November 2nd, 2020 (Toronto, Ontario, Canada): If you’re looking for a more meaningful outlook on life, this new blog may be for you. Thought of the Day Namaste is a brand-new blog that features free, thought-provoking mindfulness and motivational tips. Fresh tips are posted six days of the week by living coach and motivational speaker Markus Staley.


The main message behind Staley’s motivational tips is that we can always change our perspective and change our destiny. As someone who has studied numerous Western and Eastern religions, achieved business success and worn many hats during his 60 years of experience, Staley can offer a different perspective on life.

“In my lifetime, I have done everything from woodworking to photography to sound technology and more,” explained Staley. “I have been the president of a 7-figure business for the last 32 years. I have also ministered with the church and studied Taoism, Kung Fu and Chi Kung. Through it all, I have striven to look for the best in people and lift them up rather than tear them down. I have motivated and mentored business owners and artists from all over the country. It’s through all of this vast experience that I have learned you can not change reality, but you can change your perspective. If you want to live a more meaningful, wonderful and abundant life, you must try things you have never tried before. This is the foundation of my blog.”

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(November 03, 2020):  It is common knowledge that readers will always be expecting with eagerness, when their choicest book will get released. In the case of an Erotic Fantasy Novel, the suspense will be doubled as the contents of the Book will kindle their interest more and more, based on experience of already reading such Novels. The book “Ahrahyah and the Crown of Fahrahshan” is one of such kind.

Ever since Dark Fantasy Novels started their rounds amongst the younger generation, this trend is clearly visible. Normally Novels targeting the womenfolk are lesser in number, compared to the menfolk. But in the present lifestyles and the freedom of women has become a much talked about subject now, there is an interesting spurt among ladies, to buy and read Erotic Novel varieties.

The intro given by the Publishers about this Women’s Novel is also quite interesting:

“Ahrahyah and the Crown of Fahrahshan” is the first book in a series concerning the adventures and exploits of Ahrahyah, a voluptuous young woman raised to the be concubine of the Shah of the vast desert empire of Fahrahshan, until circumstances reveal that she is in fact the orphaned daughter of an evil wizard and a powerful djinni.
The target demographic for this book is most likely to be women of 25 years or older, although it has the potential to appeal to wider audiences.

This Erotica genre Novel written by the new upcoming author M.T. White is available in E-Book Form, as well as Hardcover and Softcover formats, in popular online Book Stores.

Interested Readers are invited to visit to get full details about this Book.

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November 2nd, 2020 New York, NY -- The team behind HOW AM I DOING is thrilled to announce that their comedy TV pilot will be screening in competition at the Oscar®-Qualifying HollyShorts Film Festival. The annual festival saw over six-thousand submissions for their “Sweet 16” year and will take place virtually between November 9-15, 2020 on the new streaming platform Bitpix.

This comedy pilot delves into the small victories and bittersweet joys of recovery, middle age and family while taking you on a heartfelt journey with true ups and downs.“How Am I Doing?” invites you to share in a little hope and a lot of laughs . (Colleen Davie Janes, Director/Producer)

HOW AM I DOING? follows the story of recovering alcoholic Eli Meyers, a charming, not quite handsome, forty-something fading actor. Working to prove his stability and reconcile with his family, Eli is thrown for a loop when ex-wife Ronda announces her engagement to Dr. Nick Pappas, aka “Dr. Ventricle”. Temptation and potential failure lurk at every turn and Eli constantly fights to do his best. He will soon realize that progress is anything but linear. Audiences can catch HOW AM I DOING? on FRIDAY, November 13 at 10AM PDT/1PM EDT during the TV TROPES block.

Over 400 films will play throughout the seven-day festival. Winners will be announced on Sunday, November 15th online along with the three Oscar®-Qualifying categories, Best Short Film, Best Live Action, and Best Animation Short.

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(November 01, 2019): Music of any genre requires popularizing to achieve huge fan base. In this Internet era, it has become easier to spread good music through Social Networks, and make it widely popular among global audience in a jiffy. This requires a mediator to bridge the gap between originators of music and the audience at large, to offer their services with assured results. Dope Music Promotions legitimately claims that they can offer their music promotion service, with honesty and at affordable cost.

The announcement made today by Dope Music Promotions explains in detail,the salient features of real soundcloud promotions done by their expert team. In this regard,it assures that their services are categorized into various branches in many music platorms, namely Organic Soundcloud promotion,Organic YouTube promotion,Organic Spotify promotion,Instagram promotion and also Logo and Album Covers design for your music.


The announcement further reassures that the soundcloud promotion will be100% authentic. This can be checked by the originators of music tracks, by visiting the intended Social Network site where they can get organic streams by way of feedbacks, reposts and fan’s views and comments. It is needless to mention that their music spreads among music lovers instantly, since the “advertisement” value gained this way is more effective, than anything else.

The dedication and involvement of the professional team of music promoters at Dope Music Promotions will reflect in the results achieved. The announcement indicates that they promote music of any genre assigned to them for promotion. Interested parties are requested to make a visit to  and avail the above benefits, at a cost they never imagined possible as this low and get nowhere else.

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Table of Content

What is cybersecurity?

What are the fundamental elements of cybersecurity?

What are the main advantages of cyber security?

What Do You Means By Cryptography?

What is Main Difference between IDS and IPS?

Explain the CIA Model?

Define The Firewall?

What is Traceroute and How Can We Check It?

What is the Difference between HIDS and NIDS?

What is SSL and Why We Need To Use It?

What is Cyber Security?

Cyber security is the process of protection of hardware, software and data from the hackers. The primary purpose of implementing these cyber security techniques is to protect against different cyberattacks such as changing, accessing or destroying sensitive data.

2) What are The Fundamental Elements of Cyber Security?

Following are the main elements of cyber security:

Information security

End-user education

Operational security

Application security

Network security

Business continuity planning

3) What are The Main Advantages of Cyber Security?

Protects the business against unauthorized access including ransomware, social engineering, malware and phishing.

Protects end-users and improve the business continuity management

Improves stakeholder confidence

Provide adequate protection for both data as well as networks

Increase recovery time after any breach

4) What Do You Means By Cryptography?

Cryptography is the technique which is used to protect the confidential information from third parties called adversaries. It allows both sender and receiver of any message to read its details.


5) What is The Main Difference between IDS and IPS?

As the name indicates, IDS (Intrusion Detection System) detects the intrusions and an administrator prevent the intrusion carefully. Whereas in the IPS (Intrusion Prevention System), the system finds the intrusion and prevent it for better protection.

6) Explain The CIA Model?

CIA (Confidentiality, Integrity, and Availability) is a common model that is used to develop a security policy. It consists of the following concepts:

Confidentiality: Ensure the confidential and private data is accessed only by the authorized users

Integrity: It means the information is in the right format

Availability: Ensure the data and other required resources are available to those users who need them

7) Define The Firewall?

In simple words, the firewall is a network security device which is mainly designed to monitor incoming and outgoing traffic and blocks data based on the security rules. Firewalls are considered the best option to protect the network from worms, malware, viruses, remote access and content filtering.

8) What is Traceroute and How Can We Check It?

Traceroute is the network diagnostic tool which is used to track the real path of any data packet on an IP address from its source to destination. It reports the all IP addresses of routers and records the time taken for each hop. Traceroute is mostly used to check out the connection breaks to identify the point of failure.

Go to command prompt (cmd), write “tracert” and enter any domain name after a single space as you can view in the picture given below:


How to check traceroute using tracert

9) What is The Difference between HIDS and NIDS?

Parameter   HIDS   NIDS

Usage   Detect the intrusions         Used for the network

Monitoring It monitors suspicious system activities and traffic of any specific device.

It monitors the traffic of all devices on the network

Performance            Must be installed on every host   It can monitor multiple hosts at a time

10) What is SSL and Why We Need To Use It?

SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) is a technology used to create encrypted connections between web servers and web browsers. It is now compulsory for every website to be ranked on the first page of google and commonly used to protect online transactions, user’s data and digital payments.

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Why uPVC Spraying is better than Complete Replacement


Are your doors, windows and home conservatories looking a bit old? That can happen, but instead of replacing them outright, have you ever thought about uPVC spraying. At WunderCoat, we save you money by providing uPVC window spraying in Manchester. Here are reasons why respraying your doors and windows is better than replacing them.


Living in a house has its perks, but when the doors, windows and other conservatory features start to age, they bring about a rusty feel to the environment.


Naturally, you would want to replace them. But you should know that a simple wear and tear in your house features does not necessarily mean they lack function.


Rusty doors and squeaky windows can still be as functional, effective and secure as they ever were—they just look different. To fix their appearance, you only need a simple respraying touch from an expert. WunderCoat is a renowned uPVC restorer that provides uPVC spraying services to homes all over Manchester.


To get you started, here is our guide to the whole concept of uPVC respraying.


What is uPVC anyways?

The term ‘uPVC’ or ‘PVCu’ refers to the ‘unplasticised Polyvinyl Chloride’ material used in creating modern-day doors, window frames, conservatories and various other house fittings.


uPVC is a delicate upgrade to plain PVC, having more versatility and firmness. This material gained popularity towards the end of the 20th century and has been in vogue ever since.


Looking at the material, one may assume that uPVC is outdated, with its high propensity to wear and tear. The truth is; this peel-off quality is what makes uPVC fittings so good to have, because you can simply respray them.


Why You Need uPVC Respraying

WunderCoat has provided numerous clients with Kitchen respraying services in Manchester. We respray uPVC window frames and doors, giving each fitting a brand new look. The benefits of having your conservatories resprayed exceed that of replacement. But don’t just take our word for it; here are 4 solid reasons why you should hire a uPVC restorer today.

  1. Timely and Effective

If your doors and window frames are still in perfect working condition, replacing them may be entirely unnecessary, except you want a different frame or style. Still want to keep your old doors and windows; all you need is a specialist uPVC makeover from WunderCoat. The process only takes a few hours and your fittings will be as good as new. Not only does a respray keep your windows and doors safe and secure, it also makes them more beautiful.

  1. Minimal Clean-up

Using uPVC paint in your home leads to very little clean-up; unlike outright replacement, where you have to break hinges, reset screws and whatnot. With uPVC respraying, there is little chance of making a mess in your home. At WunderCoat, we make sure your home is left intact after effectively respraying your uPVC fittings.

  1. Variety of Colors

With replacement, you are limited to a certain style and color of fittings. With uPVC respraying, you can simply update the coat of your doors and window frames without affecting their overall function. We let you select any color you want, and adequately help you blend that shade in with the rest of the colors in your home.

  1. Low-Cost

Not only does uPVC respray give your fittings a new colour, making them look brand new; the service is about 80% cheaper than having to replace them. What’s more, at WunderCoat, we offer a low-risk service which takes only 24-48 hours to complete. With us, you can be assured a fantastic respraying job. Want to inquire about our uPVC services, call us now or shoot us an email. We look forward to making your Manchester home look wonderful!



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TVT Enterprises, announces the ConquerCovid Campaign centered around reliable American made Covid-19 rapid tests, point-of-care use, and app-based technology to provide a comprehensive solution for people and groups to protect the mental and physical health of their communities, themselves, and loved ones.


ConquerCovid will launch utilizing SARS-COV-2 IgG/IgM Rapid Tests that deliver results in 15 minutes. The test is FDA EUA approved as a POC finger prick test, which means no lab equipment is required. This is a highly reliable test manufactured in the USA with 99.47% accuracy and 100% sensitivity / 99.4% specificity, a vast improvement from other antibody tests that became available at the onset of the pandemic. Regular serological testing through highly accurate rapid testing will provide security to users by surveying for IgM/IgG antibodies which, if positive, would be a clear indicator of a past or current infection. The frequency of the testing will allow users to identify potential exposure points from the point of their last negative test as well as encourage continued practicing of measures outlined by the CDC ie. washing hands, social distancing and wearing a mask.


The ConquerCovid platform offers pre-sales of FDA EUA COVID-19 rapid tests manufactured in America, subscription programs, and support for frontline healthcare workers. At you will find a vision of a testing culture enabled by technology. A data based approach enables users to test, record their results, and share their results with anyone they chose. ConquerCovid aims to create a “bubble” of users who are testing regularly and ensuring an overall safer environment for social interactions.


Evidently, countries that have had the most success in combatting the COVID-19 Global Pandemic have followed science-based public health measures such as wearing a mask, social distancing and testing higher percentages of the population. For example, South Korea detects roughly 40-50% of infections in their country vs the USA which detects roughly 20-30% of infections.


With concerns about asymptomatic spreading, frequent rapid testing would relieve concerns of “unintentional” spreading. Any medical professional can order these tests. Organizations can subsidize testing for their employees or students and create safer environments in which to interact. Testing capacity is available in significant scale and can be booked immediately at affordable costs for medical professionals.


Around the corner are significant and meaningful holidays; Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years. We all need to find a way back to the people we love and find a way to heal. When users test frequently, they can take back control of their own lives. Testing, along with other measures as prescribed by the CDC, will give users the confidence in their actions and the choices they make. They will know their loved ones are protected.


While the vaccine is viewed as a solution to the crisis we are in, without testing it is unclear how we could get a firm hold of the virus. Testing programs and regimes will be integral to solving the challenge of a dynamic COVID-19 environment, balancing practical measures with mental health. Join the fight at and begin to heal with your community.


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Vinay Mehta





At the age of 16 on his birthday, Dr. Apples’ mother was kidnapped by fairies and replaced with a doll. Each year on his birthday he receives a doll which has his mother’s essence. As of today, there are 75 dolls to his collection. We are currently on the hunt towards finding her. We believe we have come across a MAJOR clue that will lead us to her and solve this mystery. Join us in finding his mother.”

But first, you have to catch up. This is where the podcast comes in. Embark on the journey of Dr. Apples and welcome to a whole new world filled with excitement, humor and all kinds of shenanigans.  

WHEN WILL EPISODES BE RELEASED? Every TUESDAY, half of a chapter from ‘Dr. Apples: The Origin, The Eye & The Journey’ will be released. Every THURSDAY, there is a special podcast discussing themes from the previous chapter.

FEATURED EPISODE — There is No Once Upon A Time in this Folk Lore (Chapter 1 – First Half) Dr. Apples’ mother has gone missing, but will he be able to find her and what will he find along the way?“ There is no once upon a time. This is a story, and if you’re looking for a perfect tale with a perfect ending, then this isn’t for you. We’re in the middle of this story. This narrative teaches you about perspective. This is Dr. Apples’ story. I’m being vague but it will all make sense later...whatever. Just learn from him so you won’t live a life of regrets and limits. This is why I’m telling you this story; Dr. Apples doesn’t live a life of limitations. His life is well lived, yours should be too!

The Narrator is one of Dr. Apples personal assistants. She recounts the backstory of how they got to be in their current situation. Get ready for a wild ride filled with space, witches, ghosts, kids and bacon! 

HOW TO GET INVOLVED “After the chapter/discussion YOUR input and opinions matter and need to be voiced (or not...whatever). We want to hear your thoughts on various scenarios and topics.”

To give your opinions and thoughts on each chapter, visit the official Talk About Apples website at or send us a message on Facebook or Instagram

“Welcome to the Dr. Apples Universe! Come embark, explore and join us in finding his mother!”

HOST: Lacye A. Brown

EPISODE: Chapter 1


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New talented indie artist RIXH ROSE released debut album “Big Rose” available on music platforms for download and stream. Check out Ballhawg Music 21album which Rixh Rose features on several tracks. Big Rose (remix single) featuring Fast Cash Jizzle is out now. Listen, watch, and download Rixh Rose Chanel 101 official music video. Rixh Rose and Ballhawg Music have been pounding the pavement hard and putting in work in the music industry as a versatile, lyrically inclined collaborative that can hold their own and compete for bar-for-bar with local acts and global sensations.

Charismatic, confident Little Rock Arkansas bred singer, songwriter and rapper known as Rixh Rosé. A new upcoming indie artist popularity exploding after World star hip hop video premiere of Chanel 101 gaining over 8 million views. Little Rock home of former President Clinton and was once known for the nationally televised HBO series Banging in the Rock. Now the only the banging in the Rock is Rixh Rose and his Ballhawg label mates’ tracks. Spending most of his teenaged years incarcerated and coming home losing one of his close friends led Rixh Rose to writing and Rapping to deal with his pain and struggles.

Rixh Rose first released two mixtapes in honor of his friend IKEYWORLD AND IKEYWORLD 2. One day while in his neighborhood John Barrow, He met Playboy Shane “the legend of little rock” whom is a billboard charting indie artist and CEO of Ballhawg Records (

Playboy Shane had a sit down with Rixh Rose about his talent and putting that energy into music instead of the streets That talk led to Rixh Rose really taken the music and his talent serious. Signing to Ballhawg Records and recording several tracks on Ballhawg 21 album out now on all platforms. This is only the beginning as Rixh Rose coming to get his turn and make a difference with music. Check out the recently released Big Rose and Ballhawg Music 21 Albums out now.

Rixh Rose new project coming soon produced by platinum producers Bandplay, Squat Beats, 808 mafia major got pressure, Stupid edboi and others. Currently Closing out a promo and media run promoting albums.

Bookings, Interviews and Media contact: Ballhawg Records Inc. | | 501-436-0043

Follow @rixhrose and @ballhawgmusic on social media and music platforms.


Ballhawg Music




Andrea Susan Glass, an award-winning ghostwriter and book coach, is offering a free report called “Write A Book Checklist.” The PDF file is available at her new author website, The checklist is a comprehensive list for anyone getting ready to write their first book. It covers almost every step needed to start and finish a book. The practical checklist was created as a free gift to encourage visitors to sign up for Glass’s email list. Once signed up, they will receive the free checklist as well as twice monthly tips on writing, inspiring quotes, book reviews, and author events.

The new website at was built to showcase Glass’s book, Your Fabulous First Book: How to Write with Clarity, Confidence & Connection which will be published in January, 2021. “I’ve been ghostwriting and copyediting books for more than 20 years,” says Glass, owner of WritersWay. “I finally decided it was time to write my own first book.”

Her book which will be available initially as an ebook and is focused on nonfiction books, explains how clarity, confidence and connection will help authors get clear on their goals, build confidence as they overcome their challenges, and connect with readers. “I find authors need to be clear about the reasons for writing their book and the reasons their readers will buy their book,” says Glass. “They also need to overcome obstacles that may be keeping them from completing their book.”

She also feels it’s vital for new authors to learn to connect with their readers both within the book and in the marketplace. “Authors need to understand how to make a connection in the book with their readers. I do that by sharing my journey as I write my first book,” Glass says. “They also need to build a connection by developing a fan base before releasing their book. They need to establish what’s called a platform to find their readers and build connections so book sales will start as soon as they launch their book.”

Anyone thinking about writing their first book can sign up for a complimentary book strategy session on the website as well. “As a book coach, my mission is to help anyone at any stage of the book writing process to move forward to completion,” says Glass. “I know I’ve had my struggles to get my first book written, and after ghostwriting dozens of books for others, I understand the book writing process and the challenges that arise. I want to help as many first-time authors as I can overcome any obstacles in the way of achieving their dream of being a published author. I know I’m excited that my dream will soon be coming true.”

For additional information, contact To receive the free checklist or to sign up for a complimentary book strategy session, visit

Contact Person: Andrea Susan Glass
Phone: 858-350-5235
Country: United States