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For the month of October, RealPocket is challenging all women to participate in a No Purse Challenge.  Men don’t carry purses – why should we?  They have full size pockets, but all we get are these little tiny, practically microscopic 50:1 model of a pocket.  No More!  We are starting a women’s pocket revolution and challenging all women to drop those purses and attach a RealPocket and use THAT instead! 

The RealPocket is a no-sew solution, so you don’t need that bulky sewing machine you never use anyways.  Just grab that, a pair of scissors and the RealPocket kit and give yourself a real live, honest to God full size pocket for your jeans. Same Jeans Better Pocket.

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Vicki Gunvalson is referred to as the OG of the OC after 14 successful years of entertaining her fans on The Real Housewives of Orange County. As the founder of Coto Insurance and Financial Services and Financial Wellness with Vicki, Vicki inspires and educates people to achieve financial wellness. She recently took this cause a notch higher with the launch of her Reality With Vicki podcast.

Some have described financial illiteracy as a pandemic that has continued to wreak havoc globally for centuries. Studies have revealed that women are often on the receiving end of the problem. Unfortunately, financial literacy and wellness are not subjects taught in public school, which leaves gaps in knowledge. However, Vicki Gunvalson is looking to change this narrative with the launch of her Reality With Vicki podcast that seeks to educate and guide listeners to achieve financial and overall wellness.

Listeners will leverage Vicki’s wealth of experience and expertise as a finance expert and successful entrepreneur to learn how to become financially well. Vicki aims to inspire her audience to have a healthy relationship with money as part of overall wellness in their lives.

The podcast series’ launch is particularly timely, considering the effect of the covid-19 pandemic and how it has significantly impacted many people’s finances. The series will showcase to listeners how

to achieve financial wellness in addition to overall wellness within their lives. This show’s guests have inspiring stories that encourage listeners to take steps to live a fully engaged life.


In a related development, the Financial Wellness with Vicki platform will provide several varieties of educational and interactive resources to help listeners learn the basics of financial wellness at their own pace. There is also a supportive private community on Facebook, Financially Fabulous, Financial Wellness with Vicki, where members further their financial knowledge under Vicki’s expert guidance and interaction.

For more information about Financial Wellness with Vicki and other initiatives from the financial expert, please visit -? Financial Wellness with Vicki can also be found across social media, including Facebook and Instagram. Media Contact


Company Name: Vicki Gunvalson

Contact Person: Analisa Cleland

Email: Send Email

Phone: 720-218-0667

Address:Coto Insurance/Vicki Gunvalson 200 Spectrum Center Dr 150

City: Irvine

State: California 92618

Country: United States





When you are a fashion icon like, your work exposes you to places, people, things and experiences you never thought existed before. Oozing class and sophistication and carrying herself with sheer elegance, Chloe Othen, popularly known for her role as former Miss World Next Top Model 2019 graces the You and Me Cocoon in the Maldives shooting and showcasing some of the most beautiful jewelry the world has ever seen.


The stunning, smart and successful entrepreneur, model and ambassador with six other national titles to her name is also an award winning industry professional and winner of the Miss Earth England in 2013 representing a background with 10+ years in modeling and competing in international beauty pageants. Chloe Othen has built a name for herself as a woman who values time and exudes opulence, an attribute that has contributed greatly to her personal and professional success.


Selected to become the newest face of Pacha of London, Chloe Othen now models for a well-respected brand in the luxury watch industry. Serving in this capacity, she had the opportunity to wine and dine at the You and Me Cocoon, an island situated in the most exceptional and serene corner of the Maldives and celebrated for its private, rustic and romantic atmosphere


Featuring the perfect place to relax, curl up, and spend some quality ‘us time’ with your loved ones. Chloe Othen has capitalized on this location’s most exceptional offerings to model for the Pacha of London.


Setting the stage in a place separated from the world as we know it, You & Me Maldives has provided Chloe Othen with the perfect place to perform her art. With deep industry knowledge coupled with an analytical and detail oriented approach, she is equipped to understand the needs of the most discerning audiences delivering an experience rooted in service, integrity and expertise.


Credit to You and Me Maldives, Chloe Othen is shooting in a brand new, 5-star resort at the heart of Raa atoll, Northern Maldives. This is an adults only island, that targets couples, honeymooners and friends in a serene and attractive environment, giving you the chance to dine under the waves of a fully submerged, under-water restaurant that provides you and your loved one(s) with a 360 degree view of the island’s breathtaking marine environment as you enjoy the best menus the region has to offer.


The place is easily accessible by sea at a 20 minutes range by speedboat from Ifuru domestic airport. Alternatively, you can take a 45 minute seaplane ride from Male’ international airport and enjoy all that the scenic trip has to offer.


Chloe Othen is honored to showcase the You and Me Maldives while serving as the face of Pacha of London’s new campaigns, wearing some of the most amazing jewelry in the world.




Carrboro, N.C. — Nonprofit organization Musical Empowerment (M.E.) has recently appointed two passionate professionals as directors on the board. Marketing Executive Tivi Jones and Music Entrepreneur Cody Lopez will join the board of directors with a wealth of experience and knowledge that will prove beneficial for M.E. as it continues to transform the lives of children in the community. 


Tivi Jones is a marketing/communications professional who runs a creative studio that helps brands use high-tech growth strategies to achieve SMART goals. She joins the team with over 15 years of experience in building brand awareness and driving business growth. Not only is she passionate about confidence-building mentorship for children, but she hopes to use her marketing expertise and network to boost visibility for Musical Empowerment. 


Cody Lopez, who will also be joining the board, will be utilizing his nonprofit leadership experience from 4-H and College Mentors for Kids to mentor and empower youth. “I believe that M.E. is on the precipice of a strong period of growth and success, and my experience leading growth and programming initiatives in my former role at College Mentors for Kids has given me the knowledge and exuberance to support M.E. through this period and beyond,” shared Lopez. Cody is currently the Mid-Atlantic Relationship Manager with Secured Tech Solutions, a firm that develops partnerships with public schools to offer problem-solving resolutions for technological needs.


These appointments come on the heels of the organization’s most recent appointment of Shaun Andrews as board chairman in February. Andrews was selected to serve on the board for his public education experience, corporate leadership, conflict resolution, and tech entrepreneurship.


Musical Empowerment is a non-profit that provides free music lessons and mentorship to underserved kids by pairing them with collegiate mentors. The organization is based in North Carolina and works with seven college chapters in NC, NY, and NH. The organization has primarily served marginalized youth from low-income communities. The relationships between the mentors and students are mutually beneficial and help both grow their own confidence, creativity, and commitment to the community.


Learn more about Musical Empowerment at Follow the organization on Facebook (@MusicalEmpowerment) and Instagram (@musical.empowerment).



Kelley Downey





Irvine, California, USA: Body Energy Technology (California, USA) has announced the pre-launching of the BodyEnergy Treadmill - a revolutionary way to work out your entire body without the risk of serious injury or the wasteful of electric energy.    

The Hidden Danger of Standard Treadmills:

The motorized treadmill is based upon the technology which is now more than fifty years old.  Between 2018 and 2020, no less than 17 fatalities were associated with the use of these treadmills. Additionally, motorized treadmill injuries send over 24,000 people to the emergency room each year, accounting for 40% of all indoor fitness equipment injuries in the United States.  The culprit in many of these accidents is the powerful motor, typically between 2-5 HP, unsafe for many users regardless of their fitness level.  Furthermore, commercial treadmills can burn up to $1,000 in electricity annually, making them an exercise option that is neither cost-efficient nor environmentally friendly.  Over the years, the call has grown from the medical community, health and fitness professionals, and the public at-large for an upgrade, but fitness industry has been slow to respond.   

The Solution:

BodyEnergy Technology invented the BodyEnergy treadmill, which can provide upgrades and better options for 55 million treadmill users and 32 million elliptical users in U.S. Also, BodyEnergy is the only safe treadmill for 65 million seniors in U.S. BodyEnergy will benefit much more people all over the world. In the six years of research and development, BodyEnergy Technology invented a patented arm drive system to replace the electric motor to move the running surface. This will create a safer and more effective full-body workout. With BodyEnergy, you are a motor, and much better than an electric motor! The acceleration speed of BodyEnergy treadmill is ten times that of an electric treadmill, and it will stop immediately when you stop. The BodyEnergy treadmill takes your running exercise to a new level. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic and restrictions on entering commercial fitness clubs, more and more people are buying home fitness equipment, so the BodyEnergy treadmill is an ideal choice for home mini fitness.

About BodyEnergy Technology:

The mission of BodyEnergy Technology is to deliver a “safer exercise experience to users of all fitness levels and ages.”  The BodyEnergy Treadmill, was extremely well-received at the 2020 Consumer Electronics Show (CES), earning the Runner’s World Editors’ Choice Award for “best running tech product.”  With tens of millions of potential users for its products, BodyEnergy Technology is dedicated to developing innovative fitness solutions that are safe, affordable, and environmentally sustainable.  For more information about our product offerings, please visit

Body Energy Technology Co., Ltd.
Phone: (949) 418-8703



You have decided to sell my house fast for cash. You are ready to sign the papers so that everything can be done on time and you know how much you have to sell my house for. Your house is in great shape and you know just how much you can get from it if you sell it quickly. All you have to do is find an experienced, honest realtor who will help you with your house selling. There are many ways you can get a quick sale in both Orlando and Tampa.

The first way you can sell my house fast in either Orlando or Tampa is by using a "Buy it Now" deal. Many people think this is the only fast way to sell a house, but it really isn't. There are many reputable companies out there that will offer you a Buy it Now deal on your house. You can usually get a pre-approval in 24 hours or less, and these deals are generally only a few hundred dollars.

You might not have time to sell your house by using a Buy it Now deal, but there is another option. You can actually list your home for sale with a realtor. This option is ideal if you don't have the money or time to sell my house fast yourself. The process is very similar to selling a house through a Buy it Now deal, except you can list your home with a realtor and get pre-approved in a matter of hours.

Realtors can help you list your home quickly. They already know how to find buyers for your home and they can assist you with all the paperwork needed. In some cases, your realtor can represent you when you apply to your lender for a mortgage, so this is a great benefit for you. You won't have to pay to have your house listed with a realtor. You will pay a nominal fee to have your house listed with a realtor, however.

The downside of listing your home with a realtor is that they usually charge more than if you sold it yourself. This is because realtors have to buy the houses that are for sale in advance of listing them. They also must pay for advertising and their commission is usually paid to them by the seller. You will pay more to list your house with a realtor and you will get instant cash. The faster you sell my house for cash the faster you will get cash.

You can list your house yourself with a different lender. This is an option that is available to you if you can't qualify for a pre-approval from your bank or credit union. You will have to pay a listing fee to list your house with a private lender, but if you have equity in your house, you may be able to qualify for the lowest fees. If you use a different lender than the one that approved your loan, you will only have to pay a flat fee. You will still get cash fast, but it could take longer to sell my house for cash.

If you have enough equity in your home, you may be able to get a no documentation loan. A no documentation mortgage is a type of mortgage that does not require you to submit to a credit or income check. You can get this type of mortgage if you have equity in your home, so you may want to try and negotiate with the lender to get this type of no documentation loan. You will pay a higher rate of interest because the lender does not need to verify your income or credit before approving your loan. However, if you can qualify for a traditional mortgage and you make your payments on time, you may be able to get a no documentation mortgage after negotiating with your lender.

When you need cash quickly, you should sell my house fast for cash. Talk to a mortgage lender about your situation to see what type of loans they offer and how much they will approve for you. After you sell your house, keep the money for your down payment and start looking for a new house to live in.

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Lisa Joseph is one of the lucky survivors. On April 4, 1991, she and two other family members stopped by the Good Guys Electronics Store in Sacramento, California.  As they left the store, she was grabbed by the hair and shoved against the wall.  Shots rang out and four Asian gunmen seized the store to protest their frustrations and unhappiness with their lives in the United States. Forty people were held at gunpoint and before the day was out the suspects deliberately shot, stabbed or wounded eleven of the hostages, and killed three others.

Lisa Joseph can recount the harrowing experiences inside the store from beginning to end.  She can describe:

  • How the hostages get tied up with speaker wire in groups and were then ordered to play death games. (Heads or Tails & Eeenie Meanie Miney Moe) 
  • What the hostages felt like during the discussions between the hostage negotiation team and the extremely violent gunmen. Why the gunmen where so disgusted with their high school.
  • What it was like when the SWAT team finally stormed the store and ended the crisis. After, all the hostages had already been tortured for nine hours. Why she is upset with the new motion Picture movie.        
  • How she suffered a miscarriage with a twelve gauge to her head in the store. Then was made to watch people being shot, including her uncle.

She can provide an insider’s view of the excruciating details of the most brutal and tense terrorist standoff in the history of California.


During the siege, the Asian gunmen made a variety of demands wanting everything from millions of dollars to more guns, bulletproof vests, and a 50-passenger helicopter to take them to Thailand, and 1,000-year-old Ginseng roots.  The hostage crisis ended when the Special Enforcement Details forcibly stormed in, killing three of the gunmen and wounded the fourth.  Joseph and her cousin survived.  Her uncle was shot multiple times and killed by one of the gunmen.

Lisa Joseph brings to real life one of the pivotal hostage rescue operations in law enforcement experience. The first audio book has the actual last two hours of 911 dispatch and law enforcement negotiations inside the audio book. She is also livid about the new motion picture.

Heads or Tails is available online. Amazon / Audible/ iTunes

, ISBN 0-97244453-0-7 Show & Tell Publishing.

For information visit: Facebook: Lisa.Joseph.718,

If needed, Lisa can produce the various video and audio clips of the events that transpired in the nine-hour hostage taking. She can also supply the last two hours of the negotiations that where never released to the public until now.

Contact Information:

Contact Person Name: Lisa Monique Joseph



Address: 5408 Dasco Way

City: Sacramento

State: California 95835

Country: USA / Cell 916.868.8879



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AHMEDABAD, 1ST  APRIL, 2021 - India's first dentech startup Smile in Hour has become the first startup of its kind to feature in the popular magazine - YourStory. Being India's biggest and definitive platform for startups and entrepreneur related stories, resources, research reports and analyses of startups, YourStory extensively covered Smile In Hour®, it's founder Dr. Bharat Agravat and the institution's success story.

Recognised by DPIIT, this dental startup provides superior technology and instruments to the medical professionals so that they can carry out dental surgeries and other treatments in a much easier and painless way. This innovation-driven oral care firm sets high standards for its dentists by driving them to reach their potential and beyond. Their flagship treatment product Endodeck procedure is also an award-winning one that was formulated in a joint research with the AIC-GTU Centre, Advanced Digital Endodontic System.


With this new technology (under patent consideration), people can easily get single visit root canal by Endodeck™ System. Add to it the special DemtoImpladeck™ System that is an advanced digital computer guided implant surgery system. Without fear of cuts, pain or fear, patients can now get same day teeth-fixing by the Dentoimpladeck system. 


Special mention for the product of which Smile In Hour® is the very foundation — OSMF Mouth Opening Kit.  OSMF isn't just a treatment, but is also a dedicated cause of Dr. Bharat Agravat. A kit that's easy to use and can be done at home to cure oral submucous fibrosis and prevent oral cancer.


Last but not least, Smile In Hour® is classified as the world's first Spalon Smart Dental Clinic . It creates a refreshing and calming ambience for patients with dental anxiety and dental phobia.


"We have come a long way since we began, even though it has just been a year. Our clinic's popularity has grown manifold, thanks to the dedication of our team. We are dedicated to providing same day implants and surgeries for patients for their benefit. With our team growing not just in India but also Europe, North America and other places equipped with our new technology, Smile in Hour Spalon Dental Clinic will be the only place where you will receive dental treatment with the latest equipment at the cheapest pricing, because we care", said Dr. Bharat Agravat, founder of Smile in Hour® Clinic.




Welcome to Smile in Hour®, the India’s first Dental start-up to get listed in Startup India Government of India DPIIT Recognised startup and developed the Oral-care and Dental Product and Services. They're also published in India's leading magazine YourStory detailing their journey.


Get more information, please visit



Address - Smile in Hour®, Mohini Complex, UF-2, Beside Atithi Dining Hall Near The Pride Hotel. Off S.G. Road, Judges Bunglow Rd,

Bodakdev, 380054

Ahmedabad, Gujarat, INDIA

Phone Number - +91 (7575008686)





My Pickleball Coach is gathering postive reviews from students, who benefit from Pickleball Lessons in Coeur D’Alene, which take their skills to the next level.

PPR certified coach Tom Darzes has designed the courses to ensure that players can progress 3 to 10 times faster than through regular recreational play. Tom was certified by top rated women’s pro Sarah Ansboury. He offers private lessons to players at beginner and intermediate levels.

Interested players looking for Pickleball Coaching in Coeur D’Alene can expect an assessment of current skills using the official IPTPA rating criteria. This assessment right at the onset offers the coach insights on shots and techniques that players need to work on.

Coach Tom makes the most out of the latest rapid learning tools to enhance the training experience for players. The training drills use a Lobster Pickleball machine or instructor fed balls to take players’ skills to the next level.

As players start training specifically on their weak shots, their muscle memory locks in the correct stroke. This enables them to execute those shots to perfection when it comes to live games. It thus encourages their advancement at a fast rate.

Beginners and intermediates learn to reduce their unforced errors in the initial stages. As their skill develops, court positioning and strategy is worked on to further improve their game.

These rapid learning lessons by Tom have won rave reviews from students. In fact, most of them come back for further training, making it the sought-after lessons for Pickleball Coaching in Coeur D’Alene.

To Know more details about Pickleball lessons Coeur d'Alene, Visit MyPickleball.Coach

Media Contact:
Tom Darzes
My Pickleball Coach
Address: 9323 N.Government Way, Coeur d'Alene, ID



Written by Jonathan Coleman of the Media Blast PR

Edited by Author Lea Mishell

Contact Email:

Press Contact Email:

In 2020, the world experienced a string of unfortunate events from multiple deaths and natural disasters to the COVID-19 pandemic and everything in between.

Now in 2021, the world is starting to reopen, rebuild, and move forward from the tragedies of the year prior. One of the many ways individuals as well as businesses are repairing, improving, and bouncing forward from last year's setbacks is by rebranding and reinventing themselves. To kick off the first quarter of 2021, esteemed veteran songwriter, producer, and performer Clayton Savage has released the perfect theme song to accompany everyone's rebuild, repair, and reopening phase. The uplifting and inspirational song and video is titled "Numan" (combining the words "new" and "man"), and once the listeners hear the song's mesmerizing hook, it will certainly have them feeling like a "brand new man".

The song's positive message, along with its upbeat and powerful instrumental accompanied by Savage's lyrics of optimism and rejuvenation all combined are what make this incredible anthem the official soundtrack for 2021's rebuilding and reopening phase.

Clayton Savage "Numan"

Official Video Link: