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Titled ‘Sphinx’, the new track from the duo DJs, producers and songwriters is their first release in 2020 as solo artists. following collaborations with other artists earlier this year.

SATNIK’s work is always worth checking, and ‘Sphinx’ doesn’t disappoint; the title track is a dense rhythm track loaded with layers of propulsive percussion and has also been released alongside an official music video by Kibbutz Records. The video features two boxers in a training space, showing from the professional evolution of both to the final stage where they struggle to designate a winner. A rhythmic and powerful video to perfectly match the track.

'Sphinx’ via Kibbutz Records, has everything you need in dance music: 808 bass, punchy kick, a super groovy vibe and an unforgettable melody. Big shouts to one of the best duos on earth for this amazing track. You can check out 'Sphinx', which is out now, below.

The art cover features the dancer Kid Locco which is one of the best dancers of the greatest clubs in Ibiza.

‘Sphinx’ had an outstanding direct entry on Deezer’s Top 100 in Portugal – taking position 1, on iTunes’ Top 200 in Portugal – taking position 3, on Beatport’s Top 100 for Big Room – taking position 19. This head banger already counts with thousands of streams on all digital platforms in just 24 hours and has received the support of various DJs in the scene. Definitely on the way to a gold award, right? Or even Platinum, who knows!


SATNIK, who in short time have gained fans from all over the world, have crafted their unique style to create an enigmatic look to their live performances. The masked DJs, producers and songwriters bring together elements of EDM all the way from Bass, Big Room and Electro to Future, Slap and Deep.

Earlier in their career, while still keeping their identity private and under a different alias, they worked as ghost producers for artists whose names have championed the dance floors worldwide.

The pair released their debut single “Steal the Power” in 2017 on the celebrated Kibbutz Records, but 2019 was the breakout year which cemented their position in the music circuit and despite their musical talent, the idea of fame and crowds was once a cause of anxiety for SATNIK. The iconic mask which is now ubiquitous with their image and music has allowed them to overcome their fears. SATNIK use their newfound confidence to inspire others to pursue their dreams and find creative ways to overcome their challenges.

SATNIK has created a steady growing name to keep an eye on.

Listen to ‘Sphinx’:

Spotify: SATNIK

Instagram: @satnikofficial

Facebook: @satnikofficial



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NEWSDESK, OCTOBER 15, 2020 - Thousands of languages are spoken across the world. But in a world that is increasingly coming together through social media and travel, how do we ease the burden of communicating in a different and unknown language?

Cue, Laniakea Translation Technology, or Laniakea Tek. This revolutionary firm is launching their futuristic software on Indiegogo October 27, 2020. What makes this technology unique is this software empowers users to converse in almost any language with anybody, especially in all the most popular languages across the world both in person and long distance.

Another brilliant usage of this software is that it virtually eliminates the need to spend months, years, and money to learn a new language or hire a professional translator which can be very costly. This software does an excellent job of helping people learn a new language.

Their applications have been developed presently for Android and available on Google Play. But The next generation of software will also run on Windows and iOS operating systems. Their Lingfinity Universal Translator is a one-of-a-kind application giving users the ability to converse in more than 70 languages in face to face conversations. This translator will soon feature offline mode enabling using to have natural bilingual conversations when the internet is unavailable. It will also feature Bluetooth mode which will allow for hands free multilingual conversations.

"We are very excited about the launch of our language software. While social media brought the world together it has negated enabling users in diverse languages to communicate with one another. Laniakea Tek has taken that one notch up by eliminating the language barriers through instant messenger, blogs, and chatrooms. You can interact in any of the major languages in the world in person or long distance with no problem. We will also be running a referral program on Launch Day and you can earn exciting gifts for your referrals including flights, hotels, and even cruises. Finally, please join our Indiegogo Campaign so that we can get this software on the hands of as many people as possible in the coming years. That is our goal. That is our mission", said the founder of LaniakeaTek.


Laniakea Translation Technology, or LaniakeaTek, is a software firm that is introducing the world’s first complete universal language translator which allows users to interact simultaneously in two or more languages. This innovative software allows users to communicate with anyone, anytime, in almost any language.

Get more information, please visit


Indiegogo Campaign:

Google Play:



Email -





San Diego Consulting Group

October 13, 2020

San Diego, CA 10/13/20 – San Diego Consulting Group (SDCG) one of the fastest growing management consulting agencies, welcomes James A. Sorensen as CFO.


James is a seasoned professional who has held a multitude of financial, operational, and technical positions at the C level.  He has held the titles of CFO, COO, and CIO in industries such as:  Healthcare, Entertainment, Technology, Manufacturing, and Real Estate Development. He has held Financial, Operation, and Board advisory positions for several rapidly growing organizations ranging from startup to public companies.  

Jim completed five public offerings by directing and coordinating the legal, accounting, and investment banking functions.  He has completed the spin-off of a privately held Company into three separate Companies in growing disparate businesses while implementing accounting and management information systems.

Kelly Powell, Vice President of Sales and Marketing: “It’s hard to fully describe Jim in a sentence.  On one hand he is a highly sought-after CFO with extensive experience.  On the other hand, he can work a room better than many sales executives I know.  Jim is great at his craft, enjoyable to be around and we are excited to have him on our team.”   

Graduating in Accounting from the University of Wisconsin, James has aligned himself with organizations that are considered leaders in their field including law firms, CPA firms, Consulting firms, and professional organizations such as ACG. He is a partner in a leading Financial consulting firm and looks to use his skills, contacts, and experience to help organizations reach their potential as Advisor or Board Member.

For more on SDCG’s fractional services in:  Sales, Marketing, Business Development, Organizational Streamlining, IoT, Digital Transformation, and more visit us here: 

About San Diego Consulting Group

San Diego Consulting Group (SDCG) is headquartered in Southern California.  The company provides small and mid-market businesses with executive advisory services in: Sales, Marketing, Operations, Strategy, Finance, Legal, Training, IoT, and fractional C-level support. SDCG helps its clients realize their goals by applying our deep industry and functional expertise to address their unique needs. Contact the San Diego Consulting Group today:


Tito Zamalloa

San Diego Consulting Group

(858) 200 - 5022



San Diego Consulting Group

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CHICAGO, IL, OCTOBER 11, 2020 - There are very few individuals who take it upon themselves to use their success and give back to the society. Even more rare are those individuals who go back to the communities they rose out of and help them. To help those families find the same success and freedom that this individual has.

Cue, Pharoah Jackson. Rising out of a small community in Harvey, IL, Pharoah is helping low-income communities find economic wealth and rebuild their credit through his company, Credit Profile Jump Start. Dedicating his life to making a positive difference in changing the narrative in the community in which he was raised, Pharoah, he is helping change the lives of other young people in the community in which he was able to survive and leave but stays connected by providing services to help others create their own opportunities. 

Having begun his successful real estate journey at the young age of 21 years old, the now 28 years old Pharoah Jackson not only helps others rebuild their credit through his company but also rents to low income families while helping them rent to own until they are in a position to purchase property on their own.

"It feels good to give back to the community. I believe everyone should do it - help out the lesser fortunate to stand on their own two feet. You never know who turns out to be someone who changes the world for the better. Credit is always a huge problem in low income communities, almost like the work and experience problem. I help them rebuild their credit and let them rent low so that one day they can purchase their own property. I am here to change the narrative on poverty and help people build economic wealth. Let this dream become your dream too", said Pharoah Jackson, founder of Credo Profile Jump Start.

For more information, please visit


Credit Profile Jump Start is a credit builder company that primarily helps low income to rebuild their credit.



Phone Number - +1 866-931-3923




TALLINN, ESTONIA —'Sports D³' ('D Cubed Ventures OÜ'), a tokenization platform and digital assets exchange for the global sports industry, is pleased to announce that it has been granted an operating crypto-license by the Financial Intelligence Unit (FIU) of Estonia.


‘Sports D³' provides professional sports teams with an innovative alternative to raising funds by facilitating crowd-formation of capital on its DLT-powered platform, where clubs are able to digitize, securitize and sell their assets to fan-investors in the form of Security Token Offerings (STO).


With the approval of a Virtual Currency Exchange and a Virtual Currency Wallet License, 'Sports D³’ is now a fully regulated digital assets exchange, with the capability to deliver its solutions to sports clubs and their fans in 27 European jurisdictions. This milestone marks the next step in ‘Sports D³' development and paves the way for securing the financial intermediary status and expanding into other continents.


Gene Swinton, Founder & CEO of ‘Sports D³’ said: “There are over 400 million football fans in Europe, who are not only among the most devoted fans in the world but who also happen to score higher in their ability to invest. We are delighted to be granted this license, as it will provide fan-investors with a simple, low-cost, fiat-to-crypto ON-ramp and enable their investment activities on the SD³ platform”.


“We will continue on our mission to democratize finances in the global sports industry, starting with the European football space. By providing professional football clubs in Europe with access to capital crowd-sourced from millions of fan-investors, SD³ heralds a new era for crowd-capital and its prominent role in the development of football” concluded Mr. Swinton.


To learn more about the ‘Sports D³' solution or pre-register for early access to the platform, click here. For investor and media inquiries email us at


About 'Sports D³' ('D-Cubed Ventures OÜ') | www.


‘Sports D³’ is a trade name used by D-Cubed Ventures OÜ, a financial and sports technology company developing a regulatory-compliant tokenization platform and digital assets exchange for the global sports industry with mid-2021 as a target completion and official launch date. SD³


platform enables crowd-formation of capital from millions of fan-investors and provides professional sports clubs and athletes with access to alternative sources of debt/equity financing via Security Tokens Offerings (STOs) on a public blockchain. ‘Sports D³' solution stands at the intersection of the sports industry, financial markets, blockchain technology, and millions of sports fan-investors.


This project is led by a team of seasoned professionals, recent graduates from the world’s top-ranking Executive MBA program at Kellogg School of Management (USA), and supported by an international panel of advisors. With 15,000 users from 50+ countries pre-registered on the platform, strategic collaboration agreements in place with FC Shakhtar and other European clubs, SD³ strives to instill more democratic practices, as it relates to finances within the global sports industry.


Registered in Estonia #14773533 on July 29, 2019, and operating under FIU license #FVT000159, issued on 14-Sept-2020.


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06 de Octubre, 2020– Para algunos, octubre es el mes del terror y las brujas, pero para Nylah Star, es el momento perfecto para lanzar su nuevo material audiovisual.

Lo que comenzó como una carrera musical humilde, poco a poco está tomando más forma, y es que Nylah Star, en conjunto con AQD Records y AQD Entertainment, comenzarán a liberar más material promocional de sus nuevos sencillos este mes.

Cada semana se lanzará nuevo contenido relacionado a la música de esta pequeña con mucha energía. Videos musicales, animaciones y canciones que a legrarán a más de uno.

El proyecto de Nylah Star ha sido bien recibido tanto por la comunidad hispano como angloparlante, emocionando a sus seguidores con letras positivas que pueden animar en medio de estos tiempos turbios.

Este proyecto fue propuesto a los gobernadores de los estados en Estados Unidos,  diferentes países de Latinoamérica e incluso España, con la finalidad de transmitir este mensaje a la mayor cantidad de público posible. Muy pronto se podrá transmitir ese mismo mensaje en varios idiomas.

Iniciando el próximo lunes 12, cada semana se estará revelando un nuevo material de Nylah Star, compuesto por:

1era semana: Video musical en español

2da semana: Tema en inglés

3era semana: Video animado

4ta semana: Video musical en inglés

Dicen que todo artista ha de tener videos que vayan acorde a su visión artística, y Nylah Star no se queda atrás. Más cosas vendrán pronto, y no te pierdas de nada entrando y siguiéndola en todas sus redes sociales, allí podrás estar al tanto de todo el nuevo contenido.

Sobre la artista

Nylah T. Quezada nació el 30 de Agosto del 2014, en Nueva Jersey, EE.UU., hija de Thalia King y Andrés Duran, ambos de raíces dominicanas, los cuales Nylah mantiene para no olvidar sus orígenes latinos.

Ella ha sido fanática del canto, la actuación y el baile, con su meta el ser una gran artista en el futuro cercano, causando un mensaje positivo en un panorama concurrido de artistas. Durante sus clases regulares, ha sido conocida por ser una niña muy creativa y activa, algo que sus padres no podían dejar pasar.

Con su proyecto ‘Nylah Star 2020’, ella tomará las plataformas digitales, incluyendo Spotify, YouTube, iTunes, Amazon MP3 y Google Play, con más sencillos a ser lanzados muy pronto ¡Mantente al tanto de su carrera a través de sus redes sociales!

Para más información sobre Nylah Star, visita: su página

Compañía: AQD Record / AQD Entertainment

Correo Electrónico:

Contacto: Adres Duran

Tel.: 201 515 1929





With the uncertainty of lockdowns, shutdowns and stay at home directives worldwide, now is a great time to learn or develop your music skills.


Learning a musical instrument can be not only rewarding but therapeutic.

Music is a healer and playing music can evoke truly magical feelings, even for absolute beginners.


The common problem everybody has when wanting to learn an instrument is finding the right information. While social media may seem the obvious place to look, it’s also quite possibly the worst place to start.


“The problem comes from not only the amount of information to sift through but also too much conflicting information…says Dave Steele of


Whilst knowing the “What” may be valid, it’s knowing the “How and Why” that is the missing link to being a great musician on any instrument.


Collecting random pieces on the internet is like collecting Baseball Cards. It won’t serve you over time, it won’t put you in the game.


You need a guided course to allow for a constant progression, otherwise you’re just playing pool on a table with no pockets.


Bass is cool. Bass is the glue that holds the whole thing together.”


Don’t make the mistake of thinking bass guitar is purely the domain of males. It is fast becoming a real “thing” for females too. There are many very famous female bass players eg Gail Ann Dorsey (David Bowie, Lenny Kravitz), Tal Walkenfeld (Jeff Beck), Esperanza Spalding, Tina Weymouth (Talking Heads) just to name a few.


Bass guitar is truly a great instrument to play and people love a great bass player. Learning is fun because it’s all about the groove. Everybody dances to the bass, even if they don’t know it. It’s also an instrument that lets you get started quickly and then you can take it as far as you want.


Sitting in the groove, playing along with your favourite songs, that sounds like real fun.


For a limited time are running a daily competition where you could win entry to the complete Level One Beginners Bass Course. So if learning bass is what you are thinking, head on over and enter. Remember, you have to be in it to win it.




SOFIA, OCTOBER 10, 2020 - Building a proper website has been a dream of many. Some go to free website makers while some take the help of professional website designers for better anesthetics and content moderation. But rarely is there a web hosting provider that is the most affordable and the best.


Cue, SiteGround. SiteGround happens to be the top WordPress hosting providers on the internet. Officially endorsed by WordPress, SiteGround gives the clients a full solution including their choice of sitebuilder, premium features, and the support you need to launch your site. All of their WordPress management plans include WordPress installation, automated migrations, automatic updates, advanced caching, and expert WordPress support. They can see for themselves the client care offered by other hosting companies and the genuineness of SiteGround.


SiteGround's platform is powered by Google Cloud to create a powerful and technically superior hosting service as Google is known for maintaining one of the fastest and best connected networks. The firm is also a pioneer in developing smart in-house solutions and adopting innovative technology. If the client is looking for high traffic, SiteGround is the best hosting choice for a high traffic website. They also do Managed WooCommerce hosting and offer WooCommerce Hosting Plan for Online Store Creation.


“We’re practically the most trusted web hosting provider in all of the internet and the most established WordPress hosting providers. We believe that managed hosting is a way to empower our clients to focus on their core business and take the hosting maintenance off their chores list. We also have a team of dedicated security experts keeping track of daily software vulnerabilities on a server and website level. Clients can rest in the fact that they will experience super fast performance and can expect huge traffic to their site. Trust us, and let your life be eased and changed", said the Founder of SiteGround.


For more information, please visit



SiteGround is a website hosting service that offers to build, design and manage websites for clients while also armed with latest security measures. It is the most affordable and the most secure web hosting provider.







Pisco PiscoLogía anuncia el lanzamiento de un curso integral que otorga un certificado en pisco peruano. Los estudiantes del curso gozarán de una capacitación comprehensiva virtual que incluye lecciones, actividades y foros. Recibirán un certificado al cumplir con los requisitos.  


“Este curso es la culminación de años de investigación sobre el pisco peruano. La información es presentada en inglés y accedida fácilmente por la comunidad internacional. El material transciende la información básica; los estudiantes aprenderán sobre el pisco en situaciones de la vida real y podrán interactuar con compañeros con un interés semejante en la bebida espirituosa”, dijo Meg McFarland, fundadora del curso.  


Los alumnos tendrán acceso a 29 lecciones y sus actividades y exámenes correspondientes. Creado y mantenido por las socias de PiscoLogía, el programa explora profundamente el tema del pisco para examinarlo desde una perspectiva histórica y cultural. El curso fue diseñado para profesionales de la industria de bebidas espirituosas, pero cualquier persona con interés en el tema puede inscribirse.


“Este programa de certificado en una extensión lógica de la divulgación educacional que hacemos con PiscoLogía. Esperamos educar a los demás sobre la calidad y singularidad del aguardiente y eventualmente crear una nueva categoría para el pisco peruano. Estamos muy entusiasmadas de ofrecerles esta información a las personas del sector de licores y más allá”, dijo McFarland.   


Los distribuidores de PiscoLogía tendrán acceso gratis al curso. Hay descuentos para gente de la industria que ha sido afectada por COVID-19. Pueden entrar al o mandar un mensaje al; para mayor información.   


Sobre PiscoLogía 


PiscoLogía Quebranta, un pisco puro peruano, ganó una Medalla de Oro en 2019 en el concurso de Women's Wine and Spirits en Londres.   


PiscoLogía Acholado, una mezcla de piscos Italia y Quebranta, fue premiado una Medalla de Oro en el Concurso SIP en California, EE.UU. Ambos piscos se hacen en la Denominación de Origen de Lima (Azpitia) por la maestra destiladora, Nati Gordillo.

Sobre Topa Spirits, LLC

Topa Spirits es una empresa fundada y manejada 100% por mujeres. Ellas producen, exportan y distribuyen PiscoLogía Pisco Quebranta y PiscoLogía Pisco Acholado.


Sigue a PiscoLogía en Facebook, Twitter, Instagram




MUMBAI, OCTOBER 9, 2020 - Addiction of all types is a major cause of destruction of families and untimely deaths across the world. It has been so since times immemorial. Various Holy Scriptures of almost all religions from antiquity talk about how the fruits of addiction to something by one person was borne by the entire family. Not to mention there's stigma and shame attached with it that makes the lives of the addict and families very difficult. So how should one go about looking for a rehabilitation centre should one choose to reform?

Cue, India's leading website in location of the country's top class and medically best rehabilitation centres. At this website, user can locate a rehab centre close to them for any addiction. Whether it is alcohol, drugs, smoking, pornography, gambling or tobacco, shows you all of them closest to your vicinity and also all over India.

You can also see the listings of the city according to cities. Cities like Vadodara, Pune, Mumbai, Kolkata, Delhi, Bangalore etc. feature prominently on the website. You can enter the type of addiction and the city of your choice in the search box and the website will show you the complete list of rehab centres.

"I have to admit I was skeptical initially whether this was worth it or not. India is not a country where we talk about addictions openly because of fear and stigma. But a large number of searches on our website has proven me and I couldn't be more glad. People want treatment. Family members of addicts want treatment. And I'm simply paving the way for them. It is about time we tackle addiction head on", said the founder of

For more information, please visit


Bestrehabcentres.In Is A Website That Shows The Locations Of Various Rehab Centres For Various Addictions Across India.


Website -

Phone Number - 1800-102-8828