his late family members,channeling his grief into a mission to stop violence and uplift aspiring talents. Through documentary filmmaking, Abrams sought to immortalize the stories of his brothers and shed light Learn more about G. Abrams on his on the impact of violence within the music

website at industry. Abrams’ entrepreneurial spirit extended beyond music, as he ventured into television production with the creation of the “Stop The Violence TV Show”. Airing on broadcast TV in Florida and reaching audiences across the country, and internationally through public access channels, the show aimed to raise awareness about the consequences of violence and promote positive change. Abrams’ dedication to social impact and community engagement exemplifies his commitment to using his platform for the greater good. In addition to his philanthropic efforts, Abrams diversi-fies his business portfolio by providing professional business management and accounting services for over 25 years through his company Bungi Enterprises in the Los Angeles California metropolitan area. His multidimensional approach to entrepreneurship reflects his adaptabil-ity and strategic vision in navigating the ever-evolving entertainment landscape. Under his new label, B.M.O. Boss Music Online, Abrams collaborates with inter-national artists, bridging cultural divides through the universal language of music. Central to Abrams’ artistic endeavors is his eclectic musical style, influenced by gospel, reggae, and hip-hop. Drawing inspiration from artists like Bob Marley and groups like The Jacksons, Abrams infuses his music with positivity and spiri-tuality, keeping faith at the forefront of his creative process. His albums, including “Persistence”, “Positive Vibes”, and his upcoming single release “LIT,” serve as testaments to his unwavering persever-ance and resilience in the face of adver-sity.

Beyond music, Abrams is also an accomplished author, with two published books and another due out this year titled “In Tune With Purpose” all focusing on entrepreneurship and personal develop-ment. His literary works offer invaluable

his “Doggie Park Animation Series” and other exciting multimedia projects. As the sun sets over the horizon of Abrams’ coastal sanctuary, he reflects on his jour-ney with gratitude and optimism. Despite the challenges he has faced, Abrams remains unwavering in his commitment to creating positive change through his art and entrepreneurial endeavors. With each project and endeavor, he leaves an indelible mark on the world, inspiring oth-ers to persevere and pursue their dreams against all odds.


HW: “For our viewers that don’t know you, can you explain just a little bit of your background and how you have come to this point in your career?”

Gernado: “I’m a from Florida to Califor-nia basically I am bi-coastal, I got to this point from my early childhood. Coming up around my culture, southern island vibes, the beaches, water, church, ministry you know coming up around musicians and going to Fame: “School Of The Arts” as an artist musician. I was in a few bands, graduating with music vocational skills, utilizing my talent as an artist to venture into business and writing. Also managing my brother who was an artist on the label that we started back in the mid 90s. Fast forward, A few years towards the early 2000s, he was murdered. Before that I had another brother, my first cousin that was a part of the business that was also murdered. Those tolls as a family and as well as a business owner took me to a whole nother height in life by mustering up the energy and courage to create something positive out of the negative. I started a nonprofit foundation called “Stop The Violence, Use Your Talent”. We aired on Broadcast TV in Florida and then took it to Public Access

Gernado: “So right now I’m completing my third book and that’ll be out this year around the holidays, but the ones that are currently out are “Winning” Against All Odds Entrepreneur Tools For Success”. These are self help books and I talk about a lot of the life lessons that I have learned through this journey, and go into detail on what it takes to succeed in the business world through hard work and having a positive outlook. Then the second book I did about two years later after “Winning” was released and published through my self-publishing company, Bungi Abrams Publishing. You can get the books anywhere from Amazon or bookstores, whatever your preference is, you can find me. But the second book is “Keeping It G”. That’s “Keeping it G: From Sun Up To Sun Down, that’s my life.” I am G.

HW: “What are some upcoming projects that you have in the works at the moment?”

Gernado: “I got a dance floor project, a twenty-four track album just due out this year, more music videos, and I’m produc-ing other artists with Boss Music Online, but I’m releasing more music. I’ve been releasing singles for the last 12 months, and have one more single being released that will complete the rollout for this special 2024 “24 K G” project. The song is called “LIT”. As well as more visual Boss Music Videos and a feature film that we are currently in post production for. The film is called “Out East”. It’s sort of a life story, and you can check out the synopsis on IMDB for more information.” We up next, processing.

artists, bridging cultural divides through the universal language of music.

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