London, UK –For many, staying active and fit is an important part of our daily life. We like to get in and out of the gym as efficiently as possible and that means making the most out of every workout. We don’t have time to be side-lined by an injury which could put our fitness program on hold indefinitely. This is where the latest evolution of fitness wear comes in. With innovative multi-zone compression clothing designed to provide safety and support during even the most gruelling of workouts, YOHUDA has the solution we have been looking for.


YOHUDA is an all new fitness wear supplier launching this autumn with the mission of keeping everyone from the moderate gym goer to today’s elite athletes safe from muscle and joint injuries. With a full range of safe fitness and healthy lifestyle products available, YOHUDA has the gear you need regardless of your fitness level or activity.


YOHUDA’s USP Ultra Knee Protection Leggings were designed from the ground up to provide support for your knees. Innovative multi zone compression features ensure a snug, yet flexible, fit which can help to warm up your muscles properly and support your knee during all kinds of activities.


Benefits Of Knee Compression Fitness Wear

Aside from making your workouts safer and more effective, there are many benefits of knee compression fitness wear including:

  • Combined knee compression can increase stability & balance.
  • Targeted knee compression can help to relieve joint pain and control inflammation.
  • The medical-grade neoprene used in YOHUDA’s knee compression fitness wear aids in absorbing shock to reduce joint vibration.
  • Knee compression fitness wear keeps your joint warm to help prevent injury.
  • Our anti-microbial treated fabrics used in YOHUDA’s knee compression fitness wear help keep you feeling fresh and odour-free.
  • Knee compression fitness wear enables you to stay active longer and recover faster.


What Makes YOHUDA Different?

What makes YOHUDA different?YOHUDA is a company that is committed to the health and safety of their customers. Their range of multi-purpose leggings use a combination of upper-lower apparel with orthopaedic knee compression to combat pain and discomfort in the knee. No other fitness legging in the industry offers the same level of quality and support that YOHUDA’s knee compression fitness leggings do.


The YOHUDA website, which can be found, offers their complete range of knee compression leggings, an explanation of their use, and an informative blog.


To learn more about our full line of innovative multi-zone compression fitness wear, visit our website and be sure to sign up for exclusive offers and alerts which will ensure that you are the first to hear about new products, product updates, and more. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram to get an exclusive first look at our full product range.


The YOHUDA website and all YOHUDA products are either registered trademarks or trademarks of YOHUDA in the UK.


For more information, press only:


Telephone: 07506937458


For more information about YOHUDA, visit:




Kuwait, ME — Tarek Al Duaij is a thought-provoking man who has experienced so much during his years abroad. He covers a diverse range of topics regarding issues related to humanity. Tarek believes that society can do much better if people start looking inwards while finding a collective solution for their lives and the environment. 

As a thrill-seeker, Tarek has gone through many adventures during his time abroad. His intellectual perspective is not based on philosophical knowledge but rather on a life well-lived. Now, as Tarek approaches the next stage in life, he is humbled with a calmer perspective on existence. 

“Love is to respect and accept a human being enough so that we can forgive whatever that human being does,” Tarek explains in a recent interview. 

On his TikTok channel, Tarek covers his experiences and the lessons he learned along the way within realistic terms. His viewers seem to love the honesty and humbleness of this articulate individual as Tarek tries to rejuvenate their perspective on life. This sagacious individual has further helped people find their center through his unique meditation technique. 

About Tarek Al Duaij”

Tarek is a middle-aged man that has gone through many eye-opening experiences in his life. He is originally from Kuwait but spent much time in London while completing his studies. Through his knowledge and experiences, Tarek covers many topics with carefully constructed and well-thought arguments. 

Tarek believes in complete transparency and honesty while sharing his experiences with his viewers. He paints a realistic picture of his adventures and talks extensively about how people can improve their lives with just a little effort. This knowledgeable individual will undoubtedly change many lives as his TikTok channel begins to take off. For more information, visit


Media Contact

Name: Tarek Al Duaij



Contact Number:+965 99670124



NEWSDESK, SEPTEMBER 21, 2021 - Most of us have been overwhelmed with our children's homework. As much as we love to help them with their daily notes, there comes a time when we simply do not have the time or the knowledge (depending on the grade). Since the syllabus keeps changing and keeps getting updated, we may feel jagged or simply unable to help our kids. Any number of subjects can be dreadful to parents and students. But the fields they mostly need help with are Science, Technology, Engineering and Math. But is there a place that we can trust to help our kids with the aforementioned fields?


STEM HAVE and Math Homework Help. The two websites that help you with all the STEM related homework your children, or even you, need. Designed for both kids and adult students, these two websites have a rich experience in not only helping out the students with their homework but also make them fall in love with STEM. Not only that, STEM HAVE also has services to help out the engineering/doctoral students with research. Both websites instill a particular discipline while also helping out with resources for completing their homework and practice. In a matter of just a few months, your child will fall in love with Math and STEM.


“STEM HAVE and Math Homework Help has been specifically designed to help even little children. We help students intricately understand the concepts and formulas for each area of mathematics. We also help them learn how to apply concepts and formulas to solve problems at a rapid pace, not to mention prepare for school tests, advanced tests and quizzes. Students ooze confidence after their classes with us. Our 24/7 online program also helps students in learning Java, C++, C, C#, ASP.NET, C++, HTML, etc. We promise you, there is nobody better than us in helping your child effectively learn, implement and become a genius in STEM. Try us today!”, said a tutor at Math Homework Help.



Math Homework Help and STEM HAVE are websites that help students of all ages complete their homework on Math, Science and Computers. They also help learn concepts and formulae; learn to use them effectively and fast



Stem Have-

Math -




Can a School Sports Team Really Make Money Fundraising With Cookie Dough Online?

The start of a new school year is right around the corner. Sports booster parents and coaches are looking for ways to raise money for kids school team programs. But cookie dough? There is no doubt you can raise a lot of dough selling cookies. However, skip these vital steps and you will sell only a fraction of what you could potentially sell. You want to make the most money possible. So we encourage you to try these proven steps to run a profitable cookie dough fundraising event. - Source

We reached out to Joe Wolpin of Fundraising Zone, (Website) a cookie dough fundraiser company. Joe that has helped thousands of schools and teams raise the money they need selling tubs of gourmet cookie dough.

What is a cookie dough fundraiser?

A bake sale where people buy or make cookies and bring them to sell. On the other hand, a fundraiser with cookie dough means just selling the gourmet dough. This means the customer gets the joy of making the cookies at home in their own kitchen,

Not sure what is the best way to run a cookie dough fundraiser? We have a step-by-step guide with 5 tips on running the perfect bake sale. What are the best benefits of running a cookie dough fundraiser? When you run a successful cookie dough fundraiser you are able to increase your student organization’s funds. This is because you are selling a whole lot of cookies at a cheap price to the students, teachers, and parents. A good amount of the money you make can be used to increase school funding. Plus, you are creating community through this fundraiser.

Step One: Choose a cookie dough flavor

You want to choose one that you think will appeal to the widest possible demographic. Now, check our out a few tastings of the top selling flavors in order to get a feel for how much people love them. Take note of the following characteristics when choosing your flavor:

  • Sweetness
  • Flavor
  • Fats
  • Calories
  • Reviews

Hint: Most people like chocolate chip cookies!
Step Two is to get the best looking cookie dough you can find. Sure you could start buying pre-made cookie dough.

But no one wants to pay for cookies they didn’t want in the first place. And the children will certainly take a step back in droves if they feel like they are only getting a single variety of cookie dough. Remember, you are already splitting the cost with your school so why not profit in a big way by limiting your customers to a single kind of cookie dough. So you can purchase several different kinds of cookie dough. For instance most people like oatmeal cookies, snickerdoodles, sugar cookies and don’t forget about our favorite chocolate chip cookies!

This could seem like a lot of work. That is why many schools opt to work with a cookie dough fundraising company like Fundraising Zone. They have a simple cookie dough fundraiser for schools with 6 gourmet cookie flavors. The customers get 2 lbs of gourmet cookie dough for only $12 and the school keeps up to 50% profit for each sale.

Step Three: Ask for Volunteers

The first thing you want to do is ask your school’s staff and parents for volunteers. Especially if you want to be selective in who you select. The best ways to find people is through word of mouth. So be sure to mention your event in a newsletter or to the parents and staff. Tip: When dealing with people, a simple introduction like, “My name is so and so and I am looking for volunteers to help with…” will usually do the trick. Tip: Make sure that everyone who signs up for the event is at least 13 years of age and is in good health. That means no one under the age of 13 unless accompanied by a parent. In fact we suggest all minors fundraise with an adult.

To plan an Excellent Cookie Dough Fundraiser You will want to run a tight ship, so stay organized. First, let’s see what we need to plan to have the most successful event.

Step Four: Sell the Dough

If there is any common misconception about how to make money selling cookie dough it’s that you need a huge parking lot. No, you don’t! In fact, having the parking lot is more trouble than it is worth, especially for those of you who are on a tight budget. What you need is a kitchen and a supply cabinet to start making the dough. You will need a space for those little spatulas, a counter space for rolling out the cookie dough, and a storage cabinet or freezer for the purchased cookie dough. The supplies will cost you a little cash at most, depending on the store. However, you will need to buy the dough anyway. You can save on one item while simultaneously spending less money on the other. Set up a preorder list and take photos of what the cookies look like! Remember, the More People You Sell, The More Money You Will Raise! Finally, collect payment upfront for the dough purchased.

  • Use zoom and facetime.
  • Use social media sites like facebook and instagram.
  • Call people on the phone.
  • Email.
  • Text

    Step Five: Deliver the Dough

    Arrange a day for the students and their parents to pick up the dough at school. The parents will then deliver the cookie dough to their friends, family and customers. The dough will need to be kept refrigerated. So it might be better to pack it in dry ice or have the customers come to your house to pick it up. This is also an other good reason to work with a professional cookie dough fundraiser company because its packed in dry ice to maintain the freshness,

    Step Five: Collect more Dough

    Get testimonials and reviews from your customers about how delicious the cookies came out. Have them put their reviews, photos and videos on social media to spread the word about your cookie fundraiser. Remember to keep a list of your customers so you can do this again next year.

    Fundraising Zone have been helping schools and teams raise money for over 50 years, Parents love the free product fundraising program because there are no upfront costs and can profit up to 50% on every sale.

    To learn more:

    Fundraising Zone

    337 Merrick Rd five, Lynbrook, NY 11563

    (800) 645-6550



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(September 15th, 2021) - Popular Nigerian singer Kingvaldo is going to release his latest number Shout on the upcoming September 24. Going by his fandom and the sheer number of people who absolutely love him and his music, this track too will be another major hit and be another addition to the list of hit songs he has given. 


His EP released earlier this year took him and his stardom to a different level. He has also performed in numerous, socially distanced, exclusive events owing to the pandemic. However, his latest success propelled him to come up with Shout in record time that is all set to release in exactly two weeks.


Kingvaldo released his first EP titled Realms: The Invasion and has never looked back since. He was greeted with much love and his music was streamed hundreds of thousands of times across all music streaming platforms across the globe. His rapidly growing popularity among the masses led him to having his first concert just a year ago ,His fan base and popularity shot to the next level with the release of Second Adam and he has been firing on all cylinders since. Only God and Infinity Loop from that EP have been the most liked and appreciated numbers. In fact, these two have been the most requested tracks in all the events and concerts he has attended since.


Known as the “King of the New Era”, Kingvaldo has several thousand listeners. His songs infuse a new life in people and have them jive to his tunes. Both his EP's have been major hits. Since he was a child, he has known nothing but music. Now two hit EPs later, the coming September 24 is being predicted to be another crowning moment with the release of Shout. Watch out for him! He may just leave you mesmerized", said the manager of Kingvaldo.


About Kingvaldo:

Kingvaldo is a Nigerian singer who is set to release his latest song Shout this September 24. He has released two 2 EPs and both have been very well received by people.


For more information, please visit


Media Contact:

Instagram: @kingvaldo7

Twitter: @kingvaldo7




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DeFi platforms are aimed at recreating traditional financial systems, such as banks and exchanges, with the use of cryptocurrencies. The difference between the traditional financial systems and DeFi is  that DeFi platforms operate without a central service exercising control over the entire system. Decentralized finance (aka DeFi) refers to digital, peer-to-peer financial services technologies that permit cryptocurrency trading, loans, interest accounts, and other services of such kinds. DeFi platforms are mostly reliant on public blockchains like Ethereum and cryptocurrencies.


With DeFi lending features, users can lend out cryptocurrency, like a traditional bank does with fiat currencies, and earn reasonable interest as a lender. The act of borrowing and lending are among the most common use cases for DeFi applications, but there are many more increasingly complex options too, such as becoming a liquidity provider to a decentralized exchange.


One needs to understand that investing in DeFi is highly risky. But, it’s important to understand the reason the reward is high is because the risk is higher. The reason we see high yield is there is risk here.


However, choosing the right platforms helps eradicate the risk with DeFi. CryptoCravers is the way to go. Built on the mission to eradicate risk thereby providing security to investors and at the same time, providing educative and entertainment contents to the cryptocurrency communities.


About CryptoCravers


We are proud to present the CryptoCravers, a DeFi platform that will revolutionize the safeguarding of investors while also providing security, entertainment and education to a large community of Cryptocurrency enthusiasts and professionals. 


CryptoCravers is an LLC registered in the State of Delaware, United States. Our legality status was ensured to add another layer of confidence and trust through our community and investors.


We are a token generating based company, that means we create multiple tokens and see through to each tokens success in the marketplace. After some time we will move on towards a new token that will have the community decide on what the next token's attributes should be.


For more information:






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Washington, DC – September, 2021. Varsity Care, the Washington DC-based service known for its new Concierge Healthcare Advocacy & Support program for university students, has confirmed a deal with University of Maryland Terps Tight End, Chigoziem “Chig” Okonkwo for the upcoming college football season. Okonkwo is one of the first NCAA collegiate athletes to partner with Varsity Care and will serve as a brand ambassador/student spokesperson for the 2021-2022 season. Okonkwo is also one of the first student athletes to agree to a Name, Image and Likeness (NIL) deal after the Supreme Court ruled in favor of unlimited education-related benefits in June of 2020.

"We're thrilled to partner with NFL hopeful tight end Chigoziem Okonkwo from the University of Maryland for the upcoming season," said Varsity Care’s Founder and CEO Halley Ascher. "His leadership qualities on and off the field are remarkable and something that aligns well with our brand. We welcome “Chig” to the Varsity Care Team, a brand that has strong ties with the University of Maryland and deep roots here in the DC Metro area."

Okonkwo has agreed to a Name, Image and Likeness (NIL) deal with Varsity Care, something that the NCAA moved to allow for college athletes effective July 1, 2020. Varsity Care is one of the first healthcare-related organizations to sign a college student-athlete under the new NCAA sponsorship parameters. The partnership includes appearances of Okonkwo on behalf of Varsity Care at corporate and philanthropic events as well as in advertisements. Okonkwo will also share Varsity Care-branded content from his personal social media accounts.

Okonkwo has had an impressive career thus far, most recently leading UMD to a season opener victory over the West Virginia Mountaineers. Now in his senior year, Okonkwo has a strong desire to bring a Big 10 championship back to College Park to cap off a spectacular tenure as a Terp. Okonkwo said he hopes to not only spread the word on the best possible Concierge Healthcare Advocacy and Support program for university students, but also spread the goodwill of support across the community.

"I partnered with Varsity Care because they offer medical support to college students by providing a personal Registered Nurse to consult, assist and advise you during stressful healthcare situations," says Okonkwo, "as a division one player I’m supported in a possible health care situation by my team staff, not all students have this wonderful luxury until now with the availability of the Varsity Care Standard Bundle. It can be very scary, maddening and confusing for parents and students when a health-related concern arises, many of my fellow students have no idea what to do or where to turn to and our parents can be miles away. Varsity Care is the perfect bridge between parents, students and medical staff. To me, Varsity Care provides something I already enjoy and now all students and parents can feel very secure knowing they have on their side a highly trained and qualified registered nurse for advice and support.” 

About Varsity Care:
Founded in the pandemic environment of 2020, Halley Ascher created one of the most innovative solutions to healthcare needs. Ms. Ascher has taken her extensive experience in the fields of nursing, law and recruiting and created a cutting-edge program all students will need in times of health care situations.

John Bartos, co-founded Varsity Care in 2020. He is a seasoned healthcare executive who has both founded and led multiple successful companies during the past twenty years. His background and operational expertise make him a perfect fit to play a central leadership role at Varsity Care. Mr. Bartos has four kids who include a current senior and sophomore in college, a senior in high school, and one in middle school. If you are wondering why he decided to start Varsity Care, look no further! It is hard to imagine someone with more relevant personal experience to today’s college experience.


No parent likes thinking about it, but what are you going to do when your child gets hurt or sick far from home and you are not there? Nearly 50% of college students seek emergency care every year. Varsity Care offers trusted medical in-person support to college students in the Washington DC metro area and provides the same service virtually nationwide by providing Registered Nurse Advocates to assist, consult and advise your child during stressful healthcare situations.

Rest easy at night knowing your child is prepared for a medical emergency. Purchase peace of mind by signing up for 24/7 Virtual or In-Person consultations with a Registered Nurse focused solely on the care and well-being of your child.



Media Contact:
CHARLOTTE LOWE 1.703.389.3349



The advancement of science and the digital world has changed the entire game of advertising skills to the outer world. Due to the introduction of social networking sites like Instagram,one can reach out to the audience in a safer yet compact and profitable way. You can showcase your services or real talent to the world without any inhibitions as you can directly connect with the followers and your fans through such platforms. But Instagram completely works on a specific algorithm, which is essential to understand to stay ahead of the digital world. Due to the given competition, it is difficult to get visibility among so many trending profiles on Instagram. Hence, here are some of the exciting ways to go viral on this platform:

Number of likes

The influencers and Instagram are all about the number of followers and likes on their posts and profiles. But there isn’t any constant number of likes or followers that can help your profile or post to trend in the digital market. Choosing the correct hashtag and the content lay the foundation of the success of a post on such a site. The audience needs to love it and share it as much as possible. Only then you might have the chance of trending on the recent list of Instagram.

What’s your twist?

What exactly is your specialty, and why should people like your content? These are some of the questions that you need to ask yourself before planning on trending on any social platform. You need to find that unique talent and present it to the world with a better twist. It is essential to let people see through you and appreciate your talents without any inhibitions.

Be original

Plagiarism is a strict no for the influencers. You need to create unique, astounding concepts to get the attention of your followers every single moment. You need adequately designed content, informative ideas and diverse topics to trend on social media. People are following you for a reason. You need to make that count and keep them motivated and engaged with your content every single day. Only then would you be able to trend on Instagram with your posts without any hassles.

Increasing visibility is essential to advertise your ideas to the world. To get potential traffic towards your profile, you need todesign useful as well as meaningful content to engage your audience completely. Therefore, many people choose to buy instagram likes for increasing their visibility on such platforms. Powerlikes is a term used when a large network of influencers directly engage with your new posts; this suddent spike in reputable engagement triggers an increase in the Insta popularity algorithim, thus increasing your ranking and exposure of the boosted post.

You see, there is no “magic number” of likes that will make you go viral. What will help you go viral is a combination of high quality engagement, relevant content, and correct hashtag usage. Not all “likes” are created equal and it is important your profile contains engagement from reputable accounts to help your changes of virality.

One must know how crucial it is to get “social proof” on Instagram. Getting lesser than 10 likes won’t help your profile to trend on such a platform. That is why people choose to invest in Powerlikes, which allows them to garner potential attention and visibility on such social platforms. Do not shy away from showing the world your hidden talent. Try trending today, with these innovative tips and become the most significant influencer of this year!

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The Queen and The Professor, the ‘not so odd odd couple’, have each independently spent a lifetime in the pursuit of knowledge and self-improvement, personally and professionally. Placed in contact with one and other through restrictions and opportunities created by COVID-19, Shelley and Rob met on Zoom and immediately connected. The 300+ hours of conversation that preceded their first face to face meeting, were intense and sometimes explosive. These conversations led to Shelley’s vision for the show. 

Shelley and Rob share a passion for life and for pursuing a purpose driven existence; however, the perspectives and beliefs of The Queen and The Professor are often quite different. The intellectual divergence and distinct perspectives create fertile ground for very interesting and dynamic discussions. They often disagree, but are not disagreeable in the process.

The Queen and The Professor covers an extremely broad range of topics designed to stimulate thought and discussion and to entertain. It is immediately apparent to anyone watching the show that Shelley and Rob are having a great time in each of the unscripted, spontaneous discussions undertaken.

The Queen and The Professor discuss issues that are of importance and relevant to real people. These are not just high- level philosophical concepts, or theories of personal evolution, though those topics are discussed. Shelley and Rob also talk about sex, relationships and the real world. Not as you have heard it before; however, as The Queen stated when the show began “This is grown folks talking. Talk like you have never heard before”. Parental discretion is essential.

Stay tuned to for more information, show times and more ways to watch!



Shelley Roxanne is a Radio and TV Personality and is #1 Best Selling Author of the ground-breaking book The Frustrated Believer - What to do when you don’t know what to do. She is an award winning Peak Performance Coach, known globally as The Queen of Optimism and has been Named a National Woman of Influence by a National Magazine.  Having beat out Billionaire Mark Cuban for the #1 spot in its category, Shelley’s ground-breaking book, is changing lives all over the globe.  It is a fun, provocative and profoundly insightful read that illustrates how anyone - no matter what their, age, faith, religion or personal philosophy - can, with the right mindset, enjoy this exciting journey called life.  

As an award winning talk show host, Shelley has interviewed the greats like Rich Dad Poor Dad, Robert Kiyosaki, Chicken Soup for the Soul’s Author, Jack Canfield, Lisa Nichols, Mr. Fire - Joe Vitale, The Father of Motivation - Wayne Dyer, Teachers of the Secret, Famous Amos and more.  She is a player coach who sits on both sides of the broadcast desk.  As an Interviewee, she's been interviewed by and pitched to Television Producers from the major networks, Today Show, Good Morning America, The View, hundreds of Radio hosts, podcasters and journalists, just to name a few.  As an Exec in the Entertainment Industry, she has managed the careers of some of the industries top artists.

Now she has inked a deal to launch her own Television Network - SHEROX TV which will be stream in 100 million homes across the globe at it's launch in September 2021. The network will air original programming which is guaranteed to enlighten, enrich and entertain viewers. The flagship show - The Queen and the Professor is already getting rave reviews from early previews. Shelley Roxanne is definitely the one to watch.



Famed Law Professor Robert LeVine is the best selling author of The Uniform Commercial Code Made Easy, the first and only book in history to condense, and explain, the content of a massive statutory scheme through the form of a short story novel. The book entertains, enlightens and empowers its readers as it teaches and guides the reader through the pervasive and powerful content of the Uniform Commercial Code. The book has received world and nationally recognized endorsements and is a long-time Best Seller on the Amazon Business Law Best Seller’s list. In addition to two decades as a law professor, LeVine spent a decade speaking to State Bar Associations throughout the United States as a featured Continuing Legal Education presenter, teaching the Uniform Commercial Code in one day. He now offers this unique training to non-lawyers and business people, who he believes should definitely have a working knowledge of this important law if they want a strategic advantage in the marketplace.

The Professor is now taking on the entertainment world with his bold, hysterical and thoughtful personality to join the Queen of Optimism in a show people are calling "Grown Folks Talk". You won't want to miss one episode of this thought-provoking, often hilarious duo.



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Author and Founder, Charles J. Gunnip, of just released his new book series “A Better Me!!!” starting with “Fundaments for an Awesome Life” on September, 2021.  He believes that his works should be taught in school as they are the foundation to how, why, and what is needed to understand ourselves and others, process situations, making decisions, planning, mental wellness, and selflessness.

The controversy begins here where it is argued that it is the parents’ job to teach their children these things and not the schools. As most people do believe that this is somewhat true, that all learning should start at home, however most people also think that our educational systems should continue what we have learned at home.

Cognition is usually not introduced till college level though it is said that cognitive development can start as young as six years old. As far as self-evolvement and the processes that are involved are again not available until college level however are the struggles of many of our teens as young as twelve years old or even younger. Isn’t this enough reason to be teaching these things to our children when they need it.

When asked why he believed in what he was doing he replied, “My search for and discovery of the tools, education, inspiration, and self-evolvement lead me to one idea and that was to share it with everyone. When A friend told me that “what you are planning to do is bigger than yourself” …he exclaimed “It’s A Movement”. It was then I felt that this is headed in the right direction for the right reasons and would definitely help a lot of people. I”

Charles J. Gunnip is a Life Coach certified in cognitive behavior as well as neurolinguistics. His passion to assist others has driven him to become an author and found an organization where their mission is to inspire individuals to create a better self and life through education, planning and self-evolvement. He is an advocate of the positive improvement of an individual’s mental wellness

His organization is base out of Syracuse, New York and he can be easily reach through his email at Link to Book