US (October 13, 2018): For Art and craft Lover, we can see new craze of Diamond Painting. If you are also an art lover, Colorelaxation is the place where you find huge variety of Diamond painting and painting by Numbers.  You can choose from Dozen of DIY Diamond paintings to gift your loved one on their Birthday, weeding, Anniversaries etc.

The vision of Colorelaxation is to establish a vibrant and thriving diamond painting store for art lovers. At Colorelaxation all artworks are not only pretty and lovely but also are unique having enigmatic narrative of splendor. All the artwork and masterpiece available at Colorelaxation are elegant integrate and creative that you will definitely fall in love having glance at them.

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About Us:   

Colorelaxation is the platform for art lover where you can get best Diamond painting and painting by Numbers. You can get huge collection of paintings which can give integrity & fill your home with full creativity. On this platform you will get diamond painting and kits for all occasion i.e Birthday, wedding, Anniversary etc. You can gift your loved one with masterpiece as you can buy DIY diamond painting from Colorelaxation at affordable prices.

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CHINA, HEFEI (July 09, 2018)- T?xtil? Testing In?trum?nt i? ?l?? n?m?d T?xtil? T??ting Equipment ?r Textile T??ting M??hin?. It ?l??? an important r?l? in people’s d?il? life. Qu?lit? i? ?f great importance. The d?m?nd f?r textile ??ui?m?nt i? not ?ingl? fun?ti?n?l, ?l?? ??? m?r? ?tt?nti?n t? it? ??f? ??nit?ti?n, gr??n ?nvir?nm?nt?l ?r?t??ti?n, n?tur?l ecology.


Th? t?xtil? industry h?? very d?m?nding ?u?lit? ?t?nd?rd?. There ?r? int?rn?ti?n?ll? ?nd n?ti?n?ll? recognised ?n?? whil?t ?th?r? ?r? im????d individu?ll? by m?r?h?nt? ?nd retailers. They embrace every stage ?f a f?bri?’? lif?, right from th? ??rn thr?ugh t? th? finished ?r?du?t and ??v?r ?u?h characteristics ?? strength, ??l?ur f??tn??? and ?illing & abrasion.


A???rdingl?, ?u??li?r?/?u?t?m?r? n??d t? verify th?t th? ?r?du?t ??m?li?? with th? appropriate standards and ????i?li?t equipment manufacturers ?r?vid? th? t??l? to ??hi?v? thi?. B??i??ll?, FYI T?xtil? E?ui?m?nt R???ur??? intends t? ??rn th? tru?t ?nd l???lt? ?f ?ur ?li?nt? whil? ?ff?ring ?nl? ?r?du?t? ?f th? high??t ?u?lit? ?t ?ri??? th?t will r?m?in fair and justified.


Because ?f th? competitive n?tur? ?f th? bu?in???, FYI i? always striving to ?n?ur? it? equipment ??ti?fi?? the d?m?nd? ?f the gl?b?l f?bri?/t?xtil? industry ?nd permits th? ????ifi?d t??t? to b? ??rf?rm?d effectively. FYI ?r? committed to r????r?h ?nd d?v?l??m?nt m?r? modern textile testing in?trum?nt? with ?r?f???i?n?l R&D t??m ?nd ??n help ?u?t?m?r t? customize the m??hin? t? m??t diff?r?nt ?t?nd?rd?, ?u?h ?? ISO, AATCC, GB, DIN, BS, JIS, ANSI, CSA, IWS, ASTM, AATCC, BS, JIS, EN, NF, etc. Relevant information on all th? T?xtil? T??ting E?ui?m?nt and In?trum?nt? ?u??li?r? ??n be f?und on this w?b??g? -


Ab?ut F?it??t?r

FYI is a leading ?r?du??r and m?nuf??tur?r ?f Textile T??ting In?trum?nt. Th?? ?r? the b??t textile testing in?trum?nt ?u??li?r?, ?u??l? b??t ??luti?n for T?xtil? T??t. Its range ??v?r? Fabric T??ting, Fib?r T??ting, Color F??tn??? Tester, T?n?il? T??t, Univ?r??l T??ting M??hin?, D??ing Machine, Fini?hing m??hin?, ?t?.


M?di? contact:


Phone: +86-551-68 105003

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London, United Kingdom (June 7, 2018) – The needs of music consumers have developed radically with the growth and popularity of the internet, smart phones and music streaming services. In present times, the advent of digital technology has completely changed the way in which people access to musical content. Traditional business models and structures are now a relic of the past, and innumerable new opportunities have taken their place with music streaming service providers topping the list. Both music consumers as well as artists have embraced music streaming services like Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube, Google Play Music, Amazon Music, and others for the variety of benefits they are providing to them. Music streaming services can be accessed anytime, anywhere and do not take up much storage space on the user’s device while providing more choices to the users and empowering them to discover new artists and genres regularly. In short, it is the future of music consumption.

One of the most popular Amazon Music importer providers is Spotify boasting of nearly 30 million songs in its catalogue. But there are plenty of contests for Spotify in the recent market with Amazon Music emerging as one of the leading contenders. The choice of a music streaming service depends upon the consumer and many people are now searching for ways to transfer their Spotify playlist to Amazon Music. Manually picking each song in Spotify for downloading them and uploading one by one to Amazon Music is very much demanding and takes a lot of time. But with music tracks and playlists migration tool MusConv, individuals can easily transfer their Spotify playlist to Amazon Music just by following four easy steps.

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About MusConv

Individuals can now easily transfer their favorite playlist from Spotify to Amazon Music with the help of music tracks and playlists migration tool MusConv. With MusConv, people need not require to manually pick each song from Spotify to download and upload one by one to Amazon Music.

Media Contact:


35 Ivor place, Lower Ground, London NW1 6EA, United Kingdom





Catherine Hodes, MSW, LICSW, Intake Coordinator for the Northampton Center for Couples Therapy (NCCT), was published in the Clinical Social Work Journal earlier this year.

The article, titled Is it Conflict or Abuse?”, explores the need for a more complex and less binary approach to understanding the differences between conflict and abuse, and proposes a shift in thinking that highlights several possible power dynamics in couples.

After spending decades as a domestic violence advocate, Hodes discerned a distinction between escalated conflict and intimate abuse in relationships. In the article, Hodes differentiates these patterns to provide a deeper understanding of power and control dynamics in a relational context.


Carefully examining the differentiating factors between escalated conflict and abuse, Hodes enters new territory in the realm of working with couples and provides an avenue for discussing these often conflated scenarios in relationships. Her end goal is to facilitate more effective responses to both abuse survivors and those experiencing a heightened state of conflict with their intimates.

By analyzing the subtle differences between power-sharing, power-struggling and powering-over, Hodes offers a researched-based view on power dynamics in relationships.

Click here to access the complete paper and click hereto learn more about Catherine, her background, experience and areas of expertise.

About Catherine

In addition to her work at NCCT, Catherine Hodesis the former Director of the Safe Homes Project in Brooklyn, NY and an adjunct professor at both Smith College School for Social Work and the New York University Silver School of Social Work.

She has 25 years of experience in working with individuals in challenging relationships and is an experienced trainer and educator with a specialty in domestic/intimate partner violence. Additionally, Catherine is a certified self-defense teacher and a mediator, with a deep interest in restorative practices that can aid healing in diverse relationships.

About the Northampton Center for Couples Therapy

The Northampton Center for Couples Therapy is the only practice in New England that specializes exclusively in treating couples. Their clients come from as far away as NYC, Boston, New Hampshire, Vermont, Connecticut and the Berkshires. Using some of the most well-researched, effective, and evidence-based models, they offer their clients care in stabilizing their relationships and having healthier families.

NCCT offers private, intensive 2-Day and 3-Day couples retreats, marriage retreats and weekly couples therapy sessions. Every process starts with a Gottman Assessment, based on the Gottman Method by John M. Gottman. Then, as therapy progresses, each therapist will employ strategies from EFT, emotionally focused therapy, the PACT Method by Stan Tatkin and more.

You can reach the center by phone at (413) 586-2300 or visit them online at



Fort Collins, CO (June 05, 2018) – Vacation in Fort Collins bring the best experience to the tour makers. But, to make the vacation the most comfortable and unforgettable, it is important that the right vacation spot should be chosen.

To help trip makers get the best comfort, provides the facility to book an accommodation at the Comfort Inn Fort Collins North. This hotel is located in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains. The good thing about staying at this hotel is that she is surrounded by a wide range of cultural attractions and the most-enjoyable recreational opportunities for the entire family.


The Fort Collins Fun is assured with facilities like business center, fitness center, indoor heated pool and hot tub, free hot breakfast and free Wi-Fi. The features in the guest room include iron and ironing board, flat-penal television, coffee maker, premium bedding and even microwave and refrigerator in selected rooms.

For those looking for outdoor attractions, they are in abundance around this hotel. Also, recently the hotel has been renovated into 62 unique rooms and suites to bring in the best comfort to the guests.

About always aims at offering the facility for the users to book their accommodation in the best hotels. With this motto, this website provides the facility to book an accommodation at Comfort Inn Fort Collins Hotel North. 

For more information, please visit

Contact Details:

Comfort Inn Fort Collins North,

Contact Person: Dariusz Czyszczon

Address: 601 SW Frontage Rd. Fort Collins CO 80524


Contact: (970) 407-0100



Woodstock, Georgia (May 04, 2018) – A wonderful paint job can have a significant effect in the look of a building, be it old or new. Nonetheless, a fresh layer of paint also provides an extensive range of benefits that goes well beyond just aesthetics. An exterior and interior painting offers various practical advantages, like enhancement of the home’s curb appeal, keeping the surfaces well protected, increment of property value, complementing the design theme, and much more. But, it is always recommended to hire professional painters for painting of home rather than handling it as a DIY project. Hiring proficient and experienced residential painters offers the home owners relief from significant part of the stress associated with painting a house. They can provide other handyman services as well, valuable advice on which colors would be the best and how to complete the task with minimal interruption to life.

One Man and A Brush is one of the leading residential painting companies in Woodstock offering superior quality interior painting and exterior painting services for homes in and around Woodstock and the North Metro-Atlanta region. The company is a one stop solution for all residential painting needs as they offer other handyman services, like cabinet painting, pressure washing, deck staining, and much more. One Man and A Brush has well-trained, friendly, respectful, and professional painters to handle all types of projects, be it large or small.

One Man and A Brush was started by Richard Nelson in 2005 and since then the company has grown in leaps and bounds with current employee strength of 12 painters and 3 handyman/carpenters. All their craftsmen have a minimum experience of over 5 years in their respective field. The company utilizes finest quality paints and building materials to ensure a long lasting durability of their painting service and even provides a 5 year quality painting warranty. One Man and A Brush provides an on-site project supervisor to manage client’s project so that it is smoothly completed on time.

One Man and A Brush is committed to deliver their best to the customers and provides a quick, responsive customer service. People who have hired their services for their residential painting needs have been immensely satisfied with the outcome and has only good things to say about the company. All such customer reviews along with the list of services provided by the company and other details is posted on their official website -

About One Man and A Brush
One Man and A Brush is one of the leading residential painting service providers based in Woodstock offering quality interior and exterior painting along with a host of other handyman services for homes in Woodstock and the North Metro-Atlanta region. The company is owned and operated by Richard Nelson who has adequate amount of experience in this field.

One Man and A Brush
Address: 225 Parkway 575 #934
Woodstock, GA 30188
Phone: 678-368-5115



(June 04, 2018) – Ring lights are a multifaceted device having immense scope of usage in the realm of shooting and other activities which include the use of camera. They are a common feature in photo studios and have been embraced extensively in the glamorous world. Ring lights have likewise proven to show wide usage from making portraits to producing high profile music videos. These devices assist a great deal to provide uniform light which projects an even lighting from the middle viewing of the camera which helps in terminating undesirable shadows, and thus, bringing about some flawlessness to the cameraman’s shoot. Using ring lights to take photos has host of advantages, like, they provide the piece of photography a subtle touch, produce brilliant catch light which helps to highlight specific details of a photo, and are ideal for photography of tiny elements. Australia based e-commerce portal Luvo Store is offering professional ring lights for not only photographers to take stunning images, but also for salon owners to improve the overall look of their salon, as well as for makeup artists wanting to demonstrate their finest makeup work. Luvo Store also provides ring light stand and ring light table stand which makes them a one stop online destination for all professional ring light needs.

Besides professional ring lights, Luvo Store also offers selfie ring lights, selfie stick case, sunglasses, beauty accessories like beauty box, makeup station, etc. and Hollywood makeup mirrors. They are soon going to upgrade their Hollywood makeup mirrors collection to suit the different needs of Australian makeup artists for which they have been working hard from the last year. These makeup mirrors of varying price range are made of only superior quality materials with most of them being completely made of steel and are deemed to be the finest and the most advanced mirrors in the market having some great features. In order to complement this collection, Luvo Store is also introducing some new products this year, which includes LUVO makeup bags, brush sets, professional makeup chairs, and much more.

Luvo Store has teamed up with AfterPay and ZipPay to enable customers buy products from them now and pay later in easy installments without any interest. Using the ZipPay payment option, customers can repay the money -over time in weekly, fortnightly, or monthly installments while with AfterPay, they can pay back in four equal installments fortnightly. The official website contains the list of all their products along with relevant information on their flexible payment options.

About Luvo Store
Luvo Store is an Australia based online store offering an assortment of products, like professional ring lights, phone accessories, Hollywood makeup mirrors, and more. The store has teamed up with ZipPay and AfterPay to provide customers the option to buy now and pay later in easy installments without any interest.

Herschel A. Bowen
Phone: 269-968-2600
Battle Creek, MI



(June 04, 2018) –According to various studies conducted, it has been revealed that millennials spend a significant amount of time online, while experts have already predicted that the time spent online by the next generation, generally referred to as ‘Generation Z’, will only increase. Thus, businesses, organizations, or individuals need to have a staggering online presence in order to have any impact whatsoever in the digital age. However, only having presence on social networking sites would not be of much use. To have a wider influence, it is imperative to have a website and for superior quality websites that incorporate the features liked by these generations, one needs to have an effective and reliable web hosting. The storage of website files on a remote computer server is alluded to as a host. Websites surfed by people over the internet are hosted on a server and the website owner is charged a separate fee each month for web hosting. The other costs associated with web hosting includes domain name of the website and its design. Businesses need to hire a reliable web hosting company which is the starting point of drawing in more potential clients. The objective is to provide them the most satisfying experience possible, and to remain amongst the tops in the search engines.

The internet is filled with various web hosting companies all marketing themselves as the best in this field. Thus, to find a quality and dependable web hosting company, one needs to do a thorough research on web hosting. Online portal provides credible reviews and information about the top 10 best web hosting companies to help people choose the finest web hosting company which suit their needs. Moreover, to help visitors save money on their web hosting purchases, has listed all the latest deals and special offers promoted by A2 Hosting, one of the top 10 best web hosting companies reviewed by the website. Based in Ann Arbor, Michigan, A2 Hosting is a “developer friendly” web hosting company that takes pride in driving the execution of the most recent web standards and support for the latest forms of programming languages. has listed the best deals offered by A2 Hosting on their various hosting types. These A2 Hosting coupons are the latest as of June 2018 and currently valid. Relevant information on all the A2 Hosting coupons and how to use them on this dedicated webpage -

About BestWebHostingProviders
Online review portal has listed all the latest deals and special offers as of June 2018 promoted by renowned web hosting company A2 Hosting. People can save money on their purchase from A2 Hosting by using these coupons and promo codes.




The second Ai Qing Poetry Concert “The brilliant poetry, the good life” was ceremoniously held in Mr. Ai Qing's hometown Jinhua. The party which led by Ai Qing's poetries and infused with the aesthetic of modern art, embodied the inheritance and development of poetry, and integrated the essence, characteristics, rhyme with the age. Through the rich artistic forms such as chanting, reciting, singing, dancing and so on, the part has made the poem's unique cultural connotation more exquisite and beautiful.


The dubbing performing artist Xu Tao, the famous tenor Cheng Zhi, the narrator of the most popular documentary in the year, "A Bite of China" Li Lihong, black ducks... These artists, who enjoy great reputation both at home and abroad, gave their performances on the stage, singing out the rhythmic beauty of poetry in Ai Qing's hometown, Jinhua.

(song and dance show "when the dawn wears a white coat")


"Ah, when dawn wears white, how fresh the fields are!" Wang Lujia of Jinghua Opera Troupe and children's choir in Jindong District performed the "when the dawn wears a white coat ", which opened the prelude to the evening party. This poem is written by Ai Qing in 1932. Through the female vocal solo in the scene, the singing of children, and the artistic deduction of Jinghua Opera, the unique charm of Jinhua is presented.






"And Tongguan, ah, Tongguan, on the other shore of the Yellow River, she solemnly guarded the peace of the motherland." The familiar poem "Feng Ling Du" was written by Ai Qing in 1941. The poetry was presented in the special performance when Ai Qing returned to his hometown in Jindong in 90s. Ai Qing was thrilled. He shook the singer's hand and said: "This way of the performance expressed all the scenes of my poem, and I seemed to back to the age of writing the poem."


(Xu Tao is reciting "song of the wind", Ai Qing's poem written in 1942)


Xu Tao, a famous dubbing performing artist, recited the classic poem "song of the wind". He recited it with the alternating rhythm, the silver voice and the deep feeling, making the audience's heart rise and fall with the words of a cadence. The black duck Choir brought the original song "Love you, Jindong", which won the thunderous applause from the audience. Cheng Zhi, a famous tenor singer, the first grade actor of the General political Chorus of PLA, presented the "love of the Republic", of great momentum, which brought the atmosphere of the party to the climax.


(Black duck choir is singing original song "love you,  Jindong")


This was a sleepless night. This was a wonderful concert of other poems. This was a commemoration of the whole nation to the great poet Ai Qing. Ai Qing used the charm of his poetry to inspire the yearning for poetry in the new age, and inspired everyone who loves poetry to continue to inherit and innovate with the spirit of his poetry. Ai Qing's poetry and spirit will always be like this evening, along with people's life, ideal and future, always passing on this land where he deeply loved.


Media Contact

Company Name: Zhejiang Online News Website Co., Ltd.

City, State, Country: Zhejiang, Hangzhou, China

Address: No. 178, Stadium Road, Xiacheng District, Hangzhou, Zhejiang

Contact Person:San Shuo







Sydney, NSW (May 31, 2018) – At Australian Telemarketing Leads, they have the right understanding that selecting the right telemarketing services is not an easy task. So, they make this obstacle a lot easier for their clients by offering an all-inclusive discussion with them for discussing their needs not just for telemarketing services, but also for appointment setting and lead generation.

Also, this company specialises in generating Australian lists for their clients say that “We will show you exactly how we set up an effective telemarketing system that strategically scours your target audience and get you more appointments and Australian business database”.

For more than a decade now, the company has customised a wide range of telemarketing campaigns to fit the specific needs of their customers. Be it face-to-face appointment setting, membership drives, insurance X-date acquisition, and many other tactics are followed by the company to make sure that their customers get the Australian consumer leads.

When this company handles the telemarketing campaigns of their clients, the latter will be in a position to get an entire team of marketers and even back-office solutions at an affordable cost that too without bringing any compromise on the quality of service. They will also provide to ensure proper growth for their customers.

About Australian Telemarketing Leads:
This company specialises in providing both raw telemarketing lists and even premium business leads to their customers, which they have harvested right from the first year of their operation to-date.

For more information, please visit

Media Contact:
Trevor Epps
02 8317 3559
377 Kent St.
Sydney, 2000