Dad Shoes That Are Actually Cool To Wear – Shopping Guide

Song of Style 1/17 2:00A Jessica Ramirez
The dad shoe is back, dun dun dun. I know what you re thinking, why? But I say, why not?! Yes they re a bit chunky but despite that, there The post Dad Shoes That Are Actually Cool To Wear Shopping...

A Classic Knit Top, Jeans and Embellished Heels

Song of Style 1/16 2:00A Sophia Li
Sometimes you need to go with a simple, classic look. Whether for comfort or just because you feel like it. I wanted to wear these brand new Manolo Blahnik The post A Classic Knit Top, Jeans and...

Best Kitten Heels for Winter & NYFW – Shopping Guide

Song of Style 1/15 2:00A Sophia Li
Just like micro shades, micro heels are having a major resurgence in fashion. Kitten heels offer commitment to a heel without the blisters and aches we get from The post Best Kitten Heels for Winter...

Casual Work Day Outfit in Frame Blouse & Mother Denim Jeans

Song of Style 1/14 2:00A Sophia Li
When I come home to LA after being away for so long I always have so much to catch up on. But rather than doing nothing because I The post Casual Work Day Outfit in Frame Blouse Mother Denim Jeans...

The 90s Are Back – Micro Sunglasses Shopping Guide

Song of Style 1/12 2:00A Sophia Li
The 90s revival is real, especially in fashion! Sunglasses though are the newest thing to be touched by the 90s and the micro-shade sunnies have been everywhere on the runway The post The 90s Are Back...

Polka Dot Top W/ Boyfriend Denim Shorts in Thailand

Song of Style 1/11 2:00A Sophia Li
Imagine lush palm trees surrounding you and fresh mango in your mouth as you look towards the bluest ocean. Sounds amazing right? That’s what I’m experiencing in Thailand! The post Polka Dot Top W/...

My Top 10 Fragrance Favorites

Damsel In Dior 1/10 9:00P jaceylenae
Having a signature scent {or two} is equally important as having a strong skin care routine. Think about it, often times it s the very first impression you make on someone before you even speak. I try...

Denim Shearling Jacket SHOPPING GUIDE

Song of Style 1/10 2:00A Sophia Li
Furry accents are having a major moment in fashion. But when have they not? I’ve seen furry bags, furry mules, and furry jackets all over the place. This The post Denim Shearling Jacket SHOPPING GUIDE...

What To Wear When It’s Cold {and Wet} Outside

Damsel In Dior 1/9 9:00P jaceylenae
We ve got snow storms on the east coast and rain storms on the west coast and a whole lotta blah weather in between. Can we just skip Jan March and head straight back into spring/summer? I don t know...

Denim Shearling Jacket and White Raw Hem Jeans

Song of Style 1/9 2:00A Sophia Li
I spent the entire day with Dani for some much needed sister time. We had the chance to catch up, laugh and take care of some business. No The post Denim Shearling Jacket and White Raw Hem Jeans...


Song of Style 1/8 2:00A Sophia Li
Turtlenecks are making a comeback! I ve always loved wearing them, but recently I ve seen so many brands coming out with different versions of the classic turtleneck. Making it The post THE BEST...

My Trip to Cabo

Damsel In Dior 1/7 9:00P jaceylenae
I could not think of a better way to ring in 2018 than spending time in Cabo with a few friends and family. Here are a few photos to recap the trip and I ve also included details below of where we...

Faux Fur Coat For Staying Warm In New York

Song of Style 1/7 2:00A Sophia Li
As many of you guys know, it is no secret how much I love New York. It is a magical city during the holidays with all the twinkling The post Faux Fur Coat For Staying Warm In New York appeared first...

Friday Favorites – How To Start The New Year Off Right

Song of Style 1/5 2:00A Jessica Ramirez
New Years resolutions are like hitting refresh. You get to start new journeys, healthy habits, and make a positive change in your life. If you want to be The post Friday Favorites How To Start The New...

Striped Sweater and Denim For A Casual Day In LA

Song of Style 1/4 2:00A Sophia Li
This  Self Portrait lace-up frilled striped sweater (similar here, on sale here, and affordable version here) is a nice way to change up the conventional solid colored sweaters. It also The post...
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