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Condo Living: Is it for You?

Luxury Homes Los Angeles 4/17 5:00A Tony Mariotti
Condo living offers a low-maintenance lifestyle that is oftentimes more affordable than owning a single-family residence. This article details some of the pros, cons, and tossups of condo living and...

Selling LA: Real or Reality TV?

Luxury Homes Los Angeles 3/31 11:01A Tony Mariotti
Reality and reality TV are not one and the same. No matter the subject, if it is on TV, the content has been edited for audience entertainment. With that being said, the shows Million Dollar Listing...

Xeriscaping 101: Drought-Resistant Landscaping Guide

Luxury Homes Los Angeles 3/31 11:00A Tony Mariotti
Xeriscaping (pronounced zer-is-caping") is landscaping that is designed to minimize water consumption. It is used most often in regions that receive little or sporadic rainfall. The overall goal of...

The Most Expensive Neighborhoods in Los Angeles

Luxury Homes Los Angeles 3/31 11:00A Tony Mariotti
Los Angeles most expensive neighborhoods are found in two principal areas: on the ridges of the Santa Monica Mountains and along the shores of the Pacific Ocean. The Santa Monica Mountains stretch on...

California's Most Expensive Cities

Luxury Homes Los Angeles 3/31 11:00A Tony Mariotti
California is known as the Golden State for many reasons: its fields of golden poppies growing wild on its hills, the Gold Rush in 1949, and its precious real estate. Its diverse geography and...

Luxury Homes: Everything You Need to Know

Luxury Homes Los Angeles 3/31 11:00A Tony Mariotti
The definition of a luxury home is subjective and the term is often overused to the point where it becomes almost meaningless. However, we can resolve this ambiguity by diving into the many...

The Most Expensive Homes in Los Angeles

Luxury Homes Los Angeles 3/31 11:00A Tony Mariotti
Los Angeles s most expensive homes are naturally concentrated in within the some of the area's most expensive neighborhoods . Among them are Bel Air , Beverly Hills , and Holmby Hills , which comprise...

Living in Pasadena, CA [Insider's Guide]

Luxury Homes Los Angeles 3/22 11:47A Tony Mariotti
Pasadena lies eleven miles northeast of downtown Los Angeles in the San Gabriel valley. It is not merely a suburb of Los Angeles ; it is its own city with a vibrant business community, highly regarded...

Living in Burbank [Insider's Guide]

Luxury Homes Los Angeles 3/22 11:46A Tony Mariotti
Burbank is a suburb of Los Angleles that sits on the eastern end of the San Fernando Valley, just 13 miles north of Downtown Los Angeles. It is perhaps best known as home to numerous motion picture,...

Top Los Angeles Suburbs for Home Shoppers

Luxury Homes Los Angeles 3/22 11:29A Tony Mariotti
The Greater Los Angeles area is massive; Los Angeles County covers 4,751 square miles. The size can make it tricky for home shoppers, especially folks planning to move here from out of town who might...

Top Gated Communities in Los Angeles

Luxury Homes Los Angeles 3/20 4:08A Tony Mariotti
Bel Air Bel Air Crest Bel Air Crest is a 24-hour, guard-gated community just above Getty View Park in Bel Air. Depending on the position of the home, homeowners and their guests can enjoy vistas that...

Financing homes in California - Mortgage Guide

Luxury Homes Los Angeles 3/19 4:52P Tony Mariotti
Tired of renting and ready to buy a home in California? Perhaps you relocating to California? Or, maybe you already live here and have decided it s time to move up to a bigger home? Whether you re a...
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