithuanian government's plan is being challenged by the Save Vilna initiative. The initiative is being accelerated by activist Mr. Dov Fried. Locals in Lithuania who have their ears close to the ground, are cautiously optimistic that the government will scuttle their plan for the construction of the proposed conference center.

The White House has strongly condemned the government's proposal, as reported by Sam Barker of International Human Rights Watch.


David Crawford
CNB News


The Vilnius city Mayor Mr. Remigijus Šimašius has traditionally supported the preservation of Jewish culture and religious rights. The mayor’s stance comes at an important time in Lithuania’s development.

Several years ago, the government conceived a plan to construct a conference centre on the grounds of a Jewish cemetery in Shnipishok, Vilnius. The proposal was intended to be an opportunity to stimulate the tourist industry and bring conference events to Lithuania. However, bad planning and the fact that the proposed conference centre would desecrate the cemetery grounds, infuriated Jewish communities across the globe.

More recently, Dr Mathew Anthony Harper a journalist who represents Christian Networks has called for Christian Evangelicals to boycott tourism in Lithuania, if the proposal for the conference centre goes ahead. His SOS has been met with broad support. Evangelicals in the world are represented by about 1 billion, by todays estimations.

In a poll conducted by CBD News Agency, most Lithuanians disagreed with the construction of a conference centre on a Jewish cemetery. Further, a panel of experts has unanimously ruled that the construction of a conference centre on a cemetery constitutes desecration and is in violation of the Geneva Convention and EU Charter of Human Rights.

In a bold and clear statement, the White House slammed the proposed construction of the cemetery in Vilnius. Counsel for the President, KellyAnne Conway confirmed in an interview that President Donald Trump is “appalled by the desecration.”

Separately in a video, the Mayor of Vilnius, Mr. Remigijus Šimašius confirmed the importance of protecting Jewish culture, heritage and cemeteries. “Vilnius is the cradle of Jewish culture,” he stated. The mayor went on to emphasize the important contribution which the Jewish community had made to the city. Clearly, Mayor Remigijus Šimašius finds value in the need to protect that Jewish heritage.

Given the likelihood that efforts to reignite the plan for the construction of a conference centre may lead to a widespread boycott, the loss of jobs in Lithuania and the saga becoming a political hot potato, decision-makers who have Lithuania’s best interest at heart, are unlikely to support the proposal.


Barry Jenkins
Human Right’s Watch (Europe)


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Zevotek (OTC: ZVTK) is a fully reporting company that is driven to catalyze the growth of market disruptive and game changing business in the IOT, Business Automation, Data Processing, Business Analytics & Connected Healthcare sectors.

ZVTK is comprised of a multidisciplinary, experienced team of business people, executives and entrepreneurs. The collective experience brought by the team covers management, capital markets, finance, marketing and technology specialists. The ZVTK team collaborates with seasoned business veterans and entrepreneurs who have launched many successful private companies.

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STOCK Symbol: ZVTK Is On a Mission to Grow Market with Disruptive Businesses and Game Changing Ideas

ZVTK consulting experience covers a wide range of industries enabling the company to design and facilitate strategic processes that fits its clients’ culture, planning experience and desired results. Business strategy is an essential skill and possessing the ability to define and implement will determine what happens within an organization.

ZVTK helps client companies to understand the key elements of strategic thinking and strategic planning. Determining key strategic goals, plan execution and organization of resources to achieve goals are strategies offered. Market Analysis, Positioning and Business Plan Development are additional strategic services ZVTK can provide.  

ZVTK creates connections through its own staff’s passion & expertise. Collaborating with marketing agencies and communication professionals provides powerful insights and creates inspiring, intentional strategies and designs. ZVTK is committed to the success of its customers by aiming to help them engage accordingly to their audience and focusing on producing measurable results. ZVTK can assist with Brand Strategy, Graphic Design, Content, Customer Acquisition and Marketing Analytics. 

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ZVTK is also currently investing and promoting cutting-edge Artificial Intelligence business solutions in healthcare, education, smart cities/ homes, manufacturing, energy, and logistics sectors. Their team has deep expertise in the AI domain to mentor early-stage companies and help them grow and capture market growth.

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  • Diverse Investment Services Company with Broad Range of Capabilities.
  • Portfolio Positions in High Value International Assets.
  • Acquisition of Always ON New York Telecommunications Company.
  • International Agreement to Market Covid-19 Text Kits.
  • Marketing of Fijian Kava as a Stress and Anxiety Relief Commodity.

Strattner Financial Group Corp. (OTC: SCNG) is a diversified investment services firm that manages a broad spectrum of alternative asset classes including equity, convertibles, credit, and commercial interests. Transactions include Buyout and Control Investments, Direct Equity/Debt, Investment, Special Situations, Activist Situations, Liquidation Opportunities, Corporate Divestitures/Carve-outs/, Recapitalizations and Distressed/Turnarounds.

$SCNG operates Strattner Technologies focused on commercializing satellite based communications. TBS Capital Management, a subsidiary of Strattner Financial Group, is an investment management company that manages multiple alternative asset classes including private equity, convertibles, credit and hedge funds. TBS Capital LP and Strattner Capital LP form a UK private limited partnership with a structured approach to value creation and execute investments through PIPEs, equity lines, common stock transactions, warrants, options, convertible debt and loans.

  • Shareholder Update on Strattner Financial Group

On May 28th SCNG issued a shareholder update announcement which covered the company’s latest developments including the following:

On March 31st SCNG announced that TBS Equities Fund had signed an agreement with AdvanceTC Limited, a for-profit company limited by shares, incorporated and domiciled in Australia. TBS Equities Fund committed to purchasing up to 28,000,000 shares of AdvanceTC common free trading shares at a discount to market. AdvanceTC shares are currently trading on the National Stock Exchange of Australia (symbol: A88) and have recently been listed on the OTC Markets as a foreign symbol ATCLF.

On April 29th SCNG announced an agreement to acquire Always ON Inc., a New York based corporation. Always On has been working on closing the digital broadband, point-to-point telecommunications and specialized computer networking projects.

On March 23rd SCNG announced that a signed a partnership agreement with QMIS World Trade International, a wholesale and procurement management company based in Malaysia. Both parties entered into this partnership agreement to procure COVID-19 Test Kits that are available for sale through QMIS World Trades manufacturing and distribution partners.

On March 17th SCNG announced a Joint Venture agreement with the Fijian-based Kava Industries to finance the purchase of up to 50 tons of Fijian Kava at a competitive cost. Kava Industries agreed to reinvest the majority of the proceeds to acquire up to 100 tons of Fijian Kava per year for five years. The primary use of kava is reducing stress and anxiety.

Subsequently, SCNG management decided to build a brand around the KAVA Industries joint venture and to export high quality Fijian Kava to the USA. 15

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Universal Media Group Releases Celebrity Based Programming Including the Highly Popular “BEFORE THE FAME” TV Series w Jamie Foxx & Sugar Ray Leonard; Major Distribution Agreements with The Syndication Company (TVS) and CBS Television of Atlanta

  • Producer of Diverse Programming for Multiple Media Platforms.
  • A-List Celebrities Featured on Popular “Before the Fame” Series.
  • Major Distribution Agreements Signed and in Play.

Universal Media Group (OTC: UMGP), based in the high profile entertainment center of Boca Raton, FL, is a leading producer and distributor of both short and long form content, covering a diverse array of genre's, for multiple media platforms. UMGP also releases celebrity based programming through social media and interactive TV.

UMGP is also concentrating on 4K programming with projects pertaining to social media and television.

  • Major Distribution Agreement for Hit TV Series "BEFORE THE FAME"

On April 30th UMGP, the media company that produces the popular weekly celebrity documentary television series "Before The Fame with Mike Sherman," announced signing a distribution agreement with The Syndication Company (TVS). Under this agreement, UGMP grants The Syndication Company (TVS) rights to distribute "Before the Fame” both domestically and around the world to countries including but not limited to Italy, France, Russia and more.    

On May 29th UMGP announced three upcoming new half hour episodes of “Before The Fame” on Oscar winning actor, Jamie Foxx, Hall of Fame middleweight champion boxer Sugar Ray Leonard and world-renowned DJ Irie in the coming weeks.

  • Distribution Agreement with CBS Television WUPA CW 69 Atlanta

Earlier in the year, on January 20th UMGP announced the signing of a distribution agreement with CBS TV WUPA CW 69 Atlanta to broadcast its “Before The Fame” TV series. The extremely popular show is now broadcasting in a top ten television market. Everyone in Atlanta and surrounding areas can tune in every week to enjoy one of the most prolific and entertaining weekly television documentaries about today’s superstars on their rise to the top!!

UMGP continues to grow its viewership and fan base, getting cleared across the country. UMGP is now expanding its episodes to a much broader and diverse audience with an array of superstars from athletes, to movie stars, to music artists and much more. With the explosion of the streaming boom on valuations afforded by Wall Street as well as OTT platforms around the world, UMGP is poised to create entertaining celebrity documentaries and quality content for every genre which should be positively translated into shareholder value.

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