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15th September, 2019: Music lovers all over the globe are always craving for newer and newer genres of music tracks. Their appetite can be fulfilled only by professional music promotion teams, who know where to tap. One such expert music promotion Company is SOUND ON HEATthat gives widest choices to their Clients to choose from, so that they get Real and Organic Soundcloud Promotion digitally.

This Company assures 100% authentic and real soundcloud promotion to any music track, the owners want to get promoted. Fake promotion is often the one people get at disproportionate costs, and the professional teams of this Company are averse to this idea.

In order to help Clients to exercise their options, this Company provides different packages. The dope thing is that they have reduced their prices up 55% off for a limited period! The first one is basic package of soundcloud promotion at 10$, where the Clients get high quality promotion among huge music networks and social media groups. A minimum of 1k-2k real streams with real feedbacks is assured.

The Pro Pack at 20$ will reach double volume of fans and thus grows the fan base manifold. They offer Monthly Promotion also at 120$, which gets continuous promotion for 30 days.

This Company offers a specialized Soundcloud Playlist Promotion that is not available anywhere else. Their expert team provides promotion done on Client’s playlists or sets. This real soundcloud promotion comes under 2 packages. Basic package at 25$ will get Client’s music over huge social networks and music portals, with highest quality. There is Pro pack also at a cost of 50$ that can double the reach of the music, and thus can grow the fan base voluminously.

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India, 14September, 2019

A lot of hype was created about Digital India revolution back in 2015-2016, and it’s still pretty much on. Upon analysing things at the ground level, it is quite evident that the Delhi based ventures are comparatively more successful over others. Moreover, the revolution is not just constrained within the high-end B2B platforms or online transaction platforms. Upon analysing the success rate, it is evident that the web based service providers, those which deal with the end users are equally established as well. This conveys about the claims that digital revolution has actually reached the ground level in India.

The following Delhi based digital ventures thoroughly depict about the claims made above.

News Patrolling: is a digital news publishing house. It is being heard that the current Government of India is planning for FDI in digital news sites. However, News Patrolling may not be too bothered about that as it has already established its stature. Be it about being displayed on prestigious 7 storey NASDAQ building in New York or being the media partner of many esteemed award ceremonies, News Patrolling has moved a long away.

They have a great hilt in technology segment as well. This is being said based on the fact that they (News Patrolling) were the media partner of Smart Mobility Summit for two consecutive years in 2018 and 2019 in Delhi. Being the media partner of prestigious   ZariVaya Fashion Show in Delhi, News Patrolling has proved its stature in fashion segment as well. has managed to derive a perfect niche for itself observing the prominent architecture and real-estate hub that Delhi is. It is currently the household name for fabrication needs among Delhites. They have made the all-out fabrication products and service segments available over their online platform. Ranging from the aluminium partitioning, grill works, gate manufacturing, metal railing, balcony railing, staircase manufacturing, shed construction, structural fabrication, to metal sheet roofing, can be the one-stop destination for all. No matter it’s about the sky kissing apartments or the typical Delhi households, has effective solution for all.

It’s said that the numbers prove it all; and, it works for quite well.  Having completed more than 8000 projects loudly depicts about their experience and status in Delhi. They are currently having over 10k happy regular customers. Most importantly, the client base spans from aristocrat society to middleclass. Above all, all these facts prove about the digital revolution being a reality.

It’s a rare feat indeed to make an online laundry service providing venture successful in India. However, has made it in to reality. Success of should change the perception that Indians don’t encourage the online domestic services. deserves the due credit for breaking the stereotypes. It’s their trustworthy and timely effective service that has made them a household name among the Delhites. Not just that only the elite class or corporate professionals account in its client base; enjoys an envious hilt over the Indian middleclass families as well, powered by their smart price features. is equally reputed for being a responsible service provider. Each delivery by them comes with proper crease secure packing. Being a responsible Delhite to understand the water scarcity, they work with high-end front-loading washing machines that need water 3 times lesser than the normal washing machines. Smartly creating opportunity out of business for novel causes, provides donated clothes to the needy people. This gesture has made them even more popular. too has discovered a bankable niche for itself observing the contemporary urban scenario in Delhi. With the growing trend of being tech savvy, Delhites are hugely dependent upon the tools and technicalities. Starting from the residential purposes to mega events, technology is everywhere. has managed to be the most trustworthy online platform for whole range of products and service needs in these segments in Delhi. In concurrence, it has established itself as the prominent sales marketing & distribution Company for technology based products as well. 

List of major achievements attained by is pretty long. To mention a few noteworthy, they have been the part of Delhi Photo Flair event twice, in the year 2013 and 2015. They have served Mumbai Photo Flair in 2014 as well. However, grabbed the major eyeball post being associated with global events like Photokina 2014 in Koln, Germany.

About the company: is a prominent digital media house led by Naman Bansal. They cover news from all

domains, starting from politics to technology.The company has been featured at NASDAQ 7 Storey

screen in New York.





13th August 2019: Quality Management International Inc. (QMII) has created the best platform to avail an experienced service for training, auditing, consulting, and improving the production and performance management of private and public sector companies.

Over three decades of experience and a diverse portfolio of handling clients from multiple dimensions, QMII holds the record of brilliant service offering immense satisfaction. It has audited and improved the quality of performance in more than 100 companies since 1986.

Based in the USA, this company has been one of the pioneers of this segment. Its team comprises of excellent auditors that help a company to find out the pros and cons of an existing system. On its suggestion, the entire performance management system is upgraded to achieve a better result. QMII has provided a unique dimension where the companies and organizations belonging to manufacturing, energy, transportation, aerospace, engineering, maritime, good, medical devices, government, construction, education, etc have been extremely benefitted.

The team undertakes every project in an individualized way so that the results can be optimized. The prime motto of this company is to create a proper performance and production management system by appreciating the strengths and minimizing risks so that every entity can be benefitted from the required transformation.

QMII is approached by many clients to find out the current condition of the organization. Every entity is considered and thoroughly checked by the book in order to analyze the risk involved and to find out the spaces where it can perform better. A new technique or a performing dimension is created where the organization can utilize its resources in a more efficient way and get better outputs.

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Ashburn, VA 20147 USA

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13th August 2019: Oyinbonaija presents the top-notch website for the music and sports enthusiasts in Nigeria. This website will cater to a unique platform where the music, sports, and entertainment world aficionados will find all the latest news and music content for free.

The time has come to switch on to a unique platform for entertainment and news where one will get what he wants to see. Oyinbonaija offers the ideal platform for young music lovers and sports aficionados. This website will deliver the latest productions of the leading Naija Music groups and singers. Not only the entertainment content but this online portal will also link the users with Naija Gossip happening in the public forums discussing Nigerian music and celebrities’ life.

Apart from the entertainment section, the readers will also find the news of the latest incidents in the country. From movies to crime, all news will be reported in this portal. It will become a lot easier to learn more about the current conditions and the latest news, as well as, stay entertained throughout the day.

The music lovers will also find this portal delivering the best music to download and listen. It is easier to Download Music from this website on your smart phone or computer. The website is built in such a way that any smart device user can read the news, listen to music, and entertain him without any hassle.

The latest address for Nigeria Entertainment is Oyinbonaija. Every day, this website is registering thousands of users for its eclectic content and organized display of news. Log on to to find out the latest news and music popular among the youths these days. Stay tuned with what is happening in Nigeria very easily.

Media Contact:

Email: MassiveTrendz@Gmail.Com
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The BBH Group ensures to play its vital role in the Omani community and serving the Sultanate. BBH Group real estate management believes the company offers investors the opportunity to participate in the future growth of one a rising BTS & BTL property developer in Oman. BBH Group focuses on the creation of a broad range of quality properties in which to live, work, play and shop in addition to the development and management of key destinations in Oman.

About BBH Group
BBH Group is a fully integrated real estate investment company in Oman. We specialize in crafting BTS & BTL residential, commercial, leisure and industrial projects by creating small real estate solutions with divers designs and quality affordable prices that suites all segments in the community. We continue to nurture this unmatched passion for building Oman. We're always on a path of continuous improvement. As a leader in the renovation, reconstruction and repairs industry, specialize in development building facilities. Thus our motto: "Building a Superior Future Collectively".

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(September 11, 2019): Pedaling a bicycle causes lots of physical strain. Elderly people find it very difficult. Changing to bike or two-wheeler vehicle is a costly proposition and it requires fuel too. In order to alley the anxieties and give them a pleasant ride, here is a novel invention. A dramatic equipment with the slogan “E-rim Let’s e-bike now on INDIEGOGO” is made available, by the Taiwan Company.

The announcement made today by the Company E-rim Technology is glad to inform that anyone possessing an ordinary bicycle can easily transform the same into a e-bike effortlessly, by fixing their newly invented E-rim in the front. As for electric bicycles, they are not new. But in this E-rim there is a small attachment at the center of the front wheel, which gives power to the cycle. The electric motor can be made off or on, according to the need of the rider.

When riding uphill, the motor adds assistance to the rider to go forward . At the same time, it has regenerative function also. While riding downhill, the hub motor acts as a generator and supply the battery with energy.

The rider needs to charge the battery for 3 hours only and the e-bike can carry 120 kgs. of weight. This latest bicycle can be used by persons with knee-pain, backpain or asthma etc.

E-rim Technology is conducting as of now on crowdfunding campaign, to popularize their e- bike all over the globe. The cost is negligible when compared to the advantages derived.

Anyone who wants more details about this new model bicycle wheel can get them, through wide illustrations and demos by means of videos published at the website

Media Contact:

Herman Huang





10th August, 2019: Free4U is one of the leading sites where the product testers can meet the sellers and find mutual benefits. In this portal, it is easier to avail products are a remarkably reduced rate from the sellers so that the tester can provide proper reviews regarding the enlisted products.

A lot of reviewers and users are looking for lucrative sites and deals from the sellers of different domains. It was hard to find a consolidated site where the consumers can discover the ideal Vipon Instant Deals and offers for other platforms. Free4U has addressed this issue and connected the world of testers and consumers with the sellers’ market. It is one of the leading Amazon Deal Sites that users utilize to find the best deals of the season.

The product manufacturers require a proper set of reviews from the experienced testers so that they can boost their product sale on the retail websites and get the best results. On the other hand, the testers also thrive on their reviews. On gaining more experience points by testing and providing honest reviews, the testers become a perfect tool to send new products and gather positive reviews. The sellers will be able to find the leading list of testers on this platform and choose a Vipon Review program.

Free4U is one of the best Jumpsend Alternatives that is used for gathering feedback and reviews from the testers in a fruitful way. This website covers the testers and sellers from major markets of India, Canada, Spain, Brazil, China, Germany, Japan, etc.

All a seller or a reviewer has to do is to register on the domain as per the norms and regulations and start his job. This website is and always will be free for testers and sellers to use. On providing reviews, the testers will also receive discounted points that can be used to purchase products later.

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Could this be the start of a new selling trend or just another symptom of the stagnant Spanish property market?

When a 3-bedroom property in Marbella, went on the market, its owner Neil Hudson, hoped it would fetch over £500,000.

Yet, despite many years of viewings, the 1,614sq ft property failed to sell due to the slow Spanish market, too much competition and lack of buyers.

Raffling a home for £5 per ticket is not a new concept as several UK homeowners have tried similar competitions in recent years and many have failed.
The promoters of prize draw competition have said that they will not make the mistakes other competitions have made.

Speaking to Prize Draw Competition, Neil Hudson who is also the owner of the property said:               
Some other competitions have been run very amateurishly and what seems like an easy scheme to organise actually requires a huge amount of work.
We have spent two years doing our market research and our planning. We have entered many property raffle competitions to win of course,
but also to make sure we fully understand the positives and negatives from these.

It is essential also that the general public has full confidence in the scheme. We have done everything to ensure that the correct legal framework is in place.
It is fully compliant with the UK Gambling Commission’s guidelines and the draw will be streamed live online and overseen by independent adjudicators.

The winners will be selected by a random generator and the source code for this has been published online to prove its legitimacy..
We have also made sure that we are using experienced marketing companies and have publicity campaigns being implemented,
both off and online as ultimately it is a numbers game and needs to be seen by many millions of potential winners to sell enough tickets and most
other schemes have floundered from not putting enough resource into the marketing.

We are not limiting ourselves to just UK entries, but are publicising this worldwide and give it the maximum exposure it deserves.

More information can be found at

For more information about the prize draw competition please take a look at the
Website, Facebook , Twitter, and Instagram
Or please call Neil Hudson: +44 (0)7424776838 or email



(September 08, 2019): The web portal Fiverr is already popular by its numerous Services offered to help business automation and useful for their online businesses. This website is used to encourage Freelancers to get exposed in various online fields, using their portal as the spring-board platform. Yet another latest gig gets introduced on this platform by name “Zapier”. This is a sophisticated business automation tool that has already accrued lots of acclaims from erstwhile users.

This time Fiverr Portal is introducing a youngster from Bangladesh, who has 7 years’ experience in developing assorted website programming and developing tools. Fiverr during the course of rendering allied services, such as Graphics and Design, Digital Marketing, Writing and Translation, Videos and Animation, Music and Audio, Programming and Technology, Business, Lifestyle, and Gaming etc., they have the habit of focusing attention on newer and newer online tools to get exposure to the public at large, through their site and get immensely benefited.

About this gig the seller says “I will connect your programs using zapier expert by creating zaps. I will create one simple or complex or multi step zap”. For Premium class orders, the seller assures 2 days delivery with one revision. Visual slide of Zapier recommended for Customers is also published at Fiverr Portal. Also under the caption “Other Web programming Services I offer” it is indicated that the seller can do scripting.

In support of the Zapier tool, there are many Product Reviews from various quarters, certifying the Zapier Tool Integration 1990 and praising the good work of the seller in elaborate words. The newly introduced seller invites one and all to visit the website at to know more about Zapier, and also other gigs made available at Fiverr site.