[Seattle, WA, 01/05/24] - Ben and Hilari Cowanare thrilled to announce the release of their latest book, The Life of Lily, a heartwarming tale that captures the spirit of determination and perseverance in the pursuit of dreams.

Follow Lily, a spirited Bullski, as she laces up her skates and embarks on a remarkable journey towards her dream of winning the Stanley Cup. From the thrillingmoments of racing around the ice rink to the disciplined choices of maintaining a nutritious diet, Lily’s adventures are not just about hockey; they are a reflection of the valuable life lessons that young readers can embrace.

In The Life of Lily, readers will find more than just an entertaining story; they will discover a source of relatable literature that resonates with the challenges and triumphs of growing up. Lily’s story is presented in a drawingmanner, making it visually appealing for young kids while offering meaningful lessons that go beyond the sport.

Ben and Hilari Cowan have skillfully put together a story that combines entertainment with education. The book serves as a motivational tool for young readers, encouraging them to pursue their interests with enthusiasm and determination.

The Life of Lily is not just a storybook; it’s an inspiration for young minds to find the positive motivation they need to follow their passions. In a world where dreams can sometimes seem out of reach, Lily’s story serves as a reminder that with dedication and persistence, anything is possible.

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About Ben and Hilari Cowan:

Ben and Hilari Cowan, the creative forces behind The Life of Lily,are not just authors but passionate individuals whose love for storytelling is deeply rooted in personal experiences.As proud owners of an ice arena, Ben and Hilari’s connection to the world of hockey and the atmosphere of the rink serves as a cornerstone for the inspiration behind Lily’s journey.


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