United State (April 08, 2019):-There are plenty of dental procedures that are done in order to improve the current condition as well as the appearance of teeth. The difficult part is finding a dental clinic that offers treatments based on the latest technology that is painless, effective, and cost-effective as well. To make the process of finding the right Dentist Alexandria VA dentistry services easier, Bright Whites Dentalis offering a wide range of dentistry consultancy services based on the needs and requirements of the patients.

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With the experience of more than 10 years, she is offering services of Preventive Dentistry Alexandria VA. Throughout her career, she has worked at Mary’s Center for Maternal Care and also worked for the U.S. Army in Germany. She believes in communicating with her patients so that she can offer the right Restorative Dentistry Alexandria VA services to them. She can speak in both English and Spanish. She has published a collection of Oral Care Children’s Books and also has a blog where she provides dental tips to the patients.


Bright Whites Dental is located in the Franconia Professional Center in Alexandria VA. Dr. Brigitte WhiteZivkovic who runs the practice is a native of Philadelphia. She earnedher dental degree from the University Of Pennsylvania School Of Dental Medicine.

The announcement says that the patients looking to get Cosmetic Dentistry Alexandria VA can check out the official website and choose the type of dental services they want.

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6214 Old Franconia Rd, Suite A, Alexandria, VA 22310



United State (April 08, 2019): A house reflects the personality of the homeowner, and that’s why optimum use of space is essential during renovating a house. Whether it is a kitchen or a bathroom, homeowners should consult with professional to eliminate any chances of errors while remodeling the entire house. To make the process of finding the expert guidance easier, Zee Dee Touchis offering kitchen remodeling Virginia and bathroom remodeling Springfield VA services to the customers at a very reasonable price.

Zee Dee Touch believes in customer satisfaction by understanding the needs and requirements of each and every client. The enthusiastic team of the company works extensively to provide supreme quality Virginia home renovation services, helping people to build a house of their dreams. The company was started in the year 1998 with the objective to offer the best kitchen remodeling Springfield VA in Washington DC, MD, and VA metro area.

About Zee Dee Touch

With more than 20 years of being in business, the company specializes in bathroom remodeling Virginia and IKEA kitchen planning and installations. The home renovation Springfield VA designs are created upon the request of the clients.


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The team of designers is highlyexperienced and skilled in providing customized renovation services to the customers based on their budget. The company works to create and provide innovative space management and storage solutions according to the design and style of the kitchen and bathroom. The announcement says that the clients who are looking for affordable services such as Framing, Drywall Work, Painting, and Flooring Installation can directly contact the company by filling their personal contact details online.

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Zee Dee Touch

Address: 7666 Fullerton Rd, Springfield, VA 22153

Phon: 202 656 2474




United State (April 07, 2019) - Now it has become easier to clean and sanitize air ducts, dryer vents, and carpets as Air Duct Cleaning LLC, is offering cost-effective air duct cleaning services in Alexandria, VA to the online customers.With the increase in pollution, removing dust, bacteria, and debris is necessary or else it can pollute the air and lead to a number of respiratory diseases. That is why it is important to hire professional help and take the right action on time.

Air Duct Cleaning LLC specializes in offering high-quality air duct cleaning Virginia and sanitizing services. The company uses the technologically advanced cleaning tools and equipment such as pressurized vacuums that make the process easier. The main aim of the company is to keep residential and commercial buildings clean and free of mold and bacteria. Buildings that have HVAC systems need to be maintained properly so that the air filters don’t get clogged, here comes the role of the highly dedicated team of air duct cleaners Virginia. The company also offer air duct cleaners in Alexandria VA as well as the dry vent cleaning services in Alexandria VA.

Air Duct Cleaners Alexandria VA

About Air Duct Cleaning LLC

Air Duct Cleaning LLC is a company founded based in the Washington DC Metro Area. The company specializes in offering eco-friendly and highly effective residential duct cleaning in AlexandriaVAandcommercial air duct cleaning AlexandriaVA services to the customers. The main aim of the company is to make the houses of the customers free of dust and debris, and that is why they use the modern and advance technology and provide a healthy and comfortable environment to the customers. Besides being an insured company, it also has a sister company by the name of Residential Pool Services LLC.

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Air Duct Cleaning LLC 

774 North Ripley Street, Alexandria, VA 22304



Blockscart, the Global Peer to Peer Cryptocurrency E-commerce Marketplace, Blockscart has launched its platform with the ability for users to spend over 50 Cryptocurrencies for purchases.


This unique online Marketplace has combined not just Cryptocurrencies but a Smart-Escrow system with a built in arbitration function to allow users to buy and sell Products or Services without listing fees.


The team is very excited about the potential that the platform has because at this moment in time, it is the only online E-commerce Marketplace that actually has a built in Escrow system for Cryptocurrency spending.


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They call it a new version of eBay or Fiverr that only caters to the needs of people who like to trade with Cryptocurrencies rather than fiat.


You can join the Marketplace for free and in less than 2 minutes, list a Product or Service where users can buy directly from you without the middleman or high fees.


Due to Cryptocurrencies being a one way mode of payment, the Smart-Escrow system is then used to stop a Seller from running off with your payment without receiving the order.


All funds are paid directly to Blockscart which hold funds in a stable-coin format until it’s time to release the payment from Escrow to the Seller or alternatively, refund the buyer.



Why the need for Escrow and what benefits does it have?


There have been many websites or shops that accept Cryptocurrencies as a method of payment but none are quite like Blockscart.


Blockscart has a Smart-Escrow system that establishes a private transaction page between a Buyer and Seller when a trade is enacted. If you have ever used Fiverr you will know how this works.


In the private transaction page the Seller requests the information from the Buyer to process the delivery, this results in the Seller shipping the Product purchased. He/She can then provide tracking information straight to the Buyer.


Once the Buyer receives their order, they simply confirm with a button that they have received it.


This will trigger the Smart-Escrow to release the sale balance to the Sellers account in the form of a credit.


Just as a central exchange like Binance has, the users can request withdrawal of their balance in the form of Cryptocurrencies or as an added boost to Sellers using the Marketplace, Paypal at a small withdrawal charge for conversion.


This is called a peer to peer E-commerce Marketplace because Blockscart never gets involved in the sales process between the users unless there is a request for arbitration.


Blockscart has stated that the only time they will ever enter in to the sales process is when a Buyer or Seller cannot come to consensus and requests supports help.


The support team then act as the 3rd person of the sale to either complete the dispute in the favour of the Buyer or the Seller. This decision is solely based on proof of delivery and whether the listing is as described.


Similarly, this process is how a 3 person multi-sig wallet smart contract would work where the 3rd person acts as the arbitrator to complete the consensus.


What else do they offer?


If you visit and sign up to the Marketplace you will notice that listings have location based services which allows for users to offer pickup and collection of an item.


This means that users or businesses can sell their stock and a user can go collect it directly from their store or pickup point.


Blockscart holds the funds in Escrow until you have collected the item so no theft of your Cryptocurrency can occur at point of meeting the Seller.


According to their CEO Tim Rainer, they are really trying to make their platform similar to eBay but without the auction side yet to be implemented.


As an added bonus, the platform also allows users to make requests for a Product or Service they wish to get for their Cryptocurrency.


Again, with over 50 of the most significant Cryptocurrencies accepted, the Blockscart Marketplace truly taps into a lot of communities looking to increase the adoption of their coins and start the evolution of Cryptocurrency as an actual method of barter.


For now, we will see how Blockscart grows over the coming months and how they can transition their Marketplace to work fully on the Waves Blockchain in a form of a DApp and storage of transactional proof of sale.


Take a look and benefit from what they have to offer by visiting


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Piyush Etankar





(April 07, 2019) - Pianoman is an online portal that is offering branded and the latest music equipment and instruments to the customers at a reasonable price. The customers can check out the product description of the Yamaha keyboard and directly contact the seller to get more information and negotiate the price.

Pianoman also allows the customer to sell their old music instruments such as a 9 Casio keyboard or a Saxophone. All they need to do is register online and create an account by entering their personal contact details. The aim of the website is to help musicians and music lovers to buy and sell both new and used music instruments using a common online portal. The website is also offering a newsletter that will keep the customers updated about the newly launched products on the site.

American DJ Quad Gem LED DMX Moonflower Effect

The customers can also track their order online and contact the live chat agents in case they have any doubts or queries related to the product ordering. They will help the customers in choosing the right product according to their budget and other requirements by providing step by step guidance. The customers can use the hotline number to directly contact the website’s representatives so that they can buy high-quality instruments like microphone or violin.

About is Nigeria's number one online music store that offers both brand new and used bass guitar, drum set, and other types of musical instruments. The site offers product shipping all over Nigeria, and the customers can also pay on delivery. The website is also offering a discount of up to 30% to the customers.

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Phon: +234-706-955-0372




(5th April 2019): You are living in the era of the 21st century where getting Digital information has become a common and inevitable process. From magazines and newspapers to your favorite book, everything is available on the Internet so as to make your life more comfortable and convenient. Infodigit ( is the perfect platform for all the book lovers out there who wish to gain some knowledge about a specific subject without having to wander through different physical stores.


What makes Infodigit stand out from the crowd is the fact that it has more than 10,000 information items from which you can easily choose the most suitable one. On each and every subject under the sun, you will be able to get plenty of software, Video Series, and EBooks, etc.


This website provides the customers with many bestselling EBooks, Kindle which they are not able to find at even the offline stores. When it comes to authenticity, Infodigit also assures you a 60-day money back guarantee which makes it a more desirable option among the audience. As per your needs and preferences, you can search for the most appropriate book in a hassle-free manner.


Books are something most of the people are very fond of but looking for your most favorite one can become a hectic task if you do not know the right location or have a lack of time. This is where the website comes into the picture as it has an impressive collection of products belonging to every category like Investing/Business, Fiction, and Non-Fiction, etc.


For more information, you can always go through the website


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(5th April 2019):- With the advent in technology, nowadays it has become easier to convert videos into a digital format and to create DVDs from small video clips without any hassle. But finding a reliable and suitable software that is also cost-effective price can be a difficult task. That is why DVD2DVD ( is offering an online platform where customers can buy DVD ripper, video converter& downloader, screen recorder, and other utility programs at a discounted rate.

DVD2DVD is providing a common platform to the users where they can check out the reviews, comments, and ratings of the latest Mac DVD ripper, this will help them choose the right product according to their needs and requirements. The customers can read about the product features and specifications of the software and browse the different types of high-quality software that works 30 times faster than the older versions.

Wonderfox dvd ripper and video converter

By accessing the official site of DVD2DVD, now the customers can also learn various tricks and tips like how to rip a DVD directly on their computer, download almost any videos using online video downloader, and many more. The company is offering the latest software version with a free trial option or get a full licenseat an affordable price. The customers can buy the full version and also get lifetime technical support from the software developer. The ripper can convert videos into different formats that can run on devices such as Apple, Samsung, Blackberry, and Nokia. The customers can access the download link directly or read the comprehensive software reviews on the site.The users can connect with each other and get daily updates and announcements related to the software release through social media sites.

The customers can browse the latest audio and video software and learn more about its features and advantages by going through the product reviews. All the programs support the latest operating system including the latest Windows 10 and Mac OS X. For more related information, customers can visit

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Employers always wish that they should recruit the best talents. So, they post their job opening details at different places. JobiSite is the best place to post the same.

Recruiters these days have a tough time in finding the right talents for their organization. JobiSite rightly understands this. Also, the site understands the power of the internet. So, with the best experts handy, the site has buckled up to help the employers in finding the right talents.

With a view to helping recruiters, JobiSite offers Premium Job Posting Service. This service comes with an attractive set of features at an attractive price, thereby making it the best choice for employers. Now, with the premium package, recruiters can get their jobs posted on multiple job boards. This is one of the many features that come with the premium job posting package offered by JobiSite to help employers.

JobiSite rightly understands that looking out for a job was a task earlier. However, with the technological advancement and with the help of internet not just recruiters, but job seekers are also on the beneficial site. They are able to conveniently search for a suitable job right from the comfort of their homes. Just with a click of a mouse, they can post their job applications to a number of organizations in a single go. JobiSite has played a major role in helping many job seekers to find their dream job.

Now, the website offers the facility for recruiters to post jobs to multiple job boards. The website shares the premium jobs posted by employers to multiple job boards. Just at a cost of $10, this most useful service is offered by JobiSite for recruiters. As their jobs get shared in multiple job boards and social networks and aggregators, employers using this service are finding it easier to get the right talents to fill up their vacancies.

JobiSite shares the premium jobs posted by employers with SimplyHired, Twitter, Google+, Facebook, Jooble, Trovit, Juju, eBay Classified, Yakaz, indeed and many such services. It means that just by paying for the premium job posting package once, the employers will get multiple posting on different sources. JobiSite does this to make sure that the recruiters will find it easier to get their right employee.

One of the recruiters, who hired the service of JobiSite says: “Ideal for small entrepreneurs and Independent Recruiter. I got good candidates without paying so much.” The objective of JobiSite is to help both job seekers and recruiters to meet at a point, where both will be on the beneficial side.

About JobiSite:

JobiSite was created with the motto of creating a global outreach of probable job opportunities for job seekers, while at the same time helping the employers find the right talents with ease. The highly qualified team of experts at JobiSite is making recruitment invariably easier for employers, while employees are thanking this service for helping them find a suitable job.

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Jobisite is a free online recruitment website that provides job seekers with many employment opportunities to select from. Nurses who are registered can easily find the jobs of their choice with the help of this site.

Jobisite has a wide network with many nursing job boards and hospitals. It also concentrates on building contact with an increasing number of healthcare organizations to provide its present members with more exposure. It aims to establish strong relationships with job boards and hospitals. Each day, many nursing recruitment professionals – from small practices based locally to big hospitals – are able to post employment advertisements and help find new workers.

Registered nurses can use Jobisite to access many employment opportunities from the employers of their choice, and get benefit from resources and tools associated to career development in the medical domain.

The website is not just dedicated to nurses. It also has a strict focus on the nursing domain. The site offers a social platform consisting of articles by community professionals, groups and networking, to improve relationships between nursing professionals. It also often makes blog and article posts that offer various updates and tips associated to nurses and nursing.

About is a fantastic online recruitment board that allows recruiters as well as employment seekers across the globe to advertise and access jobs. This is a free website that has many advantages and features for users.

For further information and enquiries, please visit

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Contact Person: Rajat Raina





(31th March 2019): - For any company or a business organization, it is extremely important that they use the best automation app in order to conduct the internal processes without any hassle. Zaps can be used as new templates and there are also new zap editors present online that are used to customized the overall workflow. The online site of Fiver is offering a chance to the online customers to hire the zapier expert Ratul Bin Hasan. New customers can check out the latest reviews, ratings, and comments to learn more about the product.

Being the zapier expert to create zaps, Mr. Ratul has over 7 years of experience in the field of marketing automation and custom API development. Throughout his career, he has worked on more than 30 marketing automation platforms. He is a dedicated zapier expert who builds customized zaps. 

The customers can view and select the different packages offered by the expert such as premium, standard, and basic. The number of zaps ranges from 2 to 60. The customers can learn to edit and manage the zaps on their dashboard by taking assistance from the expert.The customers can select the delivery time, quantity, and the package according to their company’s needs and requirements.

The announcement says that the customers can select the plan and mode of payment such as PayPal, net banking or credit or debit card. The customers can create an online account by entering their basic contact details. Once the payment is confirmed, the customers can submit their requirements and discuss the project with the expert in detail. For more information and queries related to the same, the online customers can visit this site

Ratul Bin Hasan