21 January, 2021 -- Durham, NC -- From the outset of the pandemic, frontline and essen4al workers have risked their lives every day to perform invaluable services and keep the world moving. Joi Heggins, the creator of Joyous Healing Life, wants to recognize the incredible sacrifices that essen4al workers have made to keep our communi4es safe during the pandemic. “For every candle purchased, we will donate a candle to an essen4al worker of your choice,” says Joi. There has never been a better time to bless your favorite medical worker, teacher, or other essential worker with a unique and e?ective gift that purifies the air and promotes relaxation.

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Joyous Healing Life is the handmade, natural, holistic, and ethically made candle and body product company that created the first ever anti-pandemic candle. The dedicated team of expert artisans at Joyous Healing Life has been working tirelessly to come up with creative ways to improve day to day life, even during a dangerous and stressful pandemic. Joyous Healing Life has recently released an anti-pandemic candle that is expertly designed and uniquely hand-poured to eradicate airborne fungi and bacteria, lower carbon dioxide levels, and promote relaxation. This anti-pandemic candle is available for sale on the Joyous Healing Life website.

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Westminster, CO: This winter, keep your patio furniture out of the cold. CozyCorner Patio offers you the right way to store your patio furniture, whether it is wood, plastic, stone, wicker, wrought iron or aluminum.

Many people think that since patio furniture is designed to be for the outdoors, it is perfectly fine to leave it out in the winter season. However, winters in Colorado can be a bit harsh and are accompanied by snowfalls, blizzards and icy temperatures. The cold can be particularly harsh for your outdoor furniture, which, if left out, can fall prey to corrosion and chipping.

Your patio furniture is an expensive investment and leaving it unprotected during the cold winter months can cause irreparable damage to the furniture. Hence, to make sure your patio furniture remains as good as new for the next spring, CozyCorner Patios strongly suggest your store it away where it is dry and warm.

CozyCorner Patios offer you furniture cleaning and sealant services. We can clean your furniture and apply a protective layer of sealant to the chairs and tables so that it becomes weather-resistant before we store it inside for the winters. Aside from this, there are various other ways to keep your patio furniture safe during the winters:

Tarp or Plastic Wrap

Using a plastic wrap or tarp to cover your outdoor furniture for the winter is pretty easy. You can buy a plastic wrap from any hardware shop and wrap your furniture in it. However, make sure you are extra careful with it since plastic is not breathable and even a small amount of water on your furniture can result in corrosion or mildew. In addition, if the furniture is wrapped incorrectly, it may tear through the plastic and be exposed to the water and cold temperatures.

Hence, you can request our team to come and cover up your furniture for you.

Weather-proof Covers

If you don’t want to use plastic wrap or tarp, you can use covers specifically designed for storing patio furniture that can save your investments from dust, debris, snow, rain, road salt, and more.

Having a weather-proof cover will allow you to leave your patio furniture that is too large to be stored inside to remain in your front yard. This can help you reduce the hassle of winterizing your yard and setting it up for spring faster.

Caring for Your Furniture Fabric

If your furniture has cushions with removable covers, you should read the manufacturer’s recommendations on how to clean them. If machine wash is recommended, carefully strip off the covers and place them in the machine on a gentle cycle. For cushions that cannot be machine-washed, you can use a rough cloth and some mild detergent to gently scrub it clean.

Let them air dry and then stack them loosely to store in a clean and dry box or bag.

Taking care of your furniture for the winter can be a bit time consuming; however, it can help you preserve your investment and increase your furniture’s life. If you think that winterizing your outdoor furniture is a complicated job, call us at CozyCorner Patio and we can give you advice on how to properly store your furniture or send a team to your home to do it for you.

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(January 21, 2021) – Madelyn Dorbin, the young and promising gymnast from Georgia, has secured a place in the 2021 Nastia Liukin Cup. Madelyn had a dream run at the recently held Atlanta Crown Invitational in Duluth, GA, where she mesmerized the judges and the audience with her skills and finished first in the all-around with a 38.30.

Madelyn is one of the 18 junior qualifiers who will be competing at the 12th edition of the Nastia Liukin Cup and only the third gymnast from Georgia to qualify in the Cup’s 12-year history. The Nastia Liukin Cup will be held on February 26th at Indiana Convention Center, Indianapolis, IND. As a 2nd year, Level 10 athlete in the Women’s Artistic Program for USA Gymnastics, Madelyn trains 30 hours per week at Georgia Elite Gymnastics in Watkinsville, GA.  She makes a 100-mile round-trip commute of two hours a day, 6 days a week so that she can train. Madelyn is home-schooled and does her class work in between and after practices. Her daily commute and time in the gym is like having a full-time job; so getting her schoolwork in is a priority.

Coach/Owner Pete Arenas said, “Madelyn is a dedicated and hardworking athlete. She is very focused and well deserves her place in this qualification series. She is very consistent, and we’re excited to see her perform at the next level.”

Begun in 2010, The Nastia Liukin Cup is the creation of the 2008 Olympic champion and 14-times Olympic and World medalist, Nastia Liukin. The series will be telecast live on Friday, February 26, 2:30 p.m. ET on NBCSN. The competition this year will be fierce with the participation of 18 junior and 18 senior athletes each at Level 10 from the USA Gymnastics Women’s Development Program.

Madelyn Dorbin (“Maddy”) was born in Little Rock, AR in 2006 and her hometown is Lilburn, GA. Madelyn’s parents (Cornelya and David), inspired by her acrobatic feats of jumping off furniture at home and at the tender age of two, signed her up for a session at Gymboree. Impressed by her strength and agility, the instructor recommended gymnastics classes.  At the age of 8, Madelyn began her competitive career as an Excel Silver gymnast in 2015 at Georgia Gymnastics Academy.

She joined Georgia Elite Gymnastics (GEG) in the summer of 2017. Since joining GEG, Madelyn scored out of levels 4, 5, 7 and 9. During 2020 as a 1st year Level 10, Madelyn placed 3rd on beam but injured her ankle on floor performing a double layout. She made an impressive comeback at the Excalibur Cup in Virginia Beach by placing 1st all-around at this meet. Although the season was cut short by the pandemic, Madelyn remained active and trained at home to maintain her stamina and endurance. 

Madelyn’s favorite gymnastic event is floor. Her goal is to compete in more national level events in the future and receive an athletic scholarship for gymnastics. At school, her favorite subject is history, and her hobbies include gardening and crafting. Outside the gym, Madelyn enjoys spending time with her family and her dog Brewster.

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Singer Alin Dragu, has accessed his old production houses of stealing everything to the last cent! Everything took place 10 years ago when Alin Dragu signed a contract with the production company. The contract was for a fixed period and 60 percent of the sales to the singer. Instead, the production company made a false contract, and the singer was no longer given the rights he deserves.




(19 January, 2021): Meditation has the ultimate healing power. While there's a variety of meditation techniques available, Chakra Meditation is considered to be most effective. This is one of the oldest Ayurvedic yoga therapy that promotes natural health by sustaining an energetic balance among the Chakras. Chakras are seven invisible points that are assumed to be present in the human body. Each point is attributed to a particular energy. The proper balance of energies between these points boosts spiritual healthiness. It a natural therapy that has been practiced by sages in many Asian cultures including Vedic and Chinese.  


Chakra Chi is a guidance app that will help the practitioners to perform Chakra meditation in a proper way. This app is exclusively designed for Apple gadgets and available at Appstore. This app includes Colour and Solfeggio techniques to boost the concentration level of the meditator. In ancient culture, it is believed that the world is made of frequencies. Each sound and color has a particular rhythm and frequency. Each chakra of the human body corresponds to certain frequencies. This app has a whole set of effective sounds and colors that will help the practitioner in increasing the intensity of meditation that avail effectiveness quickly. 


With Chakra Meditation, the practitioner will attain self-reflection with subtle energy. This Chaka Chi app captures the relevant sound and colors of each Chakra and helps the practitioner to gain therapeutic integrity of each point. These seven points will start pulsing on the rhythm of these particular sounds. These sounds are based on the frequencies of the Bija mantra for each Chakra. The app plays these sounds in the loop to initiate the automatic distribution of energy from root to crown. Practice this -Chakra meditation every day for at least 7-10 minutes for effective results. Download the app by visiting this link-


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Philosophy is the contemplation of the fundamental nature of knowledge, morality, existence, and the universe as a whole. You may wonder why you would want to get involved with philosophy. Simply put, it's not as hard as you may think, and you are probably interested in it even if you have not realized.

The trick is to find books that are written for general readers and not for people with specific knowledge. For example, you probably wouldn't want to get a college textbook for an advanced class, as such a book would assume that you have already read and studied certain works. Instead you will want to look for an "introduction to philosophy" book or just look for a book with pure philosophy, such as those written by philosophers such as Philippe Lacoue-Labarthe.

Though you may wonder if philosophy will interest you, if you think about it you probably already are interested in it. This is because philosophy addresses those questions about which we all wonder. For example, most of us have asked, "what is the meaning of life?" Most of us have asked, "what happens when we die?" Most of us have asked, "can we really know anything?" Philosophy simply consists of asking and attempting to answer questions such as those.

Philippe Lacoue-Labarthe French - 6 March 1940 – 28 January 2007) was a French philosopher. He was also a literary critic and translator.

Lacoue-Labarthe was influenced by and wrote extensively on Martin Heidegger, Jacques Derrida, Jacques Lacan, German Romanticism, Paul Celan, and Gérard Granel. He also translated works by Heidegger, Celan, Friedrich Nietzsche, Friedrich Hölderlin, and Walter Benjamin into French.

Lacoue-Labarthe was a member and president of the Collège international de philosophie.

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Oceanside, CA. On January 14, 2021: Andrea Susan Glass published Your Fabulous First Book: How to Write with Clarity, Confidence & Connection. An award-winning ghostwriter, book coach, and author, Glass takes the unique approach to travel on the book writing journey along with the reader as she writes her own first book and shares her experiences. The inspiring quotes, revealing stories of ghostwriting clients, and highly structured path to surmount any obstacles or challenges by finding clarity, building confidence, and making connections lead the reader to a satisfying conclusion: a fabulous first book. The valuable resources and action steps to implement the concepts give readers a guaranteed solution to realizing their dream of writing and publishing a book.   

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“I’ve been ghostwriting books for others since 2000, and now it’s my time,” says Glass, a resident of Oceanside, California and owner of WritersWay. “I’ve wanted to become a bestselling author since I was old enough to know what that is. And after finally setting aside the time, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic, I’ve achieved that goal.”


Her author website at showcases Glass’s book and coaching programs. She acts as a book coach to aspiring authors who want to write a nonfiction book but have difficulty getting started or keeping focused. “I find new authors have doubts, fears, and excuses that get in their way of starting and finish their book,” says Glass. “Through my new book and coaching programs, I hope to help them get over these hurdles so they can write and publish their book.”


Your Fabulous First Book will be available initially as an ebook and is focused on nonfiction books. It explains how clarity, confidence, and connection will help authors get clear on their goals, build confidence as they overcome their challenges, and connect with readers. “I find authors need to be clear about the reasons for writing their book and the reasons their readers will buy their book,” says Glass.


She also feels it’s vital for new authors to learn to connect with their readers both within the book and in the marketplace. “Authors need to understand how to make a connection in the book with their readers. I do that by sharing my journey as I write my first book,” Glass says. “They also need to build a connection by developing a fan base before releasing their book. They need to establish what’s called a platform to find their readers and build connections so book sales will start as soon as they launch their book.”


Anyone thinking about writing their first book can sign up for a complimentary book strategy session on the website at “As a book coach, my mission is to help anyone at any stage of the book writing process to move forward to completion,” says Glass. “I know I’ve had my own struggles to get my first book written, and after ghostwriting dozens of books for others, I understand the book writing process and the challenges that arise. I want to help entrepreneurs, service professionals, coaches, and others who want to have a book to enhance their business.”


For additional information, contact To sign up for a complimentary book strategy session, visit



Andrea Susan Glass
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Gravatar is a dating site on the rise. Celebrating its success as the top choice for finding a serious relationship as well as a fun option for quality casual dating, for a limited-time-only, the platform is offering thousands of free memberships worldwide to make it easy and affordable for people to find their life partners. The offer is slated to last from January 1, 2021 to February 14, 2021. The offer will provide FREE 6 Months Premium membership, 4 months Elite Membership, which is being given away as a thank you to the community for support and to supercharge the platform’s healthy growth.

Finding a dating website that keeps its promises and delivers a quality experience can be quite difficult. Fortunately, for those who know where to look there’s still hope. The relatively young platform Beautiful People” has taken a fresh approach to date with an emphasis on helping members connect for happy long-term relationships, along with the usual casual dating fun and good times.

Easy to navigate and with members worldwide, “We are very happy to encourage beautiful people to check out our dating platform developed for them,” commented a spokesperson from

“We know once they see a big difference here they will love being a part of our positive, growing, fun dating community.” Beautiful People is a unique trusted online dating site, specially designed for singles seeking to connect instantly with beautiful men and women in their local areas and from around the world.

The platform also provides the safest as well as flexible means of communication between loving partners, including the freedom to HD one to one Video Call, HD group video conference, video message, call, chat voice, sharing group chats, video gallery.

Other key features of the dating website include:

• Secure and safe dating with video verification profiles.

• Beautiful People site translates your chats and video calls live.

• Real-time language translation of the Dating App (80+ languages).

• Worldwide Member Map to find the live location of the members.

• Chat window with handwritten message UI and emojis.

• Yayy or Nayy – Instant matching.

• End-to-End message encryption for privacy.

• Message status to find out when your message was read.

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Contact Name: Anju Raman

Title: Marketing Manager

Organization: Beautiful People





Thank you for having me.   Truly appreciate the opportunity.  I grew up in Queens NY and played mostly baseball.  Went to Baruch College where I got my Bachelors in Accounting and then earned my MBA in Taxation from Long Island University.  As you can guess, my first two employers were CPA Firms.  KPMG Peat Marwick and Hertz Herson CPA.  Being an Accountant for 5 years, I learned the power of process.  No matter services we provided to a client, we followed a process from start to completion.


Accountants/CPA’s are typically, shy, quiet and introverted.  When I took a position as a Market Support Representative for CLR Fast*Tax, a tax processing company that required me to do sales presentations, speak in front of audiences, perform training classes it surprised not only myself but my wife and family as all of this wasn’t the Jeff that they knew and loved.


As I learned and got comfortable in my new role, I grew both professionally and personally. Sales became natural to me and I quickly excelled being #1 MSR, #1 Sales Rep the following two years and then #1 Regional Sales Manager 3 years in a row.  We moved to Chicago as I was promoted to Head of Major accounts now working for CCH Incorporated and 3 years later was promoted to VP of Sales now being based outside of Tampa, Florida where I have now lived for the past 24 years. 


Learning the power of process in my career as an accountant, provided me a skill set that I follow today.  Every sales representative, every company must have a repeatable predictable sales process that generates revenue.  Without it, steps are skipped and that is when sales are not closed. 


As a VP one of the functions is that you must train your teams.  I absolutely love training and working with my teams and I still do.  Learning never stops.  I have learned a lot from many different people and always listen for new techniques or ways of saying things.  I am a believer that its not what you say it’s how you say it. 


A little over a year ago I met Paul Webb via LinkedIn.  Paul became a Division of Brandeis Training Solutions.  Paul introduced me to Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) Which is recognizing how people learn is how people buy. Truly fascinating to me that I got my certification in NLP.  I now try to incorporate this into my sales training and business coaching clients.


Today I recently I wrote two books both are now available on Amazon.  Done Deal.  The Step by Step Handbook to Sales Success and Becoming a Rainmaker – A Sales guide for CPA’s and Accountants.  Also, I have been on ABC TV the List and many podcasts.  I work with CPA’s and accountants helping them migrate from a compliance firm to a Client Advisory Service practice that increases their Revenues without having to spend a dime on advertising.  We also work with them to increase their client base.



I’m sure your success has not come easily. What challenges have you had to overcome along the way?


As I mentioned earlier, I was an accountant, sales didn’t’ come easy to me at first.  Not many accountants become sales reps or VP of Sales. 

Making cold calls, getting rejected, people hanging up on me, leaving messages that we were never returned was a whole new world to me and one that I had to overcome to be successful.  Losing a contract or a big deal, suffering with rejection was also something that I had to overcome. 


Learning to give people


Let’s talk about the work you do. What do you specialize in and why should someone work with you over the competition?


I love what I do.  Watching people grow and succeed is something I take great pride in.

Having companies   There are many coaches and trainers in the marketplace.  Very few if any have an accounting background, been a sales executive and understand how people buy. 


Being adaptable to people, processes and procedures are things that I look for when I work with a CEO or an organization.  Those some characteristics are things that CEO’s or entrepreneurs should look for in a coach.  Not all companies are created equally and not all coaches perform equally.


I inspect what I expect, I go above expectations.  I want to overachieve the same way I want the companies that I work with to overachieve.   Sales or being successful isn’t about one person doing great or overperforming, its about having the team over achieve, having more sales reps over quota.  It’s a total company team effort. 


What’s your best piece of advice for readers who desire to find success in their life?


Success is something that you define for yourself. Yes, company can set quota’s, goals and KPI’s but success is different for everyone.  For some it’s being in the Top 10, others it’s about being in the Top 5.  For others its being #1.  


Everyone sets their success goals, and nothing is easy so you must create a plan, create a vision and you work towards that vision or plan.  When and if you reach that plan, raise the bar and keep elevating yourself to even a higher level of success.  Don’t get complacent, keep driving.   In sales, at year end you’re a hero. You finished #1  and  what happens the next day?  Your back at zero and starting the race again. 


What’s next for you?


Scaling the business and continuing to share information that people will find interesting and that helps companies overcome their challenges.  As different as companies are, they are the same in so many aspects. In Difficult times, we lead the charge and then there are followers,  I have chosen to provide a simple solution to deliver that translates to CPA’s firms a process to effectively increase revenues while working less hours. 


Finally, how can people connect with you if they want to learn more.


People can visit our Training web site at or our Business coaching site at    Everyone also is welcome to schedule a complimentary call with me at




(16th January 2021):  Mobile Games are wonders of the Internet era. They attract world population to play Games irrespective of age factor. Here is a novel idea as never before to convert Mobile Games into attracting Customers to Businesses for foot traffic and reward the Players with Gifts at the same time. The Treasure hunt game software solution supplied by Location Reward is really amusing to know about and use for benefits.


The announcement made today by Location Reward provides elaborate details about this software, which has been necessitated for Businesses to regenerate the lost Customers due to the dangerous Covid-19 pandemic.


First of all, it is fun for everyone to play interesting Mobile Games all over the world. Whenever and wherever people have even very little idle time, instantly they search for their Mobile Phone and nibble its keys to play Games for fun and while away the time. This universal practice is converted into a beneficial Marketing Strategy, and by inserting this never before Treasure hunt ideas software, everyone gets benefited enormously.


The players when playing the game after downloading the App FOR FREE get numerous prizes and gifts, by way of gift cards, hospitality vouchers and such other different “treasures”. In addition, the players can get instant prizes as well as weekly prizes announced regularly.


Similarly, Businesses also gain a lot by sponsoring their Products into the game as Gifts. By using this software as their Marketing Medium, and by setting a location to be found by the Players and can woo the Customers to come to their location physically, and buy the products and merchandizes after claiming the real-time prizes.


Clubs, Restaurants, Café or Tourist Locations etc. where people gather in crowds to spend time happily can be highly benefited by this fun Mobile Game.


The announcement informs with glee that Treasure hunt games for kids is going to be a super-duper hit as a Mobile Game, and Business Technique. All interested Customers are invited to visit  for more details and get immensely benefited!


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