Miami FL (March 17, 2020) - Many know when it comes to the genre of rapping, there’s one name that has been making news for a while. Wayne Dreadski, thanks to his great work, has become a huge sensation since 2017. On Spotify, rap lovers can find many of his songs from different albums and EPs like Travel Addict, Rasta Rockstar, Designer, Neptune, Her Own Bandz, and more.

Wayne Dreadski Is Now A Viral Sensation on Spotify and Other Sites

So what started his popularity?

Manager of Concrete Music Entertainment "Shizz" started calling him Wayne Dreadski in 2017 and ever since then he started having a huge fan following. Shizz came up with this name through a unique twist of combining the great hockey player Wayne Gretzky’s name with this rapper’s name.

So who Is Wayne Gretzky?

Wayne Gretzky is a Canadian-born hockey player and NHL Hall of Famer. He started skating at age 2 and by the age of 6 he was regularly playing with players much older to him. He played his first full NHL season in 1979-80 for the Edmonton Oilers. Over the next two decades, he dominated the sport, setting a host of league records. He retired in 1999 and was inducted into the Hall of Fame that same year.

This unique combination of an athlete’s name with that of a musician is definitely something the world hasn’t seen before. To listen to Wayne Dreadski’s work, please visit

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Who are the Number One (Five Star) Bloggers in Nigeria (Naija) ?

Who are the Top Bloggers in Nigeria (Naija) ?

Who are the Best Bloggers in Nigeria (Naija) ?

Who are the Most Influential Bloggers in Nigeria (Naija) ?

Who are the Most Successful in Nigeria (Naija) ?

Who are the Funniest Bloggers in Nigeria (Naija) ?

Who are the Most Hilarious Bloggers in Nigeria (Naija) ?

Who is the #1 Blogger in Nigeria (Naija) ?

Who is the Top Blogger in Nigeria (Naija) ?

Who is the Best Blogger in Nigeria (Naija) ?

Who is the Most Influential Blogger in Nigeria (Naija) ?

Who is the Most Successful Blogger in Nigeria (Naija) ?

Who is the Funniest Blogger in Nigeria (Naija) ?

 Who is the Most Hilarious Blogger in Nigeria (Naija)

 . . . Answers . . .

 . . . Answers . . .

 . . . Answers . . .

 Rumours Blog

 Never in the History of Modern Nigeria has there ever been such a Major Culture Shock , in such a Highly Conservative (African) Country.

The Memes , Captions , Cartoons and Punch-Lines are Absolutely Hilarious ; albeit not necessarily in the Very Best of Etiquette or Decorum.

According to (the rather reserved) Dr (Mrs) Aisha Buhari (Nigeria's Beautiful First Lady and Senior Wife of the President , General Muhammadu Buhari GCFR) who regularly features on the Website : 'Rumours Blog simply came out of Nowhere , without Pedigree , or Respect , or Provenance , or Notice ; and unilaterally took it upon itself to transform me into an International (Social Media) Sensation.'

Others , in Nigeria , However , have not been so kind ; as they regularly complain that there are too many Controversial Issues which are frequently given too much prominence ; most especially in terms of LGBT Issues.

Whatever the Case : Rumours Blog is definitely a Real Breath of Fresh Air , and it is therefore Highly Recommended for all those of a (Particularly) Liberal Disposition.

It is (furthermore) a very good resource for Actors , Musicians , Job-Seekers , Fashion Gurus , Property-Hunters , Holiday Travel Teams (Tourists) and Business Opportunities (etc).

There is also an Online (Medical Doctors) Clinic , a Money Transfer Service , a Classifieds Corners ,a Dating Section , a Car Sales Showroom ; and Lots More ! Website Address : Position / Ranking : #1 (Number 1) Rating : 5 Stars (Out of 5)

Linda Ikeji's Blog

Nigeria's Pretty Young Billionaire , Dr Linda Ikeji , needs no introduction whatsoever.

She is the Number One Face of Nigerian Blogging, and the Undisputed Queen of (High Level) Celebrity Gossip.

Madam Linda Ikeji (aka Mama Jayce) : We Publicly Hail Thee.

Website Address :

Position / Ranking : #2 ( Number 2)

Rating : 5 Stars (Out of 5)


Is it a Blog ?

Is it a Website ?

Is it a Forum ?

Only Time Will Tell.

Whatever the Case : Nairaland is (most) definitely one of the Most Successful (Grassroots) Media Organizations in the History of Nigerian Networking.

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Position / Ranking : #3 (Number 3)

 Rating : 5 Stars (Out of 5)


 Source : International Collaboration Committee (Re : 2020 Naija News Blog Awards) Office of the State Counsellor of Biafraland Government of Biafra


Full address with Zip Code: Office of the State Counsellor of Biafraland , 160 City Rd , London , EC1V 2NX , UK

Company and Business Name: Government of Biafra

Contact Number (the real one): +442071297395

Media Contact: Chief Press Officer


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No Perdamos Tiempo is the first official single from their upcoming album, which will be released in 2020. The video was shot in one day, between Brazil and Portugal simultaneously and was directed by Lock Productions.


DJ HK & ANAYRCELINA approached Isaque Productions and Lock Productions with a basic idea for No Perdamos Tiempo, and from there they developed the concept together.

The song talks about, a woman who takes a surprising attitude. She is in love with a man who wants to conquer her the old-fashioned way, this man wants to take things slowly without much haste, but this woman is unlike any other. She is determined, astute and self-possessed, so she takes on the role of the man and decides to go straight to the point.

She decides what she wants, so tries to win him her way. This woman's motto and thinking is that life is too short to waste time, and if he continues like this, he will lose her.

DJ HK, as well as being one of the most in-demand producers in the game, in a past and present life the Portuguese was the producer of many reputational artists. For a good six years he was busy elsewhere producing, at a prodigious rate, artists in Japanese and UK studios or sometimes on the road. Yet his side-hustle as an obsessive noisemaker never abated. He was always writing, sketching, recording. Always accumulating songs, or bits of songs, or ideas for songs. That’s what you do when you have an encyclopedic knowledge of music as DJ HK does.

ANAYR CELINA, was born with the talent and voice to be a singer. With a difficult childhood, the young woman from an early age who dreamt of becoming a singer, recorded videos singing songs of her idols. Since then up until now, she dedicated herself as a journalist in the Porto Velho region, located in Rondônia, where she is cherished by all the locals for being a humble person and helping those close to her.

Watch the video for NO PERDAMOS TIEMPO here:

Listen to NO PERDAMOS TIEMPO on Spotify here:


BUY-RECORDS & BUY-RECORDS Latin is a global music label and publisher with a wide range of local artists and international stars.

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Explore their sexual fantasies

In a cope, one of the parents may prefer enjoying specific sexual fantasies. They can decide to search on sites such as, where they will get to recruit a new unicorn to their life. They would prefer to get someone for long them threesome because it will make them enjoy the sexual fantasies anytime they would like to be sexually active. A site where free-minded people are signed up makes it easy for them to locate the perfect unicorn who would allow them to enjoy their life to the fullest.

Make their sexual life enjoyable

Doing the same thing in your marriage can end to be boring. As a way of trying to make life fun in your relationship, you can decide to go for a threesome. It is a great way to introduce another person to

Your relationship, which will make it easy for you to interact and start enjoying life once more. As a way of finding the right person who can agree to join them in their threesomes, they will have to search around and compare the individuals before they can get the best. Couples have their preferences when they decide to engage in threesomes; they will have to discuss and get someone who can agree with their terms before they can introduce him to the relationship.

Sexual satisfaction

People get sexual satisfaction by engaging in unicorn.For example, they may have one of the partners in the couples who have a low sex drive. In such a case, introducing a new member into the union makes it

Easy for them to enjoy the relationship. It is a perfect way of making all the partners involved in a relationship satisfied in case one of them has a low sex drive.


A calm, unassuming state Perak infrequently makes the enormous features most definitely. Having said this, there are some perfect spots to investigate, most eminently the Cameron Highlands and a portion of the flawless sea shores along Pulau Pangkor.

Spots To See and Do In Perak

Pulau Pangkor - Promoted as probably the best sea shores, the little island of Panglor (it's absolute zone is under 10 sq km) flaunts some terrific sea shores - for instance, it's in Pangkor that you will discover the sea shores of Coral Bay, Pasir Bogak and Teluk Ketapang.

On the off chance that you can manage the cost of it, the select Pangkor Laut resort claims the astonishing Emerald Bay sea shore, pulling in five star explorers who can laze in the shocking sands and perfectly clear waters that the inlet offers.

Pangkor Town is a little, and to a great extent obscene spot, and despite the fact that it's not one to invest any incredible length of energy, it merits halting by only for a glance around. Since it's a little island, it's conceivable to investigate Pangkor inside a day (it scarcely takes a few hours in the event that you have transportation) and beside the marvelous sea shores there is certainly not a lot to do or see. Outstanding focal points on the island incorporate a Hindu sanctuary and the Kota Belanda fortress.

As a result of the extraordinary sea shores, Pangkor is a decent spot to appreciate a spot of swimming or water-sports. You can swim at Pangkor Laut Resort in case you're remaining there as it offers awesome swimming offices for visitors. On the other hand, head to Pasir Bogak sea shore where you can employ some swimming hardware and do it without anyone else's help.

Lodgings, Restaurants and Places To Relax In Pangkor

There's just one spot to remain in Pangkor if your financial limit permits, and that is the choice Pangkor Laut resort. Truly, this will for all intents and purposes use up every last cent however the shocking rooms (frequently joined by similarly astonishing perspectives) just as the option to utilize the visitors just sea shore (truly outstanding in Malaysia) makes it advantageous.

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25 February 2020: For the highest comfort and multi-functionality, neatly designed pedicure chairs are essential for modern salons and spas. The customer coming for the pedicure services won’t feel comfortable unless the chairs are ergonomically perfect. This is where USPedicurespa brings you a collection of designer portable pedicure chairs from the leading manufacturers in North America. These chairs can be ordered across the continent along with proper service and support.

 A proper Ergonomic setup is very important for spa and salon businesses. A multipurpose spa chair is one of them. Having designer chairs can bring in a lot of potential clients for the Salons. Bringing these elegant chairs to the salon will not only improve the aesthetics of the place but will also help the staff to provide better services.

The design and material of a pedicure chair are fabricated and chosen after comprehensive research. These chairs will give the highest comfort along with durability. These chairs are water and chemical proof. The upholstery will not get discolored and can be cleaned repeatedly.

USPedicurespa has been serving this industry and providing top-notch equipment solutions for more than a decade. Their online store has more than 200 chair designs from the leading brands alone. Over the years, they have built huge trust and reputation among the customers spread over the world.

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