(October 22, 2018) - Respected trial attorney Nathan Lewin, noted for his work in defending noteworthy causes, tried to help Gad Grieve when he was blindsided by corrupt New York Supreme Court Judge Gerald Garson, in 2000.

The case is particularly noteworthy, because at the time Judge Garson had not yet been indicted. However, the judge’s action raised enough red flags to prompt both Nat Lewin and Agudath Israel to assist Grieve.

When Grieve and his son were on a short stay in New York, Grieve’s ex-wife filed a custody proceeding against him, in the court of Judge Gerald Garson. Grieve was served with a habeas corpus and his son removed from his custody. People who knew Grieve’s ex-wife, Elizabeth Tamerin, described her as sweet and said that the divorce was amicable. The court proceeding came as a surprise, as discussions had been underway to change the custodial status from sole custody to joint custody.

Roochie Levy, a member of the community and who was familiar with the chain of events that unfolded said, “The real victims were Gad Grieve, his ex-wife and the boy. The culprits were the corrupt Judge Garson and those individuals who stuck their nose where it didn’t belong.”

Attorney Nathan Lewin, a powerful advocate for justice, represented Gad Grieve pro bona, in oral argument in an appeal before the Second Circuit. It was an attempt, albeit unsuccessful, to effectively undo a decision by corrupt Judge Gerald Garson, who at that point in time had not yet been indicted.

Mr. Lewin was recognized by the DC Legal Times as one of "Washington's Greatest Lawyers of the Past 30 Years" and was ranked Number 2 of “Washington’s Best Lawyers” by the Washingtonian. Lewin’s individual clients have included Attorney General Edwin Meese, III, former president Richard Nixon, actress Jodie Foster, musician John Lennon, nursing home owner Bernard Bergman, Congressman George Hansen, Teamsters president Roy Williams, and Israeli war hero Aviem Sella.

In 2003 the penny dropped and Judge Gerald Garson was indicted and jailed for bribery and corruption. The New York Times reported that someone known as the “fixer” would bribe court employers to override the court’s computer system and ensure that Garson was assigned targeted cases to give favorable rulings. A supporter and advocate for Represent US, an action group against bribery, said that the result of Garson’s decisions was that hundreds of parents were robbed of parenthood. Gad Grieve, no less his ex-wife and son, were the victims of the saga.

Neither Gad Grieve or his ex-wife could be reached for comment.

Jack Cooper is a freelance investigative reporter who contributed to this article.

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