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  1/11/2024 Experience Personal Care and Oral Health’sFuture at Vibrant Gujarat Trade Show 2024, Only with Agrav Colo relaxation
  1/5/2024 Dr Agravat Healthcare Ltd signs 45 crore MoU with Gujarat Government to manufacture Medicated Colo relaxation
  7/5/2023 Famous Oral Care OSMF Mouth Opening DIY Kit Gains Popularity in Dubai, UAE Colo relaxation
  1/30/2022 Dr. Bharat Agravat's Innovative OSMF Mouth Opening Kit news published in ABP News Live Hindi Colo relaxation
  12/29/2021 Dr Bharat Agravat’s Smile in Hour® Becomes India's Premier Dentech Startup to Cure OSMF, Reports Biz Colo relaxation
  11/1/2021 Smile In Hour® Dentech Startup launches OSMF Mouth Opening Kit Teaser video for Oral Submucous Fibro Colo relaxation
  3/23/2021 Buy Osmf Mouth Opener Kit during This Lockdown Period and Heal Yourself with Mouth Opening Trouble Colo relaxation
  11/27/2020 Advanced Do-It-Yourself Mouth Opening Kit For Osmf Treatment At Home! Colo relaxation
  4/4/2020 Use Lab Test Reviews To Go Through A Safe Testing Procedure! Colo relaxation
  8/14/2019 Solarstone Solar Panels: The Doorway to a Greener Future with Innovative Solutions Colo relaxation
  8/11/2019 E-Rim’s Environment-Friendly E-Bike Conversion Taking Bicycle Aficionados by Surprise Colo relaxation
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