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NEWSDESK, MARCH 22, 2024 - Sleep — our most basic needs that will go down in history as something we sacrificed at the altar of money and wealth that we barely have time to enjoy. In the pursuit of so-called good health, humans have actually consigned it to the flames by sleeping less and less, as if it is supposed to be a “flex” (to borrow the term from the modern Gen Z who, ironically enough, are at the forefront of demanding a work-life balance).

March is the National Sleep Awareness Month, and March 15 is known as World Sleep Day. Dr. Agravat Healthcare Ltd takes this opportunity to announce this year's theme — “Sleep Equity for Global Health”.

The forthcoming World Sleep Council 2024 will present new research with its fellow researchers and colleagues in the health departments globally on the growing necessity of equitable solutions towards getting healthy amounts of sleep, not just across communities and income strata but also across age groups.

Research has shown that it is not just adults who are sacrificing sleep but also students as young as 8 years old who have seen a massive increase in study load that also includes weekend projects. We know it is a sad state of affairs when children do not have the time to play.

World Sleep Congress 2024 and World Sleep Congress 2025 will pave the way for more researchers across age groups to join the table and present equitable solutions for health professionals and corporations to emulate. These solutions are going to be designed in such a way that not only covers adults and their stress but also students across schools and colleges. These equitable solutions are also going to be accessible by all.

To help people get better sleep, Dr. Agravat Healthcare Ltd has introduced Agravat Sleep Gummies. A product manufactured out of completely natural elements that improve the release of melatonin helping people not just get good sleep but a long, much-needed slumber. It is completely natural and 100% non-addictive.

Dr. Bharat Agravat and the team at Agravat Healthcare Ltd. are staunchly dedicated to educating more people, ensuring that information on the benefits of healthy sleep, healthy mind, and healthy body are accessible to all. As someone said, “Let us embrace the night, for it is in the quiet hours of darkness that we find our strength for the light of day.”

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