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Recognizing his immense and unparallel contribution to the Indian healthcare sector, Mr. Gaurav Malhotra, a Wharton Business School Alumni who is currently the M.D. and CEO, Bourn Hall Clinic International, has been bestowed upon the prestigious 'Young Healthcare Achiever Award 2015'. The coveted award was conferred upon Mr. Gaurav Malhotra for his relentless efforts spanning over two decades to transform healthcare at 'Health Premier League 2015' organized by Med Achievers, held at the India Habitat Centre. The conference was attended by more than 500 delegates.

The esteemed jury comprising of well respected names from the arena of healthcare, process auditors and policy meticulously judged Mr. Gaurav Malhotra for his dynamic approach, outstanding vision, leadership and significant achievement at different levels of his career. The jury included renowned personalities like PadamshreeDr. A K Grover from Sir Ganga Ram Hospital, Dr. Shyama Nagarajan from Ernst & Young, Dr. (Prof) S K Sharma from AIIMS, Dr. Lt Gen Ved Chaturvedi, Director General Medical Services (Army), Justice Usha Mehra, Former Delhi High Court judge, Dr. Y P Bhatia, Chairman Indian Healthcare Quality Forum and Dr. Y P Munjal, Chairman, Scientific Committee, Health Premier League 2015. Med Achiever recognized individuals who have exceeded expectations and demonstrated commitment to excellence through innovation and thought leadership in building next generation professionals.

Mr. Gaurav Malhotra, CEO, Bourn Hall Clinic International, India said, "It's a moment of great pride and honour to have been judged as the 'Young Achiever' by the esteemed jury members of Med Achievers. Indeed this mantle puts a greater responsibility of having to live upto the increased expectations."

This year the award and the panel were larger as compared to last year. There were nominations from very prominent institutions of the country as well as tier 2 and tier 3 cities.

Right from its inception in 2014, the credibility and scale of Med Achiever Awards can be felt and seen by looking at the team of jury and profile of participants. The first award ceremony was celebrated on 1st July 2014 (The Doctors Day) in presence of then Union Health Minister of India Dr. Harsh Vardhan, Union Science and technology minister Dr. Jitendra Singh, Leaders and icon of healthcare industry including Dr. Devi Shetty (Chairman Narayan Healthcare limited), Dr. Naresh Trehan (Chairman, Medanta The Medicity), and many eminent doctors from hospitals like Apollo, Sir Ganga Ram& Max Healthcare.

About Bourn Hall Clinic International, India 

Bourn Hall Clinic, the world's first and best known assisted conception clinic, was established in 1980 by Patrick Steptoeand Robert Edwards, the pioneers of IVF. Our founders Prof. Robert Edwards and Dr. Patrick Steptoe created the World's first test tube baby - Louise Brown on 25th July 1978. With the vision to help childless couples, they founded Bourn Hall Clinic, the world's first IVF Clinic. IVF treatment has since touched and enhanced the lives of millions of people facing difficulties conceiving. This contribution of IVF technique has been recognized by the Nobel Prize for Medicine in 2010 to Professor Robert Edwards. Through innovative thinking the clinic maintains a leading role in the field. We are committed to technical excellence in treatment and exceptional patient care.

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Deba Sahoo
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Whether you are buying for yourself, or it's a gift for someone special, finding the right men's accessories isn't always easy. Let's face it, just because there's more choice doesn't equate to better quality and style. This is an issue that Capthatt has addressed with gusto, releasing new ranges of accessories that meet the style and the functional needs of men today. These are made to the highest standard and include accessories such as; wallets, bracelets, belts, hats, men's bags to name but a few.

Black Gold Leather Bracelet for Men

Every man needs a wallet, but more than that every man needs a wallet that fits his life and his style needs. Capthatt has heralded the season with a wide range of wallets that speak to the modern man. There are eco-friendly cork wallets, retro clutch wallets with striking designs and the latest in RFID blocking wallets. These accompany some of Capthatt's classics, such as the hand crafted soft leather wallets. Specifically made to be premium quality without the premium prices. So whether you're a business man or a mountaineer, there's a wallet for you.

Men's bags have gone beyond simple messenger bags and have become must have items for the man on the go. Capthatt's men's bags include canvas laptop bags, satchels, ipad travel bags, and rucksacks with a bold fresh look.

Kingsley Jones, Founder of Capthatt states:

"It's about taking the best material and creating organic designs that are wearable yet unique. All of our clothing and accessories are designed with this focus in mind"

The collection of bracelets at Capthatt are inspired, and derive influences from Mexican and African art as well pieces that connect strongly with the biker lifestyle. All bracelets are handmade, using precious stones, steel and precious metals to create iconic pieces.

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(20 May 2019) - Peeping inside the legendry Chinese regions and mountains to happily enjoy the vacation, and whiling away the time with Mother Nature is the dream of many people. But there are many stumbling blocks for this dream to materialize, such as a reliable Travel Agency to conduct those tours providing all the incumbent facilities, amenities and comforts. Here is Good News coming to them from Chengdu China Travel Service Co. Ltd. a popular Western China Travel Company, announcing interesting arranged tours in areas dreamed of by many people, to set their foot on.

The announcement made today by the travel company explains in detail that they have successfully conducted excellent tours in these particular parts of China. The announcement says that their travel arrangements will prominently include, among others – Daocheng Yading Travel; Sichuan China Travel; Jiuzhaigou Tour; Chengdu to Jiuzhaigou tour; Chengdu Travel; and Tibet Tour etc.

The announcement highlights the specialties of the Vacation Tours arranged by the Company to attract the travelers, and make their Chinese Tour an unforgettable one for life. The list of advantages described by the announcement includes reasonable price; elimination of compulsory shopping stores; Parent-child travel meaning they don’t have restrictions of age for the travelers and children and senior citizens can also accompany; Self-driving tour and comprehensive Insurance cover etc.


The star attraction of their tours is Free Travel. By this the Company means they will arrange for all the transportation, hotel accommodation, pick-up and drop facilities, and other incidentals etc. But the travelers are completely free to enjoy their time within the prescribed tour timings, dine and eat anywhere as they feel like, and thus the travelers won’t feel any restrictions at all. This latest concept in Tourism Travel is celebrated by Tourists worldwide. The announcement invites everyone to visit for full details.


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(May 15, 2019) - You’ve decided that it’s time to start a new workout routine. While everyone is aware of the countless benefits of exercising, the vast majority of people lack the guidance necessary to structure a fitness routine—and most importantly—to stick to it.

For many, hiring a personal trainer just isn’t worth the money and effort. While typically most people just opt for any workout video they find on Youtube, today, Applete—the new audio fitness app—utilizes sound recordings featuring highly acclaimed personal trainers’ guidance at just the tap of a screen.

Well-known Youtuber and CEO Isaac Nakash, now 22 years old, came up with the idea of Applete after he sought personal training for himself in July of 2018. Realizing how much it improved his workouts and overall

well-being, Nakash decided to do some research; he learned that while the demand for personal training is growing, most people are not willing to pay for it. The young CEO then made it his mission to make fitness guidance available to everyone.

Applete Image

Based in Miami, Florida, Applete offers workouts ranging from strength training to indoor cycling in both beginners and intermediate levels. With track titles like “Funk Master” and “Treadmill Trap,” you’re bound to find something for every mood.

Applete is part of a growing movement of fitness app startups that are trying to make personal training more accessible to the public. What makes this app different? It’s 100% free with no barrier to use.

“I think that everyone has the right to fitness guidance,” says CEO Isaac Nakash. “People seeking to take care of their health and wellness shouldn’t have to deal with the burden of free trials and subscription packages.”

What gives Applete even more of an edge, beyond its accessibility, is Nakash’s decision to focus not just on physical health—but on mental health too—something that many recent studies have proven to be strongly interwoven.

Offering a plethora of yoga tracks, Applete is paving the way in spreading wellness and stress management on a global level.

Unlike many existing workout apps, Applete offers users the ability to choose between outdoor and treadmill running. With the outdoor running feature, hiking enthusiasts and marathon trainers alike—along with treadmill junkies—can now improve their cardio and listen to music simultaneously.

What also sets Applete apart is that it doesn’t rely on consumers' money for revenue, but rather on health brand sponsorships. In partnership with fitness and health brands, the new app intends to promote only relevant services and products by integrating them seamlessly during short rest breaks within each class. “Applete isn’t a transactional app. It’s a community of people with the shared goal of living a healthy lifestyle.”

As the only free audio fitness app available on both ios and android devices, Applete is quite literally changing the game in accessible fitness training—one ‘Applete’ at a time. Its tracks having already been streamed and downloaded by thousands, this app continues to grow with 20+ new

audio workouts being added per week. Moving forward, Nakash plans to expand Applete’s reach by offering tracks in more countries and languages.

“Based in Miami, Florida, Applete is a startup company founded by CEO Isaac Nakash in 2018. The “personal trainer in your pocket,” Applete is a fitness app that offers a plethora of trainer-led classes to choose from, ranging from strength training to yoga. Nakash hopes to form a larger community with Applete by spreading health and wellness on a global scale. Applete is available for free on both iOS and android devices and requires no subscription.”

Download now: 226?ls=1&mt=8

Meyme Nakash

Head of Communications



Dubai, UAE (May 15, 2019) – Organizations generally have a tough time in maintaining the employee records. So, automating all tasks related to payroll will be highly time-saving for them. Understanding this, Delicate Software Solutions offers the best Payroll Software Dubai with many features to make the payroll maintenance easier for employers and HR department of organizations.

Named EasyHR, this payroll software UAE is easy to use that provides an easy system to employers for managing employee records, for calculating payroll and WPS SIF File. Also, the software will help with automatic calculation of deductions and allowances and similar things just in a single click.

Payroll Software Dubai

This HR Software from Delicate Software Solutions will remind employers of all essential employee document renewals before the expiry date, such that they can safeguard themselves from unnecessary renewal charges.

In addition to these features, this software can turn out to the HR System for any organization as it can attach any number of documents related to employees along with their records. Delicate Software Solutions holds the pride of having created the best payroll software in Dubai that will make many jobs easier for employers.

In addition to this payroll software, Delicate Software Solutions has created many software programs to help organizations and their HR Departments. The other software programs offered by the company include cloud HR System, Cheque Printing System, VAT Accounting Software, Purchase Management and Inventory Software.

About Delicate Software Solutions:

In addition to offering different software programs to help businesses, Delicate Software Solutions also stands as the best networking company in Dubai.

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Mr. Balbir Singh

Tel: +971-52-9957352

Delicate Software Solutions, Dubai, UAE



(May 14, 2019) – Some people succeed in any field or any profession they take up. Macro Castelli stands as an excellent example of this statement. He has now turned out to be the designer for the Royal Family Al Thani in Qatar Doha. He already has 10 years of experience as an international model. Even, in the year 2015, he was chosen as the top model on the list of top 40 on He modeled for Ambassador and Chanel for Breitling. Even, he has three years of experience as a fashion designer.


When talking about this project of designing clothes for the Royal Family, he considers it to be his ambitious project. He did a difference conference at the Virginia Commonwealth University. Even, he has plans to organize a number of events in the coming months.

Marco Castelli’s happiness for designing clothes for the Royal Family can be rightly understood from his own words that read “Doha’s royal family wears clothes I have created and I obviously feel very gratified, although I also feel that mine is just a small step that contributes in bringing our nation higher on a stylistic level’5.”

He considers modeling as his life even though he can design. He always inspires the way he paints as against the way in which he designs his clothes before they are made. He considers Italian Style and art are something excellent for which he is known for the entire world.

About Marco Castelli:

Marco Castelli is actually a 28-year old model and he is a native of Porto Empedocle in Sicily. He was based in Milan after he graduated from high school and modeled as Benetton, Chanel, Ferre among others.

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Macro CAstelli


Instagram: @castellimarco @marcocastellicollection



China (May 12, 2019): Whether you are in the industry of, medical service, food contact, nursing, or animal care etc., it is inevitable for you to get the Disposable plastic gloves which are made up of premium quality material. Bitoor provides the customers with well-worn gloves that not only fit them perfectly but are also durable. The list of its main products includes Poly Gloves, PE Gloves, TPE Gloves, CPE Gloves, Nitrile Gloves, PVC Gloves, CPE Aprons, PE Aprons, and CPE Gown etc. In addition to gloves and aprons, the website also has a lot of shoe covers and boots in the store.

The fact that this online Plastic gloves manufacturer is able to produce over 10 million pieces of gloves on a daily basis is enough to prove the level of dedication and commitment the team puts into their work. Bitoor ensures the fact that the gloves provided by them are completely environment-friendly and do not cause any harm to the hands of a person. A person can also choose to have face mask, CPE sleeves, PE shoulder length Glove, EVA long Glove with neck strap, PE shoulder protect glove and CPE long Glove from the online portal.


About BITOOR: Founded in the year 2009, this website works really hard to keep up its promise of maintaining the quality of Plastic gloves. It has an expert QC system as not only every workshop has a QC department but Bitoor also offers an independent inspector to handle its each and every customer. One can also easily recycle these Plastic gloves China without any hassle which makes them a convenient option to go for.

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Zhang Jiagang Bitoor co., ltd.

NongLu Bei Road, Dong Lai of Yang She Town, Zhang Jiagang city, Jiang Su province, China.





(May 11, 2019): For someone who wishes to Download music without any hassle, Yankeem proves to be a reliable platform on which one can enjoy plenty of songs by just a single click. Music is something that everybody loves and what can be a better way to enjoy it than having the collection of trendiest songs on your phone? There is no denying the fact that a song holds the capability to soothe your soul and giving you an immense sense of relaxation. At Yankeem, a person can easily go for new music download and get his favorite genres of music on his phone within a matter of minutes.

Along with Latest music download, you can also opt for foreign music as well as mixtapes which will surely make your day more wonderful. The previous customer reviews and ratings on the website are enough proof of its popularity in the online music industry. Gone are those days when a person has to face the buffering problem to download mp3 as now Yankeem has made this process more convenient and comfortable. The task of downloading your favorite song and listening to it all day long has just been made simpler through Yankeem. A person can also leave his comments after listening to the online song which helps in facilitating the website visiting experience.


Considered as the No.1 Music Mp3, Entertainment News and Album Zip platform, this website allows you to get the recently launched music albums on your Smartphone. This Mp3 Download website offers a number of categories to the avid music lovers so that it becomes easy for them to make a suitable choice.

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Poggibonsi (SI) – Italy (May 10, 2019) – In the present situation, many companies struggle to even run and manage a single area of production. But, even at this juncture, Modelleriaferrieri Srl with specialization in Fusioni in Metallo controls and manages three different areas of production and they are a mechanical workshop, foundry and modeling.

The company holds the pride of being an expert in fusioni in metallo, which is referred to as metal castings in English. Further, the company specializes in non-ferrous metal processing, which is referred to as lavorazione metalli non ferrosi in Italy.

Modelleriaferrieri Srl focuses mainly on special aluminium alloys and bronze castings and the company has been flexible all through the development phase to achieve this height. The excellent thing about this company with specialization in fonderie metalli ferrosi or ferrous metal foundries is that they are able to operate not just in an independent manner, but also in a joint and synergistic manner.

The company strongly believes that the reduction and compliance with delivery times, ability to operate as per the recent introduction into the market and compliance with the principles of lean manufacturing are their strengths. Further, the company also believes in a very high-quality production standard and highly specialized team of employees.

About Modelleriaferrieri Srl:

Initially, this company with the name as Modelleria Fonderia Ferrieri was established with the intention of offering molds and models of excellent workmanship in the year 1970.  The purpose of establishment was to help foundries in Tuscany that operate within the metallurgical district of Val D’Elsa. Then, slowly foundry activity and mechanical workshop acquisition also happened.

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Via Umbria 17

56036 Poggibonsi Italy

Phone: +39 0577.938908