Do you know She has always had a passion for writing rap music since the beginning but never got the chance to work with her rhymes professionally in the recording studio. At a young age she started writing rap music that had a bomb ass Flo but no beat to support her Flo. She took a break from her to interest and found a love for singing. She wanted to be a professional singer and started writing her music and soon started recording choruses to her beats in the recording studio. Soon she decided to take her rap career to the next level and learn how to freestyle her raps and create versus and choruses with her freestyles. She loves rap beats that emphasize her music. Now she is ready to take rap music to the highest level possible. This is a picture of Baby Slvett Hilding up a chain that spells out Slvett. Assuming this chain is a symbol of her being a rapper in the rise .


she is excited to start rap music this year and is especially happy to get into the recording studio and vibe with her beats. Since she has been in love with rap music for a long time now, she really is going to have to challenge herself with her new music and bring the heat so that fans will be attracted to her music and her personality. She has a lot of really specific media about her wanting to rise to stardom in the rap industry and become a successful female voice of success. I believe that fans are going to be skeptical of Slvett and her enthusiasm as a rap artist, but eventually they will grow to love her and her love for the rap genre.

About Baby Slvett

Baby Slvett is an American Rao artist who is known for her fantastic flow and taste in bomb rap beats.

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