(December 01, 2018)- Clockafrica Network Had Partnered With Morkem Visuals For A New Video Series, Clock+Africa Called Encounter Africa Big Story, Celebrating Compelling Stories Around Africa Worth Being Told Through Cinematic Filming.

Its a collection of 30 stories which is set to inspire, create awareness, make public opinion and create talking points across Africa.The series is designed to resonate with both brands interest in telling visual stories from from African narrative style to the world and to also give Africa a strong voice on digital platforms across the world.

It is also targeted at reaching both brands intellectually curious audience, particularly 18-45 year olds who are interested in African storylines. Highlighting stories ranging from human condition, economy, religious views, vacations, business, entertainment and more, the videos will include controversial stories projecting people and places which were never talked about. The videos will be available across CLOCKAFRICA Network platforms reaching over 10 million fans.

Distribution will also be enhanced on social media, using allied company technology to reach key audiences in USA, Brazil, UK, India, China and Australia.Ologbenla Adedeji, Creative Director, MORKEM VISUALS on responding to the partnership proposal said "Bearing in mind our tag line, reframing the future by rewriting the African narratives, we are pleased to agree to your partnership proposal". First set of production of EABS starts first week of December 2018 in Abeokuta, Ogun state, southwest Nigeria.

About ClockAfrica

Mr. Lasisi runs a fast growing media company including writing, photography, videography, internet television, KAGAMU TV and Clock Africa. He is the Media & PR Director for laExpose' Productions & Extraordinary People Awards.

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Media Contact

Mr. Lasisi

Phon no:  234-8137221174



(November 30, 2018) - When we surf the Internet in search of a good Bonus Scommesse house that monitors our registration as much as possible, we find that many of them offer different types of bonuses such as welcome or first-entry bonuses, bonus for tranches with Bonus Scommesse 2019 and bet without risk. As a general rule, these have been used over time as synonyms, this being a clear error. Therefore, the first thing we have to do is to start from the base of these terms, they present great differences.


Migliori Bonus Scommesse by tranches and risk-free bets do not work the same as the first-entry or welcome bonuses, with the former offering less demanding release conditions. While the former respond to the rules expressed in their special terms and conditions. Welcome Bonus Scommesse 2018 for the first deposit (percentage directly subsidized) requests the customer to comply with a rollover. Which requires mobilizing a specific amount or volume of money to make our first withdrawal of funds? Even so, we can assure you that first-entry welcome Bonus Benvenuto Scommesse is much more interesting if you are going to take an active position with your new account.


The gambling sites tempt us through newspaper ads, radio spots or during previous large parties. Whenever we hear the words free money, next to the magic word welcome Bonus Scommesse Benvenuto, we quickly focus our attention on whether that offer is absolutely true and what its conditions may be. Seconds later, our subconscious reminds us of that mythical phrase:


Logically, free money equals conditions.  But, what are the conditions of the bookmakers bonds? Is it worth claiming? Are your conditions very demanding? We are here, to clarify better what they want to give us and in exchange for what. With one the maxim of if we want something, we'll have to do something.

What is the difference between the betting bonuses?

Not all bookies or bookmakers offer under the name "welcome bonus" the money of the promotion in our account with our first deposit as we already mentioned. There are at least four types: traditional or first-entry welcome bonuses, tranche bonuses, risk free bets and Migliori Bonus. It is important, stop a moment here, to analyze what each one offers us.


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(November 30, 2018) - Sbobet Indonesia Casino or previously known as 338A is an online casino provider that has been operating for a long time and will provide the same feel of the game as on an actual casino table. Since being acquired by Sbobet Indonesia, online casino games 338A is growing and the demand by the bettor world, mainly Asia and Europe. Various live casino games have been offered to add to the entertainment triggering Judi Bola casino players.


Agen Sbobet itself is the largest provider of online gambling that has a good reputation among bettors. With a mature experience, it won many awards of the Year award in 2009 and 2010. This site is also licensed.


Agen Sbobet Terpercaya Casino 338A Game


Ion Casino , It offers various types of famous casino live games, such as Roulette, Baccarat, Blackjack, Sic Bo, Super Slots, Agen Judi Bola Terpercaya and several other games that can be played Multiplayer. Bettor will be guided by pretty dealers of Casino in playing the game so that they can feel the same comfort when playing at a real casino table, let alone using the live streaming feature that makes it easier for you to see the Agen Bola game going on.


Agen Bola Terpercaya is a game played by a spinning ball on a small round wheel that has 37 number slots, and the ball will stop at one of these numbers. Bettor must predict on what number the ball will stop.


Baccarat is a card game that calculates numbers to the highest value, namely 9. The dealer distributes 2-3 cards and the bettor simply determines the choice in position B (Banker), P (Player) or TIE (Draw).

Black Jack is a card game where the player will be given 2 open cards by the dealer, and the dealer himself gets one open card and one card is closed.


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(November 29, 2018) - It may appear that everything is pushing toward the widescreen. TVs are the most clear headway here, yet the PC is a long ways behind. Making the progress for an ordinary screen to a widescreen screen isn't just only a corrective increment for the innovatively disposed; it is additionally an extraordinary upgrade to your execution and happiness regarding your PC's capacity, particularly with the enduring increment of superior quality media accessible.

In any case, what are the advantages of a widescreen screen, Asus Ultrawide Monitor? For one thing, a screen of this thoughtful will build your profitability by enabling you to have more windows open in the meantime. This will diminish the measure of time that you should spend interminably going through windows, resizing them and after that doing the entire procedure over for an alternate undertaking. This will spare you time. Your profitability will likewise increment since you will have the capacity to see a greater amount of your work on the widescreen. Have you at any point worked with a spreadsheet that couldn't fit altogether on your screen? A screen with a widescreen will make it almost certain that you will have the capacity to see the whole thing.

On the off chance that you are a web engineer, regardless of whether an expert or as a leisure activity, this sort of screen will likewise enable you to accomplish more with sites. Not exclusively will you have the capacity to see a greater amount of the site, yet you will likewise have the capacity to effectively explore between programming windows and substance windows.

Be that as it may, these screens are not only useful for work profitability; they additionally have the capability of transforming your PC into a home theater. Playing a DVD on a standard screen does not give the best survey understanding, but rather when you play a DVD on these screens, the quality and image of the motion picture enormously increments. It may even be the situation that the image quality on your screen of this sort is superior to on your TV. Indeed most widescreen screens are basically the span of a little TV! Similar remains constant for PC gaming on this style of screen. Most amusements can undoubtedly change in accordance with the new components of the screen, which makes the progress simple and all things considered, who wouldn't like to play a diversion on the greatest screen conceivable?

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(November 27, 2018) - Collar or harness, that's the question, if you have been with your pet for some time, you may have experienced the feeling that he is towing you instead of walking quietly next to you.  Dogs that resist going on walks or pull on the leash may always cause problems during a long walk. In this post we will see the main advantages and disadvantages of each of these two products, so that you choose the most convenient product for your dog.


Dog Collar

The Custom Dog Collars are the most popular solution among owners because they style your dog nicely. Let's see the benefits and drawbacks of using a collar.


Benefits of the collar

The personalized dog collars are more comfortable to place and are indicated for dogs that do not have breathing problems and for those that are not prone to pulling on the leash. They are also beneficial for dog owners that like to have a custom engraving on thedog’s collar.Dog collar also helps those who have very long hair, since the harness can be somewhat uncomfortable due to the pulls. Therefore, the dog call is good for these reasons:


Dogs that behave well

Dogs with very long hair

Dogs without respiratory problems

Dogs that wear it all day


Disadvantages of the collar


However, dogs that resist and pull duringlong walks can hurt their neck and can even lead to respiratory problems, so a harness may be the best option.

The harness

The dog harness is gaining more and more popularity among dog owners when discovering the advantages that they offer.

Advantages of the harness

The harness is a good option when it comes to teaching the dog to walk on the street. The harnesses allow the owner to have a little more control over the dog avoiding the resistance, so that they are more comfortable to walk around with your dog. Dog collars are good for the following reasons:

Dogs that need more control in their walks

Dogs with respiratory problems

Dogs that play sports

Dogs traveling by car


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(November  25, 2018) -Dubai is one of the busiest of urban areas in the Middle East. There are such a large number of activities in Dubai the entire all year. Every last bit of Dubai is a wonder of old royal residences, town towns, and the high rises and rich lodgings. At the point when any one designs a Dubai occasion, there are ceaseless exercises that one can get the opportunity to involvement in Dubai. In spite of the fact that there are tons to do in Dubai as a traveler, there are these main three hints to put in your rundown when you choose to go on a Dubai journey.

1 - Shop till You Drop

Dubai houses afewtopofthe line boutiques and brand shops, Cost Of Finger Monkey, zest markets, electronic innovation items and some more. When you are the sort of visitor that is into looking for good finds as opposed to going out and taking a gander at social stuffs, at that point Dubai is your shopping paradise no business charge! The city changes itself into one major market when the occasion named "Dubai Shopping Festival" happens the entire month of January consistently. You can remain in one of the lodgings in Deira where you will be close to the gold and flavor souk at Bur Dubai where bistro's and more shops are there as well.


2 - Cruising through the Dhow

Your trek in Dubai isn't finished without having the capacity to ride the dhow. This is ordinarily a wooden, Arab cruising vessel that brokers used to stock their products, for example, organic products that originate from the Arabian Peninsula and afterward from parts of Pakistan and India, and including Eastern piece of Africa.

In the event that you travel with your cherished one, it is best to book a dhow voyage that sets cruise at dinner time at around 8:30 PM to 10:30 PM. Experience eating on board the dhow while tuning in to Arabian music on a night under the full moon and the stars. Get the chance to look over lavish suppers of an intercontinental smorgasbord supper. Through this journey, you will get the chance to visit Dubai and wonder about its rich past and present day design a quintessential image of Dubai.

3 - Journey down Memory Lane

To get an insider's scoop about how the city of Dubai began and worked its way up to a standout amongst the most well known urban communities on the planet, is by visiting the Dubai Museum. Here, one is being appeared about the historical backdrop of the place from being a Bedouin and pearl jumper domain the distance to the cutting edge Dubai that is today. The exhibition hall is situated at the reestablished Al Fahidi Fort-one of the most seasoned engineering attractions in the city.

Travel to the late Sheik Saeed Al Maktoum's House at Burj Nagar and witness how eminence resembles in Dubai. These are one of the legacy puts often visited by endless travelers consistently. On the off chance that you are keen on what Bedouin life resembles, you can go the legacy town at Hatta arranged around 115 kilometers south of Dubai-up on the Royal Hatta Mountain.

In the event that any one needs to investigate Dubai in its whole magnificence, one day isn't sufficient to visit the desert city. You should prepare for another energizing time on your next Dubai occasions.

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(November 24, 2018) - For a person to givethemselfa rapper name such as Lil Brass, Musician and making comedic music only to make his way to meaningful songs such as "i'm sad." and many more to come such as his future album "Stressed with Depression" coming in February of 2019. It's odd to normally have this happen. Though, it does happen every now in then; to occur out of nowhere without some form of announcement is uncanny. His first ever released song titled, "Pornhub" where he talks about his sexual feelings towards to pornographic website and trying to be like every generic rapper talking about sex, drugs, money and etc. He replies with, "I listened to couple of SoundCloud artists and thought it was ironic and funny how they mention these things and manage to make it funny. I thought to myself, what happens when those artists stop? I have no form of entertainment, so I decided to make my own form of it. Soon enough the people who visit my SoundCloud all loved it. I was slowly growing but in the process of all this comedic music, I started going back to being depressed. I used comedy in music to make me and others laugh for a distraction of being depressed. When that doesn't work for me, I write meaningful music about my life and feelings."


Promote your social networks and website


I normally make posts to Instagram about twice a week on my

@reallilbrass account. I barely ever use Twitter but when I do, it's normally just to read others posts or to mention something in my music life or just my life in general. I sometimes wonder why I actually made my @realLilBrass Twitter account. I just recently got my own website for these kind of things though, it's still in the works kind of but it's fine. I just recently got some of my music on Spotify and other music stores such as iTunes, Apple Music and others.



SoundCloud: https://www.soundcloud/lil_brass


Create descriptions and labels for your songs


I'm normally into Hip-Hop & Rap but other times I love R&B/Soul, it gives me a chance to express my melodic rap and voice. Sure, I'll rap about my feelings too but I feel like it's more meaningful to truly use your voice as well. Nothing sounds better to me more than when you use your voice to express your writing. A majority of my songs are Hip-Hop & Rap but I've made some test SoundCloud pages to just upload some demos of my R&B style. I've gotten a lot of people liking it as well but I'm still trying to find MY voice and explore it more.


Post your album design (or a related image)




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(November 24, 2018) - An IP address is a numeric ID for a system connector that particularly distinguishes PCs on IP or TCP systems. This might be a private location like for LAN utilize, open use for Internet or for WAN (Wide Area Network) utilize. A great many people know that is an all inclusive location utilized everywhere throughout the world. It is one of the many situated somewhere in the range of and It is important to be acquainted with it for setting up LAN or for utilizing switches.

A broadband switch that utilizes this IP address can work regularly as it consolidates a few components together. Introducing numerous switches and DHCP (Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol) server isn't essential if the switch can process all information in a solitary unit. Despite the fact that it is known as a default address, it very well may be altered for patching association issues. It is appropriate for a solitary gadget and including more gadgets may cause failing of a system.

Like other IP addresses, the 192 .168.0.1 can likewise be gotten to over and again. Despite the fact that it approaches a solitary gadget, it might be doled out to numerous systems in this way making it conceivable to use crosswise over PC systems. Aside from being used in broadband switches, this is the default door for some PCs. It implies it permits subnets to transmit data to different subnets. This location is found in LANs and can likewise be utilized as inner location.

Like other IP addresses, this can likewise keep running into issues. If there should arise an occurrence of any components failing, go to the location for distinguishing the issues. In the event of a security issue, you can change a username and a secret phrase. Additionally check the DHCP settings or perform modem reconfiguration or even change the LAN setup.

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(November 23, 2018)- Any school, school or college understudy who is acquiring an advanced education should present a Term Paper Writing, frequently alluded to as an examination paper, proposition or thesis, to the office and the school, for assessment. Editing is imperative. Expositions assume an essential job in deciding a person's fruition and ultimate result of their degree. They are accounted alongside the person's last grades. In the event that you are freezing about composition your thesis, here are a couple of tips and study aptitudes to enable you to approach composing the exposition and exceed expectations in it with thriving outcomes.

This 8-point straightforward and univocal methodology facilitates crafted by the analyst.

1. The understudy should choose an intriguing point that is incorporated into the prospectus.

2. In the wake of picking the point, this subject should then be broke down for all material accessible about it in books, articles or on the Internet. For instance, on the off chance that a Psychology understudy likes to think about 'Enthusiastic development of youth' the individual should glance through data encompassing feelings, development, impacts of adolescence, and impacts of being developed.

3. In the wake of breaking down and understanding the subject, explore sources like the writing audit mean investigations done already on a similar theme ought to be distinguished.

4. Procedure of association with respect to which of the old inquires about ought to be utilized and which untrustworthy assets ought not be utilized should be possible.

5. In the wake of gathering and sorting out the data, the specialist should peruse this data and must begin with the altering. Altering will happen in the documentations like changing of discourse, linguistic errors, legitimate arrangement and a progression check.

6. The specialist should then have the capacity to set up the diagram of the exploration paper he or she is finishing. By setting up the diagram, references can be effectively recognized.

7. Subsequent to getting ready for the framework of the exploration paper, the individual should form or build the diagram and go about it in spite of the nearness of mistakes, which are normal for anybody.

8. At the point when the majority of the above said steps are proficient, the individual is prepared to alter the unfinished version that has mistakes, and will then be in a situation to present the last draft to the director on time.

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(Novermber 23, 2018) - Guardians would pick only just the best for your infants. Everything goes under watchful examination, from the brand of drain you feed them with to the bassinet they rest in. Rest is essential for the valuable infants so it is likewise vital that you pick the best infant bassinet out there in the market.

The bassinet is a position of rest for little infants. This may not be any longer material to more seasoned infants but rather for the more youthful ones (1 to 3 months of age), a great bassinet is a perfect venture. Be watchful in picking one however in light of the fact that a gravely picked bassinet may make your child be uneasy in his rest. More terrible, it might even hurt the infant or prompt a destructive mishap.

Picking a decent child bassinet isn't that troublesome however. Simply make sure that you are equipped with all the correct data previously you adventure out to really get one. To make it less demanding for you and more secure for your infant, here are a portion of the fundamental rules you have to consider in picking the best infant bassinet in the market.

Bassinet ought to be protected

Your most critical thought ought to be the wellbeing of your youngster. While picking an infant bassinet, search for something that meets the security guidelines of the business. You will know whether a bassinet has passed the guidelines when it is ensured by the Juvenile Product Manufacturers Association. On the off chance that you are as yet doing exploration on what brand to purchase, look at the affiliation's site for their rundown of confirmed brands.

In the event that you are now in the retail establishment, check the bassinet altogether for even the most diminutive imperfection that may possibly hurt your infant. Check the haggles beyond any doubt that they are solid as well as has a decent bolting component. On the off chance that the bassinet is intended to fall, ensure the legs are not intended to coincidentally crumple.

Search for a Baby Bassinets that has a wide base. Likewise test the bassinet whether its handles are sufficiently strong and can convey and balance the heaviness of your child. Test it via conveying it with your infant inside, however make sure you put your other hand underneath the bin to help your infant in the event that something upsetting occurs. In the event that you intend to utilize a similar bassinet you utilized for your more seasoned kid previously, still check it altogether since a few sections may have been as of now harmed.

Bassinet ought to be compact

Another motivation behind why it is perfect to purchase a decent infant bassinet is that it s convenient. Contingent upon its structure and plan, the parent can either effortlessly convey the infant or wheel her around the house without issues. In the event that the bassinet is intended to be conveyed, test the handles. On the off chance that it is intended to be moved, check the wheels. Additionally measure the entryways and ways of your home and ensure the bassinet can fit through them with a significant stipend to avoid hitting your infant on the entryway or something.

Bassinet sleeping pad ought to be of the correct size and immovability

The bedding of the bassinet ought to dependably be of the correct size and solidness for your child, neither too little nor too extensive and additionally neither too firm nor too delicate. Test the sleeping pad for immovability by squeezing a finger to it. On the off chance that your finger sinks down effectively, it is too delicate; if your finger can scarcely make a mark, it is too firm. Pick one that will make your finger ricochet rapidly.

For its size, ensure the sleeping pad fits cozily inside the casing of the bassinet. The biggest remittance you can allow is as large as your finger, which you can test by embeddings a finger into the hole between the sleeping pad and the bassinet outline. On the off chance that you can without much of a stretch embed two fingers in the hole, the sleeping pad is too little and might be dangerous for your infant.

Likewise, before selecting a bassinet, have your child's present stature and weight prepared. In the event that your child is only multi month old, pick a bassinet that has enough stipend to oblige him for an additional two months or something like that. Your child's weight is additionally critical as most bassinets just help babies weighing up to 15 pounds. On the off chance that your infant is heavier than this, begin searching for a den.

Bassinet ought to have a straightforward structure

Most bassinets previously accompany a delightful sleeping pad and cushion set. On the off chance that the bassinet as of now has this, don't be enticed to add pads and additional sheet material to the blend. They may look more agreeable for the child however it is certain more dangerous and may cause suffocation. Simply include thin sheets or covers that allow your youngster to inhale and are likewise effortlessly launderable.

Additionally avoid bassinets that have an excessive number of ornamentations, for example, unsettles, bows, little stuff toys, plastic storybook characters and so forth. Your infant may expel these toys and swallows them, amazingly perilous. The unsettles and quits be reasons for strangulation. Simply avoid these and adhere to a straightforward, plain however much more secure bassinet.

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