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AHMEDABAD, MAY 25, 2024 - World No Tobacco Day is right around the corner and the pioneering dentist of India, Dr. Bharat Agravat, has something to say to his fellow countrymen and the world. Along with Dr.Kartavya Agravat, the sharp co-founder of Quit Smoking Gutkha initiative, and his glorious team, the good doctor joins the global medical community in commemorating this day in memory of those who have lost their lives to tobacco and those who could be saved in the nick of time and were granted a longer, cleaner shot at a brand new life. This May 31, Dr. Bharat Agravat and his team celebrate life as they give new hope in the form of Quit Smoking Gutkha Kit, or the QSG Kit.

Tobacco continues to be one of the biggest causes of human death worldwide. South Asians even more so because of the variety of tobacco products they've managed to invent. The QSG DIY Kit, however, offers a comprehensive solution. On this World No Tobacco Day, Fri, 31 May, 2024, the Dr.Agravat team focuses on the global youth and helps them understand the grave dangers of consuming tobacco. Health once critically lost is never regained. Plus, teaming with the right officials, the Dr.Agravat team ensures to make it more and more difficult for tobacco companies and factories to offer them at dirt cheap prices. For anyone who becomes an addict, the quintessential Quit Smoking Gutkha Kit is just a click of the mouse away.

In these testing times, it is of paramount importance to rally behind the one who's on a mission to make a difference in the society. The DIY QSG Kit developed by Dr. Bharat Agravat helps addicts break free from the clutches of tobacco and frees them through complete non-invasive methods. Its triple action formula solution is completely Medico herbal and, therefore, has zero side-effects. QSG Kit Pack of 3 products is the only one that provides a 4 weeks quit holistic and comprehensive programme designed to help people surely lead radically healthier lives.

Chewing Gutkha, Supari leads to restricted mouth opening Oral Submucous Fibrosis very commonly seen. 15-20% person covert in Mouth Cancer. OSMF Mouth Opening Kit is the best solution to help open mouth at home.


Quit Smoking Gutkha QSG Kit Pack of 3 Products with 4 weeks quit programme was developed by Dr Kartavya Agravat under the mentorship of 25 years experienced and 18 award winner Dr Bharat Agravat. It is a triple action solution providing 4 weeks quit  programme comprehensive and holistic solutions to de-addict tobacco consumers naturally.


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