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In 2020, the world experienced a string of unfortunate events from multiple deaths and natural disasters to the COVID-19 pandemic and everything in between.

Now in 2021, the world is starting to reopen, rebuild, and move forward from the tragedies of the year prior. One of the many ways individuals as well as businesses are repairing, improving, and bouncing forward from last year's setbacks is by rebranding and reinventing themselves. To kick off the first quarter of 2021, esteemed veteran songwriter, producer, and performer Clayton Savage has released the perfect theme song to accompany everyone's rebuild, repair, and reopening phase. The uplifting and inspirational song and video is titled "Numan" (combining the words "new" and "man"), and once the listeners hear the song's mesmerizing hook, it will certainly have them feeling like a "brand new man".

The song's positive message, along with its upbeat and powerful instrumental accompanied by Savage's lyrics of optimism and rejuvenation all combined are what make this incredible anthem the official soundtrack for 2021's rebuilding and reopening phase.

Clayton Savage "Numan"

Official Video Link:



Easter is around the corner, and as it approaches closer, K-Live is releasing their new Easter sale offers. The Easter sale offers will be 20% off for any items in the online store via K-Live Entertainment/H.I.T Promo Ltd. Premium website at Www.K-Live.Org and it starts now and ends on April 29th. K-Live has started their Easter bonanza sales early so you don’t miss out on any of their premium merchandise and their elegance rhinestone mask with hats/caps.

K-Live has been doing give -away and they are planning/will also do a huge give-away competition during this time, so ALL please stay be alert and make sure you follow their social media handles for updates. For the first time, you’ll be able to enter and win free clothes from our online store. K-Live will do the competition through social media and included is a massive giveaway with first, second and third prize winners.

In order to enter the competition, you must have a social media account on Facebook or Instagram. To enter the competition head to K-Live on Instagram and follow. Then like, comment, and share the top 3 posts and you’ll be entered to win some hot trendy fashion garb/collection.

Social Media Account’s:
Instagram: KLiveHitPromo & MrKapishOJO2ND
Facebook: K-Live Entertainment
Twitter: K_Live_Hitpromo
K-Live’s New Summer Line

As spring pokes its sunshine rays through our windows, we’re getting a taste for what’s coming. Summer is on our doorstep. With the hot weather comes some hot new K-Live surprises. We’ve designed an incredible line up for you this summer, so make some room in your wardrobe and get ready to shop ONLINE via Www.K-Live.Org
Here are some hot trendy summer items coming your way.

Jaw Dropping Lingerie

Nothing says sultry summer more than a hot fabulous set of lingerie. Buy these to surprise your man or get these for your lady to dress up for you. You’ll feel like a million bucks wearing these new summer lingerie sets, and you will drop jaws.

Luscious Leggings
With K-Live’s new summer line, we bring you our brand new luscious leggings. These comfy breathable leggings are perfect for the hot summer weather, and they look great on you too. Enjoy relaxing in comfort in these new flattering legs-for-days leggings and get an extra pair because you’ll want a spare when ones in the wash.
Stylish Vests & Boxers
It’s time for summer colours and comfort, which means you deserve a new stylish vest and pair of boxers. These make the perfect summer gift and when the season is upon us, you’ll want to be walking around in just these.

All New Summer Tees
Coming too, is our new summer trendy K-Live line, is a new range of hot skinny and trendy summer tee-shirts for men and women. We have a few surprise designs from the K-Live’s team coming your way, so keep an eye out on our shop page for new styles hitting the digital shelves.

K-Live Takes on A New Colour

Along with Easter offers, giveaway competitions and hot trendy/ new summer clothing, K-Live is adopting a new colour. Moving from a mixture of greens, purples, yellows, whites and blacks, K-Live is now going towards an all-green look. The prosperity green ties with our forward-thinking brand identity and promises a new exciting adventure for the K-Live suite of brands.

K-Live started as an event creator, promoting artist’s and gigs, signing artists and helping them push their artistic careers forward. The founder and CEO of K-Live Entertainment/H.I.T Promo Ltd., Osarenren John Ogbebor, also known as Mr Kapish, has opened up opportunities and discovering talents in singing, acting, modelling, director’s, producer’s and other creative artist’s.

Beginning with Afro-Hip-Hop K-Live Entertainment has been growing in the UK and among African, Asian and Latino audiences. Starting with 5 entertaining musicians, K-Live Entertainment along with H.I.T Promotions has been a catalyst for growth. With the guidance and wisdom of Mr Kapish, K-Live nurtures, manages and sponsors them to help them grow as talent and making dreams a reality for the world to see.

Mr Kapish - Wild Thing’s Series 2 on SKY1 British TV

Mr Kapish was the chicken wrangler contestant on the hit British TV Show “Wild Things” series 2. The Hilarious and popular TV show has contestants competing for huge cash prizes by completing physical challenges. John Ogbebor has also appeared in other TV shows, commercials, and ITV drama productions. With a documentary on the way, his first book on the way and other TV appearances in the works, Mr Kapish is at the forefront of entertainment, fashion and music.

K-Live Entertainment is more than just music artists and TV entertainment, it’s now spilled over into modelling, fashion styling and helping artists and actors develop their careers. John Ogbebor is a fashionista and trend setter in the fashion space with his finger on the pulse of fashion. He brings his fashion background into the K-Live brand, inspiring the cute, stylish and popular clothing lines you see in the K-Live Shop.

Failure Is Not an Option

Many artists struggle with self-doubt and fear of failure, but the K-Live brand is built by the fearless Mr Kapish, and when I say fearless, I meant every word and he has shown the great passion he has for K-Live Entertainment. John Ogbebor has faced failure’s but uses it as rocket fuel to keep propelling himself and the brand forward. This inspiring approach to the classic creative woes is just the message that artists need. John believes the failure is just a challenge, with lessons and opportunities hidden inside. As K-Live Entertainment continues to grow with the Afro Hip-Hop legend Mr Kapish -John Ogbebor’s help, they will soon end up competing with top fashion brands, event agencies and entertainment or showbiz industries across the globe.

Helping Artists Thrive

Alongside the fashion, K-Live events, TV spots, and e-commerce website, K-Live is also inspiring artists to reach their full potential. Now K-Live is targeting up-and-coming artists in the garage music space, adding this area to the Afro-Hip-hop selection they already work with.

If you’re an artist trying to grow, then reach out to K-Live Management and you may have an opportunity to become the next big thing in the UK. The music industry is constantly growing, and Afro music, Grymes, Garage R&B and Hip Hop is becoming more popular by the day. K-Live is at the forefront and with MR KAPISH leading at the helm as one of Africa’s finest entrepreneurs, because when I say finest, he is genuinely cute/handsome in and out and a wow show guy.

Easter Sale on NOW: -

As mentioned above, the Easter sale by K-Live is now on and will run until April 29th. You have a small window of opportunity to SHOP at a huge 20% discount on a range of items so jump into the website shop and pick up some of your favourites.

There is also a competition going live where you can win free clothes if you post, share and like the latest Instagram posts from K-Live, free give away voucher’s will be posted on MR KAPISH page and K-Live Instagram page’s, make sure you follow their pages. Head over to the K-Live Instagram and start sharing your favourite shots and leave comments with mentions to your friends and family so they get notified too. The more people you get into the K-Live Instagram page, the more chances you have to win.

Summer Line Around the Corner

Moving on after Easter, K-Live will focus on the new trendy summer line. Get ready for some hot looking trendy summer shopping and even pick up some early items in the Easter sale that is happening right now. Be a part of the K-Live brand, helping artists grow and changing the music and event scene forever. Now’s your chance to do the K-Live green and join us on the journey of growth for this unique brand.

Social Media Account’s:
Instagram: KLiveHitPromo & MrKapishOJO2ND
Facebook: K-Live Entertainment
Twitter: K_Live_Hitpromo

WRITTEN BY: Josh Drummer


Gravatar had developed a new AI-powered copywriting tool that eliminates the guesswork and delivers ready-to-use content.

The team is excited to announce the launch of their AI copywriting tool, which will save even more time for those working in fields such as marketing or business development by generating sharp quality copy with just a few clicks.

Copywriters can use the platform to brainstorm ideas and produce product descriptions, social media posts and ad copies while entrepreneurs and agencies can use it to populate websites and social media pages with engaging content.

Boasting an easy, intuitive interface that makes using this resource painless for non-technical individuals, this tool is affordable for all levels of familiarity - there's no need to worry about trying to figure out how it all works when you start off on one of their free plans.

If you opt for an unlimited plan you'll never have to think about what kind of fresh marketing material your company needs again because it's so simple when everything is created at once!

ExtySolutions provides these services at a very competitive price: $9 per month gets you 50 credits per month or $19 per month gets you 200 articles per month, and for $29 per month you will get unlimited generations. The tool also offers forever-free plan.

Start using our copywriting AI-powered tool today and never worry about what to write again!
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LEESVILLE, SC, MARCH 29, 2021 - Rising rapper Michael Robinson, who is also popularly known as Bam Turnt'Up, has released his first single called Racarona. He produced and released the song in an independent collaboration. Available on Apple Music, Spotify, iTunes and YouTube, Racarona is already making waves among the youth, especially with those who have particularly strong feelings towards making good money when it's hard to come by.

Rapping about grand success in a world where it's getting increasingly hard to find success the traditional way, Bam Turnt'Up speaks about not just working hard but also smart. There is a lot of money in the air. But people are just too busy to grab it. They often don't want to take the risk and do what's needed to be done to unlock the levels of success that not only would feed their families but also catapult them to fame. While this is not a pronouncement of judgment on all people, a lot of people today are struggling because they are not doing something different.

"I spent some pretty rough years scraping through the bottom of the barrel among other things, if you know what I mean. Having little to no concept on strategies to be successful, I stayed broke. Then I started reading books by some really smart people offering literally free advice to make lots of money. One condition — Keep an open mind and grab opportunities. There's no shortcut to success, really. It's 2021. Work smart. That's what Racarona is about. And it's for you", said Bam Turnt'Up.


Michael Robinson aka Bam Turnt'Up is a rising rapper who is a reformed musician after having done time. He just released his first single Racarona as an independent musician.


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Tiffany uses all of her knowledge as a Level 3 Medical Fascial Stretch Therapist (FST), Soft-Stretch Release Techniques (SRT) Practitioner, Level 2 VOILA Method Practitioner, 500HR Vinyasa + 200HR Kemetic yoga instructor, and Buti Yoga Master Trainer, E -RYT 200 and YACEP (Yoga Alliance Continuing Education Provider) to transform lives. She is dedicated to being a catalyst of change in the African American community Nationwide!


Tiffany is also currently enrolled in a Masters program for "Metaphysical Science" and plans to finish this focused education with a PhD by the end of 2023.




-   Private Yoga Therapy

-   Yoga Teacher Mentorship

-   Fascia & Manual Therapy

-   Energy Balance & Crystal Healing

-   Love Healing Podcast

-   Transformational Public Speaking




True Align is more than just a physical practice that addresses painful symptoms (acute or chronic), we are a natural wellness healing center which uses energy medicine, and intuitive manual therapy to address all aspects of our clients as a whole person. Many clients report feeling much better after just a few sessions.






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The partnership between Jonathon Brannon and David Cagle has produced many memorable songs.  Under the name Brannon, the long distance duo built up an impressive catalog of acoustic releases centered around Jonathon’s intricate songwriting and David’s instantly recognizable voice.  On their new project, they have evolved into something brand new - grunge inspired rockers playing at maximum volume.


Influenced by legendary acts like Stone Temple Pilots and Alice In Chains, ‘So Long’ is a modern reinvention of a classic formula. Instantly recognizable hooks, soaring guitar solos, and non stop rhythms come together to create one huge wall of sound. Produced and co-written by Jose Orozco and mixed by JK Northrup, ‘So Long’ has a truly collaborative feel. Random Parts have clearly tapped into something special, and if ‘So Long’ is any indicator, they are just getting started.


‘So Long’ is available everywhere April 2, 2021.


For more info:





United Kingdom (28th March 2021):   Batteries are the hearts of any Electronic Device, to make them to be “alive”. If for any reason, the battery stops ticking, the device becomes dead and can’t be used, until a new battery is fitted. Laptop Batteries are still precious, since they can cut off the contact with the world in its entirety.

The hassle for searching availability of genuine Batteries is obviated, by the announcement made today by BatterySky, UK ( for any laptop battery, adapter and charger of any type and any brand.

The announcement from BatterySky proudly introduces their Company, as having supplied 10000 plus Products; 200000 Orders Processed; and 10 years’ experience in this field. So, it assures their Trust-worthiness.

Customers from anywhere in the world can contact them online, for supply of batteries, adapters and chargers, to equip their devices with best energy solutions. They are in a position to supply wide range of high-quality laptop accessories, in the name “laptop battery uk” for almost all major brands of Laptop Manufacture.

The Laptop can be of any brand including Dell, IBM, Compaq, HP, Apple, Asus, Sony, Toshiba, Acer, Fujitsu etc. The announcement informs that all of their items are directly purchased by various manufacturers, throughout the world.

The announcement is proud to inform that their Products Range includes – Laptop Batteries; Laptop AC Adapters; Power Tool Batteries; Camcorder Batteries and Camera Batteries also.

As regard reliability, the announcement assures that all items under the name “laptop battery uk” have passed stringent Quality Control Tests, under strict Quality Assurance Procedures laid down under CE, UL and ISO9001/9002 Certifications.

The announcement provides these details for the information of Batteries Buyers:

“It is a normal thing that your laptop battery wear down on your working time. Overtime, the repeated charge and discharge cycles slowly decrease a batteries life. Thus, you can purchase a new battery at the right time before the current one becomes unusable.

The specialists often recommend the users choose the original laptop batteries instead, because the original batteries have much Longer lasting life and Longer standby time. It is 100% compatible with your laptop! BATTERYSKY.CO.UK guarantee our laptop batteries for 1 year and we offer a 30-day money-back refund on every notebook battery we sell.”

Interested Customers are invited to visit their website at  for more details.

Media Contact:


  • Partnered with as a Premium Entertainment Provider for China.
  • Focus on eCommerce as a Leading Supply Chain Solution Provider.
  • Program Content for Multiple International Luxury Brands.
  • Agreement with E-Surfing Media for 5G and AR Technologies.
  • Agreement with ByteDance to Develop Joint Programming Objectives.
  • In-Vehicle Interactive Content Application for New Energy Vehicles.

Glory Star New Media Group Holdings Limited (GSMG) is a leading mobile entertainment operator in China. The GSMG ability to integrate premium lifestyle content, including short videos, online variety shows, online dramas, live streaming, its Cheers lifestyle video series, e-Mall, and mobile app, along with innovative e-commerce offerings on its platform enables it to pursue its mission of enriching people's lives. The GSMG large and active user base creates valuable engagement opportunities with consumers and enhances platform stickiness with thousands of domestic and international brands.

GSMG partners with Inc. (“JD”) is one of China’s largest e-commerce platforms. As part of the partnership with GSMG, the company will develop solutions to help JD fulfill their customers’ needs for premium lifestyle-oriented online content, in the forms of text and short-form videos. The content production for is a great addition to Glory Star’s premium digital client lists which includes Tencent, Alibaba, Weibo, Iqiyi as well as traditional consumer brand clients such as Starbucks, Pantene, Louis Vuitton, Samsung and Sony etc. is a leading technology driven e-commerce company transforming to become the leading supply chain-based technology and service provider. is the largest retailer in China, a member of the NASDAQ100 and a Fortune Global 500 company.

  • GSMG Cooperates With E-Surfing Media, a Subsidiary of China Telecom, to Launch AR New Consumption Solutions

On March 16th GSMG announced that it had signed a strategic cooperation agreement with E-Surfing Media Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of China Telecom, to develop new Augmented Reality ("AR") intelligence solutions for users on both companies' platforms. Under the agreement, GSMG and E-Surfing Media will conduct in-depth collaborations for 5G and AR technologies in areas such as AR applications, intelligent on-demand videos, intelligent retail and more, which will help promote the application of 5G and AR technologies in both content development and content consumption.

Pursuant to the agreement, both companies will share content, resolve technological challenges jointly, and increase their business collaborations. In addition, by leveraging their industry leadership in digital content and e-commerce, both parties will enhance their core competencies, bolster their technical strengths, and further promote the application of AR technologies on the CHEERS video and E-Surfing Media platforms to further empower users and stimulate new consumption behaviors through AR technology.

GSMG plans to integrate AR technology into all business formats going forward, including its CHEERS video application, its CHEERS e-mall, and within its new economic and cultural industrial park in Wuxi. Furthermore, upon the signing of the agreement, GSMG will also be able to utilize E-Surfing Media's 5G technology resources to build an AR platform on its CHEERS video application. By integrating 5G and AR technologies into its platform, GSMG can continue to improve and integrate its users' demands for diverse and personalized entertainment solution, enhance its users' visual and consumption experiences, and promote the development and application of 5G and AR technologies in the industry.

  • GSMG Signs Annual Content Agreement with a Subsidiary of ByteDance

On March 9th GSMG announced that it has signed an annual content cooperation agreement with Beijing Youzhuju Network Technology Co., Ltd., a wholly-owned subsidiary of ByteDance Ltd.  Youzhuju is the operating entity of Toutiao, which is ByteDance's content platform for Chinese language news and information. Under the agreement, Youzhuju will provide to GSMG Toutiao's real-time graphics and video content for integration into the Company's CHEERS video platform. The agreement further provides that both GSMG and Youzhuju will jointly develop and deploy software development kits and application program interfaces to ensure the smooth integration and transmission of Toutiao's provided content on the GSMG CHEERS Platform. GSMG and Toutiao recognize the enormous market potential of the 5G era and thus plan to work together going forward in order to explore more innovative opportunities for cooperation in many other fields, including search and AI.

GSMG has already integrated many forms of content into its CHEERS app, including CHEERS e-Mall, an original short-form video IP matrix, high-quality short- and medium-form user generated video content, audio, self-produced TV dramas and variety shows, the CHEERS series variety programs, interactive live broadcasts, games, graphics, and more. GSMG will be able to include Toutiao's high-quality, personalized, and original content on its CHEERS video platform through its cooperation with Youzhuju. This will help to further expand the number of content scenarios on the CHEERS video platform as well as enrich the platform's overall content ecosystem, which will enable GSMG to satisfy the diverse information needs of its users and significantly enhance their immersion and activity. More importantly, the cooperation between GSMG and Youzhuju will play a significant role in strengthening connections between users, content, and consumption on the CHEERS video platform as well as improving the GSMG ability to convert its CHEERS e-Mall traffic.

  • GSMG Welcomes Visit from Secretary of the Party Working Committee of Malanshan Video Cultural Park

On March 4th GSMG announced that it was honored to receive a team of Malanshan Video Cultural Park in the company’s Beijing headquarters. The Malanshan Team was led by Deputy Secretary of the Kaifu District Committee of Changsha and Secretary of the Party Working Committee of the Park, Benmiao Zou, and included Member of the Party Working Committee and Deputy Director of the Management Committee of the Park, Yan Huang, Director of China Merchants Cooperation Bureau Bin Hu, and others. During the visit, the Malanshan Team participated in discussions with the GSMG management team, which included its CEO Bing Zhang, CFO Perry Lu, CIO Qingfei Tang, and executive assistant Yida Ye.

As part of the discussion, the Secretary of the Party Working Committee of the Park, Benmiao Zou shared the Park's recent development and commented that the Park will focus on the Internet, content production, cloud computing, cloud storage, 5G, audio-visual technology, e-sports, copyright integrated services, public services, and other key areas, while promoting the construction and development of companies and projects by means of supporting infrastructure, reducing taxes and related fees, supporting cultural and technological innovation, as well as optimizing the business operating environment.

Following their discussions, GSMG and the Malanshan Team agreed to establish an effective communication mechanism, strive to implement the cooperation vision at the industrial-level, jointly promote the sustainable and healthy development of the cultural and technology industry, and help promote further development of the Malanshan network information industry.

  • In-Vehicle Interactive Content Application for New Energy Vehicles

On March 2nd GSMG announced that its independently developed in-vehicle audio and video interactive content application for its CHEERS video platform has entered the internal testing stage of development. Once officially released, the Application will allow both drivers and passengers to access interactive audio and video content and services on the GSMG CHEERS video platform, to be made available through the global mainstream in-vehicle user interfaces of new energy vehicles.

The CHEERS video platform's technical team developed the Application which utilizes the GSMG AI smart recommendation engine to integrate with the GSMG content ecosystem and will be capable of providing users with an audio and video entertainment experience that is personalized, immersive, and diverse.

The development of in-vehicle interactive content is a very important part of the GSMG business strategy. Such development will provide both drivers and passengers with a more diverse set of in-vehicle internet services, create smarter driving experiences for users of the Application, and enhance users' connections to the GSMG CHEERS platform. In addition, the development of in-vehicle interactive content will further expand the range of opportunities for mobile applications on the GSMG CHEERS video platform in the 5G era. With the iteration of new electronic equipment installed in new energy vehicles and the widespread adoption of the Internet of Vehicles, the market for in-vehicle interactive content has already displayed huge potential.

For more information on GSMG visit:  




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DESK, MARCH 27, 2021 - Appreciation for hard work is basic human need. This need traverses cultures and employment scopes. Recognizing the achievements in an appropriate and timely manner goes a long way in employee motivation — something that many successful leaders can attest to. While conferring awards, giving gifts and, at times, throwing a party have become a regular, they are mostly forgotten soon. But is there a way to recognize hard work that stays longer in memory and is a better motivator?


Proudal. The online portal that is the ultimate Wall Of Fame for employee recognition that stays in memory and records forever. Raise a toast for your best employees with this recognition — something that they'll never forget, something that will keep increasing and improving their morale. Upload their photos, names, company, position and reason of excellence and it shall be there for the world to see. The employees can also search and share their achievement with their near and dear ones to see celebrate together.


"We have come a long way from just plain rewards. With the internet having been among us for a while now, it was only a matter of time before it was put to better use for employee motivation and employee productivity. While everybody in a company works hard, not everyone gets rewarded or recognized. And those who do, are not remembered for long. In honor of those hard working employees, we started this website where companies can appropriately recognize such people. Not just that, they can expand their reward criteria to include more people and share their achievements. Through Proudal our message is simple — let Rewards and Recognition be taken to the next level. Let your hard workers be remembered forever", said the founder of Proudal.


For more information, please visit



Proudal is an online Wall of Fame that aims to recognize employees and bring talent in the world to see.



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St Augustine Florida 3/29/2021: Huge amounts of time are being wasted by staff in St Augustine just managing their email inbox every week.


In fact, for a third of staff, they’re spending so much time on it, that it adds up to nearly a fifth of their working time – the equivalent of a day a week.


That stat’s been revealed in a survey of 1,000 decision makers.


“There are so many ways to communicate at work, yet email remains a favorite,” commented St Augustine IT expert named Patrick Domingues.


“We seem to have a love/hate relationship with email. The survey shows 61% of people prefer to use email over tools like Teams or Slack.


“But it’s also the tool that we most love to hate. Who hasn’t switched on their laptop on a Monday morning and instantly felt their heart plummet when they’ve seen how many emails are waiting for them?”


The original survey, run by a company that makes a tool to make email easier, revealed:


  • 70% of people believe email is one of the biggest productivity drains
  • 73% say too much time is spent trying to find emails
  • And here’s a shock – 62% of people keep hard copies of emails – print outs


Patrick Domingues believes all local businesses should do a productivity analysis, and consider clever tools that make it easier to manage email. Or alternatives for internal communication, such as Teams.


Contact Patrick Domingues through his website at


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