(17th October, 2019): The popular service portal Fiverr is helping freelancers in various fields, to promote their services to the global audience by publishing relevant advertisements, about the services offered by them. In line with this philanthropic Policy, this website has now published an advertisement from a freelance ebook writer, writing under the name “landing paged1”.

Even though the writer introduces himself as ebook writer, the advertisement is captioned as “I will be your kindle writer, ebook writer, and ghostwriter”. He claims he has been in the industry and has designed many ebook covers, with unique content.

As regards the offer details, the ebook writer assures he can offer Top notch content; well formatted Table of Content; Well Researched Authentic Content; Copy-scape protected 100% unique and original and Copyright Transfer; Easy to read and understand; Required Photos (if necessary); Transfer of Copyrights; Discount on bulk orders; and Professionally Proofread etc.

Regarding the topics covered, the writer reassures that he can write on various topics from Health to Science and Technology, which numbers more than 15 in all.

The writer informs that Customers can get 3 types of Packages, namely Premium, Standard and Basic. In the Basic Package, the ebook writer indicates – 2 days delivery; Unlimited Revisions; upto 1500 words; Outline; Text Rewrite; eBook formatting; and topic Research for Rs.374.

For Standard Package quoted as Regular - 6 days delivery upto 10,000 words on any topic, at Rs.4,481 with other conditions remaining the same.  The Premium Package is quoted as Professional with 20,000 words, and other conditions remaining the same at Rs.8,962/-.

The writer introduces himself as from Nigeria; and his average response time for contacts is 1 hour. This consistent and reliable Seller at Fiverr with a long-standing reputation for quality work and client service invites interested Customers to visit to get benefited.

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(17th October, 2019): Coffee lovers around the world will give top-marks, for Espresso Coffee brewed, filtered and mixed to taste by the machine. Apart from drinking the tasty coffee in shops, people would like to buy an Espresso Coffee Making Machine for home. For the benefit of these first time buyers (as also seasoned Coffee makers) Breville Brand has released their latest and sophisticated edition. The Machine’s plus points and guidance how to use the machine have been published at GotStore Product Reviews analyzing this machine model threadbare.

The Review is about Breville BES870 Barista Express Espresso Machine. The highlight of the Review is this machine not only prepares tongue-buds watering Coffee, but also teaches the complexity of handling the machine and operating it correctly, to prepare a tasty Coffee – cups after cups.

The secret of preparing a marvelously tasty Coffee lies in grinding the coffee seeds delicately, tempering the correct pressure, filtering the decoction at the correct thickness, and mixing it with the milk frothed inside etc. This Semi-automatic model of Breville BES870 Barista Express Espresso Machine will do them all flawlessly.

The Review explains at length, each and every part of the machine, the design, the material used for construction, the features that have been added to make this new edition far superior than their predecessors. The Review also compares the improvement that has been made in this latest edition, item by item.

The Review asserts how a novice, who wishes to operate this sophisticated model of semi-automatic coffee making machine can learn, by reading the Operating Manual supplied along with the machine. Over a period, they will also become experts in handling this machine by practice, and learning the nuances and intricacies of the machine.

Customers are requested to read this Review by visiting to know more fully about this Espresso Coffee Maker.



575 Eagle Drive

Farmington Hills, MI 48335




(October 13, 2019): Consequent upon fast changing fashion and style, people’s dresses, footwear and accessories are also changing rapidly. Sensing the people’s ever increasing demands, online outlets equip themselves with latest and sophisticated footwear models, dress designs and accessories, and display them in an eye-catching way. One such Super Concept Store – shop online calzature – popularly known as Sergio Fabbri Calzature (shoe shop) has announced its readiness to make available up-to-date fashion items to global customers.

The announcement made today by calzature rimini (beautiful shoe shop) style items sellers provides a long and amazing list of their products for sale, as world’s highly popular footwear models with innumerable popular brand names.

This Store has on display at their site, women’s shoes, dancers, wedge sandals, low shoes, high-heel shoes, sneakers, ankle boots with wedge and a lot more. As for men’s footwear, they have rimini calzature (fantastic footwear) men’s slippers, men’s moccasins, sandals, men’s boots, and sneakers in attractive and eye-pleasing designs and models. The shop scarpe (shoes) will certainly attract menfolk.

Baby footwear varieties the very famous Dr. Martens Child brand, Kids Sneakers and UGC Child items etc. are made available here. Cute-looking Bags and Homage Boot Wraps etc. are displayed in the Women’s Accessories section.

As regards men’s clothing, customers can buy Shirts, T-shirts, Trousers, Jackets and Jackets, Sweatshirts and Sweaters, and Swimwear etc. In the women’s clothing section, customers can view beautiful Sweatshirts and Sweaters, Trousers, Top and T-shirt varieties, enchanting Dresses and Skirts, and also fabulous Swimwear etc. Fast Shipping, excellent Customer Service and Secure Payments are their specialties.

The announcement boasts that Customers can avail countless discounts on many Shoes and Sneakers in the Catalog, which will make buyers immensely happy.

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Piazza Europa 32

Villa Verucchio RN

Phone: +39 0541 670850




Learn the requirements of ISO 14001:2015 and how to relate the requirements to your business management system. Understand how process-based management systems are responsible for ensuring customer requirements are determined and consistently fulfilled over time.                          

Learn the difference between:                   

Non-value adding “ISO” systems based on the standard; AND                       

Value adding business management systems conforming to ISO 14001.                     

Gain the tools necessary to conduct and lead process and system audits to determine conformity to ISO 14001.                                                      


Plan and execute EMS development projects assuring conformity to ISO 14001 and compliance to applicable regulations                   

Conduct an environmental aspects and impacts analysis                  

Use an EMS to ensure regulatory compliance                      

Identify and implement the controls necessary for an effective EMS using ISO 14001                           

Develop reliable and pliable systems (particularly effective for organizations where process objectives are constantly changing)                             

Determine and communicate the resources necessary for the system to work as planned                  

Communicate the roles and responsibilities within the EMS to the organization                      

Conduct 1st, 2nd and 3rd party audits, particularly on undocumented systems, and audit for process effectiveness against measurable objectives                        

Relate the capabilities of the organization to the expectations of customers, top management and shareholders                     

Use the EMS to manage environmental risk and continually reduce waste.

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A family-owned and operated business, we have over 30 years of experience offering professional handyman services to both business and individuals, and this experience shines through in the quality of the services that we provide.

Our handyman service offerings include everything from drywall repair to installing new flooring, and we give every project the same level of attention and care, regardless of price or scope.

Fair Prices

Because our priority lies first and foremost with our customers’ satisfaction, we refuse to overcharge for our services. Though we always complete projects with the highest quality of work, we never charge more than a fair price for them.

We believe that a satisfied customer is more valuable than a slightly larger paycheck. Because of this mentality, customers can rest assured that the price we quote is a reasonable cost for their job.

Personal Service

We genuinely listen to the concerns of our customers and exert every possible effort to remedy them. We also stay diligent during jobs, making sure that no risk factors for future problems present themselves.

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Address: 1111 South 750 East Lafayette, IN 47905


Phone: 765-239-2600



Friday, October 7, 2019, 12 Noon #1 Queer Rapper in America Bryce Quartz. will be donating jeans with Chef Murph of the Foodist Networks to Josephs House of Camden NJ. The jeans were collected as part of donations at the opening of Chef David Murray’s new launch of Denim BYOB in Haddonfield, NJ.  This event is organized as part of the Foodist Networks bring up Bryce Quartz to be part of the OutFest Celebration in the City of Philadelphia 2019

Bryce Quartz’s of Greensboro NC controversial lyrics as “if you wear a mega hat you better take a step back” and rapping about President Trump.  What’s unique is that this rapper talks about real issues in the LGBTQ Community. Not sex! Bryce Quartz has written and produced 3 albums of his own music becoming a powerhouse with his original compositions. Believes we are our brothers keeper.

Chef K.T. Murphy is from Washington Township, NJ an owner of the Foodist Networks, Radio Foodist, TvFoodist, The Foodist Gazette, Chef Murph TV and Chef Murph Radio worldwide. Chef Murph is very serious about the homeless issue in the South jersey/ Philadelphia area. He mandates all shows produce food for shelters in our area.  Chef Murph believes that, We all bleed red and His Motto “Good Food Makes For Better Decisions”.

About the Company:

Foodist Networks “Everything Food” is a global media platform of Radio, TV and Gazette reaching 200 plus countries informing the world about nutrition farming practices and cooking.  Empowering people to empower others.

Contact Details:

Author Name: PR Foodist

Business/Company Name: Foodist Networks Inc,

Local Address: 10 Acrux Court Suite 110, Turnersville NJ 08080

Phone Number: 8566686153




Saturday, October 5, 2019, 5 pm  #1 Queer Rapper in America Bryce Quartz. will be performing in Chef Murph’s American Kitchen and then feeding the homeless at Joseph’s House of Camden NJ 7 pm Some of Bryce Quartz's controversial lyrics as “if you wear a mega hat you better take a step back” and rapping about President Trump.  What’s unique is that this rapper talks about real issues in the LGBTQ Community. Not sex! Bryce Quartz has written and produced 3 albums of his own music becoming a powerhouse with his original compositions.

Chef K.T. Murphy from Washington Township, NJ his cooking show “Murph's American Kitchen” which is shown on the Foodist Networks, Chef Murph TV and listen to on Chef Murph Radio worldwide. On this show Chef brings on a guest on who prepares a dish for the homeless community and also allows guests to talk about what they are doing. But the guest has to make a dish with the chef for the homeless in the area and help serve it.  Chef Murph believes that as we all bleed red and His Motto “Good Food Makes For Better Decisions”. Plus, we should help each other.

Chef Murph worked over 35 years in various field like Military, Law Enforcement, Logistics, Farming, Music, Film, and Cooking. He cooks at shelters around the country and arrange food for them. His cuisine is called Global Fusion Americana. He was graduated from Escoffier Culinary Academy Both Culinary and Pastry, Gourmet Cuisine CIA, Top Chef University NYC, E Bull Foundation Spain, Master Organic Gardner, Aquaponics/ Farming from Cornell University, University of the Virgin Islands, and Aquaculture from University of Hawaii, Child Nutrition at Stanford University, University of Pittsburgh, Wine Sommelier, and The Mediterranean Wine School, UC Davis, Queens College AU, logistics: Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Korean Advanced Institute of Technology, Nepal Institute of Technology and Rutgers University ,Soft Matter Engineering, Sustainability, Film at Harvard University/Columbia University

About the Company:

Chef Murph, aka Keith Murphy from Washington Township NJ has filmed a cooking show named “Murph's American Kitchen” where he make a dish with the guest for the homeless in the area and help serve. Find out more:

Contact Details:

Author Name: PR Foodist

Business/Company Name: Foodist Networks Inc,

Local Address: 10 Acrux Court Suite 110, Turnersville NJ 08080

Phone Number: 8566686153




(October 4, 2019):  No introduction need be made about WordPress, the most popular Web Application and Solutions Software Supplier, for Online Businesses and Websites alike. This popularity stems from the fact that WordPress constantly updates its web solutions, as it also supplies numerous Add-on and Plugin tools to the users. This time they have come up with their latest and sophisticated woocommerce search plugin.

The Description published introduces this open-source software as “Advanced Product Search for WooCommerce” and says this is a powerful instant search Plugin. Just by installing this Plugin and typing, the user can instantly see the product list searched for.

The working methodology is described as the Plugin tool creates a simple search box, which shows the live search results, and suggests the product from the Woocommerce Shop, matching the search criteria. It adds further that no coding for knowledge is necessary, for making any search kind in the product search.

Installing this woocommerce product search Plugin is simple and fun. Once installed, the user will be able to produce, customize, and build the attractive search forms for the product search, and place it on any of the page or in element, visual composer, king composer, and widget. This Plugin has the unlimited color schemes of the selections, to match the theme desired by the user.

The description goes on to narrate the features provided in this Plugin elaborately, as well as the Premium features inducted in the Pro Version. The Plugin has been tested for working and theme compatibility with assorted WordPress themes, already functioning successfully online. 

The Screenshots of the Plugin are readily published at the site, along with the FAQ to get the doubts clarified. A visit to  will be very helpful for interested in online business houses for sure.



Finding an excellent job abroad is absolutely amazing, and you get exposure to some new experiences. As a matter of fact, you will simply be able to choose the best kind of jobs whenever you want to. But whenever you are going to select the best type of assignments, always make sure that you research accordingly. From making yourself extremely interesting (who doesn't want that) to falsifying strong relationships with friends to the long-term brain as well as career advantages, you can look at some of the benefits as well. There are ample amount of jobs available, which will give you getting the best exposure.

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This helps you to leave your comfort zone

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Craving for a few tasty Turkish treats but don't possess a clue the place to start? Here are 10 specialized Turkish recipes that needs to be simply perfect for your hungry palette.

1. Kebaps

 The kinds where they have big chunks off and provide it in every its delicious and juicy style? Those are named Kebaps. Pronounced just as kebap [Sheesh keh-bahp,] that is typically made employing Turkish free-spectrum lamb skewered under a genuine charcoal grill. It can even be created from beef or chicken.

2. Hummus

Within many traditional Turkish eating places, Hummus is dip or perhaps spread created from chickpeas. Normally granted as an appetizer, it can often be served with pita bakery. Frequently, the flavour of the hummus may vary from one cafe to some other established on how it really is prepared.

3. Yaprak Sarma

Here's another staple handle worth looking into.  Cinnamon, mint and pepper. 

4. Lahmacun

For fast-foodstuff and pizza lovers,    Through the years, it has turned into a preferred dish in Turkey. It really is spicy and includes a very skinny crust and absolutely yummy.

5. Döner

 Just like the Kebap,  It really is in that case sliced thinly and blended with aromatic herbs and spices.

6. Manti

Officially called dumplings under western culture,  the filling often involves lamb or chickpeas which is normally then steamed. It really is dished up with yoghurt together with garlic and sumac.

7. Pilav

If you are craving for a Turkish meals with rice, then your Pilav is crucial try. Like various cuisines, there are a number of ways to offer this meal. Even so, the key form is when it's cooked with basic rice along with drinking water, butter and veggie oil. There's also a lttle bit of noodle-style pasta within. Additionally, you will find eggplant, meats,  of study course,  cinnamon, pepper and also a lttle bit of almond.

8. Baklava

For the nice tooth, additionally, there is something you can get pleasure from when trekking to your preferred Turkish cafe.  It really is absolutely sweet and frequently filled up with syrup, honey, and cut nuts.

9. Karniyarik

 It's an eggplant filled with many different veggies like onions,   ground meats, parsley therefore much more.

10. Köfte

They are essentially Turkish meatballs but in contrast to traditional meatballs,  this dish is manufactured with ground meats and mixed in with loaf of bread crumbs, spices and onions. Based on the sort of dish, it is usually mixed with many different other stuff aswell.

 Reserve yourselves to the nearest traditional Turkish cafe and try out these tasty foods. It'll quickly send your tastebuds to an environment of spices and exotic travelling.

Hastane Mah. Akdemir Sk. No:4D Hadimköy
Istanbul, TURKEY

Office 2:
Grand Bazaar, Street 12 Beyazit
Istanbul, TURKEY