(July 10, 2019): The pride of a multi-star hotel is its choice of linen. MC Hotel Linen presents a versatile online portal to find the best linen specifically fabricated for hotels and hospitality industry.

Established in the year 2010, MC Hospitality Supply Chain Co. Ltd. has always addressed the gaps in the procurement of various resources for the hotels. It has prepared a perfect platform where the hospitality brands will now be able to find the best hotel linen at a wholesale rate. The prime motto of catering to this unique online B2B platform is for the easement of resource allocation, as well as, reducing the cost of procuring.

It is because of this exclusive online portal, the top-notch hotel brands from all over the world can now directly contact the manufacturers and suppliers in order to get the best-quality linen. This resource is very much required for providing immense satisfaction to the customers. From bath linen to bed sheets, the use of highest-grade resources is absolutely mandatory. This is where MC Hotel Linen, the leading hotel curtain supplier 

Being the most favored wholesale hotel linen supplier, this brand has come up with a unique communication channel where the hoteliers will be able to discover and procure best linen. It boasts of a huge client base crossing 3000+ reputed names in the hospitality industry. The presence of clients overseas covers more than 40 countries.

This unique hotel towel supplier also offers custom-made brand-specific solutions for the clients. In fact, this leading China hotel linen supplier also offers a turnkey service to cover all the requirements of a niche hotel such as bed linen, bed cover, duvet, pillow cases, baby bedding set linen, curtain, etc.

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8th July, 2019: The music aficionados are in constant search for music that is different from contemporary productions, something that appeals! Harmoni Zax is a blooming star in this aspect. Her elegant production covers a diverse genre of contemporary yet ‘fascinatingly different than the mass’ music for everyone.

At the very young age of 7, she wrote her first song ‘All my love’ and got immense recognition from the admirers. Since then, Harmoni Zax has never looked back. It is her strong passion for music and composing, she finally prepared a huge platform in SoundCloud to reach out to many with her exemplary music. You can find her produced masterpieces in

Apart from her love for singing, she is an actor, influencer, dancer, model, composer, TV presenter, writer & director, radio presenter, etc. Her versatility proves her strong talent in show business. She knows what the mass is looking for and presents her talent beautifully. Over the years, she has managed to create a huge fan base of more than 16,000 followers in Starnow. You can follow her on

Her real name is Heidi Robinson. She goes by the name Harmoni Zax in the music world. Her fans admire her electric productions as she beautifully addresses the real emotions in life. She uses her magical words to question life, add philosophical thoughts in the lyrics, and sincerely hope to inspire the mass. She produces music to encourage the listeners, bring more joy and happiness in their life. She also brings awareness and concerns on addiction and mental health, the two biggest problems of our urban lifestyle.

Her followers like the transient music she produces that set a brilliant mood. She brilliantly creates tunes that will relax your mind. She also hones the skill of producing energetic dance and club-type tunes.

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(July 08, 2019): Music has no boundaries. It unites aficionados from different countries and ethnicity under a single roof where they understand the music and correlate it with their lives. This is why the budding artists tend to reach out to their admirers via an exclusive online portal named Mp3Naij. It is very good news for the Naija music admirers that this platform caters to the top-rated music produced worldwide.

Discovering the right genre-based music is not a hassle anymore. The time has come to follow your poison music and enjoy every step you take towards the future. Mp3Naij is the ultimate platform online where the admirers can listen to Naija music and can easily perform mp3 download to any device.

The online portal offers the best collection of Naija videos and music. It will be easier to find an entire music playlist and listen to the song numbers. These songs and videos are also available with lyrics so that the fans can sing along and imbibe the emotions perfectly.

Apart from music download, this website also caters to Naija News related to the music world. The fans and admirers will be able to keep a track on the latest developments of new albums, music productions, feats, collaborations, shows, etc via the news section.

The huge list of songs, Mp3s, and instrumentals will give the best tracks to listen to and enjoy living in an exotic world of genre-based music. The DJ mixes of music mp3 and older versions are also available in this eclectic portal. From now on, look no further as you can easily download song in this portal. Stay tuned with Mp3Naij for sensational news and versatile Naija music.

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San Diego, California (July 06, 2019) – With the best strategic partners like Orphan Angel Foundation and San Diego Reserve Bank, ButterCoin offers ERC20 Compliant Ethereum Token attached to Ethereuem with tracking mechanism, This will surely be good news for those planning to invest in Ethereum through a safe source.

With bank-grade cryptocurrency, ButterCoin offers an inside Turing-complete language for scripting. This language offered by this brand can be used by a programmer for constructing any smart contract or even a transaction type that can be mathematically defined.

For those planning for mergers and acquisitions of Alt-Coins, they are sure to get the utmost benefit from ButterCoin. It will be helpful in the creation of financial derivatives. Further, it will help with representing the assets of a company like stocks and individual tokens that represent a smart property.

With the deep understanding of the process associated with investing in companies and buying, ButterCoin will stand as acquisition coin. Further, with the team at this company having the right knowledge on working collaboratively with management teams, investing with this company will surely turn out to be a beneficial endeavor without any doubt.

When talking about their service, the company says “ButterCoin does not launch any public airdrop. Only public and internal investors, partners, affiliates are interested. In the future, ButterCoin will sell BTTR tokens under STO. Every other interested party can buy BTTR on exchanges.”

About ButterCoin:

ButterCoin with Ticker BTTR and a total supply of, plans for a revolution in the cryptocurrency domain. It will turn out to be a beneficial endeavor for investors for sure.

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2nd July, 2019: Contemporary music choices have made it harder to find genre-based productions. To bridge the gap, Gistbased is a unique online platform where the users will discover Latest music of their favorite artist. This online forum also caters to recent news, sports, Korean movies, funny videos, and other entertainment elements. This portal is setting a new example in the online entertainment industry.

This new entertainment portal is ideal for the users to find genre-specific music before any other portal can deliver. On popular demand, Gistbased also focuses on providing the most popular or trending Naija music produced by the leading artists in the world. It is a pioneer online portal where the users will find news related to sports, entertainment and daily incidents along with videos and music productions. Latest and Best music files can be downloaded for free from this website without paying any membership fee. Apart from music files, the user will also be able to download lyrics to enjoy the songs perfectly.

The prime motto of this entertainment portal is to deliver best-quality songs for free for avid users. In fact, it has also introduced a new concept where budding artists can also promote their music and video productions. This unique portal will serve as a global stage to showcase the production of talented artists from all over the world. The admirers will be able to find and admire the music produced.

All it takes is to follow a few steps to download new songs, music files, etc from this online forum. Gist maintains every protocol for user safety. It will serve as the authentic platform to discover excellent music, entertainment videos, funny videos, stream Korean movies, check news, etc for the users. 

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Seattle, WA --- Puraka Pollution Masks, a Seattle-based startup, is taking a hi-tech approach to clean air. When local air pollution reaches unsafe levels, its customers receive an early-morning SMS alert - called a Smoke Signal - reminding them to wear a pollution mask when going outside. Using proprietary algorithms, the company tracks how often its customers should be using their masks, accounting for factors like age, health status and local air quality. If stock gets low, Puraka sends a new shipment of pm2.5 filters directly to the subscriber’s home, with a guarantee that the customer will always have filters on hand during wildfire season and beyond.

“During the wildfires last summer around Seattle, my first clue the air was unhealthy was this feeling like I was having a heart attack,” says Aaron Ansel, Puraka’s co-founder. Ansel, who designed the algorithms to track its customers’ individualized profiles, is familiar with the dangers of poor air quality, having battled asthma most of his life. “A lot of people should be checking the AQI daily, but most people don’t,” he says. “So we take care of that for you.”

Unlike other entrants into the emerging pollution mask space, Puraka is focusing on function, not fashion. The pm 2.5 filters provide EPA-recommended protection, but the masks are made of cotton, not plastic, with plain designs for adults and panda-themed masks for children. “We’re not trying to make pollution masks super cool”, Ansel says. “We’re trying to make wildfire smoke something you don’t have to worry about for yourself, your children, or your parents.”

Andrew Enke, also a co-founder, explains how the company uses its fulfillment network to ensure its customers have high-quality filters when they need them. “When a customer signs up, we send them a pollution mask and some extra filters. Then, let’s say they have young children, as soon as the air quality becomes unhealthy for sensitive groups, we’ll ship them child-sized filters from our nearest fulfillment center, so they always have replacements available.”

In addition to the tech, the other noteworthy aspect of the service is the price. Puraka’s annual subscription is just $2 per month, plus $1 per family member. This includes individualized Smoke Screen alerts, automated filter tracking, and N95-equivalent filters delivered as often as needed... a small price to pay for increasingly necessary protection.

Puraka’s N95 filter subscription service launched in June, 2019. The company also offers a free collection of wildfire planning checklists, air quality data and other resources.


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If you foolishly ignore beauty, you will soon find yourself without it but if you invest in beauty, it will remain with you all the days of your life – Frank Lloyd Wright. What a simple a shape is to one may be a masterpiece to another. Find an architect to create the balance between what once was and what something needs to become is naturally a challenge as they design additions to and rehabilitate historic properties. This task is not only challenging but also exhilarating for an architect. The Palm Beach architects, Boca Raton architects and West Palm Beach architects’ guidelines for preserving, rehabilitating, restoring and reconstructing historic buildings are discussed in the Secretary of Interior Standards for the Treatment of Historic Properties. Those responsible for developing and promulgating preservation standards and guidance, specifically as it relates to historic buildings, is the office of Technical Preservation Services (TPS) in the Cultural Resources Directorate of the National Park Service.

There is no formula for designing a new addition or related new construction on a site, nor is there generally only one design approach. Given the task to create a new addition or add on to an existing structure the architect must keep in mind the proportions between the original historical building and the current new addition. Dresden’s Military History Museum in Germany, designed by Daniel Libeskind, is an ideal example of how the architect kept in mind the massing scale and detail of the original building yet the new addition is clearly unlike the original neoclassical structure.

Rex Nichols, the chairman of historical preservation board in Boca Raton, says “one of the more challenging aspects of a design is to incorporate a fresh, clean, minimalist, contemporary style that is compatible to the historic building. Part of an architect’s responsibility as they plan their design is to keep in mind the use of current technology and sustainable materials and practices such as impact windows and doors with low E glass, maximum insulation and solar panels for energy conservation”.

The topic of sustainability shaped by Florida architects can also be found in detail in the Secretary of Interior Standards for the Treatment of Historic Properties. New additions and related new construction that meet the standards can be any architectural style, traditional, contemporary or a simplified version of the historic building. To maintain the historic character and the identity of the building being enlarged many architects would argue that there should be a balance between how different the new addition is and its compatibility to the original historical building. The danger in this approach is the possibility of there not being any distinction between the old and the new design resulting in predictable, dull solutions. As one looks around at many contemporary buildings, the excitement of the design is the expression of the architectural proportions and forms which do not necessarily relate to the function of the building.

By using contemporary architecture the architect has the freedom to create a less predictable and more exciting design solution while still taking advantage of the most current and up to date intelligent materials and technology available. The final design of the new construction is a clearly distinct piece of architectural style that stands as its own and both compliments the original historical building yet simultaneously does not distract from or hinder the integrity of the original.

By Michael Hutchinson and Rex Nichols

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When Emaar Properties chose Dubai Creek Harbor as their next bold vision for Dubai, they had a world of architectural genius at their fingertips. To narrow their selection, Emaar Properties commissioned three top architecture firms in the US for a paid competition, which only three of the top Miami architects firms would be selected to submit their design vision for the 10-building luxury waterfront development named Dubai Creek Cove. Rex Nichols Architects (RNA) passed through the 1st phase of the competition and it is proud to one of the three Miami architects firms chosen to compete. RNA’s design is part of pre-construction phase one. The designers of Emaar’s final choice will become the lead architectural firm for their ten waterfront contemporary high-rise buildings.

Needless to say, Rex Nichols Architects is proud our visionary work has been recognized by this preeminent developer, Emaar Properties. Although our firm’s accomplishments are highly regarded in the U.S. and especially South Florida, it was our contemporary design portfolio introduced by RNA Design Leader for contemporary architecture Alex Penna, that brought Emaar’s invitation from their Senior Manager of Development for Dubai Creek Harbor. The developer felt the luxury homes and modern houses designs featured on our website perfectly aligned with the architectural style they envisioned for their high-profile development.

For readers who might not be familiar with the developer Emaar Properties,’ you will probably recognize two of their widely known developments because of their historical proportions. These are Burj Khalifa, designed by SOM, one of the best American architects, which has been the tallest structure in the world since late 2008 and The Dubai Mall the largest mall in the world by total area. Emaar developments are a significant contributor to the architectural beauty of the United Arab Emirates.

Equally impressive is Emaar’s Dubai Marina which is an artificial canal city built along a two-mile stretch of Persian Gulf shoreline. Aside from dockage for the world’s largest yachts, Dubai Marina accommodates more than 120,000 people in residential villas and towers.

Emaar describes Dubai Creek Harbor as an iconic waterfront development. This mixed-use development of monumental scale is situated on the banks of the historic Dubai Creek just 15 minutes from Downtown Dubai and the Dubai International Airport. Dubai Creek Harbor will also be home for the world’s second tallest tower at 3045 feet. Dubai Creek Tower, designed by the renowned Spanish architect Santiago Calatrava is scheduled for completion in 2020. The tower features ten observation decks offering 360-degree views of Dubai.

Luxury lifestyle, spectacular cultural offerings, and monumental architecture are characteristics of The Emaar group’s boundary-pushing projects. So, you can see why Rex Nichols Architects are so proud to be a part of their bold new vision for Dubai.

You may ask, what impressed Emaar about Rex Nichols Architects?

Our awards are a clear testimony to our architecture design achievements. Among those are:

• Top 50 Coastal Architects in the USA by Oceans Home Magazine for the past four years, (2015, 2016, 2017 and 2018).

• Eleven national American Institute of Architects (AIA) awards.

Additionally, Rex Nichols Architects has been recognized for successful joint ventures in previous Middle East projects including Ajmakan, a proposed mixed-use project in Riyadh Saudi Arabia, which encompassed commercial buildings, villas, palaces and a five-star hotel.

For over three decades our design has focused primarily on luxury homes for owners and developers in South Florida. RNA has expanded its business into designing and developing multifamily residential properties and mixed use projects which provide opportunities for investment in high-end income properties.

What separates Fort Lauderdale architects Rex Nichols Architects award winning design from other luxury architect firms, is our combination of minimalist South Florida tropical style and postmodernist philosophy of deconstruction derived by the philosopher Jacques Derrida. These are most obvious in our energy-efficient building design and LEED sustainable design initiatives across the United States, Europe and the Middle East. Our choices for materials and construction techniques are based on advanced technology.

Visit our website to see more of our work.

Then let’s have a conversation about how we can contribute to your family’s lifestyle or your company’s next residential or mixed use development project. Call us at (561) 445-3520 or send us an email

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24 June, 2019:   With today’s changed lifestyles, the universal worry plaguing majority women folk is “How to lose their extra weight and make them look chick?” They are very much interested in following innumerable medicines and Lose-weight Regimens. But almost all of them contain stiff, non-practical and unpleasant ways to follow, for losing weight positively. At this juncture, here is Good News coming from The Smoothie Detax Challenge for those wishing to lose weight surely, but through fun and hassle-free way.

The announcement made today by Smoothie Detax Challenge website deals elaborately, about their latest and one of its kind Online Guide that prescribes the Step by Step adoption of the Regimen, which is certainly different from others. In the very first Step, the Club insists preparing yummy and tasty Smoothies to be replaced for daily meals, 3 times a day. This is something novel compared to others, which specify hard-to-follow diet restrictions.

In Step 2 the Guide suggests eating 2 nutritious snacks per day. A full list of the snacks is provided in the Book. Step 3 suggests modified version of the above, for those who want to eat whole food meals. All the suggested food items are Vegan-friendly Vegetarian. The Club assures positive results, quoting the credentials of the erstwhile users.

Step 4 suggests joining the weight loss community, to exchange individual experiences and getting moral support. Step 5 informs a chance of winning monthly prizes for most dramatic transformation among users. Step 6 Guarantees fruitful Result and taking the Money Back, if not satisfied.

The Guide is available for downloading at the site of Smoothie Detox Challenge Club. The announcement invites everyone to visit for full details.

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By combining the roles of the Architect & Developer, we have greater control of the project making faster decisions, providing a more efficient process and maximizing the potential for a better profit for our investors.


Investment Opportunity

South Florida based architectural and development firm RNA is launching its Architect as Developer™ business with ultra-contemporary projects for single-family homes and mid-rise residential in South Florida and the Northeast. This is a unique opportunity for the savvy investor.

The Architect as Developer™ business model is a complete real estate investment package that includes site selection combined with the most compelling architectural design to maximize aesthetics and ROI. Other equally important tasks include preparing and facilitating the permitting process, production of working drawings, construction, and project management.

Southern Florida provides ideal demographic and topographic opportunities for the construction and development of high-end residential properties. Based on their reputation and history as the preferred Fort Lauderdale architects for contemporary design, RNA expects the opportunity for growth and success in the field of property design and development for this region as eminently achievable.

RNA has determined that many Architect as Developer™ investment opportunities exist beyond South Florida, specifically in the Northeast where New York architectsBoston architects, and Provincetown architects tend to repeat the same design themes reflective of the Colonial America architectural vernacular. Weathered Shingle Style homes are commonplace to the coastal communities of Downeast Maine, the Outer Cape Cod villages of Provincetown and Truro, the islands of Martha’s Vineyard and Nantucket, and the Hamptons. Traditional Adirondack style log cabins and rural Vermont country cottage designs are a repeated theme by New York developers and Boston developers.

The contemporary design of RNA and Architect as Developer™ model will provide a fresh and sophisticated perspective to contemporary architecture and will appeal to the next generation of luxury residential development. The traditional four-square wooden boxes reminiscent of previous generations will yield to more elegant and contemporary design; clean lines, open spaces, connections to nature.

Site-sensitive design and large expanses of windows will engage with natural surroundings, whether the Intracoastal waterways of Fort Lauderdale, the windswept beaches of Cape Cod and the Islands, the rugged beauty of the Maine Coast, or the four-season resorts of the Adirondacks and Vermont.

The Architect as Developer™

The Architect has a vision for the project. The Developer has the knowledge of the community and access to the construction trades. By combining the roles of the Architect & Developer there is a singular aesthetic vision, sensitivity to the natural environment, knowledge of prevailing client tastes, faster decision making, experience with high-tech sustainable building materials, project management, and access to preferred contractors.

The role and contribution of RNA has become more and more evident over the years as builders profited from RNA’s collaborative guidance. Designing, developing, and constructing our projects is a natural direction for our business. As the architect and developer, Fort Lauderdale developers RNA is the facilitator with the vision. Studying the proven business models of the most successful developers over the past 25 years has refined our proof of concept.

While return on investment cannot be guaranteed, it may be reasonable to assume a 50% return on the initial investment within a 24 to 48 months period. Variables include site purchase price and unanticipated costs of development and sale of the property.

About RNA

RNA, formerly known as Rex Nichols Architects, emerged 30 years ago and has been focused on designing alluring and innovative contemporary style luxury homes and mid-rise residential properties for clients and developers in Fort Lauderdale, Miami, Palm Beach, Boca Raton, and the surrounding region.

Over time, our business has expanded from designing to include developing multifamily residential properties and condominium projects in South Florida and the Northeast. Through this ongoing process, RNA has evolved into an Architect as Developer™firm creating opportunities for investment in the most desirable and prestigious locations.

RNA’s awards for contemporary architectural design spans 30 years, including:

• Eleven national (AIA) American Institute of Architects awards.

• Top 50 Coastal Architects in the USA by Oceans Home Magazine (2015, 2016, 2017, 2018).

RNA development proposals include detailed pro forma financials for each project, ensuring optimal ROI for the savvy investor. Flexibility regarding design and material selection makes RNA a proactive partner while maximizing investment opportunities and optimal aesthetic results.

Case Study: Emaar Properties

Rex Nichols Architects “RNA” is proud that preeminent developer, Emaar Properties, has recognized its visionary work. Although RNA accomplishments are well known in the U.S. and especially South Florida, it was the portfolio of Alex Penna, RNA Design Leader for Contemporary Architecture, which caught the attention of Emaar Properties Senior Manager of Design. Emaar felt the contemporary architecture featured on the RNA website perfectly aligned with the architectural style envisioned for their high-profile Dubai Creek Harbor development.

Luxury lifestyle, spectacular cultural offerings, and monumental architecture are characteristics of The Emaar Group’s boundary-pushing projects. Emaar Properties is widely recognized for Burj Khalifa, the tallest structure in the world since late 2008, and The Dubai Mall, the largest mall in the world by total area. Emaar developments are a significant contributor to the architectural beauty of the United Arab Emirates.

Equally impressive is Emaar’s Dubai Marina, an artificial canal city built along a two-mile stretch of Persian Gulf shoreline. Aside from dockage for the world’s largest yachts, Dubai Marina accommodates more than 120,000 people in residential villas and towers.

Emaar describes Dubai Creek Harbor as an iconic waterfront development. This mixed-use development of monumental scale is situated on the banks of the historic Dubai Creek just 15 minutes from Downtown Dubai and the Dubai International Airport. Dubai Creek Harbor will also be home for the world’s second tallest tower at 3045 feet. Dubai Creek Tower, designed by the renowned Spanish architect Santiago Calatrava, is scheduled for completion in 2020.


1) John Portman – the Architect as Developer. John Portman is known as one of Atlanta's most influential architects. Three years after graduating from Georgia Tech with an architecture degree, John Portman opened his first architectural firm in Atlanta in 1953, known today as John Portman & Associates

2) The Master Builder: Jonathan Segal Interview. Ben Stevens recently interviewed Architect & Developer Jonathan Segal as part of his Skyline Forums website. Jonathan is well known for his online course Architect as Developer and has built many notable works in San Diego, CA.

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