Suchen Sie einen Job oder brauchen dringend Unterstützung bei der Rekrutierung? Roger Germ AG das Stellenvermittlungsbüro in Zürich, verfügt über ein grosses Netzwerk und hervorragende Kontakte. Als Personalberater und Headhunter engagiert sich Roger Germ persönlich und beantwortet sämtliche Fragen zum Thema Stellenvermittlung. Von der Profilbesprechung über die Suche und Betreuung während der Bewerbungsgespräche bis hin zur Einarbeitung Ihrer neuen Mitarbeitenden haben Sie stets denselben Ansprechpartner.

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Haben Sie keine Zeit, um Fach- und Führungskräfte zu rekrutieren? Oder suchen Sie seit Längerem erfolglos? Gerne nimmt Roger Germ AG Ihnen diese Aufgabe ab.

Als kompetenter und verlässlicher Partner steht Ihnen das Stellenvermittlungsbüro Zürich zur Seite.


Melissa Lynn McDowell has a popular massage business in Pleasanton, Livermore, and Fremont. Ever needed a very hands-on and individualized approach towards your physical needs?

With ten years in this business, Melissa has exactly what you want: her delicate and skilled fingers that will heal you effortlessly. She is unabashed, proud, and passionate, as a professional muscle therapy doctor. Pain in the shoulder? No problem, she will take care of it. Carpal tunnel? She will heal that too. Abdominal constipation? No problem.

Join the massaging mayhem! Melissa adds a different dimension to the masseuse industry. She has years of solid experience in show business as a formal liaison and entertainer. She learned to be confident in both public and private. She brings her lovely determination to the massage table! Literally. She adorns the most beautiful gowns as she helps joints recover, and stress disappear, in front of majestically custom-painted floral backgrounds. It is an artistic experience above all, and she is a top model at

Her creativity spans all sorts of different methodologies, as evidenced by her deep experience at Crossroads Church, Fremont, CA, as a Creative Arts Associate and Melissa's Instagram. You will leave her room feeling refreshed, and relaxed in every single way you can imagine. There is no physical pain that Melissa cannot take care of.

Melissa’s strength comes from inside and out, she lived proudly against her mental issues, braved depression, and turned it all into positives, filled with incited passion to make happy clients. Every client who has entered her room leaves feeling like royalty.

Verified Source: Melissa Lynn McDowell & Jeff Rulifson


Melissa Lynn McDowell Massage is a thriving massage business and private performance center for massage enthusiasts that are looking for a fresh artistic twist to their sessions. She is the perfect body expert for all issues.

Contact Information:

NAME: Melissa Lynn King McDowell


MAIL ADDRESS: 1139 Concannon Blvd, Unit 18 Livermore CA 94550

OFFICE: 41386 Fremont Blvd, Fremont, CA 94538

PHONE: (510) 651-0301




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The Coronavirus pandemic has thrown many families and businesses into a state of panic and confusion as several questions arise as to what your legal rights and obligations are during these troubled times.

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There are many stories in the news related to Covid-19 recently and sometimes it can be difficult to know what is right and wrong, especially during a state of emergency. What are your rights should you get stopped by police at a checkpoint? Where can you go? What can you do? What if someone tries to maliciously infect you or your child? Your rights and obligations are now changing under lockdown. Are you staying informed?

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The demand for mobile-based systems has been on a massive rise. As per the latest report from Markets and Markets, ”The global mobile money market size is expected to grow from USD 3.4 billion in 2019 to USD 12.0 billion by 2024, at a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 28.7% during the forecast period”.

Tapping this growth model into a Masternode and POS substitute, SWYFT has been focused on developing the most compelling mobile ecosystem powered by App-Based smart contracts.

SWYFT has developed a portable peer-to-peer digital currency with an incentivized payment structure, named POH-POP. The platform aims to address the most common pain-points which new entrants face, knowledge of scripting, setting up a VPS, constant monitoring and wallet limited to a local machine without mobile flexibility on the move.

SWYFT has completed the foundation for rewards to holders, so they can get started on the outward-facing value to their project. Details of these approaches are listed below, alongside the Metrics of Rewards. The metrics have been aligned to create stable growth and price stability which will be used longer-term within a tokenized payment solution.

SWYFTT’s current Total supply is 1,334,308 (This includes April’s 2020 Redeem allocation). The team and the community get rewarded in parity against the below design allowing the assurance that we grow together.

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Debut album has pre-released on all the digital platforms, from itunes and amazonmp3 to spotify and applemusic. Because of the covid-19 crisis, the physical cd and vinyl album sales have been delayed until June 1st. The decision to digitally release the album came from band leader, J.J.J.J. “We’ve been working toward this for a long time, and even though everyone is having to stay home, we felt we owed it to everyone and ourselves to at least release the album on the digital platforms.” Originally slated for a simultaneous release with the vinyl and cd versions, the band felt their unique, uplifting brand of rock and roll needed to be released. “It’s time,” the band’s bassist, mudcat explains. “The world needs some fun, and rock and roll needs a real revival.”

Black Water Mountain augmented their unique sound with with cameos from some great musicians, including B.B. King’s saxophone player, Eric Demmer, and Jazz singer, Tianna Hall. “The pieces fell together like agiant puzzle, and people just came together and everybody brought a bit of themselves to make a great album.” That, according to J.J.J.J., is what makes Black Water Mountain unique.

This is the first in a scheduled trilogy of albums to be released over the next 18 months. While the band is tight-lipped about the future releases, they do promise that next albums will be a big change and an evolution, while remaining true to the soul of the rock and roll they Play.

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If you have ever been confused about finding skin care products that best suit your skin-type, then you are not alone. With the thousands of beauty products available in the market today, most of us are left with little choice but to keep trying new products or trust a handful of brands.

At the introduction you can find information pertaining to skin and beauty products including reviews, feedbacks, performance reports, and much more. All reviews are written by our expert beauticians who have tried and analyzed each product.

Moreover, you also get to see what other users have to say about products through reviews and user feedback. So, what are you waiting for? Start perfecting and check the products you should try first from each brand.


Smart Custom Repair Concentrate Serum

Scoring points for softening, firming, brightening, evening tone and minimizing pores and brown spots, this formulation was the clear winner in the GH Beauty Lab's anti-aging serums test. 

In Lab assessment, the serum was best at boosting firmness at 24%, and reduced the look of pores and brown spots by 7%. Plus, 100% of testers agreed it had a nice texture. 


Crepe Erase is a body cream that pledges it can diminish the signs of creepy skin. The commercials aired by the manufacturer reveal intriguing before and after results, where damaged skin looking as creased as possible, becomes smooth and soft.

As the manufacturer states, this cream is perfect for under chin usage, which is why it can be effective anywhere on the body where creepy skin appears, including arms, thighs or knees.


Plexaderm is part of a series of cosmetic products labeled with the name True Earth Health Products.

Plexaderm Rapid Reduction Cream Plus promises to diminish the under-eye bags and wrinkles in a couple of hours. The cream is supposed to be applied after the skin is thoroughly cleaned and dried, while a small amount of cream should be applied. Usually, it is recommended to use an amount that resembles half the size of a pea. While applying it, it is best to tap the skin to massage it, due to the fact that it will boost skin’s response in the area.


Herbivore Blue Tansy Fruit Enzyme Resurfacing Clarity

With their jewel-box color palette, shelfie-ready packaging, and—most importantly—arsenal of natural ingredients like anti-inflammatory Blue Tansy and nourishing cannabis seed oil, Herbivore has become a staple for those transitioning to a cleaner beauty routine. 



DJ Edy Marron took the internet by storm with music and he is working on his new album “Showtime”. He has amassed a strong social following on various social media platforms. With the love for music, he is going to deliver his new album to allure newcomers to his world-class talent and the quality to enthuse enduring fans. His new release will be available on all major streaming sites and he is ready to tour and spread the Gospel.Talking about the new record, Legend told fans, "my purpose with my music is to promote and support positive changes that start with the heart through, allowing me to be a positive and inspirational being at a high level of consciousness through music".

He will keep on going and new collaborations are coming. He also loves to hear change, because living in a world of identical and listening to the same type of beat is meaningless. Next to producing, Ed also works as a DJ. And, now this talented DJ/Producer, Musician from Holland is working on a new album named “SHOWTIME”.

More info about Edy Marron is on Google.

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Media Contact:

Remy Peters

Phone: +31621929749