(February 22, 2019): “Beatles Hysteria” with the News of Ariana Grande’s historic accomplishment, still resonates TODAY. Beatle Things has created Health Fun Music Hysteria in 2019!

Infusing Science with the general re-engaged popularity of fitness & Music. The band Beatle Things has Scientifically re-created, re-produced and re-composed that Legendary sound with infectiously trendy beats, Exercise Music with Melodic contemporary appeal. A welcome alternative to the current Boom Boom generic Gym “Electronic Work-out music”.

This announcement by Beatle Things& Publishers RoXXStarZZ Anonymous llc confirms the OFFICIAL release of the 1st of a series of compositions; TWIST-SHAKE-SHOUT has initiated a viral alternative Best Workout Music “Fitness & Dance” hysteria limited only by the imagination.

Successfully injecting well formulated, multi-appealing, scientifically composed versions of un-forgettable Beatles Music. “Beatle Things” vehemently insists that Music is an undeniably proven viable component which promotes Human Well-being and healing properties. It is a phenomenon that occurs when a person listens to and absorbs the Magnetically exhilarating rhythm and pleasing harmonics within their re-invented Music.

Twist & Shout

Beatle Things initiated this science advantageously composing“ Twist Shake Shout”  reinventing the enormously-popular Beatle tune Twist & Shout. Involuntarily while listening the Brain & Bodily nerves subconsciously receive an electrifying and euphoric effect.

The body begins to move pleasingly to the beats, and unwittingly the person begins to feel the urge to Move, Dance and inevitably exercise! Dancing is strongly advised as the best fitness regimen to pleasingly promote & retain Weight Loss.  People experience& receive Multiple benefits of enjoying abundance of fun and exhilaration. Physiologically the rhythmic movements assist them in weight reduction & Improved sense of being in the most fun activities Imaginable.

Proven by endless weight-loss promise Ads, many disappointingly have spent money desperately for weight loss therapies. By comparison, Twist Shake Shout music is available for a Minimal investment of 99 cents. Once downloaded, the music can be used for listening at home, your Car, Parties, get-together Workout events at home & anyplace your device can Travel. Join the Fun! Now available at all Music Media Outlets

Your Transformation is simply a click away!

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RoXXStarZZ Anonymous llc




Dubai, UAE -20th February 2019: Dubai in the United Arab Emirates is a city thronged by multinational and multilinguistic workforce, from all over the world. So in this wealthy attraction for people seeking employment, vacancies are emerging continuously. The complex tasks of HR Management to manage, control, administer and looking after their welfare has become even more complicated. Here is Good News for Employers in Dubai from Delicate Software Solutions ( ) that they have developed a sophisticated cloud based hr system in Dubai.

The announcement made today by Delicate Software Solutions elaborates the salient features of their latest hr management system in Dubai. According to them, the advanced hr payroll software application is named as “Easy HR” and can perform the tasks of Cloud Based HR Payroll System; HR Management Dashboard for HR Manager; Employee Management Module; Cloud Payroll Management Module; Employee Self Service Module; Company Vehicle Management; Company Records Management; and other allied functions allotted to the Human Resource Department.


All the above tasks can be completed within no time just by a click. The HR Manager can access this System from anywhere, at any time from any device including mobile phone. The advantages of using this hr management system in Dubai are really immense.

In a country like UAE where foreign nationals are employed, the management should keep every personal record of each and every employee in their fingertips. Otherwise they may have to incur fine or face punishment for non-renewal of identity documents etc. All these worries can be wiped off by this single software. Interested Employers can visit to get complete details.

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Delicate Software Solutions

Dubai, UAE

Tel: +97144216577

Mob: +971529957352




(February 16, 2019) - Music is an ultimate form of expression that music lovers appreciate all over the world. People prefer to download music albums and videos directly on their phones and laptops so that they can instantly access it. New budding artists also look for a dynamic platform that can give them the right kind of exposure and promote their music among the audience. To make the process of music download easier and more simple, Gistgallery ( is offering an online platform where all the music lovers can access the latest music albums, music videos, and other music related content and news at a single place.

Gistgallery is a Nigerian website that was founded in the year 2016. The aim of the company is to help and support young artists to promote their work on the site. It is the result of the continuous efforts of the company that the site has become one of the most popular sites for mp3 download in the past few years. With more than 200,000 page views, the site offers quality latest Naija music and latest Naija songs on its online web portal. To get more information on trending music videos, online visitors can also connect with Gistgallery on the social media sites. This way they can stay updated on all the latest happenings and news events.

Mp3 Music Download

The announcement says that the visitors can now download the latest Naija music instantly without any hassle. People who want to promote their music can directly contact the website representatives via WhatsApp, e-mail or a phone call. For more information on mp3 music download, the visitors should visit the official website of Gistgallery

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(February 15, 2019): Food waste is one of the many reasons that has led to an increase in the total number of landfills all over the world. It affects the environment by releasing many harmful greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide, methane, as well as ozone. In an attempt to save the planet, it is necessary that everyone take appropriate measures to achieve zerofoodwaste at home and adopt composting, and that is why BioPower Enterprises (BPE) is offering ANDI-advanced composter that helps people generate liquid fertilizer that can be used for the purpose of gardening.


With the objective to help peopleadopt effective measures of sustainability, BioPower Enterprises is raising money to build a user-friendly prototype of the composter. The startup company is the result of continuous efforts of Jacqueline Gilyard Jones. She believes that-A clean future is ours to make. Knowing how food waste pollutes the environment, she came out with the idea to build a special anaerobic digester. It will help families get rid of food and pet waste produced at their homes and turn it into liquid fertilizer.

The company works extensively to motivate people reducing our carbon household at a time.The visitors can fill out online surveys to find out more about the zerofoodwaste. People can also make a donation and contribute to the environmental cause. The announcement says that online visitors can fill the survey so that the company can gather important facts and feedback from them. It will further help the company make the necessary improvements in the design and manufacture a better composter. For more information, people can visit the website


Denise Wilson





(February 10, 2019): There is no use of establishing a brand name if there are no customers. With the drastic change in technology, nowadays companies and business organizations use new and upgrade marketing tactics to promote their brand among the customers. Whether it is using the custom t-shirts or lapel pins, reaching out to the customers all over the world has now become extremely easy. But the main task is to find a reliable platform that offers wholesale promotional products at a price a company can afford. To make the task of finding promotional gift items easier, Tuoder ( is now offering an online platform to its clients where they can place the order for custom lanyards according to their needs and requirements.


The company Tuoder was established in the year 2009 and is committed to becoming one of the top most promotional product suppliers in China. The company is a one-stop destination for the customers looking to get the fabric wristbands designed, produced and delivered within the set time frame. The customers can choose from 4 different types of silicone wristbands such as- Screen Printed, Embossed, Color filled, and Debossed. The company offers promotional products and goodies based on the marketing strategy of their clients.

The announcement says that the customers can now get an instant online quote to get a price estimate of cotton canvas bags. All they need to do is enter their- Name, E-mail address, Phone Number, Country, Name of the city, and Postcode. The customers can also mention the additional details, requirements and upload the design by going on the site

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Tuoder Gifts Co., Ltd.




Nxtlvlete, the World’s First Premium Anti-Stink Gym, Sports & Travel Shirts designed to prevent all odor during exercise and travel, officially launched its crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter on January 29th 2019 and within 10 days has successfully raised 100% of their required goal of $12,000.



(February 06, 2019): - Having a good quality kit cancelli automatici is necessary when it comes to the safety of home or workplace. Whether it is about getting complete parking protection or access to a particular area, handling the chain manually can create a lot of trouble for the user, to tackle such type of problem Kit Automazioni ( is offering accessori per cancelli automatici that will allow the user to operate and access the parking space without any hassle. The customers can buy a whole kit that consists of items such as- CAT / 200 chain-holding columns, CN3-BT control unit, ground fixing plates as well as remote control.

Automazioni in kit per cancelli

The best part about cancello fai da te is that the customers can go through the step by step instruction manual that comes with the purchase of every product. They can learn how to assemble the pieces and use them in order to increase the level of safety. The company Kit Automazioni sells good quality assembly kits and the customers can also view the available products for purchase on the online catalog.

The company offers a variety of items such as drives for gates and doors, control units, and barriers for car parks. The company also offers a 3-year warranty and the product is delivered directly to the doorstep of the customer.

The announcement says that the customers can now choose the right item by selecting the chain type, ground canal box, type of battery, and remote controls. For more information related to product ordering and assembly kit, the customers should check out the website

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Via Primo Maggio 54

47853 Cerasolo di Coriano RN

Phone- +39 3299865874





Elvis Darko - Who I B

Song is called Who I B by Elvis Darko (16 years) Released August 7, 2003

Format 12-inch single, CD, digital download

Recorded 2003

Genre Gangsta rap, party rap

Length 4:07 (Album Version) 4:07(Radio Edit) 4:10 (Video) Skarholmens Ungdomsgard/ PBC

Writer(s) Elvis Darko (Sage)

Producer(s) Zorro, George Hoppers, Mama Linda, Elvis aka Sage

They have been playing this song in UK national radio stations such as BBC Radio One, Capital Radio, BBC Asian Network, BBC Radio One Xtra, Student radio, as well as online and underground pirate radio stations. "Who I B" has been featured on shows by Annie Mac, Trevor Nelson, MistaJam, Tim Westwood, DJ Cameo, Ross Kwame, Charlie Slough plus many other tastemakers. It is going to be the next hottest jam. Here are the link of the song.

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Phon: 07594437666




Canada (February 2 , 2019):Changing the overall look of the house can be a challenging task. Homeowners can start by replacing the old and outdated light fixtures installed in the house as the lighting system plays an important role in improving the aesthetics and interiors of a house or office. To make the process of finding the right lighting accessories easy, Premiere Luminaire Montreal ( is offering an online platform to the customers so that they can purchase good quality lighting accessories at a reasonable price. Premiere Luminaire Montreal has more than ten years of experience and offers custom design lighting accessories such as- Foyer Chandelier,Blown Glass Chandelier, and Dining room Lighting. The company’s experts specialize in designing blown glass chandelier of superior quality. The company offers customized solutions and help the customers get dining room chandeliers according to their home design. Whether it is an office building or house, the company has the perfect modern Lighting solutions for every customer. The customers can order the product and complete the process of payment via credit/debit card or bitcoins online.

Foyer Chandelier

The announcement says that the customers can now create their ID on the website to order the products online faster. The customers can search the right type of Chandelier by simply typing the name of the product in the search bar. The company is also offering a 24/7 helpline number so that the customers can speak to one of the company’s designers in case they have any doubts or queries related to the entryway chandelier. The website also offers an online subscription to the newsletter. For setting up the account the customers can find more details at

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Premiere Luminaire

Phon: 1-877-264-4277





New York (January 31, 2019):  People are under the popular myth that engaging a Limousine Car in New York and surroundings is a costly affair to break the bank. That myth gets shattered to pieces by the announcement made today by Limo Service NYC ( an established Travel Service since 2002. The offers made by this establishment have earned all-around welcome, by the erstwhile users and become irresistible by anyone thinking of visiting New York.

A cursory glance of the Services made available by these trust-worthy people will make prospective Customers realize, as what they are in for at New York:

Car Service – This is as if the Customer owns the Car along with Chafferer, to take them wherever they want to go. Renting the latest designs and models of Cars was never this easy. Totally the experience will become an unforgettable one for years to come.

Black Cars – Riding a stylish fabulous looking Black Car is the dream of so many. Here in Limo Service NYC, that dream comes true, unbelievably.

Limo Service – An exclusive Limo at Customer’s Service will make the Customer realize what it means to own a Limo.

Limousine Service – Customers not only ride a Limousine in style but also experience the pleasure of their lifetime, by the smoothness and comfort of the ride by all means.

Airport Shuttle Service and Airport Transportation by engaging the Services of New York Limo Service make the Customer feel on top of the world – the thought that a Limo is waiting with Chafferer at the Airport does this magic.

The Important point is all the above Services are at incredibly best prices, and prompt Service of safe rides brought to the fingertips, by visiting


Business Address: 5326 Van Dam St, Long Island City, NY 11101

Business Phone: 1-718-304-7604

Business Email:

Business Category: Limo Service New York, Brooklyn Limo Service

Establish Year: 2002

Operation Time Hours: 24 Hours