[Seattle, WA, 8/3/2024] – Today marks the release of Brand Therapist Workbook: Unlocking Your Brand's Archetype Magic by Yamilca Rodriguez, a former Brand Leader at the Procter & Gamble Company. This insightful journey into the world of brand archetypes is poised to transform how marketers, entrepreneurs, and brand enthusiasts approach the psychology of branding.

In Brand Therapist Workbook, Rodriguez introduces readers to "The Archetype Method," a revolutionary approach to creating brands that aspiring leaders must follow. The book combines real-world examples with practical exercises, providing a comprehensive guide to harnessing the power of archetypes in building authentic, memorable brands.

Key Features:

Archetype Exploration: Understand the concept of archetypes and their impact on brand identity.

Brand Archetype Quiz: Discover your brand's archetype with interactive quizzes and analyses.

Detailed Analyses: Dive deep into individual archetypes such as Caregiver, Girl Next Door/Good Guy, Lover, Magician, Outlaw, Performer, Innocent, Hero, Explorer, Ruler, Sage, Creator.

Practical Exercises: Develop your brand's personality traits, values, voice and tone guidelines, visual identity integration, and storytelling strategies.

Superfan Alignment: Learn how to connect with your audience and foster brand loyalty.

Consistency Across Channels: Establish a cohesive brand presence across various platforms.

Evolution and Growth: Navigate the stages of brand development for long-term success.

About the Author:

Yamilca Rodriguez, a TEDx speaker and Amazon Prime Speak-Up, brings her extensive experience as a former Brand Leader at Procter & Gamble to Brand Therapist Workbook. Having steered billion-dollar brands such as SKII, Olay, and Crest 3D White, Rodriguez proudly wears the "Brand Therapist" title. Her work has been featured in ForbesMagazine, TheVoice-Tribune, TheCourier-Journal, Today's Woman, and Style Blueprint.

"I love teaching Design Thinking to MBA students and creating personal brands so my clients can leave a legacy," says Rodriguez.


"Brand Therapist Workbook: Unlocking Your Brand's Archetype Magic" is now available on Amazon.


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