Selangor, Malaysia…21th June, 2019: For those who want to expand their Business in Malaysia, the very first problem is to locate a proper Consultancy Firm, to enable them to finish all the formalities in this foreign country. Without help from inside the nation, it is only a dream to establish their Business and run it successfully in Malaysia. In order to help these Business Community people, here is Good News coming from S & F Consulting Firm, Malaysia. 

The announcement made today by S & F Consulting Firm provides all the necessary details, about the procedures to be followed by foreigners in registering their Company in Malaysia, and giving the name as “SdnBhd Malaysia company” after their company’s original name.

Sdn Bhd Company Registration.JPG

Their website informs in detail the advantages and benefits of foreigners investing in Malaysia, and why many foreigners express their desire in this regard. Also, the website furnishes step by step action to be taken for finishing the SdnBhd Company Registration in Malaysia.

In this context, S & F Consulting Firm provides clues about their help and the cost involved therefor. They will help in opening LLC, incorporation, engaging a Secretary, providing a virtual address, opening Bank Account, as also opening a Domain and Hosting Services, etc. They have indicated that the initial capital required is Ringgit 5000, which can be increased later according to requirement.

In the post Registration period, they will help in everything including Sign Board, Premise License, Halal, Import, Manufacture and any licenses as DBKL requirement, etc. Work Permit and MM2H Permission can also be arranged. In their website, useful links are provided, for the Malaysian Authorities and Offices for carrying out these formalities flawlessly.

The announcement invites interested parties to visit  for full details.

Contact:, +601136901890 (WhatsApp available)

Address: A-03-13 Tropicana Avenue, No 12 Persiaran Tropicana, Tropicana Golf & Country Resort PJU3, 47410 Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia



14th June, 2019: If there is one universal health problem that can be identified all over the countries, it is Diabetes – excess sugar content in the body cells. People are trying hard to reduce their weight and shed their consequential obese body, which is causing innumerable health troubles. These people are craving for pin-pointed information on sugar consumption, and How to lose weight Fast. Here is a website by name Sugar and Weight Loss that provides abundance of information through online Blogs, on the related subjects of Sugar Consumption and its consequences.

How to lose weight Fast

The announcement made today by this website elaborates in detail, how people can get benefited by visiting their website and learning the ill-effects of excess sugar consumption, as also other related and important information in this regard. The website opens the front page with an attractive caption “Simple 2 Minute Ritual To Lose 1 Pound Of Belly Fat Every Single Day”.

In order to get this information, visitors have to fill-up a simple format giving their name and email address and submit. Similarly this website provides valuable information through Blogs, with mind-catching captions such as “No Sugar Diet”; “Sugar and Weight/Solutions at your Fingertips”; “Alternative for Sugar Craving”; “Sugar and Your Health: Too much of a Good Thing?”; “The Healthiest Sweetener”; “8 Alarming Signs You’re Eating Too Much Sugar”; “What Sugar Does to Your Body?” etc.

Specialty is all these Blogs are written in simple and easy to understand language – no fuss; no frills; nothing. The announcement insists that those suffering from the bad effects of Sugar like obese body, and interested in the subject Sugar and weight loss, to visit and get immensely benefited.

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13th June, 2019: Fresh Vegetables have abundance of demand in all countries. Due to communication constraints, the export market did not enlarge in the earlier decades. But times have changed today by the availability of Internet. Good Quality Garlic, Onions, Vegetables and Fruit have found international market, for the benefit of any vegetables supplier in any country. On this context, Wuhan Sier International Co. Ltd., China has announced its readiness to export bulk quantities of Garlic, Ginger, Onions and other vegetables of Chinese origin, to global markets.

The announcement takes pride in informing that established in 2008, their company specializes in Garlic Export particularly. As a popular China garlic producer, this company has all the infrastructure facilities of a big farm, where organic garlic is planted, and systematically managed factory for planting, collecting, storing, processing and packing, according to world-quality standards prescribed.

Being a China garlic exporter to global consumers, their company adopts the policy of “Green Farm, Green business”. So by this strict policy, vegetable vendors in any country are in a position to get wholesale fresh garlic, direct from the Chinese farm to consumers’ kitchen.


The announcement encourages world buyers that they can establish business contact with Wuhan Sier International for long term import from them. This way the buyers are opening up a new source, completely trust-worthy for timely deliveries of organic Garlic, Onion, Ginger, other vegetables and fruits available in China only.

The buyers can visit their site to know the exact details of export packings available, the different species of these vegetables and allied details completely. They can enter into a long term contract and confirm the prices in advance, because the prices are fluctuating frequently in the market. For buying cheap garlic imported from Chinese farm, interested parties are requested to click and get benefited.






NNO(New National Order) or Nah? Pop Singer Creates a Perfect Plan, That Has Been Sitting With The DOJ, For the US Citizens To Be The Richest Society Based On Individual Buying Power On The Planet

The Infinity Plan

created in 2017 by Ossy Oneal for the citizens of the US, it has been enhanced since Ossy Oneal opted out of running for Congress in 2018 to work on this same plan alone in his home without disturbance.

The Infinity Economy Plan now incorporates robots and software for labor so the labor production speed will increase etc. First the economy incorporates a new domestic only currency(DCs) Robots do most of the labor for the workers in a 24 hour work day, 7 days a week to make sure that we increase production until we build more factories and establishments with robots incorporated removing labor almost 100%, creating an all play and no work type of economy, then as the economy increases with mass production of goods and services   provided by robots and software, all of the citizens and companies are given salaries in DCs, and as the economy grows from robotic labor, the revenue grows, and the salaries increase indefinitely because of the country's right to coin, creating currency out of thin air, and cradled by the fact that the goods can be bought and will be bought because of a national purchasing quota that requires the citizens to spend 75 percent of their wealth a year unless one is in debt and the quota is waived to an extent, and the same idea goes for the companies and their government grant situation. Companies in DCs(Coupons/Domestic Currency) will receive an initial grant to purchase robots, supplies, and materials from American companies; whatever they need to manufacture and sell goods and provide services, without taking advantage of the system. Citizens will buy things with their new coupon salaries, and the more goods produced and services provided, the more DCs the citizens are paid in salaries and this will have an effect on the economy in a way that makes the companies grow larger in revenue, and the citizens' bank account will grow larger because in this plan, the more there is to buy, the more we need to buy as a country; also, the DCs can be traded to tourists for international currency to continue to circulate in the economy. The salaries citizens receive will increase a magnitude annually reaching a predicted $500,000 worth of DCs a year for minimum wage or each citizen by the third year of infiltrating the plan. The plan will still allow businesses to start and grow, for this will only help the economy, not retard it, so it is still a free market system and people will have plenty of opportunity to invest in themselves while they spend their time in leisure more often than in labor.

The more companies that are started and the more business expansion that happens within the US, the more money the US citizen gets to have in their wallet in coupons indefinitely because of the "Government Giving Effect": where the more supply the country has total, the more demand we provide to maintain a perfectly balanced and haste-fully progressive economy.

The Worker Endorsement Program

A US citizen endorses a worker from another country, and the money that he or she makes from work, the US citizen receives a portion, and the foreign worker receives US coupons (DOmestic only currency) to order things out of a US business catalog at discount prices so that the US citizen can have there hands on internationally convert-able dollar.

Coupon(Domestic Currency) Exchange:

Tourism dollars will go to the US government in exchange to the tourist for internationally convertible dollars, and the tourist will receive an equal value in coupons to spend in the US during their stay here. This will replace the tax dollar missing from the infiltration of the US coupon as the national Domestic Only currency.

Stock Market Conversion

Most companies would have to delist… indefinitely, with the result being great benefit from coupons… or risk going out of business by trying to hold on to international currency as the standard for their company when no one in the US is spending US dollar anymore, a new stock market can be proposed for the US citizen and US company, though it's pointless, because the government will supply their every need, we can start a market for the US coupon stock, and watch the values grow indefinitely and make extra money without having to wait on the government.

Multi-National Company Solution

The companies will receive revenue from stocks, and can control their stock prices in a way that makes them more money from stocks. (IF banned from the stock market) the companies can endorse workers, or receive grants in Coupons that can replace the need for international currency within the company, they can also up there prices in other countries to make sure that they make ends meet. Also they can make deals in with foreign companies for materials that they need so that they can pay for them with the US coupons, for instance, if McDonald's needs meat from china, they can make a double deal with china, making sure that they can buy the meat using coupons, and the chinese company can trade the coupons to companies needing US exports, much like how crypto-currency works, and the problem is solved. WE should create a law that only allows businesses to use the coupons, also, we need to make about 40% more in exports, to meet this quota to balance these deals in imports.

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Oneonta, June 12, 2019:  Nothing defines being manly more than flaunting a well-groomed beard. Be that as it may, not everybody has the same beard texture, which would look dapper. For that, you need to pick up beard-care products that provide skin-deep wholesome nourishment. Below are the top 9 beard-growth items that are ruling the roost in 2017-

Beard Czar

One of the most sought after beard-care supplements, Beard Czar is triumphing over its competitors presently. Full of natural ingredients, Beard Czar not only supports your facial fuzz development but also looks after the skin. Made essentially from Vitamin B-complex (including biotin), Beard Czar guarantees 100% thick beard outgrowth within the stipulated time.

The high rating (4.5 stars) it has received in Amazon is the proof that how much Beard Czar is cherished by the suave men out there. Using it is easy. Just pop a pill per day for 1 month and you will get to own a silky bed of hair on your face.

All Natural Maxx Beard

There will always be few bald spots here and there (on your face) that would refuse to be filled up with hair. For them, All Natural Maxx Beard is the product to go. This natural solution has 100% clinically proven ingredients to propel hair growth in the most stubborn of regions.

 The distinctive formula combining herbs, kopyrrol and  Vitamin-B complex would give you the beard, moustache or goatee you have always dreamed for. This 3-in-1 substance is super convenient to apply on your face as well.  

Minoxidil Extra Strength Oil

Covering patchy spots or filling-up thinning hair is a part of beard growth. For it, Minoxidil Extra Strength Oil is a powerful substance. With the dropper that comes inside the package, apply this solution on the troubling spots of your face, which are refusing to be filled and see the result within 2 months!

Minoxidil is one of the most powerful formulas to treat Alopecia Barbae among men. After a rigorous 4-6 weeks of usage, you are bound to flaunt your sexy, suave goatee, side-burns or moustache. You can buy the package from Amazon where 6 months supply is available at a discounted price.

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7th June, 2019: In the Engineering Manufacturing Industry CNC machining facility holds an important part. With present day opportunities made available through the Internet, Manufacturing Companies need not install CNC Plans, investing hugely. Instead, they can outsource the same to China CNC machining service, at a negligible cost. An announcement made today by Henrong Industrial Group brings Good News to global customers in this regard.

The announcement informs gladly that their CNC machining factory in China has installed sophisticated and latest Plant and Equipment, purely for the purpose of helping global manufacturers avail those facilities, as and when they need. They justifiably boast that ever since 2003, they are rendering China CNC machining service for machining, sheet metal fabrication and prototyping process of products and custom-made Machine-parts and supplying them promptly.

Henrong Industrial Group has been catering to the needs of 1600 plus global manufacturers. The aspects that make them stand apart from peers is high manufacturing precision up to 0.01 mm, smooth surface, flexible manufacturing volume from one piece prototyping to making millions of products bulk production, and wide range of materials such as aluminum, titanium, stainless steel, copper, brass and machinable plastics etc.

CNC Machining Service

The announcement indicates that their CNC machining service is being used, in assorted fields like Aerospace, Automobile, Consumer Electronics, Electrical Products, Medical Equipment, Robotics and other such fields.

The announcement says their assets are flexible manufacturing capability, professional quality control team to assure International Standards of Manufacturing, and Customer-centric Service. Customers can raise their doubts and get clarifications from their expert Engineering Team, whenever wanted. Henrong says it is a click away at and interested manufacturers from any part of the globe can visit them and get benefited.

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Company: Henrong Industrial Group

Address: Boshan, Zibo, Shandong, China

Telephone: 0086 (0)533 4200-372




 Fresh track Summer Nitro will be released on 31.05.2019

Track will be available on Itunes, Spotify and Bandcamp.

Independent - Zen mode - based music producer, noise artist, Chillout and musician, Beno Sorsak.

Independent Slovenian-based music producer, guitarist and musician, Beno Sorsak returns under his “Electric Boogie” monkier with “Summer Nitro” a dance heavy groove with a hard driving baseline, 80s keys, synths, and programmed drums pulsating with the rhythm of refined Retro Wave. The track is both a call for movement and a controlled meditation, the pounding of kicks and repetition of the chords and melody leaves the listener in a transcendent state. With a guitar solo tucked in the back of the mix the expansiveness of the track only further unfolds with every spin, the ambient soundscape revealing another layer with each new listen, “Summer Nitro” is the perfect tune for a fun Summer, Electric Boogie has keen ear for what makes an amazing tune for the season.

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(June 01, 2019): - Of all the News Stories published, Celebrity News has a unique place. People around the world are very much interested to read such News Stories, without exception. In order to fulfill this crazy demand, here is one exclusive News Portal – Celebrities Buzz coming forward to publish exclusive interesting latest news about the Celebrities in and around Ghana and other places.

The announcement made today from this News Portal invites everyone interested  to read latest celebrity news along with photographs and videos, at their portal just by pressing some buttons online. The description given by the Portal about their News Stories is also very interesting, since they cover all the current topics and subjects to flash absorbing news.

Starting from Ghana Entertainment, the News Articles touching everything such as Trending New Stories, Politics, celebrities Buzz, Lifestyle, Sports, and Education etc. are published, with eye-catching headlines. The announcement assures that readers will get only “spicy” Ghana celeb news, because behind the scenes their reporters and Editors work meticulously, in collecting, categorizing, sorting and checking the newsworthiness of the information so gathered.

Online News Stories have a peculiar specialty that they have to reach the readers “hot from the oven” and even the delay by just few hours will spoil the interest in reading them. Especially in respect of entertainment news, the celebrity gossips should be sensational, so that the readers pay keen attention to them and get thrilled. Fans of celebrities vie with each other in not only reading them, but also spreading those ghana celeb news among friends and neighbors with excitement – the announcement asserts.

The announcement takes justifiable pride in boasting that their News Portal has tremendous support from their readers; and asks others also to make a visit by clicking



(June 01, 2019): Downloading Latest mp3 music has now become an easy task, thanks to Mp3flare that provides trendiest songs to all the music lovers out there. One of the major reasons why it is so popular in the market is because its collection consists of a perfect mix of old melodies as well as recently launched songs. Now, one can easily go for the Latest song download and groove on to the beats. All you need to do is just type the song name in the search option and once it comes up in the list, go for instant downloading and flaunt your playlist.

Mavins-All is in order ft Don jazzy,Koredo Bello,Rema,DNA & Crayon  mp3 download

A simple and quick procedure of MP3 download is followed by Mp3flare so that you do not have to wait for a long time to get the desired song. This is certainly the best way to enhance the quality of your playlist and have a collection of the trendiest songs on it. The songs are being categorized as per the genres so that it becomes really convenient for you to exactly get what you are looking for. As per the daily listening habits, it also gives the listeners some useful music download suggestions.

About MP3FLARE: This Music download website has an impressive collection of songs as per your needs and preferences. Whether you are someone who loves to have latest songs on his playlist or you are just searching for a particular song, the platform of Mp3flare is certainly the best option for you. Search for the latest song of your favorite artist, go for Fast music download and let your friends wonder where you get it from.

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26th May 2019: has come up with revolutionary and groundbreaking advancements in the treatments for acne. According to the recent information updated on the official website of the company, it has been found that their services include the provision of acne medications and pills as well as prescription treatments for acne.

The information on the official website of further illustrated the importance of preferring medical treatment for acne. It is clear that home remedies for acne treatments could work only in certain cases. On the other hand, complicated cases should be shown to the doctor immediately. The professional support for treatment of acne would help in getting efficient remedies that are generally known for working fast.

Accutane for Acne has also illustrated the facility of different solutions on how to get rid of acne easily. One of the methods outlined on the company’s website refers to the use of mild topical creams that can be applied to the affected area after cleaning. Most important of all, the company focuses on the use of gentle cleansers and solutions for washing the affected area. Strict guidelines have been presented to refrain from using harsh soaps that could result in skin irritation.

In addition to the information about the use of mild topical creams for treating acne, the official website also reflected further on the use of mild exfoliating cleansers that are essential for removing the dried-up acne. These cleansers are also claimed to be effective in filling up the cavities that are left after removal of acne. The information on can also be used for developing homemade remedies for basic cases of acne.

About the company: is a website dedicated to the cure of various problems associated with acne. It provides credible information about various types of acne and effective remedies for the same. In addition to this, the website also provides the opportunity for accessing the advice and services for the treatment of acne from professionals.   

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Telephone number: +44 000 321 2121