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4040Wallace returns to release his latest powerful, raw, and message-heavy hip-hop album “Boy to Man.” The ten-track project features atmospheric beats, catchy melodic elements, raw instrumentation, and grasping vocals by the artist. From the romantic “No Intentions” to the motivating and groovy “King & Queen,” 4040Wallace delivers melodic bliss combined with lyrical depth across the album. The artist’s immersing voice and unique delivery will grasp the listener’s attention. “Boy to Man” contains lyricism that will hook the listener due to the artist’s wordplay and powerful statements. The eclectic arrangements with the infectious melodic elements give the vocal on each track an energetic, driving feeling. The record spotlights the talented abilities of singing and songwriting by 4040Wallace. The release merges R&B, rap, and hip-hop elements seamlessly into one perfect release. “Boy to Man” radiates an uninhibited aura as 4040Wallace’s creative range of musical talent becomes profoundly expressed and spelled. The release will take the listeners into a musical trance with strong messages, catchiness, and hard-hitting instrumentation.


About 4040Wallace

4040Wallace is an emerging hip-hop artist, rapper, and songwriter originating from Montreal, Canada. The talented musician is quickly making waves in the scene with his unparalleled sound and style. Through his emotion-filled vocal performances, 4040Wallace radiates raw emotion through explosive instrumentation. Inspired by his life experiences and his Caribbean roots, 4040Wallace strives to push the envelope with his sound and bridge various elements from different genres to make a well-rounded, dynamic style. The Canadian artist seeks to connect intimately through his lyricism with listeners around the world and be the voice to the voiceless. Differentiating himself from many performers, 4040Wallace organizes his own shows in which he gives half of the proceeds to sick kids and orphans. 4040Wallace will have listeners engulfed in the musical world he creates with his no-frills approach and realness. 4040Wallace is an artist to watch as he is set to cement himself in the music industry for years to come.


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CURE Pharmaceutical Holdings Stock Symbol: (OTC: CURR), a holding company focused on the innovation of pharmaceutical technology, wellness products and drug delivery, announced today that it has issued a letter to its shareholders providing commentary on the Company’s recent announcements and upcoming plans.

Highlights of the letter include:

  • CURR’s efforts to further position itself as an integrated healthcare company with its recent acquisition of The Sera Labs, a high-margin, multi-channel marketing and branding company with accelerating sales of its more than 20 products in the health & wellness, beauty, and pets categories and strong traction in both e-commerce and wholesale-to-retail distribution with total retail doors exceeding 8,850 in the U.S. to date


  • CURE acquired 100 percent of privately held The Sera Labs for $20 million, which consists primarily of stock with key earn out considerations totaling up to an additional $20 million within two years of completing the acquisition.Founder and CEO Nancy Duitch, who is well-known for her track record for launching some of the largest-selling products on the market, will help the Company generate revenue on its existing technologies in a wellness vertical, without the need for partners and further strengthen the already sales-generating SeraLabs® brand.


  • The Sera Labs newest consumer product that uses CURE’s patented and advanced oral thin film strip technology under the trademark name Nutri-Strips with RAD3 (Rapid Activation Delivery) to deliver novel vitamins and supplements to consumers across the nation.


  • Formulations include a sleep aid called Sleep A.S.A.P.™, EnergY™ designed to enhance performance and mental focus, an electrolyte and muscle recovery product called RecoverB™, and immunD™ for immune support.


  • CURR earning NSF International, cGMP certification for its 25,000 square foot manufacturing facility


  • This certification enables manufacturers to become independently certified by NSF as complying with cGMP requirements as listed in Section 8 of NSF/ANSI Standard 173. This certification positions CURE’s manufacturing capabilities at the forefront of quality standards set by the various regulatory agencies.


  • The Company’s recent pharmacokinetic (PK) study on its 25mg cannabidiol (CBD) oral thin film (OTF) showing improved bioavailability of cannabidiol in healthy subjects


  • In 14 healthy adults, those who used the OTF experienced a significantly higher serum concentration (Cmax) and significantly faster absorption (Tmax) than those who consumed a commercially available CBD soft gel. The study also suggests that the CUREform™ delivery platform, which entails solubilization and encapsulation of the molecule, might deliver better results than solubilization alone, as used in the soft gel product, and may play a synergistic or additive role in bioavailability.

CURR CEO Rob Davidson commented, "2020 has not been without its challenges for any industry; however, CURE is still well-positioned to become a fully-integrated health and wellness company, as propelled by the acquisition of SeraLabs. We continue to forge ahead in our pharmaceutical research using our proven drug delivery platforms and adapt to service the burgeoning nutraceutical market. We’ve focused on improving our manufacturing capabilities and proved yet again the superiority of our drug delivery technology. All in all, I am more confident than ever in CURE’s ability to capitalize on our vision of delivering the promise of healthier lives."

About SeraLabs

SeraLabs® is a trusted leader in the health, wellness, and beauty sectors of innovative products with cutting edge technology and superior ingredients such as CBD. SeraLabs® creates high quality products that use science-backed, proprietary formulations. Its more than 20 products are sold under the brand names SeraRelief™, SeraTopical™, SeraLabs™, Gordon’s Herbals™ and SeraPets™. SeraLabs® sells its products at affordable prices, making them easily accessible on a global scale. Strategically positioned in the growth market categories of beauty, health & wellness, and pet care, SeraLabs® products are sold in major national drug, grocery chains and mass retailers. The company also sells products under private label to major retailers and multi-level marketers, as well as direct-to-consumer (DTC), via online website orders, including opt-in subscriptions. For more information visit: and follow @theseralabs

About CURE Pharmaceutical Holding Corp.

CURE Pharmaceutical® is the pioneering developer of CUREform™, a patented drug delivery platform that offers a number of unique immediate- and controlled-release drug delivery vehicles designed to improve drug efficacy, safety, and patient experience for a wide range of active ingredients.

As a vertically integrated company, CURE’s 25,000 square foot, FDA-registered, NSF® and cGMP-certified manufacturing facility enables it to partner with pharmaceutical and wellness companies worldwide for private and white-labeled production. CURE has partnerships in the U.S., China, Mexico, Canada, Israel, and other markets in Europe.

For more info on Stock Symbol: CURR visit:


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  • Positioned to Capitalize on the Multi-Billion Dollar Social Media Sector.
  • Developing Prepaid Debit Cards Linked to Reward Programs with AI.   
  • Highly Experienced Management with New Additions Coming Aboard.
  • Company Offers will Reach Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, and Other Leading Social Media Platforms.

Pennexx Foods, Inc. (OTC: PNNX) is a technology company within the Software / Internet and Fintech industries. Products capitalize on the multibillion-dollar social media market by enabling merchants to use social media to acquire, retain and grow their customer base. YSO users scan a QR code or click a post online, register and share that reward with their friends.

PNNX is developing prepaid debit cards which link to its YSO program so rewards can be automatically added. YSO will also leverage artificial intelligence (AI) to optimize and create targeted marketing campaigns. PNNX has acquired BitGift, a company that is creating a unique pre-paid debit card. PNNX utilizes patent pending technology and will be submitting additional patents for example, "A system for monetizing social influence." PNNX earns money through subscription fees, per use charges, transactional fees and contracts with its customers.

PNNX is currently poised to reach millions of users through its viral social media approach. PNNX helps businesses grow more efficiently than traditional marketing campaigns. This approach decreases the acquisition cost of acquiring new customers. Customers login through the merchant portal to control their campaigns and view reports on the status of their success. YSO has shown a 96% adoption rate among businesses.

  • Update to Shareholders Regarding the Company’s Strategy, Upcoming Financials and Proposed Changes to the Company’s Board and Guidance for Questions, News and Updates

On November 12th PNNX issued a shareholder update. PNNX is building a strong foundation and part of that is building a strong board of directors. CEO Vincent Risalvato is proposing two candidates who have agreed to take a board seat if elected; they are Joseph Caruso and Phillip Welch.

Joseph Caruso has a history of startup business success and is a recognized industry leader in the fields of cyber security, computer forensics and eDiscovery. He has been featured as a technology expert regarding high profile cases on CNN Headline News, CBS Evening News with Katie Couric, FOX Business’s Varney and Company.

Phillip Welch is a Certified Microsoft Systems Expert, was director of IT for a national broadcast television network and has for nearly 20 years provided managed IT services for hundreds of customers as President and CEO. His background in both technology and the operational aspects of many multi-million-dollar businesses makes him well suited to help guide PNNX to success.

PNNX plans include uploading to OTC Markets a formal business plan which include the overall going forward strategy of the company and revenue estimates for the first time. The company will also be outlining its strategy for becoming fully audited. PNNX is on track to achieve the goal of having an audited status. It is an important step to getting the company to a fully reporting SEC status and uplisting.

Additionally, PNNX is proposing to change its name by removing the word “Foods” from the name and possibly adding “Technologies”. This name change is in accordance with the fact that PNNX is currently hosting multiple technology projects.

PNNX has been having great success with its ongoing development partnership projects including the development of the Cyber Security Dashboard (CSD).  The CSD will begin collecting subscription revenue in the fourth quarter and that profit is shared between PNNX and Global Digital Forensics. Progress on the partnership with Zicix has also been developing well.  

PNNX management has indicated that fourth quarter financials will start to show revenue generated through its development partnerships. Since PNNX has just recently launched its new dashboard which opens up a number of revenue generating e-commerce offerings, a small amount of that revenue will also begin in the fourth quarter.  The company should begin to show real quarter over quarter growth from here on into 2021. Additionally, PNNX is still forging forward with its YSO debit card program.   

  • Launch of Your Social Offers Debit Card for the Projected 4.7 Trillion Dollar FinTech Industry and New Version of Merchant Dashboard

On August 25th PNNX commented on the launch of its branded prepaid debit card program. The company has been fully approved and finalizing the deployment, such as the graphics for its customized prepaid debit card. These debit cards will allow PNNX (YSO) to credit rewards directly into their users' prepaid debit cards, enabling utilization online or in-store. YSO can then propel into its Social Media Influencer program.

With these new prepaid debit cards, the PNNX YSO will offer users a unique and innovative method of being rewarded. YSO can continue to cultivate more clients, as this will open the possibility of real cash rewards for sharing offers on Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, and other social media platforms. The prepaid debit card will also supercharge YSO's growth through the use of social media influencers. For the first time, social media influencers will be able to 'send' influence directly, post, and share on social media and then immediately receive the payment to their prepaid debit card in a seamless manner.

The FinTech market is a rapidly growing industry. According to recent research the global market for prepaid debit cards estimated at the US $2 Trillion in the year 2020, is projected to reach a revised size of US $.1 Trillion by 2027. 

Social media influencers reach billions of people; therefore, PNNX believes it will rapidly reach millions of users. PNNX has been developing a range of new features in the latest version of its Your Social Offers merchant dashboard and user portal. The new merchant dashboard will enable users to create a variety of new types of rewards.

For more information on Pennexx Foods, Inc. (OTC: PNNX) visit:


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  • FDA-Registered, NSF® and cGMP-Certified Manufacturing Facility.
  • Patented Techniques Improve Efficacy, Safety, and Patient Experience.
  • $10 Million Financing Deal Completed to Expand Marketing Worldwide.
  • Wholly Owned Subsidiary SeraLabs® Introduces Nutri-Strips™, a new Oral Thin Film Strip Technology for Sleep Aid and Immunity Applications.

CURE Pharmaceutical (OTCQB: CURR) is a fully integrated and progressive drug delivery company. The CURR team has extensive experience formulating and manufacturing OTC products, pharmaceuticals, and veterinary medications placing quality and service as its top priorities, earning the trust and respect of customers worldwide.

CURR is the pioneering developer of CUREform™, a patented drug delivery platform that offers a number of unique immediate-release and controlled-release drug delivery technologies designed to improve drug efficacy, safety, and patient experience for a wide range of active ingredients. CURR delivery technologies include CUREfilm®, an advanced oral thin film; and CUREdrops™, an emulsion technology that can be incorporated into different dosage forms (film, tincture, beverages, etc.), among others. The CURR proprietary clinical pipeline includes CUREfilm®Blue (sildenafil to treat erectile dysfunction), and CUREfilm®Canna (THC and CBD).

As a vertically integrated company, CURR operates a 25,000 square foot, FDA-registered, NSF® and cGMP-certified manufacturing facility enabling it to partner with pharmaceutical and wellness companies worldwide for private and white-labeled production. CURR currently has partnerships in the U.S., China, Mexico, Canada, Israel, and other markets in Europe.

  • CURE Pharmaceutical Closes $10 Million Financing

On November 2nd CURR announced it had received the first tranche of $4 million in a committed financing of $10 million, after original issue discounts, through the issuance of convertible notes.  Axiom Capital Management, Inc. acted as the sole placement agent in the transaction. CURR may repay the obligations of the notes in cash only, or the notes may be converted upon election of the investor at a fixed price of $1.32 per share subject to certain adjustments.

This financing will enable CURR to achieve a number of key company goals and sets the stage for making 2021 a breakout year for the company. CURR has already set in motion the steps needed for progress in two key areas: driving strong sales growth of newly acquired Sera Labs, and advancing its clinical pharmaceutical pipeline, particularly the lead clinical development program for the CURR high value ED treatment, CUREfilm Blue™.

  • Wholly Owned Subsidiary SeraLabs® Introduces Nutri-Strips™, a Revolutionary Oral Thin Film Strip Technology

On October 29th CURR announced its wholly owned subsidiary Sera Labs was launching the Nutri-Strips brand with a multi-channel advertising and marketing strategy beginning initially with “Sleep A.S.A.P.™,” which offers a fast-acting, drug-free solution to America’s sleep problem.

CURR has developed a broad platform of formulations that offer targeted dosing including patented and advanced oral thin film strip technology, which Sera Labs has branded RAD3 -- for Rapid Activation Delivery and which it is using to deliver novel vitamins and supplements.  CURR Nutri-Strips are administered and activate directly on the tongue, allowing for rapid delivery. This means there is no need for water, chewing or struggling to swallow pills. The strips are formulated by utilizing proprietary organic polymers that trap the active ingredients in a liquid matrix which is then cured into the Nutri-Strips.

Millions of American’s have trouble sleeping; according to BCC research, with $52 billion being spent annually on sleep products with Sleep A.S.A.P. as the drug free alternative to sleeping pills. CURR scientists developed this proprietary formulation for sleep by blending five of the most powerful sleep ingredients into one dose to help you get to sleep and stay asleep.

CURR is also launching ImmunD3™ to supercharge the immune system (with a once-a-week 40,000IU dose of Vitamin D3), EnergY™ to enhance performance and mental focus, and RecoverB™ for electrolyte and muscle recovery. Additionally, three exciting new line extensions are set to launch in the first quarter of 2021. The brand has already begun an aggressive Q4 digital, print and Sirius radio campaign and will have a national TV broadcast campaign starting Q1 2021 to create the world’s most impactful oral thin strip nutraceutical brand.

The company’s recent acquisition by of Sera Labs was fueled largely to help commercialize Nutri-Strip. CURR management expects to see a steep sales trajectory as of a result of its extensive marketing, brand penetration and education campaigns. Now, more than ever consumers are hyper focused on their health and pocketbook and Nutri-Strips solves this problem by offering maximum potency of essential vitamins and supplements while not breaking the bank.

The CURR Nutri-Strip line is non-addictive, has no side effects and is created by top formulation scientists. Each strip is hermetically sealed in airtight, grab-and-go packaging to eliminate chemical and structural breakdown and provide superior potency. Most recently, Nutri-Strip was touted at a prominent virtual industry trade show for buyers in retail as the most innovative line in the supplement category seen in years.

For more information on CURE Pharmaceutical (OTCQB: CURR) visit: and 



Fremont, CA - November, 2020 -. Founded in 2012 and with 700+ employees located in over 30 worldwide locations, Rahi continues to advance its strategy to provide end-to-end IT, Data Center Infrastructure and Enterprise IT Solutions to customers across the globe. The company has today announced details of their seventh global acquisition of Taiwan based IT Solutions Company, Herpin Communications.

Herpin Communications is a well-established Integration Services Player in Taiwan known for providing communication, information, network, and security office automation solutions. The merging of Rahi’s Taiwan entity and Herpin Communications will expand the companies footprint in the following industries:

  • Integration services in Physical Layer to Data Center Technology Infrastructure
  • Enterprise Campus Technologies & Services including Data, Wireless and Audio / Video
  • Distribution, Logistics and Services across Taiwan.
  • Managed Services

The acquisition will see the Rahi team in Taiwan grow to 40 employees with ongoing investment expected. It will uniquely position Rahi to offer solutions to businesses who are head-quartered in Taiwan but also have operations outside of the country.

“We aim to provide our International Customers and Domestic ROC Taiwan customers with a substantially expanded set of services & offerings globally. Partners and customers of both Herpin or Rahi, can expect enhanced support in bringing their technologies to a broader market. The Herpin team have established the company as leaders and having met with them, it was a natural decision to bring our two companies together.” says Tarun Raisoni, CEO of Rahi.

A number of new appointments have also been made, Mr. Johnny Lin will become the VP of Engineering & Services and Mrs. Teresa Chu joins as the VP of Solutions & Sales.

Rahi is known globally for providing Audio - Video, Data Center, IT Infrastructure, and Networking & Security Solutions to create integrated IT environments. Established in 2012 and now with 30 office locations across the globe, Rahi is trusted by some of the world’s leading technology companies.

For further information, accompanying imagery or to arrange an interview with a spokesperson, please contact :

Bridget O’Dea,


About Rahi:

Rahi is known globally for providing Audio - Video, Data Center, IT Infrastructure, and Networking & Security Solutions to create an integrated environment that drives efficiencies, enhances customer service, and creates competitive advantages. With their global footprint, an efficient team, and strong vendor relationships, they have the ability to serve all kinds of technology needs anywhere in the world.

Global Presence - United States, Canada, India, China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Japan, Singapore, Ireland, Netherlands, Germany, Turkey, United Kingdom, France, Philippines, Malaysia, Brazil, Argentina, Australia, South Korea, UAE, Vietnam, Indonesia, South Africa

#KeepingITConnected  \ #ESSbyRahi

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MIRAMAR (November 20, 2020) — Santa Claus, Mrs. Claus, the Elves and many more from the North Pole are making the trek to South Florida this December. The magic of Santa’s Village comes to life in an adventure the whole family can enjoy! Hop in your car and head to Santa’s Drive-Thru Village, a very merry drive-thru Christmas attraction in South Florida located at Miramar Regional Park (16801 Miramar Parkway) in Miramar, FL from Thursday, December 3 through Wednesday, December 23. Christmas pajamas, ugly sweaters and all the treats that make this time of year so special are invited to tag along.


During the most wonderful time of the year, and for the first time ever, get a backstage look at how Christmas comes together while enjoying social distancing from your car. A brilliant light show will illuminate the elves as they are busy at work creating a festive holiday with snow all around. Best of all, Santa Claus himself will be there to greet one and all! Naughty or nice, everyone is invited to bring their letters to Santa for a special drop-off.


Live 305 Entertainment, run by Cirque du Soleil veteran, Francisco Santos, dreamed up and gave life to the heartwarming experience following the great success seen from his recent “The Horrorland” drive-thru entertainment. Santos and his daughter, Luna Santos, worked together on the design of the innovative holiday tradition. “The cheerful celebration is about community, giving and creating memories, some of the things that make Christmas so special,” Santos said.


Special villages that will awe and inspire with polar bears, angels, reindeer, carol singers and more include:

  • The Singing Carolers Town 
  • Winter Wonderland Paradise
  • Mrs. Claus’ Village and the North Pole Village
  • Merry & Bright Lights
  • The Elves’ Toy Factory
  • Santa's Magical Cabin


“The joy of visiting Santa is a memory everyone holds dear and we’re delighted to be able to bring this excitement to kids and families in a new format due to current safety issues,” says Francisco Santos, CEO and Director of Live305 Entertainment. “The unique experience will take visitors on a car trip down a runway of blinking lights, past snowflakes and sleigh bells before visiting the Elf's Toy Factory and finally arriving at Santa's Cabin for the yuletide finale.”


Santa’s Drive-Thru Village, located at Miramar Regional Park (16801 Miramar Parkway) in Miramar, FL takes place Thursday, December 3 through Wednesday, December 23. Hours of operation will b: Monday to Thursday from 6 p.m. to 10 p.m. and Friday to Sunday from 5:30 p.m. to 10 p.m. For information about specific dates during the month of December and to purchase tickets in advance, visit For any questions regarding tickets, call 1-800-383-6119 or email  


Tickets are priced at $48.99 per car and group rates are available. Tickets can only be purchased online and are required for admission. Admission is priced per vehicle and vehicles with more than seven passengers qualify for van rate. Due to safety regulations, tickets must be purchased online prior to entering Santa’s Drive-Thru Village. Each car must have a Drive Thru ticket to enter. For inquiries about the Grand Opening, group tours, or reservations, visit  Media interested in the Grand Opening should contact Boza Agency (see information at the top of this release).


Live305 Entertainment production company has also produced and presented Circus of Horrors, Vampire Circus, Circus of Terror, Sogno dreams of a Clown, Santa’s Circus, Hard Rock Circus and many others. In addition, prime consultants and set designers for world renowned events, FEAR Comic Cons, circuses, arts & theaters, etc. The South Florida natives have produced shows throughout the US and also exclusive worldwide events in Canada, Colombia, Argentina, Mexico, Peru, Guatemala, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, China, El Salvador, Panama, etc.



Tyler Sminkey

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Selling a home in any market can be tough if a seller doesn't pay attention to some basic principles. If selling your home is on your radar for Spring or Summer here are three key mistakes that every home seller can avoid. By starting several months before you place your home on the market, planning and preparation can save headaches and stress once the process of showing your home to prospective buyers begins. Whatever decisions you make surrounding the details of home selling, remember, the home really has to sell itself.

The most critical component in the whole home selling process is the "why". Why are you selling your home? Is it time to resize your household and move to a larger home? Are you downsizing and looking for lower maintenance living? Are you relocating for employment? Are you selling because you want to or because you have to? This is the key question that you must answer, as it will be the driver for everything else in the selling process. A "must sell" answer will require a more aggressive approach to the preparation, pricing and marketing. A "want to sell" answer can allow for a more laid-back strategy.

Preparing a home for sale should be made a priority as soon as you have made the decision to sell. You can certainly sell your home "as is" but you simply won't get as much money for your home and, unless you have priced it at the bottom-end for your market, it will not sell very quickly. If you will take some time to tidy it up and then keep it clean, the price can generally go up and the time required to secure a buyer will usually go down. Today's buyers frequently want a move in ready home that requires as little work as possible. They want to move their personal belongings in, hang their own pictures and start enjoying the home as soon as the movers are gone.

Next a home seller must decide if they are going to use a broker or sell their home themselves. Both come with a cost. If you don't choose the best broker in your market area, the one with the hard data available to clearly demonstrate their success in the home selling process, you could be in for a stressful and unpleasant selling experience. If you decide to sell the home yourself, to save some money, be prepared to invest significant time and be ready to have your patience tested every time a prospective buyer enters your home.

When you make the decision to sell, there are many critical components that go into a successful sale. The above three are only the beginning of the items that need to be considered as you move forward with the selling process. Buyers are out there in every market and the planning and preparation you do today can help you get your home sold in the shortest amount of time, for the highest possible price and with the least amount of stress.




A good web design holds a lot of importance to make online business successful. Therefore, those companies engaged in online businesses are eager to seek help from professional website design companies. A professional and experienced website design company has relevant knowledge about the latest trends to leave an ever lasting impact on the visitors.

However, designing a website with good design is essential only to attract and engage the visitors but an online business can become successful only if it is visible among target market. In order to increase visibility, it is essential to design a site with SEO friendly website design.

Search-engine friendly design helps a website to gain good and higher rankings with specific keywords. The higher rankings help visitors to visit the site once and then attractive web design over the website engages them to become regular visitors. Therefore, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) techniques are given importance while design a website for the business.

While you are designing a website, you must ensure that your website is both user and search-engine friendly. User-friendly web design can be achieved by taking help from websites designers but search engine friendly website design requires the assistance of SEO website designers.

The SEO website designers will help you in the following:

1. Provides easy navigation of the web pages and
2. Use heading tags properly
3. Will not use iframe for video, maps, images etc
4. use CSS based navigation menu instead of script base
5. Minimum use of tables in designing.
6. Limit the use of JavaScript

Once a website is designed as per SEO guidelines, the website owner will not have to make an investment in optimizing it to appear on search engines.

There are various SEO web design companies that are providing quality solutions to different businesses. If you were planning to design a website, you must go for SEO based web design services so that you can reap real benefits for your online business. Many businesses have been benefited by taking SEO website design services and are improving their potential online. You can be the next one to take all the wonderful benefits for your business by choosing SEO web design company. It will not only save you time but will also save on costs.

Do a quick search online to find out a list of companies so that you can compare their services and prices to select the best one for your business!

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Online games are especially interesting because you could make money out of playing them or creating them. The creating part may be a little tough and you would need a little background on software development and computer programming here, but as far as playing online games is concerned, just about anyone can do that. In making money online games, there are a couple of things you do need to consider. First is, as an online gamer you need to assess which games you actually enjoy and which games you are actually good at. Truth be told, you cannot make money out of just any online game; you need a game that has a certain market, games which other people also find appealing. Second, you should be at least good at that game which you enjoy. You make money out of online games by competing with other people, so if you're not competitive and good enough, just play the game and forget about making money.

Here are just a couple of other things that you need to know in making money with online games:

a. Know the games available. Note that most games where people could earn money are actually types of gambling and poker, together with a dozen other card games has become relatively popular. These games are normally regulated by the local government of each state, and are relatively legal. Your task is just to check on whether a certain site is legitimate or not. Other games that encourage competition however, just like Chess, Text Twist, Bejeweled, Deal or no Deal, among others also enable you to win cash prizes and other stuff. Advertisers of the site make it possible for you to win money out of these games without spending a dime. You would need to register to though.

b. Note your location. Games could be played for free, and everyone could compete, but not everyone is qualified to get the cash prizes. At, for instance, people from all parts of the world could play the games in the site but only residents of the United Kingdom, Canada and the United States are eligible to get prizes in the form of cash. This is why it is important to always read the rules and regulations before subscribing. Also note if there's a certain age requirement. You should be at least over 18 most of the time.

c. Choose to play for free or subscribe. Some online games work by asking participants to pay a minimal fee which is later awarded to the winner of the game. You may choose to play for free or you may subscribe to pay a one-time or monthly fee. Of course, you get a lot more of options if you subscribe but you can try registering for free first in order to get a better feel of the site.

As you can see, making money online games is quite simple, and it is a relatively easy way to earn more money as you enjoy by merely playing. There are several online gaming sites available so choose one that fits your taste. Monthly charges may cost about $3, but then again, there are always promos and discounts that you could take advantage of.

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Richmond, Virginia—While the COVID-19 pandemic freezes other public plans, the Snow Globe Santa™ experience maintains our beloved holiday magic through the perfect paring of a new book, Snow Globe Santa, along with innovative snow globe-inspired safety barriers. Already on the radar of the New York Times and fresh o? the heels of exclusive interviews with CNBC and NBC, first-time author Kathryn Burgess of Richmond, Virginia, is ready to share her brilliant solution with the world—just in the (Saint) nick of time.

As a professional photographer of eight years, Kathryn Burgess is used to capturing holiday magic. After experiencing mounting cancelations in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, Burgess was determined to save one experience in 2020—a child’s yearly visit to Santa Claus.

A military spouse and mother to three young children, Burgess authored her first children’s book, Snow Globe Santa (Atlantic Publishing Group), as a way for parents, caregivers, and educators alike to regain control over the narrative a?ecting how and when children will

encounter Santa this year. She took her idea one step further by providing the physical barriers —Snow Globe Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)—to mitigate COVID risk and maintain proper distancing during these Santa experiences.

In her book, Burgess—who holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Education from the University of Iowa —spins a whimsical holiday tale in which Santa becomes trapped inside one of his elves’ beautiful new snow globes. Happily, all ends well for the man in the red suit and the children who long to see him.

For her Snow Globe PPEs, Kathryn partnered with Alvantor, Bella Design Group (designer of many acrylic shields for this season), and Bubble Tents to provide three options for event holders who wish to maintain CDC compliance at their next holiday gathering. The first, a 10’ pop-up globe, can be set-up with ease for any Santa experience—but it’s ideal for Santa brunches, community visits, and smaller Santa experiences. The second, an acrylic snow globe patrician, is ideal for shopping malls and locations with frequent visitors. The third option is a show-stopping 10’ inflatable bubble tent that serves large outdoor or drive-thru events with ease.

Kathryn’s thoughtful and thorough “book and barrier” idea has created ripples among the publishing community since its first introduction. Ever since the Snow Globe Santa story was picked-up and expedited to press by Atlantic Publishing Group, public interest in Kathryn’s Snow Globe Santa experience has snowballed: especially among Santa-based talent communities such as the International Brotherhood of Real Bearded Santas, the Peachtree Santas, and more. In a recent interview with the New York Times, Stephen Arnold, President of the International Brotherhood of Real Bearded Santas, lauded Kathryn’s book and PPE concept as a way to keep the holiday spirit alive and keep Santas working amid the pandemic (Friedman, G. and Maheshwari, S., September 2, 2020).

From Kathryn:

These past few months have been hard on us all. Our days have been plagued with negativity, cancellations, illness, and fear. This past summer, I began thinking about the upcoming holiday season, and I quickly realized the likelihood of visiting Santa with our children would be slim-to-none. I have three little kids that won't easily understand why we can't go visit Santa, and I refuse to default yet again to cancelling plans.

Modern-day Santa can be traced back to the late 18th century. This means he has survived the bubonic plague, the Spanish flu, and smallpox—to name a few. Santa shouldn’t be stopped by COVID-19. No, the man who flies around the world with nine magical reindeer to visit each child's home in a single night does not need to relinquish

his route due to COVID-19.

In order to provide the Santa Claus experience this coming year—and to provide a safe experience, at that—we need to get creative. Snow Globe Santa is a unique and fun storybook that creatively explains why this upcoming holiday season will look di?erent. This passion project will serve families of small children and the communities in which they live by maintaining the magic true to the character of Santa.

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Santa’s Wonderland in College Station, TX; Sugarland Holiday Lights in Sugarland, TX; The City of Mustang, OK; Alpena, MI; Atlanta, GA; Catlettsburg, KY; Alpena, MI; ONeill, NE; and more. An updated list of Snow Globe Santa locations can be found at: hfps://

The Snow Globe Santa, LLC, was founded by Kathryn Burgess in August 2020. Her original and imaginative children’s storybook, Snow Globe Santa, sets the stage for a safe and successful season of in-person Santa experiences. Her company’s strategic partnerships with manufacturers to create snow globe safety barriers is the ultimate bow atop Kathryn’s amazing gift to countless families longing for meaningful engagements with Santa during the Covid-19 pandemic. Kathryn, a former elementary teacher and photographer by trade, captures the true magic of Santa through her customizable Snow Globe Santa experiences and accompanying storybook. While others cancel or postpone their holiday plans, an experience with The Snow Globe Santa, LLC, is quickly becoming the number one wish atop every Santa-enthusiast’s list.

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