Jeddah, (July 31, 2019): The world will come closer even more in World Peace Products and Services Expo & Conference. Over 10,000 buyers and sellers of Halal Peace products will meet under a single roof. It will be held in Makkah from 3rd to 7th October 2019 in Jeddah International Exhibition & Convention Center, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.

The prime focus of this unique convention will be to bring the major players in the Halal peace products from all over the world under a single roof and make the huge global market more constructive. From Halal pharmaceuticals to Islamic textiles, tourism to Halal food, everything will be included in this expo and convention's list.

Eminent personalities such as professionals, business owners, entrepreneurs, hailing from different countries and backgrounds, will be addressing the mass to bring consciousness about the production and distribution of Halal products across the world.

 As per the estimation, the current market value is US$ 2.0 Trillion. Muslim consumers from all over the world alone makes one-fourth of the entire earth's population. This convention and expo will cater to the latest approaches and techniques utilized in various corners of the world so that these Halal products can be distributed to 1/4th of the world's consumers in the right way.

King Salman Bin Abdulaziz, His Highness of Saudi Arabia, unveiled the domestic, as well as, the foreign policy, back in 2017, to be implemented for bringing balance and coordination of businesses worldwide based on this platform. As per Mohammed Bin Salman, the Deputy Crown Prince, Saudi Arabia is all set to make a transformation and emerge as a post-oil era economy. The blueprints of this plan will also include the introduction and conglomeration of Halal products and services worldwide.

Considering the diverse demography of the Muslim communities in various countries, a rising need for Halal products is witnessed. Saudi Arabia is taking a step ahead in this world to make sure that these Halal products can be supplied to the vast market of Africa, Asia, and Europe. With the advent of this convention, the country will become the heart of Halal product revolution. Click here to learn more about the expo and convention.

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July 20, 2019: Greta TinTin and the Precious StoneBy Yernar AlippekInspired by real-life Nobel Peace Prize nominee and teenage activist, Greta Thunberg, whose movement is now perceived by OPEC as the “greatest threat” to the fossil fuel industry, comes the story of Greta. Ever since Greta can remember, a powerful, magical wildfire has raged through the forest she calls home. Greta cannot help but wonder what will happen if the fire continues burning until nothing is left.

When she voices her concerns, though, she is forbidden to question the wildfire. She is told wildfire is controlled. But is it? When Greta takes matters into her own hands, she is joined by others on a journey to the heart of the wildfire where they attempt to extinguish it on their own.

They are met with the toughest challenges they will ever face, but Greta is determined to save her home – even if it means sacrificing herself to do it. Along the way, she discovers she has a magic of her own if she can learn how to use it.

And she'll have to learn fast. The wildfire is spreading quickly and is more dangerous than she ever imagined. A timely but folkloric tale, Greta Tintin and the Precious Stone will sweep readers away and leave them with the knowledge that anyone can affect change if they only have the courage to speak up. Following on the heels of Greta Thunberg’s May release No One is Too Small to Make a Difference, this book promises to be an instant bestseller. For more information and to purchase copies of this book, please visit today!

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Exscudo channels app is a wallet and encrypted chat application which was developed by an innovative fintech company Exscudo. Based on the in-house blockchain of Exscudo, EON, Channels offers a unique user experience by allowing to hold and transfer various digital assets while securing all transactions within the ecosystem with the EON blockchain. In addition, Channels supports encrypted messaging and gives a unique opportunity to send money to contacts like text messages  with just a few clicks!

Channels is a part of a next-generation financial ecosystem that consists of the app itself. Exscudo exchange and the EON blockchain.

Benefits of Channels:

The application developed by Exscudo enables users to receive several benefits when compared to working with traditional banks.

  • Send money abroad in an instant: with the use of blockchain technology and colored coins, Channels does not care whether your contact whom your are making a transfer to is in the next room or on the other side of the planet. The transfer will be equally cheap and fast.
  • Enjoy the real financial freedom: Channels app allows you to hold a huge variety of both traditional or digital assets. In the future, you will even be able to hold digitized representations of your real world assets, like property. What’s more, thanks to automatic conversion into USD, you can use Channels to hold an assets like QTUM crypto and pay with it at any traditional retailer.
  • Manage all your assets from one place: Channels provides a wide selection of financial tools that will allow you to manage your assets right from your smartphone. You can send your money to contacts in an instant, exchange between currencies at very good rates and perform other financial operations with a simple swipe of your thumb.
  • Benefit from true security: all your assets and personal data exist in the blockchain, which means that nobody except you will be able to gain access to your information or your money. Blockahin insures that the developer, nor the government will be able to access your funds. With Channels, what is yours is yours, and yours only.
  • Talk to your friends and ?ollegues and enjoy real privacy: Channels has integrated messenger functionality and supports text messaging as well as audio and video calls. All exchanged information is encrypted which ensures that your private conversations will stay exactly that - private.

However, the underlying functionality of channels is so powerful that features mentioned above only scratch the surface of the true potential of the Channels app. Exscudo team is working hard on implementing new features and the application is constantly being improved and upgraded with regular updates.

About Exscudo

Exscudo is the nextgen financial ecosystem that unites the traditional financial system and the cryptocurrency market. The primary goal of the project is to create a single gate to the cryptocurrency market for simple users, professional traders, investors, and financial institutions. Exscudo’s ecosystem consists of a Stock exchange, as well as a merchant, wallets, trading terminals, cards, and a protected communication channel.


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There are several treatments of erectile dysfunction. These treatments vary from natural to conventional medical treatment to extraordinary treatments. The most proven common natural treatment for erectile dysfunction is exercise. Research and studies reveal that regular exercise produces significant help in treating and curing erectile dysfunction.As to those conventional medical treatment , a variety of medicines such as Viagra, Alprostadil, Cialis, Levitra and other wonder drugs are commonly prescribe by doctors to their patients. These drugs are somehow effective but it sometimes produces devastating side effects.With respect to those extraordinary treatments, some medical practitioner and psychologist believes that engaging in sex therapy will help treat erectile dysfunction. Through sex therapy, a counselor or sex therapist will guide the patient and his partner on how to overcome the dysfunction. Of course, this kind of treatment applies to married couples and for those couples whose female partners are supportive and cooperative.But is there any new treatment to erectile dysfunction? According to some researcher in Israel, the use or application of the newly discovered low intensity shockwave therapy, a therapy which is used for enhancing the vasculogenesis of the heart, drastically help treat erectile dysfunction. Studies reveal that low intensity shockwave therapy helps stimulate and regenerate some of the vessels from the heart to the penis which are main connectors to bring out rigidity or stiffness of the penis. Low intensity shockwave therapy was tested to some men and the result was surprisingly promising. Almost half of the tested men outputs significant result and gave substantial improvement. Although the therapy was a bit painful, most men did not see it as a problem because they were very much overwhelmed and satisfied by the promising and effective result.With low intensity shockwave therapy, their sex lives miraculously produces substantial amount of change. Certainly, the said therapy helps them ease their anxiety and boost up their self esteem.

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Constitution faculties provide a degree of desire for dad and mom who're sad with their kid's education choices, yet do not stay in a network that gives a voucher software. Knowledge the manner in which they're governed will assist parents determine if a constitution college is the proper way for his or her kids to examine.

Charter colleges do not perform beneath the manage of the nearby college board or district. Rather, they have their very own forums of education and might operateCompletely independently. This indicates dad and mom who're unhappy with the way the conventional educators and administrators pick to teach their youngsters can select a charter faculty for a completely new take on education.

Most establishments of this kind have some type of sponsor, however, which may be a neighborhood instructional board. they are truly accountable to this sponsor, and ought to show effective educational results at the same time as sticking to their constitution settlement to be able to maintain running independently ofThe nearby district. This responsibility buys them the proper to act with autonomy out of doors of the needs of the college district.

Commonly, the start of this sort of organization includes a collection of dad and mom or others who are involved with the first-class of neighborhood colleges coming collectively to create one. This sponsoring organization will create a settlement that outlines their goals and the techniques they'll use to attain those dreams. Then, they'll petition the neighborhood educational board for the right to open. The agreement they create turns into their constitution, and if the nearby board presents it, they need to abide by its tips.

Whatever entity maintains the charter school responsible to sticking with its constitution and offering a high-quality training outcome has the proper to revoke the charter and, in effect, near the region. the constitution may be revisited on a ordinary foundation, normally every 3 to 5 years. In most situations, non-traditional strategies and fashions could be used to teach the students, soThis duty is crucial to ensure that scholars are, in truth, studying all they need to recognise.

One of the predominant factors that makes this one-of-a-kind from non-public establishments is the way in which it's miles funded. The kingdom branch of education funds their operation simply as it might a traditional public faculty. Investment is based totally on enrollment and the academic group receives the equal amount a traditional faculty could receive, minus a small percentage retained with the aid of the district forAdministrative expenses. so in different words, its funding comes from tax dollars. it does not rate any lessons to its mother and father. this makes it on hand to all in a district, not simply folks that can afford to pay any doubtlessly exorbitant training fees.

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Los Angeles, CA (July 11, 2019) - Flunky Junky one of the great music producers came out with an idea of releasing motivational music, which allows to workout at Gym or home by listening to the music. Exercise is most essential in keeping a healthy body that tone up the muscles, at the same time it shreds off extra cholesterol present in the body. When exercise has such wonderful health benefits, then doing it daily is quite essential for every human being for their own benefit. So, make it more enthusiastic and energetic either at your gym or home by listening to inspirational music.

Working out alone will be quite boring, so making it something special in order to get the body into shape is necessary for everyone. Morning exercise can become more energetic when you listen to the music albums of flunky junky, which are specially created for exercise and workouts. There are plenty of albums he has created that comes in various volumes, which are motivation for working out at Gym, Weight Lifting or home. People all around the globe are fans for his exercise music, there is a huge number of hits in his exercise music albums.

Flunky Junky is on a move to release a number of encouraging music albums for doing exercises and workouts, whatever may be the place. They come in the international mix, bass boosted, Dubstep, trance and more variations all of them are quite motivating to do exercise only for one own healthy lifestyle and good body shape. Flunky Junky music can be heard either on music systems or else they can be simply played by using some of the apps such as Spotify, where his music is available.

About Flunky Junky:

Flunky Junky, one of the best music producers, who create music with an aim to offer good health for every human being with exercise, which has got huge health benefits. Listening to his music and doing workouts or exercise either at the gym or home will be quite motivational to keep the body in shape. At the same time working out with music will be quite fun and enthusiastic for anyone.

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Henry’s Caring Heart Foundation offers a fantastic social service that benefits underemployed and unemployed people and their beloved pets. This nonprofit organization was founded in 2019 and provides grants of up to $500 for cash-strapped individuals who need financial assistance with shelter adoption fees, routine and emergency pet medical care, and even pet essentials, like pet food, flea and heartworm preventatives, and much more. Henry’s Caring Heart’s unique humanitarian gesture is changing the landscape of animal welfare on its mission to be every pet’s financial lifeline from birth through the moment they transition.

To achieve this goal, Henry’s Caring Heart Foundation is seeking corporate sponsors from like-minded and caring entrepreneurs who are passionate about animal welfare and desperately want to make a positive difference in the lives of pets and their families. The HCH nonprofit organization is currently seeking corporate partners who love pets and want to contribute to a good cause, with their time and/or their finances. The HCH Foundation is seeking entrepreneurs who understand the unique bond that humans and pets have and are willing to do what it takes to help families and their beloved pets in IL, IN, and WI.

This organization seeks to alleviate pet homelessness and the stress on pets and humans alike that results from financial abandonment at shelters. According to a recent study, many individuals experience severe trauma and depression when they are forced to surrender their pets, often due to financial challenges. Additionally this undesirable separation negatively impacts their pets too and can create a horrible situation for both parties.

This is where Henry’s Caring Heart steps in. Their mission is to keep pets and their family members together despite financial hardships. Therefore, they work relentlessly to provide financial aid grants to those who need it the most. To make this humanitarian goal even more successful, the HCH Foundation is mainly targeting businesses and corporations to collaborate with them for this precious cause.

“We know there are many businesses and corporations who are just as passionate about animal welfare as we are,” says the Founder and Executive Director, Kristi Patrice Carter. “We know they would love to volunteer their time to help other pet families in need, so we are making it easy for them to connect with an organization who cares. Together, we can make a difference.”

Interested companies who want to be a part of this beautiful mission can reach out to Henry’s Caring Heart Foundation via its official website and sign up as a corporate sponsor. In addition to feeling good about helping the community, these special partners will receive brand exposure on HCH’s website andin its promotional material, social media posts, newsletters, and so much more.

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Being a pet parent to a scaled, feathered, or furred baby is one of life's true blessings. Not only do you provide a loving and nurturing home to pets who need you, but you receive unconditional love and companionship from them as well. However, taking care of your pet's emotional and physical needs can be challenging, especially if you or your family are experiencing financial difficulties. The good news is that you no longer have to suffer alone. Henry's Caring Heart is your pet's financial lifeline through tough times. They provide financial pet grants of up to $500 for unemployed and underemployed individuals who need help with shelter adoption fees, routine and emergency pet care costs, pet boarding fees, and pet supplies.  

Henry's Caring Heart Foundation was created by Kristi Patrice Carter to help families experiencing tough financial situations. She is a life-long pet lover and created the Henry's Caring Heart Foundation after her beloved soul-pet, Henry, lost his battle to cardiac heart disease. Kristi and her family often struggled to pay for Henry's expensive veterinarian care and medical treatments and wanted to make sure that no other families ever had to experience that type of stress or strain caused by financial difficulties.

Henry's Caring Heart Foundation completely understands the vital and empowering relationship between pet parents and their beloved pets, and are committed to helping keep families and pets together despite challenging financial difficulties. The new foundation offers small financial grants of up to $500 to pet owners who qualify and work collaboratively with vet clinics, animal shelters, boarding facilities, and family members to meet the needs of financially challenged families and their pets. They offer grants for shelter adoption fees, routine, and emergency pet care costs, pet boarding when owners are sick or in the hospital, and for pet supplies, like food and heartworm and flea preventatives.

"We love families and their pets, and we understand the strong bond they have with one another. It is our mission to help as many pets and humans as we can. Collaboratively, we can (and will) eliminate pet abandonment due to financial difficulties, and we will do our best to keep ALL pets out of shelters and with their caring and dedicated family members who love them, "said Kristi Patrice Carter, founder and Executive Director of Henry's Caring Heart Foundation. "The amount of money in one's bank account should never dictate whether a pet receives a loving forever home, appropriate vet care, quality food, treats, or medical supplies they need to live a long and happy life," says Carter.

Applying for a pet financial aid grant is simple and fast. Once applicants submit the appropriate paperwork, proof of income, and other information, they will receive a decision within 72 hours or less. The foundation accepts monetary or gifts-in-kind donations,and  they are on mission to help 25 families in 2019 with grants of up to $500 each.

To learn more about Henry's Caring Heart Foundation, to request assistance, to make a donation to support our mission, or to get involved as a partner or volunteer, be sure to visit or call 833-PET-CASH (1-833-738-2274) to speak to a consultant directly.



(July 10, 2019): The pride of a multi-star hotel is its choice of linen. MC Hotel Linen presents a versatile online portal to find the best linen specifically fabricated for hotels and hospitality industry.

Established in the year 2010, MC Hospitality Supply Chain Co. Ltd. has always addressed the gaps in the procurement of various resources for the hotels. It has prepared a perfect platform where the hospitality brands will now be able to find the best hotel linen at a wholesale rate. The prime motto of catering to this unique online B2B platform is for the easement of resource allocation, as well as, reducing the cost of procuring.

It is because of this exclusive online portal, the top-notch hotel brands from all over the world can now directly contact the manufacturers and suppliers in order to get the best-quality linen. This resource is very much required for providing immense satisfaction to the customers. From bath linen to bed sheets, the use of highest-grade resources is absolutely mandatory. This is where MC Hotel Linen, the leading hotel curtain supplier 

Being the most favored wholesale hotel linen supplier, this brand has come up with a unique communication channel where the hoteliers will be able to discover and procure best linen. It boasts of a huge client base crossing 3000+ reputed names in the hospitality industry. The presence of clients overseas covers more than 40 countries.

This unique hotel towel supplier also offers custom-made brand-specific solutions for the clients. In fact, this leading China hotel linen supplier also offers a turnkey service to cover all the requirements of a niche hotel such as bed linen, bed cover, duvet, pillow cases, baby bedding set linen, curtain, etc.

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8th July, 2019: The music aficionados are in constant search for music that is different from contemporary productions, something that appeals! Harmoni Zax is a blooming star in this aspect. Her elegant production covers a diverse genre of contemporary yet ‘fascinatingly different than the mass’ music for everyone.

At the very young age of 7, she wrote her first song ‘All my love’ and got immense recognition from the admirers. Since then, Harmoni Zax has never looked back. It is her strong passion for music and composing, she finally prepared a huge platform in SoundCloud to reach out to many with her exemplary music. You can find her produced masterpieces in

Apart from her love for singing, she is an actor, influencer, dancer, model, composer, TV presenter, writer & director, radio presenter, etc. Her versatility proves her strong talent in show business. She knows what the mass is looking for and presents her talent beautifully. Over the years, she has managed to create a huge fan base of more than 16,000 followers in Starnow. You can follow her on

Her real name is Heidi Robinson. She goes by the name Harmoni Zax in the music world. Her fans admire her electric productions as she beautifully addresses the real emotions in life. She uses her magical words to question life, add philosophical thoughts in the lyrics, and sincerely hope to inspire the mass. She produces music to encourage the listeners, bring more joy and happiness in their life. She also brings awareness and concerns on addiction and mental health, the two biggest problems of our urban lifestyle.

Her followers like the transient music she produces that set a brilliant mood. She brilliantly creates tunes that will relax your mind. She also hones the skill of producing energetic dance and club-type tunes.

Click here to get the real feel of her first album.

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