31 August, 2019, New Delhi:, the Delhi based exclusive digital news publishing house that came to spotlight after flashing its logo on prestigious NASDAQ 7 Storey screen in New York, comes back to headline yet again.  Expanding its hilt over the digital platform, takes its brand to Jooble, a renowned job portal in India. This is speculated to boost its brand value to a great extent. Specifically, Jooble being a renowned platform driving immense web traffic of all age groups can certainly transcend the quest of to be a household name in Indian scenario.

Upon taking a peek in to the strategy, it is pretty evident that has addressed the error that many budding news agencies commit and face backlash. Instead of hurrying towards success or seeking instant paid publicity, it’s quite clear that News Platform has approached the most authentic and technically correct way on digital platform. Banking on flawless content strategy of uncompromising quality, they have managed to grab a huge loyal audience and subscription base. Moreover, they have thoroughly met expectations of their much valuable audience in a consistent basis. This is the reason that the platform has witnessed a noteworthy hike in terms of ranking and brand value in much quicker span of time that expected. provided the major factor to be a head turner in digital media arena after being flashed on NASDAQ 7 Storey screen in New York. Only a few very renowned media houses have managed to achieve this feat in such lesser time. Moreover, has achieved this without remaining under the umbrella of any top level lobby. This attainment by can also be witnessed as the strong inclination towards digital media in contemporary times.

Unfolding the achievement list of, it can be quite evident about their strategic move of growing across all dimensions of media. For example, being the media partner for Glam Fashion Princess 2019, they appeared in the headlines of fashion industry. Similar is the case about technology arena as well; they were the media partner of Smart Mobility Summit for consecutive years (2018 and 2019) in Delhi. They were also the media   partner of prestigious   ZariVaya Fashion Show in Delhi. Carrying forward the success to entertainment arena, they were the media partner of Global Impact International Film Festival Awards. Noteworthy here is that instead of choosing the mainstream commercial film affairs, they chose the prestigious events like   Global Impact International Film Festival Awards, which actually values quality content, also a media partner for (An online Gadget store), (An online laundry service provider in gurgaon), & (A brand behind beautiful metal designs). Now appearing on a leading job portal like Jooble, they have maintained the success rate.

 About the company: is an exclusive digital media house led by Naman Bansal. They cover news from all domains, starting from politics to technology. They managed to be in the headlines post being featured at NASDAQ 7 Storey screen in New York.  

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(August 31, 2019): Kanpur in Uttar Pradesh is famous all over the world, as a first-class Tourist Destination. There are many Tourist Attractions all over this big city. Using the abundance of Tourist Flow into Kanpur every year, many amusement facilities have been provided. Notable among them is “kanpur water park and blue world kanpur” by its countless facilities to woo the Tourists of all ages, including kids from 3 years of age. The announcement made today by overwhelmingly kindles the enthusiasm of Vacation Tourists, by its narration of the noteworthy arrangements available here.

Especially during summer, when the Sun is scorching at Kanpur, the announcement indicates that this huge Water Park will be an impeccable rendezvous for those, who wish to while away their time with cool water plays and sports, unforgettable in their lifetime.

Since the facilities available are numerous, the announcement only hints about the names of amusement facilities for the Tourists, to find out in elaboration by visiting their site. Spread over 25 acres of expansive land, the Kanpur Water Park and Blue World consists of more than 30 energizing rides – Dry Ride; Water Fun; 9D Theatre, Dinosaur Villa as well as the biggest musical fountain in India.

Ropeway Track; Themes Park of many countries including India; Fairy Land Water World; Theme Zones; Restaurant; Kiosks; Pools, Family Rides Carousels,  Planetarium  and a lot more are also available. For exclusively amusing the kids, there is a separate Kids Zone filled with loads of fun rides, pools, Flying Chopper, Jingle Bells and Umbrella Ride etc.

The announcement invites one and all to visit to know more and fullest details.

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China (August 27, 2019):  Prestigious Hotels the world over astonish their Guests, by decorating Rooms with eye-pleasing Hotel Amenities of sorts. Wherever the Guest goes within their Suites, they get awed by the artistic selection of the pieces used as hotel room amenities. These Hotel Managements are always on the lookout for a reliable source of supply of exotic pieces, needed constantly. In order to fulfil the needs of these buyers, here is a well-established Hotel Amenities Manufacturer by name NJC assuring their readiness, to meet the requirements par excellence.

The announcement made today deals elaborately about the Products manufactured by NJC, as displayed at their site – pages after pages. The Show-Pieces are categorized for display as Hot Products; Hotel Leather Collection; Hotel Acrylic Collection; Hotel Resin Series; Hotel Mother of Pearl Collection; andHotel Wooden Collection. The buyers will get really baffled, as which ones to select as guest room amenities or to be used as Room Décor items.

This is the same case with bathroom amenities also, since the Mother of Pearl Collection, Acrylic Collection and Resin Series items supplied as bathroom items are all posing an artistic look of their own; and impress buyers to place their requirements with this Hotel Amenities Supplier.

In addition, NJC being a manufacturer of these Hotel Amenity products, buyers can also require their professionals to design newer items, and customize them to boost their Hotel Brand, with the name etched or painted. This is a facility not available with any other source claiming as Wholesale Amenities Suppliers. As regards cost, buyers can get at most competitive prices from this manufacturer and wholesale supplier in bulk.

Interested buyers can contact NJC by clicking, view the artifacts at leisure, and order their required quantities in bulk, and ask for deferred deliveries as per their own delivery schedules.

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China (August 27, 2019): In today’s Technology advancements in rapid strides, the need for Scientific Database platforms is immense. In order to provide high tech services through valuable Data Resources, here is one authentic platform by name China National GeneBank DataBase – CNGBdb coming forward.

The announcement made today by GNGBdb deals exhaustively with the details about this valuable data resource helping the Research Community around the world. It reassures that based on the big data and cloud computing technologies, it provides data services such as archive, analysis, knowledge search, management authorization, and visualization. At present, CNGBdb has integrated large amounts of internal and external molecular data and other information from CNGB, NCBI, EBI, DDBJ, etc., indexed by search, covering 10 data structures. Moreover, CNGBdb correlates living sources, biological samples and bioinformatic data to realize the traceability of comprehensive data.

The announcement indicates that anyone in need of genebank in bioinformatics; gene sequence database; gene disease database; genebank database; gene database (genedb); gene expression database; and human gene mutation database etc. can straight away contact this resource online.

It further explains that there are three Banks and two Platforms of CNGB. The banks include a Biorepository, Bio Informatics Data Center, and Living Biobank, while the platforms consist of a Digitalization Platform, as well as a Synthesis and Editing Platform. The GNGB has built a public welfare, open, supportive and leading service platform for genetic resources mining, based on the ability of storing, reading and writing massive biological resources. CNGBdb provides various biological big data sharing and application services, based on the living samples, biological resource samples, and bioinformatics data.

One of the main advantages of the CNGB is the construction of a Biorepository, Bio-informatics Data Center and Living Biobank covering the life cycle. CNGBdb interconnects the information of the three sbanks and provides external data sharing services to enable biological data to be traced throughout the life cycle.

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August 26th, 2019: Templeman Opticians, a family run business, has initiated a mobile eye-testing and optometric platform for all kinds of services to the doorstep. This fully mobile venture is revolutionizing vision care and eye health concerns in Essex. With NHS certification and supreme quality, it is now easier for the eye patients to get a service in their locality without any hassle.

The team of qualified opticians will be at the beck and call of the needy. The Specsavers Home Visits will cover eye tests, checkups, and distribution of eye care products. Since 1966, this company has been dedicatedly serving the common people regarding eye care. Over 20 years of experience in modern techniques and expertise, the team offers a brilliant solution for those patients who cannot go to the opticians for obvious reasons.

A session can be easily arranged by contacting the team. The Home Visit Opticians will carry their state-of-the-art equipment and instruments to provide a thorough checkup. The family-run business is proving to be the best resource for patients as young as toddlers to seniors. The patients can also try new glasses virtually to check compatibility before ordering. All orders are delivered to the doorstep.

Apart from the Home Eye Tests, the team of Mobile Opticians can be hired for re-glazing old spectacles and corporate eye testing sessions. The entire platform for eye testing and care is taken to the requested location. There are more than 600 brands of eye accessories available to choose from. The services offered by the home opticians are genuine and can be taken seriously as every member of the team are certified and registered practitioners.

Templeman Opticians also guarantees 100% satisfaction in its services in Essex. Click here to learn more and book a service.

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47 trinity road, Rayleigh, Essex, ss6 8qb.
01268 777729



China (August 26, 2019): Industrial Brushes are predominant Consumable Stores for many Industries. Depending upon their use, these Brushes differ in size, shape, format, filament used and basic material etc. Supplying all the varieties and manufacturing according to the customized prototype as Original Equipment is a challenging task. The Chinese Company Jiaxing Waldo Brush Co. Ltd. Waldobrush is facing this challenge for the last two decades.

The announcement made today by Waldo informs Industries across the world that as Industrial Brush Manufacturer, they are in a position to design, manufacture and supply Custom Industrial Brushes of any type in any volume.

The list of Brushes provided is really long starting from Strip Brushes, Gutter Brushes,drill brushes, roller brushes, Spiral brushes, power brushes, tube brushes, chimney brushes, road sweeper brushes, snow sweeper brushes, snow power broom and more technical brushes for proven performance.

As for Manufacturing Capacity, Waldo have two expansive Plants in China. They are ISO certified company. They adhere to advanced Industrial Brush Manufacturing Technology, used by latest and sophisticated Machinery. The Customers have a plethora of choices for filaments in brushes and patterns. Similarly the brushes can be manufactured using varied basic materials, such as Stainless Steel, aluminum, Galvanized, Plastic, PP, PVC, TPE, EDM, Rubber or any other customized material.

The Customers can get necessary guidance in designing their OEM products, with Confidential Agreement and order for supply, streamlined with deferred delivery schedules as they wish. Waldo assures competitive price because of their enormous manufacturing capacity in-house, and reduced manufacturing cost. The announcement takes justifiable pride in informing that recently their power snow broom and sweeper brushes were favorited by their world customers, for their outstanding performance and quality.

Customers are invited to visit  for full details and get benefited.

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Jiaxing Waldo Brush Co., Ltd

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ADDRESS#1118 Gangshan Road, Xiuzhou industry park, Jiaxing City, Zhejiang, China



August 25, 2019: As of today, the Technology has brought forth everything to people’s fingertips in a jiffy. When anybody wants to start a Blogging site or Ecommerce Store or embark on any freelance service online, they need not worry at all, but click the website link for Fi-ve-rr to get everything wanted. The announcement made today by Fiverr offers this exciting facility on a platter.

Online Businesses need extraordinary skills and intensive coaching and learning, to make a website floated on the net and make it successful. But the same Internet is offering all the help by way of ready-to-use tools, which even a novice can learn to use, by following the step by step guides.

On that context, here is a long list of the resources people get through Fiverr, namely tools for Graphics and Design; Digital Marketing; Writing and Translation; Video and Animation ; Music and Audio; Programming and Tech; Business; Lifestyle; and also Gaming. Each of these broad headings have another long list of sub-headings, covering each and every nuances and intricacies available for running a successful online business.

The Photos and Videos of popular Professional Services made available by using Fiverr are very impressive, informative and inspiring one and all – to say the least. Samples of works done by using Fiverr by Freelancers published at the site will astonish every prospective user, without question.

Added advantages is interested parties visiting the website “Webreviews” will be so glad that they are led by their hand, by the exhaustive Guide as how to use Fiverr  Readymade Tools to their best advantage. The announcement assures that people who want to succeed online, without going to formal training should be highly benefited by this Guide, to make them immensely happy with their Online Success!



August 25, 2019: Human Relations is an important integral part of any Business, since it involves human beings working for the uplift of any Company every day. Especially in countries like UAE, where most of the Companies engage predominantly foreign nationals and expatriates in employment, this becomes more sensitive in nature. Technology of date has made it damn easier to manage Human Relations activities, by the press of some buttons through HR Software for UAE. On top of the list is Delicate Software which comes in handy with exhaustive and easy-to-operate Software Solutions, exclusively for Companies in Dubai, UAE.

The announcement made today by Delicate Software deals with the salient features of their special edition of HR Software in Dubai, and explains how by using this Cloud-based HR System, Companies can manage Human Relations par excellence. It highlights that employee-employer relationship revolves around good emoluments paid to their employees like clock-work, without any ambiguities whatsoever. By managing these activities tactfully, the top management can easily enhance productivity and involvement of the workforce, continuously and consistently.

The software engineers of Delicate Software have developed the HR System in Dubai, taking care of every aspect such as Employees Record Management, Leave Records and other allied documents with expiry date reminders, Payroll Calculations including Pay Slips, SiF file etc., Employee Loan Management and Cash Advance, as also 100 Plus Reports of HR Management and Payroll Systems.

The announcement is glad to inform that by installing their HR Software in their Systems, Businesses at Dubai, UAE can feel completely relaxed about anything and everything related to Human Relations taken care of without flaws or blemish. Interested employers are requested to visit  for more pertinent details and get benefited.

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Delicate Software Solutions

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Tube Homie has got to be the coolest name I have heard of in a long time. Not Tubebuddy, Tube Homie. It's not a YouTubers best friend, it's "your best friend on social media" or so says the owner of Tube Homie Kris Novak, a middle-aged female digital hustler... self-proclaimed mind you... is another thing you don't see every day.

Tube Homie is family owned and operated and focuses on delivering "growth hacks" to its customers as well as organic growth through digital promotion. They don't like to sell you just one or two things they want to find out what your goal is and teach you how to get there as well as make available to you everything necessary to succeed. What began as a small startup selling likes and followers has turned into fairly massive marketing agency that has the Novak family managing the numbers for celebrities and even larger companies they say but cannot tell us anything more due to the nature of the industry and non-disclosure agreements that have been signed.

Be that as it may the types of jobs TubeHomie can do are incredible things like fixing your audience retention on YouTube or your subscriber watch time percentage metric or how about a silver play button? You can even buy THAT. This is largely due to Kris Novak's son Preston Hudman (@prestonhudman the infamous YouTube guru who has made a name fort himself circumventing Googles technological measures for the last 9 years his mother says. I told you this family is incredible! Just see for yourself at

Before finishing this release it should be noted that does indeed offer likes and followers as well as every other social media service you can think of and right now they are having a sale on "verified user engagement" aka blue check comments in anticipation of Instagrams next big update that is going to hide all public like counts and view counts. They say this will make the value/cost of comments go sky high so everyone should go over to Tube homie now and stock up! It's not like you can go anywhere else to buy comments form REAL Celebrities THAT WILL ENGAGE WITH YOUR CONTENT. Nope, only at or @tubehomie on Instagram.

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Tube Homie (Kris Novak) 253-797-5093



HealthCare is a domain that needs dedicated professionals. So, hospitals and local clinics have a tough time finding the right HealthCares. In the same way, talented nurses also face difficulty in landing at the right job. They both can benefit from JobiSite. Indeed this service is not dedicated to the HealthCare domain. But, the service has a heavy focus in this domain.

For boosting relationships between HealthCare, the company offers a social platform with articles written by community professionals, groups and networking. Also, the company frequently posts blogs and articles that discuss different tips and updates on the HealthCare domain. HealthCare  using this service can gain access to thousands of job opportunities from high-quality employers and can benefit from the development happening in the medical resources and tools.

When talking about their service to employers, JobiSite says “Our mission is to reduce the gap between HealthCare professionals and recruiters by offering a simple, easy and free platform to interact with each other. Simple registration, posting jobs via sending emails and getting resumes in the email are the most popular features of Jobisite amongst HealthCare recruiters.”

Further with a good network, the company has with other HealthCare job boards and hospitals can provide the best help to job seekers as well. To provide better exposure to the present members, JobiSite also continues to reach more and more healthcare businesses.

About JobiSite:

JobiSite is a service started with a view to helping job seekers and recruiters in different domains. HealthCare is one of the domains they focus to help both recruiters and HealthCares

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