Science Hill, Ky, USA, October 7th, 2020:    Whether you are a reader or an author, our Indie Authors Wall of Fame has something for everyone.


Are you looking for books voted worthy of reading? Then by all means, visit The Indie Authors’ Wall of Fame™! It is being stampeded by new readers looking for page-turning books of every genre. To wet your reading appetite, we have provided a list of top picks below.


Book-to-Movie Project.


Wrong Place, Wrong Time by David P Perlmutter.

“As well as Golden Mile Productions and No Reservations Entertainment for my Book-to-Movie True Story, Wrong Place, WrongTime, we are all delighted to welcome onto the team, Bafta and Oscar-winning Executive Producer Mark Foligno from movies such as The Kings Speech and Moon! Casting is underway and filming is planned for Spring 2021!”


Book-to-Movie Project.


The Adventures of Tom McGuire by Rayner Tapia.

The Adventures of Tom McGuire, book-to-movie/TV series, beckons its reader to engage in each adventure. At present, The Adventures of Tom McGuire are currently with renowned Hollywood scriptwriters, who were involved in many outstanding movies, including Sleeping Beauty. Golden Mile Productions is actively seeking funding for this project to begin. There has been some prominent interest and support shown by many eminent people, including Martin G. Baker, part of the Henson group and creator of The Dark Crystal and The Labyrinth, to name a few.  The multi award-winning books have been compared to the film The NeverEnding Story. Please watch for updates, and let the story begin.


Book-to-Movie Project.


OCEANIA by Dede Stockton

OCEANIA is an entertainment company partnering with successful children's author, Dede Stockton. Five years in the making, she birthed a book series that kids love. This story is now being made into an animated film screenplay. Dede's story begins with a young girl named Sammi Jo, whose “can-do†spirit creates adventure wherever she travels. The real “magic†begins when she is able to swim underwater with her new friend, a huge sea companion, who happens to be the real hero of the story.


Siege at Goldfield by Phil Running Bear

The first book in a series of six. The author has moved to Goldfield, AZ seeking to write the western series with first-hand knowledge. Old-fashioned western values.


ZEEKA CHRONICLES by Brenda Mohammed.

Inspired by the zika virus, Stephen Sharpe focuses on avenging evil Zeeka and restoring sanity to the island of Gosh, in a tale where zombies and robots take center stage.


Diary of a Canadian Nobody by Paul James

Can Arthur survive a world at war, a corporate takeover, and two teenagers? Terrorists have destroyed the WTC, the West has invaded Afghanistan, and new Corporate bosses bring their own brand of Terror—layoffs!


The Frenchman's Daughters by Paul Sinkinson

The daughters of a French railway engineer are thrown together with a number of British and French soldiers in the aftermath and turmoil of WW2 events that followed the Dunkirk evacuation in 1940.


World of Rage by A. Shane Etter

Georgia Author Of The Year Nominee 2020. A VIRUS is wreaking havoc on the planet and seems intent on killing everybody. A timely tale of postapocalyptic dystopian survival.


Sons of the Sphinx by Cheryl Carpinello

Rosa hears the dead, but she ignores them until one appears in her room!Summoned to solve a mystery in 1330 BC Egypt. Discover the truth and stay alive. Thrilling time travel. Gripping action. Unforgettable characters.


The Ancestor’s Secrets Series: Protected by the Falcon and Chosen by the Sword by Erika M Szabo:

Mystery, legends, obscure clan traditions and beliefs, life in a secret society, love, time travel, and magical powers collide in this enchanting epic fantasy, hailed “Mystical and Unique.”


I MAY KILL YOU by Keith Dixon

ISN’T IT EASY TO FIND A SERIAL KILLER WHO TELLS YOU WHO HE’S GOING TO KILL? When his list includes several hundred people, perhaps not.


Margie Surprises Doc by Virginia K. White

Can an opossum become a member of Doc’s yard family? She has poor vision and hearing, is a fighter, but has a good heart. Doc’s yard family wants to surprise him for his birthday. What will Olivia do?


Bandit, the Chubby Chihuahua by Pat Postek

An inspiring story about a lovable canine’s journey of adoption. Bandit’s life is forever changed by his owner’s kindness and his new friend’s wisdom. The life lessons of friendship, love, and acceptance.


The Missing Shield by L L Thomsen

When high fantasy becomes epic . . . Childhood friends at odds: Solancei is oath-sworn to protect Iambre with her life, but when danger strikes, will paying the ultimate price be enough, or will treason undo them both?


Daughter Of Ethos: Divine Justice Book 4 by L. M. Lacee author and a finalist of the Book Excellence Awards 2019

After the first three books, we now find Peyton and her sisters pondering on the difference between justice and retribution when they experience a form of punishment they have never witnessed in the past.


How to Boil Water by Pamela A Clark 

When sadness creeps into our busy and hectic lives, How to Boil Water encourages us to live our life to the fullest by remembering and sharing memories of those we miss.



While the O'Rourke team investigates the death of Ryan’s best friend, the danger of 3D technology is exposed as a scientist goes rogue and pulls out all the stops to cover his tracks.


A Killing in Rio Vista by Peter C. Bradbury

When a young boy snags a woman's torso while out fishing with his grandfather, it falls to Officer Julie Morales to find out who her killer is. This small-town murder mystery is very engrossing.


DEATH MASK by Eric J. Gates

(Notorious Minds boxset). How do you tell the people who love you, you've lied to them since you met? A carefully constructed lie, albeit, but a lie nevertheless.

One that could get them killed!



The final book in REFLECTIONS OF LOVE. Intriguing, plot-twisting puzzle pieces fit together with thrills and romance. The past comes full circle and riddles abound.


When Angels Fly by S. Jackson, A. Raymond, and M. Schmidt    ". . . and at that moment, she found out that she must be stronger than ever before, or she would not survive."


THE DEAD AT HEART by Susanne Leist.

The final book in THE DEAD GAME SERIES. Linda and her best friend, Shana, join Todd and Sheriff Sam as they chase vampires from an exclusive club at Disney World through Florida's vast swamplands.


Dragons in the Clouds by David Blair

A wizard is compelled to help a family of Dragons escape the annihilation of their species. He grants them the spell of weightlessness and tells them to hide within the cover of the clouds.


Chomper my Bearded Dragon by Carmen Swick

This charming story of a young boy and his lizard Chomper find themselves on a whim taking a private plane to Australia. They learn lessons about friendship and forgiveness when a Kangaroo steals their map.


Queen Vernita’s Visitors educational series by Dr. Dawn Menge

Join Queen Vernita and her friends as they enjoy fun activities throughout the Oceaneers Kingdom. Parents and teachers will love teaching the Flora and Fauna of each new region through her storytelling adventures.


This list is just a small sample of what is on our growing Wall of Fame. Visit the following website and check out our collection from around the world and say hi. It's an Authors Hall of Fame.


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By Sandeep Kumar Mishra

Indian Poetry Review Press is pleased to announce the release of the book “One Heart- Many Breaks” by Sandeep Kumar Mishra. The book released on 27th August 2020 on Amazon.

One Heart – Many Breaks is an autobiographical poetry that plunges into modern times, regrets, depression, and suicidal thoughts. Most of them are poetic reflections of personal emotions and situations the poet was laid in. The poems cover 20 years life events and are expression of clear, true and purged feelings and stark reality of his situation. The pictures in the book contemplate the real emotions the poet has gone through his life. With wide range of topics including sickness, anxiety, love and loneliness, Sandeep has depicted how his life has shaped varyingly throughout his life. A perfect autobiography being short and sweet is suitable for any age.

On 20 September 2020, One Heart- Many Breaks became Number 1 new release on Amazon. One Rare feat it achieved is that it doesn't have any negative review so far.

Sandeep Kumar Mishra is an outsider artist, poet and lecturer in English Literature and political Science. He is the art instructor at Kishlaya Outsider Art Academy. Sandeep has already written two books which received huge praise from his peers. This is his third publication and focuses on his life’s ups and downs. Sandeep is already a staff writer on various websites and provides concluding neutral previews of the current situations.

The book is published in two editions, Paperback and Kindle. The book can be purchased on Amazon.

Book Link:

To Contact:






NEW YORK, NY, October 2020


Artists Pascale ROUX DE BÉZIEUX-Photographer, Carole Jury-Painter, Gaëlle HINTZY-MARCEL-Sculptor and Marine FUTIN-Drawer are thrilled to launch the third edition of Women Artists from France to the USA called “itinerancy#03” in New York City on October 23 & 24. This new temporary art exhibition will be hosted by VICTORI+MO Gallery located at 242W 22 Street.


After the success of the first edition in Paris with JPHT Gallery in May 2019 and of the second exhibition in October 2019 in New Hope PA and NYC with the support of Gallery des Artists,

These women artists are coming back with new artists and new art in New York.


As a dialogue between female artists, itinerancy #03 brings together four different forms of artistic expression.


Pascale Roux de Bezieux, and her photographs, who will present the evolution of her artistic work in contact with current events and her experiences at the ICP (International Center of Photography).

Carole Jury and her inspirations through her abstract art with increasingly surprising material effects.

Gaelle Hintzy-Marcel and her sculptures, who will explain to you how during a period of confinement she was able to explore new materials such as plaster or wood.

Marine Futin and her works made in pastel, a colorful artistic approach full of emotion.


For this third edition, five partners have joined this adventure to supporting this initiative: French Wink, She for She, Women of Culture, Monsieur Brunold and Le Petit Journal New York.

“Together, we are building a concept of artistic event by offering visitors an immersive art exhibition by immersing them in the universe of each of the artists” said Carole Jury, founder of Women Artists from France to USA.

To ensure they are providing a safe visit to the exhibition, they will follow the CDC & New York authorities guidelines: mandatory Mask, physical distancing of 6 ft, limited Capacity.

Visit scheduled by appointment!

Go to

About Women Artists from France to USA

Based in the creative heart of the East Coast of the United States, the Women Artists group was born from a friendship between French Women artists who wanted to share their own art through art exhibitions and give to the visitors an immersive art experience.

About Carole JURY

Born in Lyon (France), Carole Jury lives in New Jersey. She is an abstract painter who likes playing with textured strokes, nuances of color and brightness and to work with all kind of mediums and tools. The majority of her series are inspired by her photos, which give her a guide for sheen, brightness and reliefs. Carole Jury’s artwork is represented by Azart Gallery – NYC, Alessandro Berni Gallery – NYC, Gallery des artistes, Gallery of Art & Music – Las Vegas, DVAA – Philadelphia, Artsy, Singulart, Artsper. Carole Jury is the founder of Women Artists from France to USA.


Gaëlle Hintzy-Marcel is a French Sculptor living in New York.

Her work has been shaped by the various cultures she has been exposed to, above all in France, Indonesia, Russia, and The United States. Mostly figurative, her work intend to use the postures and details of the body as tools to express her mind. She used to work with wax, bronze, pewter and resin, but with the lockdown she has been moving her work to other materials like plaster and wood.

About Marine FUTIN

For me, art is a place of spontaneity, joy, and possibility. Whether through sculpture, painting, pastels, or music, I’ve long had a love of using art to express myself. My work has been exhibited and recognized across the globe including as a participant at the prestigious Salon des Artistes Français in Paris. In 2015, I recorded and released my debut album, Qui Danse, performing my music at renowned venues like the Apollo Theater and the Blue Note in New York. While my artistic focus is constantly evolving as I grow and learn, a pivotal aspect of my work is helping others feel more in tune with their own creative forces, as well as encouraging genuine human connection with those around us.


As a native Parisian, photographer Pascale Roux de Bézieux, never expected to feel such an immediate and intimate connection to NYC, having moved here 7 years ago. But especially while living through, witnessing and capturing the city during the pandemic and the lockdown, she felt deeply grateful to have been fully adopted by this magnificent city. Pascale ‘s intent is to capture the emotion and essence of the human condition and life, in tandem with the complexity of this city.




SINGAPORE, OCTOBER 7, 2020 - Piermont Grand Developer has launched its new line of condominiums that has been selling like hot cakes. Situated in the plush locality of Sumang Walk, it boasts of a massive 291,235 square feet of land site, a fine mix of three bedroom, four bedroom and five bedroom condos and a grand total of 820 units. This Punggol EC sits on the intersection of Punggol Reservoir and is a short walk to Sumang LRT Station.


Everyone had long been awaiting the grand launch of Piermont Grand Executive Condominium. This section of plush property has long been under the eyes of everyone and for good reason. The Punggol Central, the Punggol MRT Station Bus Interchange and the huge shopping mall, Waterway Point are all within a short distance. The Sumang LRT Station is a mere one hundred meters away and the Punggol Bus Interchange is about five hundred meters away.

The Piermont Grand EC connects major roads very easily. The Kallang - Paya Lebar Expressway (KPE) and Tampines Expressway are connected to this stunning Piermont EC. The major roads are conveniently connected to other parts of Singapore. Since the Expressways are also so close, transit time is dramatically shortened, especially to Orchard Road and CBD.

"We are elated with how the project has turned out. It is our baby. We know the grind we had to go through as everyone knows how difficult the real estate industry, especially the township of Punggol Town, has been to mark for condos. Thankfully, we got the required permissions and have created this beauty which is selling like no tomorrow. The Reservoir facing units are all narrowing down and it won't be long before every condo and the area is buzzing with people. This could very well be you. We welcome you to our eco-friendly township," said the Marketing Manager of Piermont Grand.

For more information, please visit


Piermont Grand, headed by Pavo Properties PTE LTD., is a real estate firm based in Singapore that builds high rise buildings and condominiums in plush locations.


Phone Number:  (+65) 6100 1308




NEW YORK, NY (OCTOBER 6, 2020) - Prize Strike has been the new reality for people since the advent of smartphones. Snake and Tetris gave way to a whole lot of realistic games to engage the gamers and sharpen their cognitive skills, not to mention improve other real life skills.

Cue, Prize Strike. Produced by the Prize Strike, it is one of the most stunning games that is based on augmented reality. It is where people hunt for real prizes. The prize value is much larger than any existing game you will find. According to the announcement, InGame Credit is now accepting early registrations and beta testers. The graphics are so much better and a lot cooler. Add to it the cherry on top, absolutely minimal advertising. This is the one thing that most gamers complain about apps and this is the one thing they have made special for its customers - bare minimum advertising so that the user experience can be smooth as butter.

Prize Strike has made partners with real companies that provide the prizes. Companies are going to gain access to new users by using the marketing platform. Users can also appropriately select the prizes that suit their lifestyle by selecting what prizes they are the most interested in finding. Also, in order to access the game, users should have either IOS or Android higher than version 8.0 to access the Augmented reality features.

"I'm very proud and excited with what we have come up. Prize Strike has been two years in the making from InGame Credit, and finally it is ready to roll. We're accepting early registrations and beta testers for our new game that will not only be free to play but also carry significantly larger prizes. We had teamed up with some of the best developers in the market and lo and behold! Prize Strike is ready to be in your hands soon as soon as we are done with the beta testing. The early registrations are open to both IOS and Android users and are based out of the UK, United States, Australia, New Zealand and Canada. Do register with us through Early Registration on our website and become a valued customer. We will soon announce when the game will officially release", said the Marketing Manager of InGame Credit.

About Prize Strike:

Prize Strike a leading games producer that has produced dozens of games over the years for IOS and Android users.

For more information, please contact

Media Contact:

Email Id -



People are different and bring their individuality into existence. Somewhere deep inside, we know that another person's journey has differed from our own leaving us with curiosity about other people's lives.

CREEPZ an independent rap/hip hop artist from the UK wants to let you know precisely that on “HDOW I’M LIVING” his newest single available on all popular listening platforms October 7th,2020.

“HOW I’M LIVING” has a clean acoustic guitar making room for a huge kick drum and cracking snare. CREEPZ comes on the track with his smooth heartfelt vocals but that quickly turns into the lyricist flexing on his pronunciations and proving he is an experienced rhymer capable of both versatile hip hop pop crossover tracks to raw underground records and everything in between. CREEPZ exhibits terrific inflection, making his voice signature to his tracks; in this way he is a reverversion to hip hop’s golden era. He spits “Dear Lord can your help me through? Can you guide me through the path I take? Dear Lord can you help me out? Can you make my whole life just change?” attracting his audience directly into his situation authentically.

CREEPZ lives the genre as it was always part of his background, lifestyle and the musical preference of he and his older brothers growing up. In his words “growing up, hearing hip hop music, [now] my sound is unique and from the heart & soul.” CREEPZ is currently being played on the BBC, featured on a variety of radio shows and airing on stations world wide. In addition he has a mixtape on Spinrilla and is planning his next performance for later this year.

Check out his song:

“ME & YOU” featuring DJ Benkraft has over 50k streams on Spotify.


“FREE AT LAST” featuring Nigerian artist Kosi Sia




Bitcoin and altcoin sportsbook and casino Cloudbet has refused to pay yet another decent sized win, this time for $15,000 to a player going by the name of Efxes. It has caused an uproar in the bitcoin wagering community, and a member of the community was so sick of the alleged scams by Cloudbet that they created a site in regards to the stolen funds. is a site that lays out the details of the latest $15,000 scam. Basically Cloudbet accepted deposits knowing it would be able to use its Terms of Service to steal those same deposits for a large sum. The player Efxes deposited $25,000, lost some down to $15,000 and requested a cashout. Cloudbet has a famous history of not honoring wagers and winnings, and is an established member of the bitcoin wagering community even though it is completely anonymous and its owners are hidden.

The sportsbook & casino is a danger to the community and they need to start by paying out the $15,000 to Efxes. The creator of the site has compiled a long list of previous scams the site has pulled on the community. They are a leech to the communities of cryptocurrency and wagering and need to change- to start by paying out Efxes their $15,000 in winnings, and if not leave for good and start all over creating a new scam. It is outrageous that people still think this is not a thieving corporation. Do not deposit to the site or you may be yet another victim and casualty in the rampage that is Cloudbet. You have been warned! Do not deposit your hard earned coin to Cloudbet or this could be you!

Get more information, please visit


Jack Dougan

Cabo San Lucas, Mexico




ABUJA, OCTOBER 03, 2020 - It is not everyday that one sees news sites and portals cover all the nationally relevant latest Nigerian news, internationally trending news and entertainment faithfully and in detail. What most often ends up supplanting real news is opinions and orange journalism. Except Flashywap.


Flashywap is the one news portal in Nigeria covering every single Naija news to its fullest extent as real journalists. You can receive everything from all the top Naija news to the latest reports on Naija celebs.


They also cover everything in the Naija business industry that rarely gets covered due to the oft seen national political turmoil. Every bit of news from the Naija business community, national laws affecting our business industry and how it affects the country as a whole and system is covered by Flashywap.


Hence, it is not a surprise that Flashywap is Nigeria's most visited news portal where people look for accurate National and International News, Sports, Education, Business, Entertainment, Tech and Lifestyle - all under one roof. The Naija people will never again miss anything important


"We never thought we'd become so popular so soon. Our objective always was to present the truth in its most unfiltered form to the people and let them decide. Everyone was tired of opinionated news, including us. Readers can now gain full access to their favourite news on our site, including their favourite celebrities. We also prefer to report facts about celebrities instead of rumours and unfounded gossip. Nollywood is steadily making its mark at the world stage along with American Hollywood and Indian Bollywood. I urge the Naija people to keep following us and to please support independent journalism, said the founder of Flashywap.


For more information, please visit



Flashywap is an independent news portal based in Nigeria that provides all the latest nation and international news along with Sports, Business, Technology and Entertainment.




Email -




LOS ANGELES, CA, OCTOBER 03, 2020 - Investments in gold go back thousands of years. For several millenia, wealth has been measured over how much gold one has. Entire thrones were made of thick, solid gold. Even today, in many cultures, golden jewelry is exchanged during marriage by families of the bride and groom and as gifts between relatives. Wondering why?


Because it is sparkling and scintillating, eye capturing, and becoming increasing rare and thus more expensive with each passing day. So what is the solution? How to invest in gold with the best possible returns? That is where Goldco comes in. It's FREE guide details where to invest in gold, how to smartly profit from gold investment and many other things.


Many people have profited from this guide already with remarkable testimonials. As they say, hard work brings money. Smart work brings more money. Goldco's free guide teaches how to be smart in benefitting from gold IRA, how to reasonably and smartly invest in gold and silver, how to locate the best gold investment opportunity, where to get free silver and plenty of other points that is all but sure to provide your financial retirement.


"It did not come easy to me at all. It has cost me a lot to be a smart investor in god and silver. So why give away a free book? Because, well, why reinvent the wheel? I decided to lay down the path, detailing all its risks and rewards and if smartly followed is sure to reap rewards. I'll just say this - only risks bear rewards and investment in gold is something most  people can easily afford. Get the FREE guide for yourself now!", said the founder of Goldco.


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Goldco helps customers protect their retirement savings by rolling over their existing IRA, 401(k), 403(b) or other qualified retirement account to a Gold & Silver IRA. A privately held firm specializing in wealth and asset protection, Goldco is rated A+ by the Better Business Bureau and has a Triple A rating from Business Consumer Alliance based on positive customer reviews of our service, dependability and ethical business practices.



Phone Number: +1 (855) 465-3472






SATNIK have revealed further details about their forthcoming ‘Sphinx’ single, including a sneak peek and artwork for the release.


Set to land early next month, the EDM duo gave fans a short preview of the single via social media earlier this week, with the full tune due to drop on Monday 12th October via Kibbutz Records.


The artwork features the dancer Kid Locco, one of the best performers on the greatest clubs in Ibiza and around Europe.


SATNIK also uploaded a post to his artist Instagram saying “12th October… You can pre-save ‘Sphinx’ clicking on the link in the bio" — If the first drop on SATNIK’s ‘Sphinx’ doesn’t give you goosebumps in an instant, you’ve got a heart of stone. In fact, you should drop what you’re doing, go outside and find the first big puddle on the floor that you can see, look deep into your contorted reflection and proceed to chastise yourself. This whole drop is wonderful, and the bass work is powerful. It has Tomorrowland, EDC and Ultra written all over it!


You can pre-save ‘Sphinx’ right here. This is a sweepingly lush track that definitely deserves more plaudits from others.



SATNIK, who in short time have gained fans from all over the world, have crafted their unique style to create an enigmatic look to their live performances. The masked DJs, producers and songwriters bring together elements of EDM all the way from Bass, Big Room and Electro to Future, Slap and Deep.


Earlier in their career, while still keeping their identity private and under a different alias, they worked as ghost producers for artists whose names have championed the dance floors worldwide.


The pair released their debut single “Steal the Power” in 2017 on the celebrated Kibbutz Records, but 2019 was the breakout year which cemented their position in the music circuit and despite their musical talent, the idea of fame and crowds was once a cause of anxiety for SATNIK. The iconic mask which is now ubiquitous with their image and music has allowed them to overcome their fears. SATNIK use their newfound confidence to inspire others to pursue their dreams and find creative ways to overcome their challenges.


SATNIK has created a steady growing name to keep an eye on.



Spotify: SATNIK

Instagram: @satnikofficial

Facebook: @satnikofficial