Why Don’t You See Houses Being Moved Anymore?

Los Angeles Magazine 12/13 8:42A Chris Nichols
For answers to more of your burning questions, visit the  Ask Chris  archive. It occurred to me that it has been years since I’ve seen an entire house moved. We used to see about one a month when I was a kid. Is it illegal now? Just a few months...

8 Local Spin Studios Where You Can Pedal Away Your Frustrations

Los Angeles Magazine 12/13 7:21A Pamela Avila
Who else lives for the feeling of your legs practically giving out from pedaling way too fast and way too long? Whether or not a little workout-induced pain is your thing, you should give spinning a try. Trust me, it hurts so good. Besides being...

How Some of L.A.’s Hottest New Pizzas Stack Up

Los Angeles Magazine 12/13 3:51A Maddie Crichton
From the arrival of a Brooklyn stalwart to a local Neapolitan pro s interpretation of the slice joint, something of a pizza plosion has hit L.A. in the last few months. We got technical to see how these new spots stack up when it comes to the...

Why Can’t People Get Enough of Made-for-TV Christmas Movies?

Los Angeles Magazine 12/12 11:23A Gwynedd Stuart
Last weekend, Lifetime s film-focused sister station Lifetime Movie Network aired 16 hours of tales about women being stalked and, on occasion, violently assaulted by psychopaths. This marathon included  Lethal Admirer , Stalked by My Neighbor...

12 Hikes to Try When L.A. Empties for the Holidays

Los Angeles Magazine 12/12 11:00A Marielle Wakim
When we re actually motivated to tie up our shoes, get off our stoop, and explore some nearby hiking trails, the last thing we want is to have our moment of communing with nature interrupted by crowds doing the same thing. That s why we ll be...

We’re Digging the Japanese-Style Sandwiches at Konbi in Echo Park

Los Angeles Magazine 12/12 7:36A Garrett Snyder
In true Japanese fashion, Akira Akuto and Nick Montgomery obsess over the tiny details at Konbi , their 10-seat Echo Park café inspired by Tokyo-style kissaten (coffee shops). Sandwiches include crisp pork katsu or soft-poached egg salad nestled...

A Santa Monica Tech Startup Has “Hacked” Meditation

Los Angeles Magazine 12/12 3:54A Thomas Harlander
Y ou re ascending through a vortex of psychedelic color. It’s not unlike the phantasmagoric climax of Speed Racer , come to think of it, or the trippy 2001 “Star Gate” sequence, or even that super-disorienting boat scene in Willy Wonka & the...

We Went for a Ride-Along on a Cannabis Tour Through L.A.

Los Angeles Magazine 12/11 10:19A Gwynedd Stuart
Tour buses are a ubiquitous presence in Los Angeles, from tinted-windowed vans navigating between celebs houses in the Hollywood Hills to the double-decker behemoths that shuttle Midwesterners up and...

At Simone, Jessica Largey Puts Her Own Stamp on California Cuisine

Los Angeles Magazine 12/10 3:59A Garrett Snyder
Jessica Largey knows something about high expectations. The 32-year-old spent most of her late 20 s as the chef de cuisine at Manresa in Los Gatos, where she was tasked with holding on to the three Michelin stars awarded to David Kinch’s vaunted...

The Best Things to Do This Week in L.A.

Los Angeles Magazine 12/10 2:00A Brittany Martin
All of a sudden, we re deep into the holiday season, which means your schedule is probably packed with parties and seasonal events . That doesn t mean there aren t a variety of other things going on for when you do get a night off from the...

Should We Replace Homeless Shelters With Tiny Houses?

Los Angeles Magazine 12/7 9:20A Zoie Matthew
Earlier this year, Mayor Garcetti announced a plan to fund 15 temporary shelters in every City Council district to help ease the region s homelessness crisis. The first of these—a cluster of four...
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