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COVINA, Calif. – December, 2021 – Buckboard BBQ & Pizza Chalet, which has been serving authentic and traditional Santa Maria-style barbecue since 1991, today announced a new Grab-N-Go option for takeout convenience and savings. You can now pick up the best quality meal without all added costs and long wait times.


Located at 461 S. Citrus Ave. in Covina, Buckboard BBQ & Pizza Chalet developed its money-saving concept because food takeout and food delivery wait time options have considerably changed due to the COVID-19 pandemic.


“We developed our Fast Good Food Concept for the best quality meal to meet the needs of our customers,” said the owner of Buckboard BBQ & Pizza Chalet, Cam Saylor. “Customers in Covina don’t always have time to wait for a quality meal to be prepared. The last two years made us rethink every aspect of our business. We know that delivery service companies have made convenience the new normal, but they have fees and if you are really hungry – long delivery times.”


Buckboard BBQ & Pizza Chalet now offers Pick 1 for $4, 2 for $7 or 3 for $9.99. This applies to any combination. Customers can walk in and pay by scanning a QR code. It is a great option for quality self-serve food for those on the run.


“Simply walk up, grab, pay and go. Grab-N-Go is not fast food, so preparing a meal when students or people are on a short lunch takes more time than a drive-in option. We have solved the problem with a way to custom order in advance so your food is ready when you get to our door,” Saylor added.


Buckboard BBQ & Pizza Chalet features full-service catering with Santa Maria-style barbecue, hickory smoked ribs and award-winning Buckboard Chili. Customers also enjoy traditional Western and Mexican-themed El Ranchero barbecue, along with a full complement of non-barbecue menus. Customers can mix and match their meals and larger orders provide diners large discounts. Buckboard BBQ & Pizza Chalet offers more than 20 self-service items from which to choose online with delicious condiments to dress up a meal.


For more information on Grab-N-Go, visit or stop by the restaurant today to place an order.


About Buckboard BBQ & Pizza Chalet
Our restaurant, Buckboard BBQ & Pizza Chalet, is located in the city of Covina, CA, where we feature “Santa Maria Style” barbecue. “Santa Maria Style” barbecue began with the Spanish settlement of California well over a century ago, and has become synonymous with great food and hospitality. Since 1991, we have had the privilege of serving ‘authentic’ and ‘traditional’ “Santa Maria Style” barbecue.

Cam Saylor, Owner
Buckboard BBQ & Pizza Chalet

461 S. Citrus Ave.

Covina, CA 91723



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'I Am Not My Trauma'


Available on YouTube:


The ‘I Am Not My Trauma’ Factual docu-series is focused on changing the narrative on racism towards black people; changing the collective stories we tell ourselves, in order to facilitate the change, we want to see for ourselves. Using a shared interpretation of how racism works through lived experiences, ‘I Am Not My Trauma’, shines a lens on a diverse set of individuals with unique, yet parallel stories, told in both the USA and UK.


Racism is arguably a social construct with an age-long myriad of ‘issues’ that are intergenerational and nuanced; ‘I Am Not My Trauma’, aims to bring a deeper awareness to our ‘truths’ and what it feels like to experience trauma as a direct effect of racism. Moreover, inform what can be done with that knowledge and understanding, in order to create new norms that support and dismantle stereotypes, steeped in negative difference:


"We tapped into their honest truths. What or who inspired them? Most importantly, how do they get this far in life in the system that was never built with them in mind? The thing that we rarely see is what happens behind closed doors, the contributors at their most vulnerable, the hours of contemplation, the fear, joy and struggle that comes with being black. It was amazing to be a fly on the wall to get these moments of thought and the rapid excitement in moments of inspiration. A lot of people believe that being black does not come with a job of its own."


‘I Am Not My Trauma’ Spokesperson


With eight unique narratives, each film takes the viewer on a journey through compelling accounts that detail self-reflection and critical challenge. ‘I Am Not My Trauma’ depicts a no holds barred reality, with influence at its core. The authentic stories told are not in vain, they serve as a means to an end in the enduring quest to bring sustainable solutions to the fore.


Are we part of the solution or part of the problem when it comes to racism? ‘I Am Not My Trauma’ implores wider Society to start a reflective and frank conversation with self: Have my words and or actions either directly or indirectly affected black individuals? What is black trauma? What are the signs of black trauma? Have I caused and / or added to their trauma? How have I conducted myself in the past? How will I conduct myself in the future? What steps can I take as an individual to better implement strategies and processes that help and not hinder black individuals? We can all start there.


An absolute must-see, ‘I Am Not My Trauma’ brings a distinctive style and approach depicted through honest reflection, education, knowledge sharing and solution-based perspectives from the USA and UK. A collective intention that bridges the gap between international experiences, serving to illustrate, irrespective of one's birth nation, each race has a role to play in making the change towards racial equity… A small victory in the fight against racism.


"One voice told through many stories"


Victoria Osayanetin Oshodin


Media Contact: Victoria O. Oshodin


Social Media Platforms

Instagram: creativevixstory

Twitter: CVixstory






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PHUN is a Dedicated Digital Currency Provider.

  • Pioneer Developer & Supplier of Highly Versatile Mobile Cloud Platform.
  • Wide Ranging Applications for Pre-Integrated iOS and Android Software.
  • Platform Touching Approx. One Billion Active Devices Each Month When Operating at Scale.
  • (MaaS) Platform for Digital Transformation Available in AWS Marketplace.
  • Aggregate Holdings of Approx. 529 Bitcoin Valued at Over $31.8 Million. 
  • PhunCoin Currency Available for Trading Exclusively on Securitize, the First Blockchain-Enabled Transfer Agent Registered with the SEC.
  • Third Quarter Revenues of $2.2 Million, a 50% Increase in Quarter-Over-Quarter Net Revenue Results.

Breaking News:

  • PHUN Mulitscreen-as-a-Service (MaaS) Platform for Digital Transformation Now Available in AWS Marketplace

On November 23rd PHUN announced immediate availability of its Multiscreen-as-a-Service (MaaS) platform in AWS Marketplace , a digital catalog with thousands of software listings from independent software vendors that make it easy to find, test, buy, and deploy software that runs on Amazon Web Services, Inc. (AWS).

The PHUN portfolio of Smart Solutions on mobile provides access to all of the features and capabilities of the MaaS platform that any business can license to drive digital transformation through contactless digital access, room-booking, occupancy management, directories, check-in instructions, screenings, feedback tools, news, notifications, analytics, and seamless access and integration to third-party vendors and systems.

AWS Marketplace streamlines customer adoption of technology such as PHUN MaaS via a consolidated purchase environment and integration with their AWS accounts, which have terms already established. AWS Marketplace SaaS Contracts simplifies the process even further by enabling customers to prepay for MaaS based on expected usage tiers through contracts up to one year in length. The cost of PHUN MaaS is integrated into the customer’s AWS bill once they subscribe, resulting in a consolidated, easy-to-process bill.


About PHUN:

Phunware, Inc, (NASDAQ: PHUN) is the pioneer of Multiscreen-as-a-Service (MaaS) , an award winning, fully integrated enterprise cloud platform for mobile that provides companies the products, solutions, data and services necessary to engage, manage and monetize their mobile application portfolios and audiences globally at scale.

PHUN Software Development Kits (SDK’s) include location-based services, mobile engagement, content management, messaging, advertising, loyalty ( PhunCoin & PhunToken ) and  analytics, as well as a mobile application framework of pre-integrated iOS and Android software modules for building in-house or channel-based mobile application and vertical solutions. PHUN helps the world’s most respected brands create category-defining mobile experiences, with approximately one billion active devices touching its platform each month    when operating at scale.

For investors, PHUN has recently delivered powerful gains, rising from the $1 pps level to a peak of over $20 per share in October on record trading volume.

  • Phunware Acquires Additional Bitcoin

On November 22nd PHUN announced it has purchased an additional 398 bitcoin for approximately $23.8 million in cash at an average price of approximately $59,917 per bitcoin, inclusive of fees and expenses.  As of this date, PHUN held an aggregate of approximately 529 bitcoin, which were acquired at an aggregate purchase price of approximately $31.8 million and an average purchase price of approximately $60,191 per bitcoin, inclusive of fees and expenses.

  • PHUN Phunware Begins Trading 

On November 19th PHUN announced its plans to begin processing initial issuances of PhunCoin (PHCN), available for trading exclusively on Securitize , the first blockchain-enabled transfer agent registered with the United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).

Anyone who already invested in PhunCoin through previous exemptions such as Regulation D and Regulation CF will receive specific instructions on how to consent to their PhunCoin issuance, set up a Securitize account, complete requisite screening requirements and receive their PhunCoin. Following these initial distributions, PHUN will still reserve approximately 72% of the maximum available supply, which is 100 billion PhunCoin.

PHUN PhunCoin is an innovative cryptocurrency uniquely positioned for mainstream adoption because it is leveraging the global reach and distribution of a NASDAQ-listed company that specializes in consumer engagement and monetization. Founded in 2009, PHUN has developed mobile ecosystems for some of the world’s most recognizable brands. PHUN has also generated over 15 billion Phunware IDs tied to consumers all over the world and developed a custom data platform (CDP) that manages approximately one billion monthly active devices when operating at scale.

Managed by PhunWallet , which is available on Apple App Store and Google Play , PhunCoin works alongside PhunToken in support of a dual token economy that seeks to blockchain-enable PHUN CDP.

  • PHUN Provides 2022 Revenue Guidance and Revises Investment Policy for Cash Management

On November 18th PHUN announced revenue guidance of $25 million for 2022, including a revised corporate investment policy providing even more flexibility for diversifying and maximizing returns on cash reserves that are not immediately required for operating liquidity.

As part of the updated corporate cash management policy, PHUN may save and/or invest cash reserves in certain specified alternative reserve assets to include, but not limited to:

In parallel to formally executing the board approved operating plan for 2022, PHUN will actively manage its cash management and treasury in conjunction with its ongoing board governance, oversight and compliance activities, including all requisite third party legal, audit and regulatory reviews, disclosures and filings as appropriate.

  • PHUN Reports Third Quarter 2021 Financial Results 

Company Records 50% Increase in Quarter-over-Quarter Net Revenues

On November 11th PHUN announced financial results for its third quarter ended September 30, 2021.

“We are extremely excited to post 50% sequential organic growth in net revenues quarter-over-quarter, demonstrating that we are now reaping the benefits of our direct and indirect go-to-market strategies for our MaaS enterprise cloud platform for mobile,” said Alan S. Knitowski, President, CEO and Co-Founder of PHUN. “Our team executed strongly over the past quarter on multiple fronts, executing deals with several prominent new customers and partners across different verticals, including scaling our dual token economy while actively pursuing our inorganic growth strategy and closing the acquisition of Lyte Technology. In conjunction with the organic growth announced, the closing of Lyte also adds immediate profitability, backlog and growth that will allow us to leverage a new, strategic distribution network to consumers to further scale and accelerate our blockchain initiatives. This past year has certainly been a pivotal and encouraging period for Phunware and I am confident that as we head into 2022, we will be firing on all cylinders with a dynamic organic and inorganic growth strategy that will have us poised for immense growth.”

Third Quarter 2021 Summary Financial Results

  • Net Revenues for the quarter totaled $2.2 million
  • Multiscreen-as-a-Service (MaaS) Platform Subscriptions and Services Revenues were $1.8 million
  • Net Income was $0.4 million
  • Net Income per Share was $0.01
  • Non-GAAP Adjusted EBITDA Loss was $(2.5) million
  • PHUN Adds Third Pediatric Healthcare Customer Win for MaaS Digital Front Door Solution on Mobile

On July 20th PHUN announced that it has closed its third pediatric Multiscreen-as-a-Service (MaaS) platform licensing win for a patient-centric, digital front door mobile application portfolio with one of the nation’s largest pediatric health systems.

As one of the largest freestanding pediatric health systems in the United States, including a headquarters based in the Southwest region of the country, digital transformation and innovation is a central cornerstone of the customer’s strategy to enhance their patient and visitor experience for children, all while optimizing the utilization of their available resources for improved financial performance and better clinical outcomes.

  • PHUN Smart Hospitality Solution Licensed by International Luxury Resort

On July 15th PHUN announced it will license its Smart Hospitality Solution to one of the largest international luxury resorts in the world. Every luxury resort is strategizing how to get guests back on property post pandemic and many are thinking about how to use mobile solutions like the PHUN platform to not only address their potential safety issues, but also to tech-enable their guest experiences.  

This customer can now access PHUN feature-rich mobile solutions to better engage their guests and staff, while simultaneously optimizing their operational and staff efficiencies, lowering their costs and boosting their revenues. Capabilities include, but are not limited to:


  •  Location Based Services to enable mapping, wayfinding and positioning, both indoors and outdoors.
  • Mobile Engagement to create, schedule and optimize contextual messaging campaigns to engage and inform guests, including real-time alerts, notifications and messaging.
  • Analytics to drive better insight into guest behavior and engagement.
  • Content Management to manage application content in real-time with a simple web-based portal.
  • Audience Monetization to leverage the PHUN proprietary data platform and high-impact creative to promote brand awareness and increase bookings.
  • Additional integrations to support business systems, including mobile check-in, food and drink ordering, in-room entertainment, temperature control, concierge services, communication, access control and loyalty programs.

For more information on Phunware, Inc. (PHUN) visit:

Also see: https://phunwallet.com  and  

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[November, 2021]: The new Magick shop on Etsy, “TwilightWingsMagicks” is fast becoming a name to remember for many people who have fallen in love with the shop's amazing Magickal services. With Divine roots, the popular Magick practitioner TwilightWing is committed to helping families and individuals change their lives through a surge of positivity and Magickal skill.

TwilightWing, a professional Spiritual Healer on Etsy, employs Magick Spells and Rituals to assist individuals in achieving control of their spiritual well-being and lives. Spiritual healing, also known as Magick, has grown in popularity over time. It is now being used to heal individuals in a variety of ways and bring about the changes they desire in their lives. Starting back in December 2020, the shop has amassed more than 350 sales and over 90 five-star reviews with no negative reviews. According to reports, people who have experienced the owner's services termed it as genuinely authentic and helpful. 

It's not uncommon to stumble across people who claim to be such experts these days. It could be imposters who defraud people out of their hard-earned money through deception and false promises, or it could be individuals who perform Dark Magick. With so many options and without a thorough understanding of the whys, it's no surprise that many people avoid Magick due to its risk.

TwilightWing has created a strong brand value in the field of Magick by focusing on Spells and Rituals. TwilightWing uses 5-star Spells that have been used since ancient times to assist individuals to better their money, mend their relationships, and achieve success. It serves as a perfect destination for people who aspire to achieve great things in their lives and work hard to accomplish them. However, sometimes people find it challenging to fulfill their goals despite trying hard as they look for new answers. This is where a Magick Practitioner like TwilightWing can make a difference.

In the words of the shop owner TwilightWing, “ My only goal is to help out my clients. I work with benevolent beings such as Ancestors, Spiritual Guides, and most prominently, Angels and GOD. I have a slew of other beings who support me that fall within that benevolent category too, including my practices. I know that many people who heard about such services will be cautious at first, but believe me, this is one experience you wouldn’t want to miss for the world.”

TwilightWing Adds, “My shop began with a straightforward goal in mind. To use Divine Magick to help my customers make positive changes in their life. Like many others before me, I began tiny and unrecognized. However, throughout my first year with my company, I have never had a negative review. I have always received positive outcomes from all of my clients. I believe my most endearing attribute is the customer service I provide, as I treat my clients like family.”

About The Shop

TwilightWingsMagicks is owned by TwilightWing, who is also its sole practitioner. The shop packs a huge catalog of powerful items that customers are unlikely to find anywhere else. To learn more and get started, one can visit the Etsy shop. For updates, readers can follow TwilightWings Instagram and Pinterest profiles.

Below Media Contact Info For Publishers, Distributors, Other Related Parties, And Broadcastking Only. Not For Public Use In Anyway Shape Or Form:

Media Contact 

Business Name: TwilightWingsMagicks

Contact Person: TwilightWing

Contact Number: N/A



Country : United States Of America




Sydney, Australia, Perth, Western Australia, TBC November 2021: GenieUs Pty Ltd, a genomics discovery company that uses data analytics and machine learning to better understand the cause of neurodegenerative diseases, and the Perron Institute, Perth who develop RNA therapies called Antisense Oligonucleotides have developed two unique candidate therapeutics that could ultimately translate into treatment options for patients suffering from neurodegenerative diseases, including Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS), and Parkinson’s Disease.

Using a genomic medicine approach, the latest data from patients cells has shown that two microRNA therapies have strong target engagement and can potentially regulate genes known to affect ALS (the most common form of MND) and Parkinson’s. MicroRNA are small molecules that regulate genes by “RNA silencing” a process that neurons and other cells in the body use to regulate the amount of proteins required for biological processes like growth and repair. Micro RNA can regulate a number of genes at once and this is why GenieUs has focused on this RNA based cell process, to identify novel therapeutic candidates.


The GenieUs team uncovered a number of microRNA targets that were significantly dysregulated in motor neurons from MND/ALS patients using a comprehensive genomic medicine-based approach which included the spinal fluid from ALS patients. GenieUs and the Perron Institute have partnered to develop an antisense technology approach to directly target the dysregulated microRNA. In an exciting partnership with the MND research group at the Perron Institute, the two teams have been keenly working to evaluate these microRNA targets leveraging the Perron Institute MND research group’s extensive track record in gene targeting antisense therapeutics for ALS/MND and other neurological conditions. The Perron institute MND research team, specialises in the development and translation of antisense therapeutics for patients, and has a number of candidate medicines in various stages of preclinical testing in preparation for first time in human studies.


Dr Loren Flynn (Perron institute postdoctoral research fellow), who is an inventor of several MND antisense therapeutics and Dr Sam Brennan (GenieUs) have reviewed the preliminary data showing the potential for regulating these novel MND related microRNAs and selected two primary candidate targets to move forward in the coming 12 months.


The Joint team of Matt Keon, GenieUs CEO, and Professor Anthony Akkari, head of the MND genetics and therapeutics group at the Perron Institute, will test RNA therapies in patient stem cells models over the next 12 months to show efficacy.


Founded in 2017, GenieUs’ analytics solution is at the forefront of bioanalytical analysis of datasets to map and sub-categorise neurodegenerative diseases for more personalised treatment options.  Neurodegenerative diseases are complex and vary between people, so it is important to understand  the unique genetic backgrounds and molecular events that cause the condition and create truly personalised care and treatment for people.The Perron Institute, established in 1982 is the longest established medical research institute in Western Australia and is researching a range of neurological disorders. It brings together a dedicated range of researchers and clinicians, many pre-eminent in their fields. The Perron Institute has contributed to a number of neuromuscular disease discoveries over the years, this includes the SOD1 gene the first gene discovered for MND back in 1992, and most recently the first antisense therapeutics for Duchenne muscular dystrophy.

This advance is a further step towards unravelling one of the greatest health challenges we face; enabling earlier intervention to facilitate improved clinical outcomes for patients. 

Matt Keon, CEO and co-founder of GenieUs, said: “As with everything we do, we seek to provide therapies safely and quickly to patients. These are encouraging early findings and we hope that we will be able to collect enough evidence to be able to move into clinical trials in the very near future.”

Professor Anthony Akkari, Head of Motor Neurone Disease Genetics and Therapeutics Research at the Perron Institute said: “It is our goal to provide new treatment options for people living with these devastating conditions as quickly as possible.”

GenieUs has been awarded a patent for the biomarker of one the microRNA’s they are developing.   


About GenieUs

GenieUs is a science and technology company using  a proprietary model of data analytics and machine learning to solve the mystery of neurodegenerative diseases, one of the most misunderstood condition areas on the planet. Founded in 2017, its analytics solution uses in-house algorithms and the deepest integration of datasets to map and sub-categorise neurodegenerative diseases for more personalised treatment.

About Perron Institute

For over 39 years, the Perron Institute has continued to build its reputation as an innovative medical research institute which has made significant breakthroughs across a broad spectrum of neurological conditions. Perron Institute’s multidisciplinary approach enables the translation of research outcomes into treatments aimed at providing a better quality of life for millions of people around the world who suffer with devastating neurological conditions.

About Neurodegenerative Disease

Neurodegenerative diseases like motor neuron diseases and dementia are one of our fastest-growing health risks. There are 10 million new cases of dementia globally every year, yet research and diagnosis are years behind diseases like cancer.



GenieUs Genomics Sydney and Duke University North Carolina have embarked on a pilot study to look at the biologic mechanisms in patients that have spontaneously reversed ALS.


Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS), is a progressive neurodegenerative disease that causes muscle weakness, paralysis, and ultimately, respiratory failure. An ALS reversal is a person who has regained significant or complete motor function having previously been diagnosed with ALS. 


The study aims to look at the patient’s motor neurons to potentially uncover new clues as to why these patients have reversed the disease. Illumina will be supporting the study by providing in depth genomic sequencing for the project.


The study will be run by Professor Rick Bedlack who has been following this group of patients in the hope of uncovering a mechanism that can then be targeted as a therapeutic or diagnostic target.


There are 54 patients across the world that have spontaneously reversed ALS.

Their ALS diagnosis, progression and recovery have all been independently confirmed by Dr. Bedlack and his team at Duke. Some of these patients were unable to speak, swallow, breath or walk independently and now have regained those lost functions


No one knows why this occurs but there are three prevailing schools of thought.


  1. That their ALS has been misdiagnosed and they instead had some novel, previously undescribed mimic-syndrome
  2. That the treatments they took actually worked
  3. That there is a biological mechanism that is unique that helps flip the disease back under threshold.


It is the last theory that GenieUs and Duke University want to investigate in a pilot study. Similar findings have already been made in diseases like Alzheimers. In 2018, Dr Eric Reinman and his team recently uncovered a mutation in an Alzhiemer’s patient that seems to interfere with the ability of two key proteins to bind together—a binding that seems to be crucial for the progression of the deadly neural cascade. Even though this woman had classic amyloid plaques associated with Alzheimer’s she didn’t suffer the traditional Alzheimer’s symptoms. Reiman and his colleagues demonstrated they could replicate this effect in the lab using small molecule drugs that consist of antibodies which interfere with the binding in a similar way


It is this kind of process that the teams at Duke University and GenieUs Genomics hope to uncover and translate for ALS.


Founded in 2017, GenieUs’ analytics solution is at the forefront of bioanalytical interrogation of  datasets to map and sub-categorise neurodegenerative diseases for more personalised treatment options.  Neurodegenerative diseases are complex and vary between people, so it is important to understand  the unique genetic backgrounds and molecular events that cause the condition and create truly personalised care and treatment for people.


Matt Keon, CEO and co-founder of GenieUs, said: “A large component of ALS still remains a mystery. If we can solve bigger pieces of the puzzle, in this case uncover a new mechanism to target then we are a step closer to solving ALS in a very real, tangible way .”


Rick Bedlack, Professor, Duke University said: “I am grateful to collaborate with the brilliant GenieUS team to uncover the mechanisms of ALS reversals.  If we can understand why these recoveries happened, we might be able to make them happen more often.”


Amanda Cashin, PhD, co-founder & Global Head, Illumina For Startups said:

“We are pleased to award Matt Keon and his team at GenieUs an Illumina for Startups Sequencing Grant to progress their research into finding a therapeutic or diagnostic target for generate proof-of-concept data towards development of a personalised approach to diagnosis and treatment of neurogenerative disease - ALS. GenieUs is the first startup in Australia to be awarded this grant from Illumina to access our sequencing systems, reagents and technical expertise at the recently open Illumina Innovation Collective lab in Melbourne,’




About GenieUs

GenieUs is a science and technology company using breakthrough data analytics and machine learning to solve the mystery of neurodegenerative diseases, one of the most misunderstood condition areas on the planet. Founded in 2017, its analytics solution uses cutting-edge algorithms and the deepest integration of datasets to map and sub-categorise neurodegenerative diseases for more personalised treatment.


About Neurodegenerative Disease

Neurodegenerative diseases like motor neuron diseases and dementia are one of our fastest-growing health risks. There are 10 million new cases of dementia globally every year, yet research and diagnosis are years behind diseases like cancer.




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JustAboutCar today announced a new customized square pillow, suspended rotating air freshener and other newly stocked auto parts relating to car accessories, decoration, cleaning, organizers, and other car speciality tools. 


A recent market research revealed that the numbers of people who own a car have increased lately which has led to increase in demand on the auto parts market globally. In addition, both newly manufactured auto parts brands and rising-talent car accessories sellers have become a threat to existing auto part networks  like Honda, Renault, and Hyundai therefore the market has become highly competitive.


Car accessories including car organizers and car decorator play a vital role in upgrading your vehicle. Whether your car is old or new, the best way to upgrade and protect your car is using the best car accessories. Justaboutcar which is one of the leading online stores for auto parts has stocked up on car accessories in line with the trend, you can visit the store to check the full collection.


USB Ceiling Light, headrest pillow, seat head support, car device holder, Dog car seat belt, Dog seat cover are among the new collections. All these auto parts collections are to improve our quality of life. The Car seat organizer is a perfect protective accessory for your vehicle. It prevents your car seat from being affected by stains, scratches, scuff marks, and muds.  Also, the Car wireless charger cup offers a new way to power your phones and AirPods. Its economical design will add beauty to your car's interior.

It's winter and you know what this means as a car owner. You have to prevent car breakdown from excess cold. online store for auto parts  has a diverse collection of car repair and emergency tools such as car tire emergency repair tools, car glass UV cure light, and lots more.


All new and existing car accessory products are already in stock and will be available for customers. Justaboutcars is  a car parts and accessories store online and it's among the best sellers in car decoration, car accessories, car cleaning/washing, road trip essentials, car repair and specialty tools.




UHAMKA sebagai Kampus Islami Unggulan Berkemajuan di Jakarta menyelenggarakan pendidikan dan pengajaran dengan prinsip belajar sepanjang hayat. UHAMKA sebagai Perguruan Tinggi Unggulan Terbaik di Jakarta menyelenggarakan penelitian dengan prinsip kebebasan berpikir ilmiah dalam skala nasional dan internasional. UHAMKA sebagai Perguruan Tinggi Islami Termurah di Jakarta menyelenggarakan pengabdian dan pemberdayaan masyarakat dengan prinsip kemaslahatan dan kesejahteraan masyarakat.

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Indian, November 22, 2021. Sometimes you just can't do it all. If you are trying to juggle a career, school, a home, a family and personal pursuits you might just find that you don't have enough time for everything. When this happens you have to find other ways to get things done. One option to consider is hiring a maid service to help you get the household chores and cleaning done.

By investing in a maid service you can have it all- a perfectly clean house and fresh laundry without having to do it yourself. This frees you up to work on other important tasks such as your children or your career. Many people find that delegating this responsibility relieves stress and helps them to lead a happier and more productive life. Plus then you won't have any reason to complain about the piles of unwashed laundry lurking in your bedroom.

If you do decide to hire a maid service make sure that you put a lot of thought and research into your decision. This is not an easy decision to make. Generally you will start your search by finding out which other companies are already offering cleaning services in your area. If you live in a regular community you should have plenty of options. Remember these maids will be alone in your home and it is important to find a service that will clean well and that has a good reputation.

Bearing this in mind, I can proudly vouch for Naukri Mitra as this agency is top notch when it comes to:


  6. Driver & Car Driving School Service


With a top notch service, Naukri Mitra promises a guarantee. As they select candidates based on oral exam and written exam, background check of all the candidates is done, and its report will also be provided to you. Apart from this, the candidate’s ID cards and their previous employer and relatives contact details will also be provided to you.


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