Francesco D'Agosta, (Born 16th of February, 1996) known with the stage name Belair is a music producer and musician from Germany.

He was born in Krefeld Germany he grew up in Austria, Burgenland. He attended the Handelsakademie in Neusiedl am See.

He started his career at the age of 18 (2014) as a music producer in

Miami, Florida his debut musical album “Love Is War” was released on the

19h of March, his second album "Moonrise” was released later on the 3rd

of April.


" Shooting Star " (Belair)               2020

" Heaven on Earth " (Belair)         2020

" Love is War " (Belair)   2020

" do you want me? " (Belair)       2020

" Moonrise " (Belair)       2020

" Forever Alone " (Belair)             2020

" Bad Memories " (Belair)             2020

" Sad Romantic " (Belair)               2020

In recent times, indie music has garnered a lot of attention, with

multiple aspiring artists releasing their own singles and tracks.

Francesco D'Agosta, more commonly known by his alias, Belair is one such artist. This 24-year-old music producer from

Germany has become the latest artist to attract the attention of millions online.

Francesco D‘Agosta, more commonly known by his stage name, Belair,

started producing music at the young age of 18 in Miami, Florida

He has steadily built his career as a music producer, first releasing his hit singles in early 2020.


Belair hopes to continue his rise to success and is excited to share his latest works

"Forever Alone"

"Sad Romatic"

with his audience.

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(12 May, 2020) - When it comes to home decoration, people tend to prefer the most unique. Considering this inclination, an Italian Wallpaper company namely Skinwall Dream Wallpaper creates exceptional designs of wallpaper for each client. They make customized designs according to their client's preferences. This extraordinary service ensures unique aspects of each design and makes single-piece items for each exclusive order. The material quality of wallpapers are of an excellent standard and comes with supreme resistance assurance for long-term endurance. 

The wallcoverings 2020, Collection Mural Wallpaper by Skinwall Dream Wallpaper has introduced the new collection of mural wallpaper. This range includes high-resolution graphic designs that offer an illusional effect to the whole interior design. This Italian company takes big projects of home decoration and produces a massive collection of wall covering with offbeat graphical designs sent by the clients. Speaking of elegance, the new collection wallcoverings feature outstanding designs with explicit aesthetic appeal. This company has featured its artistic expertise through diverse exhibitions and earned plenty of appreciation from native and foreign customers. 

The wallcoverings 2020 collection essentially focuses on the enhanced graphical detailing, mural presentations, appreciative amalgamation of traditional and contemporary tastes, and geometric lines. Apart from customized design, they also have a huge collection of unique wallpaper designs, and most prominent collections are- Suit Collection, Contemporary Design, Fragments of The Past, Coordinated Collection, and Material Technical Sheet. Apart from impressive wallcovering designs, they ensure high-grade material sheets with embossed vinyl surface and non-woven substance, Woven Vinyl, Opalescent, etc. Their predesigned wallpapers are available for customization according to the wall dimension. The custom-tailored products are available at a very affordable market range. To know more, visit the website



In the unsettled world that we currently find ourselves in, it’s easy to become overwhelmed and (quite literally) isolated.  At a time when nurturing our physical and mental wellbeing has never been more important, many of us are facing the stresses of lost jobs, new working conditions and the wrench of missing loved ones.

Set to launch on the 13th of June 2020, Serenity Radio aims to connect listeners with a combination of mindfulness tips, topical talks, live guided meditations and soothing music.

Mind matters

During the current crisis, it’s essential to remain mindful of our feelings in order to manage them effectively.  At such a stressful time, we each need reminding that it’s okay to be scared, fine to be worried and perfectly normal to miss our friends and family.  Hosted by holistic enthusiasts, Craig Richardson and Michelle Clarke, Serenity radio will offer a helping hand to those who are struggling and seeking some much needed R&R.

Listen to the Serenity Radio trailer HERE

Lending a hand - and an ear

Studies have shown that listening to the radio can have a hugely beneficial effect on our mental wellbeing.  As well as offering companionship and social interaction, listening to the radio for a little while each day can help to alleviate the symptoms of anxiety and depression.  At the moment, many of us are spending our days being assaulted by frightening figures and conflicting advice regarding Covid 19.  Although it’s important that we stay informed, it’s equally as important to switch off occasionally to give ourselves a break.  Serenity Radio’s 24 hour programming will strive to educate and engage listeners with a whole host of life affirming features, including:

  • Live guided meditations
  • Uplifting and ambient music
  • Nutrition & lifestyle advice
  • Informative and positive holistic podcasts
  • Advice from industry experts in yoga, pilates, alternative medicines and so on
  • Listener interactions

In the spirit of inclusion, Serenity Radio is actively inviting wellbeing practitioners and new musical artists to become part of this innovative new station.

Serenity Radio’s programming will begin at 10:00 AM on the 13th of June 2020.

About Serenity Radio

Serenity Radio is the brainchild of two extraordinary talents who share over 30 years of experience in sales and marketing as well as 15 years of holistic practice.  Based in London, this upcoming internet station hopes to bring together industry experts to help promote mindfulness and wellbeing practices to everyone that wants to listen. 

For more information about Serenity Radio, visit:

For press enquiries, contact:




Fernheilungen und Fernbehandlungen können über jede Distanz durchgeführt werden und erstrecken sich über Zeit und Raum hinaus. Die Energie die an einen Empfänger übertragen wird, werden über Gedanken, Emotionen und in Absicht von Wohlbefinden und Licht gesendet.

Ayurveda Luzern – Fernbehandlung – mit Matrix-Quantenheilung

Um die Heilenergien zu empfangen braucht es kein eigenes grosses Zutun, Sie müssen sich während der Fernbehandlung lediglich entspannen, am besten hinlegen um die Energie fliessen zu lassen. Möglicherweise wird sich ein kribbeln im Körper bemerkbar machen,

 schicke ich dir verschiedene Energiefrequenzen, welche die innewohnende Intelligenz von Körper und Seele (die Selbstheilungskräfte) tiefgehend anregen können.

WICHTIG: Der Körper braucht während des Empfangens der Fernheilung die Möglichkeit zur Entspannung. Liegen oder bequem sitzen ist somit unbedingt notwendig, damit die nun in Gang kommenden Regenerationsprozesse ideal ablaufen können. Ist die Gelegenheit zu dieser Entspannung nicht gegeben, weist ein Teil des Unterbewusstseins die Heilenergien ab.

Online Beratung via Skype oder Zoom mit anschliessender Fernbehandlung

Für mehr Informationen über Ayurveda: Ayurveda-Luzern


Schwangerschaftsmassage auch pränatale oder postnatale Massages genannt, sind eine erstaunliche Erfahrung für Mütter und Kind. Sie helfen häufige Schmerzen zu lindern, sowie Rückenschmerzen, Hüftschmerzen, allgemeine Verspannungen, Wassereinlagerungen, Müdigkeit oder  Sodbrennen.
Während der 


 verändert sich der Körper einer Mutter ständig von morgendlicher Übelkeit, allgemeiner Müdigkeit zu steigenden Östrogen- und Verringerung der Bindegewebe, Knorpel und Bändern - dies führt zu einer Belastung der Beweglichkeit und Flexibilität der Gelenke.

Ayurveda Massagen während der Schwangerschaft dienen der Entspannung und helfen dem Dialog zwischen Mutter und Kind. Während der Phase der Schwangerschaft is es wichtigs, Harmonie zu schaffen. Ayurveda Massagen sind auch gut für Nichtschwangeren die Wasser in den Beinen haben oder sonst an schwere, müde Beine leiden. Über diese Beinmassage gehen oft die Rückenschmerzen weg. Wasseransammlungen und Schweregefühl weicht ohne auszuleiten. Vata ist sehr erhöht in der Schwangerschaft.


Ayurveda Luzern: Wir empfehlen:

Für mehr Informationen zu den Schwangerschaftsmassage: Ayurveda-Luzern



Die ayurvedische Medizin (kurz „Ayurveda“) wird als eine der ältesten ganzheitlichen Heilmethode der Welt bezeichnet. Ayurveda wurde vor mehr als 3.000 Jahren in Indien entwickelt. Die Heilmethode basierend auf Kenntnisse dass Gesundheit und Wohlbefinden von dem Gleichgewicht zwischen Geist, Körper und Seele abhängen. Das Hauptziel ist es, die Gesundheit zu fördern nicht Krankheiten zu bekämpfen. Die Behandlungen können jedoch auf bestimmte Gesundheitsprobleme ausgerichtet werden.

Was ist Ayurveda?

Ayurveda - Einklang mit der Lebensenergie

Wenn Ihr Geist, Körper und Geist im Einklang mit dem Universum sind, haben Sie eine gute Gesundheit. Wenn das Gleichgewicht gestört ist werden Sie krank. Zu den Dingen, die dieses Gleichgewicht stören können, gehören genetische oder Geburtsfehler, Verletzungen, Klima- und saisonale Veränderungen, Alter oder emotionale Störungen.

Nach den Ayurveda Prinzipien besteht der Mensch aus fünf Grundelementen des Universums: Raum, Luft, Feuer, Wasser und Erde. Diese verbinden sich im menschlichen Körper zu drei Lebenskräften oder Energien, die Doshas genannt werden. Die 3 Doshas steuern die Körperfunktionen.

    Vata = Luft und Äther

    Pitta = Feuer und Wasser Kapha = Wasser und Erde

    Kapha = Wasser und Erde

Jeder Mensch hat eine einzigartige Anteile der drei Doshas. Aber eine kann stärker gesteuert sein als die anderen. Jeder bestimmt eine andere Körperfunktion. Es wird gesagt dass die Kombination der Doshas mit dem Gleichgewicht Ihres Körpers zusammenhängen. Für mehr Informationen über Ayurveda: Ayurveda-Luzern



Artist Rewards is Industry Accountability 

ATLANTA, GA, April 28, 2020: This week, Indiehitmakers, anticipates the release of its new program, Artist Rewards. Artist Rewards is a national brand loyalty program and membership network. The platform is designed to boost the career of independent artists while bridging the credibility gap between artists and industry service providers. Artist Rewards provides members with a return on their brand investment through a variety of much needed services like digital radio airplay, streaming, PR, digital marketing and advice from industry experts. The network also connects artists with trusted third-party vendors and offers rewards for good business practices. This concept is long overdue since the music industry is highly unregulated. Independent artists, who make up an estimated 97 percent of musicians in the industry, often work unsigned. Without an experienced team, emerging artists face many risks on the path to developing a successful career. Artist Rewards addresses that issue by giving members access to Industry Certified service providers. 

“Artist Rewards is a revolutionary, groundbreaking concept,” says industry connoisseur and CEO, Rob Terell of Wealth Nation/Sony Music group. “We are bringing something of tremendous value to the space, and the hope is that the community will embrace it and respect it. We are doing something that has never been done before and I believe that it is going to transcend the culture as we know it.”

Artists can select from 3 levels of membership:

  • Gold membership—$29.95/month, includes member benefits like digital radio airplay,  advertisement, online promotions, advice from top industry experts, and discounts on any of the service providers in the Artist Rewards network.
  • Platinum membership—$49.95/month, includes all the Gold benefits, plus PR, online marketing, and promotions.
  • Platinum V.I.P. membership—$99.95/month, includes all the previous membership benefits, plus opportunities to work with industry executives from companies like Sony, Universal, Def Jam, and more.

With a monthly membership, artists receive strategic partnerships and value added benefits that support their career and allow artists to economically grow their brand. Artists earn reward points with purchases made through the network and points can be redeemed on services provided by Industry Certified providers or on major brands such as Amazon, Best Buy, Target, and more. Artist Rewards ensures that if an artist pays a vendor for a service, they will deliver exceptional work. The program is designed to foster quality business relationships between artists and industry service providers which can translate into brand loyalty.

Artists and service providers can join the network by signing up at

To connect with Indiehitmakers and learn more about Artist Rewards, please contact:

            Lydia Plantamura, Director of Public Relations




(Apr 27. 2020) - Plucker is the first black owned food delivery service in New York city. Delivering for

Local businesses In the neighbor hood. Plucker offers free delivery to all customers orders will arrive 30 minutes or less.

Restaurants in New York city download online food delivery app and register your menu and selection of eating. We'll get your restaurant online, place your order online and make it available to our community. Start receiving orders. we'll install an upcoming order terminal at your restaurant to help you receive and manage new orders.

Online food delivery is already having a huge impact on the restaurant business It's perfect in time of a heading trend when we launced the Plucker food delivery service and app. Now you can get breakfast. lunch. dinner and more delivered from your favorite restaurants right to your doorstep with Plucker food delivery service in New York city.

New York city can be described as a restaurant town in a factual sense of the term. As diners here have the opportunity to taste cuisine from all parts of the world. The city is home to a wide range of eating establishments that serve Mediterranean, Chinese.

Israeli. Italian, Mexican. Russian. French, Thai and Japanese cuisines. to name some. Specialized seafood restaurants. steak houses. burger joints or theme restaurants, they are all available in New York city.

The city's dining experience offers multiple moderately priced eateries. New York city has a reputation for launching stylish and original restaurants. This trend has helped broadening the options for the diner besides providing reasonable prices. Along with these eating options, New York city is also home to numerous luxury gourmet celebrity restaurants.

Download Plucker food delivery service app here!



With the coronavirus spriding around the world,Hand sanitizer is become essentially import for our daily life & protect us from virus. And hand sanitizer is extremely in shortage.

Hand sanitizer manufacturer - Ocean Star Inc announced today that it has more than 5 million units of hand sanitizers ready to deliver. The company is following and is in compliance with each step of the FDA Guidance. And the hand sanitizers contain 62~75% alcohol with different size container over 30 types (10ml~5000ml).

More about Ocean Star Inc

Ocean Star as the top 3 hand sanitizer manufacturer in China, The Company has engaged in the manufacturing and trading of household chemicals and skincare related supplies since 2007. Their manufacturing facility is a GMPC, FDA ,CE and TÜV SÜD compliant factory. After 13 years of experience and technical accumulation, they made great progress in several industries they are involved in, especially the hand sanitizer products. Honorably work with Amazon, Walmart , LG Beauty, Bayer and more  Private label hand sanitizer

Ocean Star do oem business over 13 years, helping hundreds of local or global brands grows fastly. They manufacturing not only hand sanitizer, but also hand wash,hand soap, alcohol free hand sanitizer gel, sanitzer spray with pump,Hand santizer Card Shape Spray. With the 5 million units/month/design of production capacity and 20 days leading time, they are ready to cooperate with more companies and distributors to help more people get the hand sanitizer. At the same time, thanks to automated production equipment and mature processes, their product prices are very competitive with other suppliers. 

For more information or to request quotes, please visit or contact them through the following details:

Manager: Anx

Contact info

Company name: Ocean Star Inc





April 27, 2020 (Portugal)

Brazil and Portugal join forces again and leave us speechless with their new sound!

There is no virus that will stop them!

Brazilian singer Anayr Celina known for the recently released Latin hit “No Perdamos Tiempo” in collaboration with Portuguese DJ and producer HK release their second hit together, this time with the Brega Funk rhythm that has dominated Brazilian radio stations. The new release, aptly named “Só Pra Me Vingar”, had more than 45,000 streams in less than 24 hours and has now over 100,000 streams only on Spotify.

The song talks about an unrequited love that became revenge; a woman who discovered self-love and taught the beloved, who left her, to beg for his love.

"I tried to give a new look to the traditional Brega Funk and give my personal touch, but everything was complete with Anayr's vocals that were, without a doubt, the cherry on top of the cake" says DJ HK.

The music contains traces of the culture of northern Brazil, to which the singer is a part of. With an engaging melody and traces of forró, reggaeton and other rhythms “Só Pra Me Vingar” promises to stay in the mind of the listeners.

“We thought of something that could take the brand from Brazil and also from the north of the country where I was born, so that I wouldn't lose my Latin identity. It is a work that we are proud to present” emphasized Anary Celina.

In the sequence, both artists said they will donate part of the money they raise with the new single for the fight against covid-19.

You can listen to “Só Pra Me Vingar” on your favourite digital platform on this link:


BUY-RECORDS & BUY-RECORDS Latin is a global music label and publisher with a wide range of local artists and international stars.

More information

If you would like further information about this release, or would like to contact us about interview opportunities / review copies, feel free to contact us via our press e-mail.

Pedro Antunes

+351 91 2558611