Oneonta, June 12, 2019:  Nothing defines being manly more than flaunting a well-groomed beard. Be that as it may, not everybody has the same beard texture, which would look dapper. For that, you need to pick up beard-care products that provide skin-deep wholesome nourishment. Below are the top 9 beard-growth items that are ruling the roost in 2017-

Beard Czar

One of the most sought after beard-care supplements, Beard Czar is triumphing over its competitors presently. Full of natural ingredients, Beard Czar not only supports your facial fuzz development but also looks after the skin. Made essentially from Vitamin B-complex (including biotin), Beard Czar guarantees 100% thick beard outgrowth within the stipulated time.

The high rating (4.5 stars) it has received in Amazon is the proof that how much Beard Czar is cherished by the suave men out there. Using it is easy. Just pop a pill per day for 1 month and you will get to own a silky bed of hair on your face.

All Natural Maxx Beard

There will always be few bald spots here and there (on your face) that would refuse to be filled up with hair. For them, All Natural Maxx Beard is the product to go. This natural solution has 100% clinically proven ingredients to propel hair growth in the most stubborn of regions.

 The distinctive formula combining herbs, kopyrrol and  Vitamin-B complex would give you the beard, moustache or goatee you have always dreamed for. This 3-in-1 substance is super convenient to apply on your face as well.  

Minoxidil Extra Strength Oil

Covering patchy spots or filling-up thinning hair is a part of beard growth. For it, Minoxidil Extra Strength Oil is a powerful substance. With the dropper that comes inside the package, apply this solution on the troubling spots of your face, which are refusing to be filled and see the result within 2 months!

Minoxidil is one of the most powerful formulas to treat Alopecia Barbae among men. After a rigorous 4-6 weeks of usage, you are bound to flaunt your sexy, suave goatee, side-burns or moustache. You can buy the package from Amazon where 6 months supply is available at a discounted price.

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7th June, 2019: In the Engineering Manufacturing Industry CNC machining facility holds an important part. With present day opportunities made available through the Internet, Manufacturing Companies need not install CNC Plans, investing hugely. Instead, they can outsource the same to China CNC machining service, at a negligible cost. An announcement made today by Henrong Industrial Group brings Good News to global customers in this regard.

The announcement informs gladly that their CNC machining factory in China has installed sophisticated and latest Plant and Equipment, purely for the purpose of helping global manufacturers avail those facilities, as and when they need. They justifiably boast that ever since 2003, they are rendering China CNC machining service for machining, sheet metal fabrication and prototyping process of products and custom-made Machine-parts and supplying them promptly.

Henrong Industrial Group has been catering to the needs of 1600 plus global manufacturers. The aspects that make them stand apart from peers is high manufacturing precision up to 0.01 mm, smooth surface, flexible manufacturing volume from one piece prototyping to making millions of products bulk production, and wide range of materials such as aluminum, titanium, stainless steel, copper, brass and machinable plastics etc.

CNC Machining Service

The announcement indicates that their CNC machining service is being used, in assorted fields like Aerospace, Automobile, Consumer Electronics, Electrical Products, Medical Equipment, Robotics and other such fields.

The announcement says their assets are flexible manufacturing capability, professional quality control team to assure International Standards of Manufacturing, and Customer-centric Service. Customers can raise their doubts and get clarifications from their expert Engineering Team, whenever wanted. Henrong says it is a click away at and interested manufacturers from any part of the globe can visit them and get benefited.

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 Fresh track Summer Nitro will be released on 31.05.2019

Track will be available on Itunes, Spotify and Bandcamp.

Independent - Zen mode - based music producer, noise artist, Chillout and musician, Beno Sorsak.

Independent Slovenian-based music producer, guitarist and musician, Beno Sorsak returns under his “Electric Boogie” monkier with “Summer Nitro” a dance heavy groove with a hard driving baseline, 80s keys, synths, and programmed drums pulsating with the rhythm of refined Retro Wave. The track is both a call for movement and a controlled meditation, the pounding of kicks and repetition of the chords and melody leaves the listener in a transcendent state. With a guitar solo tucked in the back of the mix the expansiveness of the track only further unfolds with every spin, the ambient soundscape revealing another layer with each new listen, “Summer Nitro” is the perfect tune for a fun Summer, Electric Boogie has keen ear for what makes an amazing tune for the season.

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(June 01, 2019): - Of all the News Stories published, Celebrity News has a unique place. People around the world are very much interested to read such News Stories, without exception. In order to fulfill this crazy demand, here is one exclusive News Portal – Celebrities Buzz coming forward to publish exclusive interesting latest news about the Celebrities in and around Ghana and other places.

The announcement made today from this News Portal invites everyone interested  to read latest celebrity news along with photographs and videos, at their portal just by pressing some buttons online. The description given by the Portal about their News Stories is also very interesting, since they cover all the current topics and subjects to flash absorbing news.

Starting from Ghana Entertainment, the News Articles touching everything such as Trending New Stories, Politics, celebrities Buzz, Lifestyle, Sports, and Education etc. are published, with eye-catching headlines. The announcement assures that readers will get only “spicy” Ghana celeb news, because behind the scenes their reporters and Editors work meticulously, in collecting, categorizing, sorting and checking the newsworthiness of the information so gathered.

Online News Stories have a peculiar specialty that they have to reach the readers “hot from the oven” and even the delay by just few hours will spoil the interest in reading them. Especially in respect of entertainment news, the celebrity gossips should be sensational, so that the readers pay keen attention to them and get thrilled. Fans of celebrities vie with each other in not only reading them, but also spreading those ghana celeb news among friends and neighbors with excitement – the announcement asserts.

The announcement takes justifiable pride in boasting that their News Portal has tremendous support from their readers; and asks others also to make a visit by clicking



(June 01, 2019): Downloading Latest mp3 music has now become an easy task, thanks to Mp3flare that provides trendiest songs to all the music lovers out there. One of the major reasons why it is so popular in the market is because its collection consists of a perfect mix of old melodies as well as recently launched songs. Now, one can easily go for the Latest song download and groove on to the beats. All you need to do is just type the song name in the search option and once it comes up in the list, go for instant downloading and flaunt your playlist.

Mavins-All is in order ft Don jazzy,Koredo Bello,Rema,DNA & Crayon  mp3 download

A simple and quick procedure of MP3 download is followed by Mp3flare so that you do not have to wait for a long time to get the desired song. This is certainly the best way to enhance the quality of your playlist and have a collection of the trendiest songs on it. The songs are being categorized as per the genres so that it becomes really convenient for you to exactly get what you are looking for. As per the daily listening habits, it also gives the listeners some useful music download suggestions.

About MP3FLARE: This Music download website has an impressive collection of songs as per your needs and preferences. Whether you are someone who loves to have latest songs on his playlist or you are just searching for a particular song, the platform of Mp3flare is certainly the best option for you. Search for the latest song of your favorite artist, go for Fast music download and let your friends wonder where you get it from.

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26th May 2019: has come up with revolutionary and groundbreaking advancements in the treatments for acne. According to the recent information updated on the official website of the company, it has been found that their services include the provision of acne medications and pills as well as prescription treatments for acne.

The information on the official website of further illustrated the importance of preferring medical treatment for acne. It is clear that home remedies for acne treatments could work only in certain cases. On the other hand, complicated cases should be shown to the doctor immediately. The professional support for treatment of acne would help in getting efficient remedies that are generally known for working fast.

Accutane for Acne has also illustrated the facility of different solutions on how to get rid of acne easily. One of the methods outlined on the company’s website refers to the use of mild topical creams that can be applied to the affected area after cleaning. Most important of all, the company focuses on the use of gentle cleansers and solutions for washing the affected area. Strict guidelines have been presented to refrain from using harsh soaps that could result in skin irritation.

In addition to the information about the use of mild topical creams for treating acne, the official website also reflected further on the use of mild exfoliating cleansers that are essential for removing the dried-up acne. These cleansers are also claimed to be effective in filling up the cavities that are left after removal of acne. The information on can also be used for developing homemade remedies for basic cases of acne.

About the company: is a website dedicated to the cure of various problems associated with acne. It provides credible information about various types of acne and effective remedies for the same. In addition to this, the website also provides the opportunity for accessing the advice and services for the treatment of acne from professionals.   

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(May 26, 2019):People are individually identified by their ID Cards. It is a must that they show their ID, whenever required at so many checking points by the Law. But these original ID Cards are precious and can’t be carried everywhere. More so at places where they want to conceal their real identity (without any malafide intentions of course) they can use Fake Ids, as a measure of convenience. In order to help such people requiring to Buy Fake Id Online, Buy Scannable Fake Id here is a site coming forward – Buy to supply Cheap Fake Id, as they want.

Reddit Fake Id

The announcement made today by this site informs very clearly, all the salient features of the Fake Ids anyone can buy from them online. The buying process is simple and explained in detail by information published at their site. Prospective buyers are told very clearly, the usage and benefits of possessing such frivolous IDs, and also consoled it is not against the Law to use these Fake Ids, so far as there is no intention to indulge in frauds or clandestine activities.

The announcement impresses the young folks that they can use these identity cards, to enter Pubs and Clubs where they want to make fun, but are not allowed due to their under-age. In such circumstances, by using these duplicate identity cards, their purpose will be served well and squarely.

The company assures that their Fake Ids are made professionally with deft hands, exactly as per the IDs prepared by the Authorities, and possess everything like Reddit Fake ID, hologram, Tricolor real OVI, microtext, microprinting, raised text etc. Interested parties can Buy Scannable Fake ID, as if belonging to any American State. More details about these Fake Ids can be had by visiting



Recognizing his immense and unparallel contribution to the Indian healthcare sector, Mr. Gaurav Malhotra, a Wharton Business School Alumni who is currently the M.D. and CEO, Bourn Hall Clinic International, has been bestowed upon the prestigious 'Young Healthcare Achiever Award 2015'. The coveted award was conferred upon Mr. Gaurav Malhotra for his relentless efforts spanning over two decades to transform healthcare at 'Health Premier League 2015' organized by Med Achievers, held at the India Habitat Centre. The conference was attended by more than 500 delegates.

The esteemed jury comprising of well respected names from the arena of healthcare, process auditors and policy meticulously judged Mr. Gaurav Malhotra for his dynamic approach, outstanding vision, leadership and significant achievement at different levels of his career. The jury included renowned personalities like PadamshreeDr. A K Grover from Sir Ganga Ram Hospital, Dr. Shyama Nagarajan from Ernst & Young, Dr. (Prof) S K Sharma from AIIMS, Dr. Lt Gen Ved Chaturvedi, Director General Medical Services (Army), Justice Usha Mehra, Former Delhi High Court judge, Dr. Y P Bhatia, Chairman Indian Healthcare Quality Forum and Dr. Y P Munjal, Chairman, Scientific Committee, Health Premier League 2015. Med Achiever recognized individuals who have exceeded expectations and demonstrated commitment to excellence through innovation and thought leadership in building next generation professionals.

Mr. Gaurav Malhotra, CEO, Bourn Hall Clinic International, India said, "It's a moment of great pride and honour to have been judged as the 'Young Achiever' by the esteemed jury members of Med Achievers. Indeed this mantle puts a greater responsibility of having to live upto the increased expectations."

This year the award and the panel were larger as compared to last year. There were nominations from very prominent institutions of the country as well as tier 2 and tier 3 cities.

Right from its inception in 2014, the credibility and scale of Med Achiever Awards can be felt and seen by looking at the team of jury and profile of participants. The first award ceremony was celebrated on 1st July 2014 (The Doctors Day) in presence of then Union Health Minister of India Dr. Harsh Vardhan, Union Science and technology minister Dr. Jitendra Singh, Leaders and icon of healthcare industry including Dr. Devi Shetty (Chairman Narayan Healthcare limited), Dr. Naresh Trehan (Chairman, Medanta The Medicity), and many eminent doctors from hospitals like Apollo, Sir Ganga Ram& Max Healthcare.

About Bourn Hall Clinic International, India 

Bourn Hall Clinic, the world's first and best known assisted conception clinic, was established in 1980 by Patrick Steptoeand Robert Edwards, the pioneers of IVF. Our founders Prof. Robert Edwards and Dr. Patrick Steptoe created the World's first test tube baby - Louise Brown on 25th July 1978. With the vision to help childless couples, they founded Bourn Hall Clinic, the world's first IVF Clinic. IVF treatment has since touched and enhanced the lives of millions of people facing difficulties conceiving. This contribution of IVF technique has been recognized by the Nobel Prize for Medicine in 2010 to Professor Robert Edwards. Through innovative thinking the clinic maintains a leading role in the field. We are committed to technical excellence in treatment and exceptional patient care.

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Whether you are buying for yourself, or it's a gift for someone special, finding the right men's accessories isn't always easy. Let's face it, just because there's more choice doesn't equate to better quality and style. This is an issue that Capthatt has addressed with gusto, releasing new ranges of accessories that meet the style and the functional needs of men today. These are made to the highest standard and include accessories such as; wallets, bracelets, belts, hats, men's bags to name but a few.

Black Gold Leather Bracelet for Men

Every man needs a wallet, but more than that every man needs a wallet that fits his life and his style needs. Capthatt has heralded the season with a wide range of wallets that speak to the modern man. There are eco-friendly cork wallets, retro clutch wallets with striking designs and the latest in RFID blocking wallets. These accompany some of Capthatt's classics, such as the hand crafted soft leather wallets. Specifically made to be premium quality without the premium prices. So whether you're a business man or a mountaineer, there's a wallet for you.

Men's bags have gone beyond simple messenger bags and have become must have items for the man on the go. Capthatt's men's bags include canvas laptop bags, satchels, ipad travel bags, and rucksacks with a bold fresh look.

Kingsley Jones, Founder of Capthatt states:

"It's about taking the best material and creating organic designs that are wearable yet unique. All of our clothing and accessories are designed with this focus in mind"

The collection of bracelets at Capthatt are inspired, and derive influences from Mexican and African art as well pieces that connect strongly with the biker lifestyle. All bracelets are handmade, using precious stones, steel and precious metals to create iconic pieces.

If you want to know more about Capthatt's accessories, then go to: or

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(20 May 2019) - Peeping inside the legendry Chinese regions and mountains to happily enjoy the vacation, and whiling away the time with Mother Nature is the dream of many people. But there are many stumbling blocks for this dream to materialize, such as a reliable Travel Agency to conduct those tours providing all the incumbent facilities, amenities and comforts. Here is Good News coming to them from Chengdu China Travel Service Co. Ltd. a popular Western China Travel Company, announcing interesting arranged tours in areas dreamed of by many people, to set their foot on.

The announcement made today by the travel company explains in detail that they have successfully conducted excellent tours in these particular parts of China. The announcement says that their travel arrangements will prominently include, among others – Daocheng Yading Travel; Sichuan China Travel; Jiuzhaigou Tour; Chengdu to Jiuzhaigou tour; Chengdu Travel; and Tibet Tour etc.

The announcement highlights the specialties of the Vacation Tours arranged by the Company to attract the travelers, and make their Chinese Tour an unforgettable one for life. The list of advantages described by the announcement includes reasonable price; elimination of compulsory shopping stores; Parent-child travel meaning they don’t have restrictions of age for the travelers and children and senior citizens can also accompany; Self-driving tour and comprehensive Insurance cover etc.


The star attraction of their tours is Free Travel. By this the Company means they will arrange for all the transportation, hotel accommodation, pick-up and drop facilities, and other incidentals etc. But the travelers are completely free to enjoy their time within the prescribed tour timings, dine and eat anywhere as they feel like, and thus the travelers won’t feel any restrictions at all. This latest concept in Tourism Travel is celebrated by Tourists worldwide. The announcement invites everyone to visit for full details.


Phone: 028-89548533