August 25, 2019: Human Relations is an important integral part of any Business, since it involves human beings working for the uplift of any Company every day. Especially in countries like UAE, where most of the Companies engage predominantly foreign nationals and expatriates in employment, this becomes more sensitive in nature. Technology of date has made it damn easier to manage Human Relations activities, by the press of some buttons through HR Software for UAE. On top of the list is Delicate Software which comes in handy with exhaustive and easy-to-operate Software Solutions, exclusively for Companies in Dubai, UAE.

The announcement made today by Delicate Software deals with the salient features of their special edition of HR Software in Dubai, and explains how by using this Cloud-based HR System, Companies can manage Human Relations par excellence. It highlights that employee-employer relationship revolves around good emoluments paid to their employees like clock-work, without any ambiguities whatsoever. By managing these activities tactfully, the top management can easily enhance productivity and involvement of the workforce, continuously and consistently.

The software engineers of Delicate Software have developed the HR System in Dubai, taking care of every aspect such as Employees Record Management, Leave Records and other allied documents with expiry date reminders, Payroll Calculations including Pay Slips, SiF file etc., Employee Loan Management and Cash Advance, as also 100 Plus Reports of HR Management and Payroll Systems.

The announcement is glad to inform that by installing their HR Software in their Systems, Businesses at Dubai, UAE can feel completely relaxed about anything and everything related to Human Relations taken care of without flaws or blemish. Interested employers are requested to visit  for more pertinent details and get benefited.

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Delicate Software Solutions

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Tube Homie has got to be the coolest name I have heard of in a long time. Not Tubebuddy, Tube Homie. It's not a YouTubers best friend, it's "your best friend on social media" or so says the owner of Tube Homie Kris Novak, a middle-aged female digital hustler... self-proclaimed mind you... is another thing you don't see every day.

Tube Homie is family owned and operated and focuses on delivering "growth hacks" to its customers as well as organic growth through digital promotion. They don't like to sell you just one or two things they want to find out what your goal is and teach you how to get there as well as make available to you everything necessary to succeed. What began as a small startup selling likes and followers has turned into fairly massive marketing agency that has the Novak family managing the numbers for celebrities and even larger companies they say but cannot tell us anything more due to the nature of the industry and non-disclosure agreements that have been signed.

Be that as it may the types of jobs TubeHomie can do are incredible things like fixing your audience retention on YouTube or your subscriber watch time percentage metric or how about a silver play button? You can even buy THAT. This is largely due to Kris Novak's son Preston Hudman (@prestonhudman the infamous YouTube guru who has made a name fort himself circumventing Googles technological measures for the last 9 years his mother says. I told you this family is incredible! Just see for yourself at

Before finishing this release it should be noted that does indeed offer likes and followers as well as every other social media service you can think of and right now they are having a sale on "verified user engagement" aka blue check comments in anticipation of Instagrams next big update that is going to hide all public like counts and view counts. They say this will make the value/cost of comments go sky high so everyone should go over to Tube homie now and stock up! It's not like you can go anywhere else to buy comments form REAL Celebrities THAT WILL ENGAGE WITH YOUR CONTENT. Nope, only at or @tubehomie on Instagram.

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Tube Homie (Kris Novak) 253-797-5093



HealthCare is a domain that needs dedicated professionals. So, hospitals and local clinics have a tough time finding the right HealthCares. In the same way, talented nurses also face difficulty in landing at the right job. They both can benefit from JobiSite. Indeed this service is not dedicated to the HealthCare domain. But, the service has a heavy focus in this domain.

For boosting relationships between HealthCare, the company offers a social platform with articles written by community professionals, groups and networking. Also, the company frequently posts blogs and articles that discuss different tips and updates on the HealthCare domain. HealthCare  using this service can gain access to thousands of job opportunities from high-quality employers and can benefit from the development happening in the medical resources and tools.

When talking about their service to employers, JobiSite says “Our mission is to reduce the gap between HealthCare professionals and recruiters by offering a simple, easy and free platform to interact with each other. Simple registration, posting jobs via sending emails and getting resumes in the email are the most popular features of Jobisite amongst HealthCare recruiters.”

Further with a good network, the company has with other HealthCare job boards and hospitals can provide the best help to job seekers as well. To provide better exposure to the present members, JobiSite also continues to reach more and more healthcare businesses.

About JobiSite:

JobiSite is a service started with a view to helping job seekers and recruiters in different domains. HealthCare is one of the domains they focus to help both recruiters and HealthCares

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August 19th, 2019: Important news will now not be missed by the enthusiasts as YAWA NEWS has come up with an excellent digital portal. The latest news from the leading media houses such as Sahara Latest News, The Sun (Nigeria), Guardian Newspaper Nigeria, etc will be brought under a single roof.

The boon of digital media has gifted an excellent news channel where enthusiastic readers will be able to connect with the rest of the world. YAWA NEWS has perfectly conglomerated the ideal online platform where latest news from the leading newspaper agencies such as The Nation (Nigeria), Nigerian Tribune, etc can be availed in a gist, as well, as elaborated form for the readers.

Every incident or event recorded or covered by the Sahara Reporters Latest News, Sahara News Live, and other channels will be jotted down by the team for the readers to get a glimpse at the earliest. In fact, this news portal also provides a unique platform where the readers can comment and exchange views regarding any particular news section.

It will serve as an ideal public forum where the users will be able to engage themselves in conversations in the commenting section regarding the recent news covered by the media houses such as Premium Times Newspaper, Premium News, etc.

Covering all the worldwide news regarding any genre and events, YAWA NEWS will bring a conglomerate platform for the readers in Nigeria. It follows all privacy policy and DMCA disclaimer protocols.

The team can be easily contacted via the ‘contact us’ section regarding any issue. Every email is promptly answered to maintain the chastity of its online services. Click here to find the latest news and events happening all around the world.

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August 18th, 2019: It has become a lot easier to avail a psychic reading service online with the advent of Online Psychics portal. The leading psychics from all over the world will now be serving the admirers and tell their future online. Get a free 10-minutes session as a new user just by registering and creating a new account.

The blessing of the digital era has also shined on the world of psychic reading and its admirers. Everyone wishes to know about his/her future but somehow find it hassling to manage time. There is no need to worry as the elegant portal has brought the leading psychics from different parts of the world under a single roof. Once the registration is done, a new user will enjoy ten minutes of free psychic reading from the bests.

The user will also be able to choose a psychic profile by visiting Online Psychics and seek professional service from the future teller. All kinds of psychic reading method are available at the fingertip. The list of such services is mentioned below.

  • Tarot Card
  • Numerology
  • Zodiac
  • Chinese Astrology
  • Gypsy Healing
  • Rune Cards
  • Reiki, etc.

The services will focus on solving problems in your career, finance, love life, relationships, family matters, lost items, past life issues, dream analysis, angel readings, etc. In fact, the psychics with accurate foresight will also provide services regarding reiki, crystal healing, chakra healing, etc.

A new user account will be credited with 10 service credits for free. Using these credits, one can seek ten minutes of any service from the list mentioned above.

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August 14th, 2019: Addressing the needs of solar energy harnessing infrastructure, Shenzhen Solarstone Power Technology Ltd has brought an innovative line of solar energy products useful for both domestic and commercial purposes.

The world is in dire need of a renewable source of energy to tackle pollution and global warming caused by fossil fuel exploitation. Solar energy is considered to be the ultimate source of renewable energy that can be used for household and commercial purposes. Reducing energy bills along with paying attention to the environmental needs will both be met with excellent solar energy harnessing solutions. Solarstone has introduced latest harnessing techniques of renewable solar energy by creating mono and poly-crystalline silicon solar panel for all kinds of uses.

The reputed Chinese solar panel supplier has come up with exclusive solutions for solar modules, folding and semi-flexible solar panels, China Solar Panel portable solar kits, and other solar application products that can be installed in various kinds of locations. The team of qualified and experienced R&D professionals has come up with exemplary modern-day solutions at a very competitive price range. A flexible solar panel is one of the elegant innovations in this field that will provide immense convenience to the users. It will aid both the households and industries to comply with the latest renewable energy protocols and install these items without spending a fortune.

All the products mentioned on the website are certified by standardizing authorities. As per the industry experts, these products with IEC, TUV, CE, CEC, UL and other certifications should be used to maximize output and gain on durable service. The company sticks to the ISO 9001 protocols to maintain quality in the management system and checkpoints of designing and manufacturing folding solar panel kit.

Click here to learn more about this china solar panel manufacturing and supplying company.

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Address: Longhua District, Shenzhen, Guangdong, China
Telephone: +86-0755-28658541



August 13th, 2019: Knowledge makes our life better. Specific life hacks and tips to make things easier in life have a new portal now. Designs Nails has come up with an ultimate portal where a user will discover well-fabricated life hacks, tips, guides, suggestions, expert advice, etc in various categories such as beauty, health, recipes, love, lifestyle, etc.

Life becomes more complicated with age. The more responsibilities add to our daily life, the more intimidating it becomes. It is essential to make it easier at every step possible so that mistakes can be avoided and our mind finds its peace back. Designs Nails has come up with an extraordinary online portal where the users will find excellent solutions to real-life pain points.

Whether it is dental care issues for kids or healthy diet recipes, this portal will deliver the best and ideal suggestions that every user can follow. A perfect dimension to interact, Designs Nails is the best place to connect with the users facing the same issues. This website will provide an exclusive communication channel via which the users will share their ideas, tips, notions, innovations, etc for others. A user will find an easy way to subscribe via simple steps.

The users will receive regular content and notification from the website on chosen spheres and gather comprehensive knowledge to nail the life hacks. This portal also allows a user to share the blogs, articles, and other informative content on social media via the easy-to-access icon panel. From now on, it is easier to stay updated with the latest life hacks, guides, home remedies, health tips, beauty hacks, recipes, etc via Designs Nails.

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In a recent article ( ), Francis Sullivan, the Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager enthusiast took a closer look at what is Google Analytics and how it can help businesses make better decisions that move them closer towards their business goals.

Being the most popular tool for web tracking, learning how to use Google Analytics is a key factor in making good business decisions and having success online. In the article, Francis explains how is Google Analytics counting user interactions, what information is sent to Google Analytics, where to get the tracking code and how to add it on the site.

Other than this, an overview for the four main reports is shown. The main reports are Acquisition, Audience, Behavior and Conversions.

The acquisition overview report shows where users come from. The data is categorized by channels (Organic Search, Direct, Social, etc) and by traffic source like,, etc.

The audience report lets you analyze users in a more detailed way. It shows demographic data such as gender and age group, user type, their interests, the technology and devices used.

The Behavior reports show how users are using the site and which pages they read. It also showsthe average time users spent reading your site’s pages, bounce rate and exit rate for each of the pages.

The conversionreports from Google Analytics presents how users convert on your website and help you analyze the conversion rate for various traffic sources, campaigns, etc.

Francis Sullivan is a web analyst specialized in tools like Google Analytics, Mixpanel, YandexMetrica and Google Tag Manager who recently started to share his knowledge and experience he gathered in the past 5 year, on his blog In this way he hopes to spread the word of Google Analytics and to increase the awareness of companies in regards to what business analytics tool can provide for them and how they can help increase sales and KPIs.

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The New Echelon Launches Tampa Bay’s First Millennial Focused ‘Social Club’ Offering  Scholarships To Business Students By Hosting ‘Mansion Parties’ To Raise Funds For Charity . The New Echelon announces it’s partnership with CEO and founder of Westchase Waves Records, LLC—Joseph Alexander FrazierThe New Echelon will kickoff it’s partnership launch with a ‘halloween charity social’ on October 26th, 2019. The charity social proceeds will provide college scholarships for business students attending UT, USF, Nova Southeastern and St.Leo Universities and will be held from 7pm to 9pm in our downtown Tampa club location: 400 N Ashley Dr, Tampa, FL 33602. The halloween charity social is open to the public and members alike—please join us!The halloween charity social will be an interactive CLUE themed costume party complete with a suspenseful mystery game, delicious food and drink catered by The Echelon Society and performances by various creative artists, uh yea, vibes!

The New Echelon is a ‘social club‘ aimed at business minded college students, pioneering entrepreneurs and forward thinking investors. Our goal is to foster and develop an ”elite society” of cultured, socially savvy proctors of purposeful connections. The Echelon hosts exclusive mansion venues and exciting member socials all around the world year round aiming to build powerful relationship bridges of all types—relationships that can be forged in moments and elevate you for a lifetime.Echelon Society membership is $100.00 monthly and includes access to ‘things to do’: worldwide travel, exclusive mansion socials and business related short term housing accommodations without the stress of additional costs involved.

Members also have access to elite private medical and legal services all included in the monthly membership rate.The Society is keen to offer it’s members value based offerings fixed with luxury trappings—joining ‘The New Echelon provides a lifestyle of professional development and social savvy for those who seek the benefits of relevant connections!

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Jasmine Moten




August 12th, 2019: Gear up bike enthusiasts as E-rim is all set to bring its product that easily converts a bicycle into an electric bike. The rider will enjoy an excellent automated mode and casually ride is bicycle uphill or against wind. This innovation is a must-have addition to the bike rider’s accessory list.

Riding a bicycle outdoors is a great rejuvenation venture for us. Amidst hard work and a hectic lifestyle, riding a bike with friends in the park or on a road trail is awesome. E-rim is making this fun more entertaining by introducing a revolutionizing e-bike conversion kit. This kit will enable a biker to convert his bicycle into an e-bike. The universal design of this kit comes in a perfect size for all popular bike models. More than 90% of the bike models prevalent these will be able to accommodate this conversion kit easily.

The electric bike kit has a strong hub motor with an automated detection system. When the rider reaches a speed of 6 km/hr, the motor automatically engages. When the speed reaches 25 km/hr, it will cut off its power. The kit comes with simple on/off switch for the rider to decide to engage the E-rim kit. Setting up the pedelec and installing the bike conversion kit is very easy. The official website provides step-wise guidance via video support so that the riders can easily fix it by themselves.

The assistance of this E-rim bike kit delivering more power whenever needed will revolutionize daily commute and cycling experience. While riding uphill or headwind, the rider might need more power. This is when the E-rim bike converter will become very handy. The entire kit has passed the test of endurance of hostile weather and terrain stress.

Visit for more information regarding this environment-friendly daily commute solution.

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