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Md. Rasel Sarker is a visionary young man from Sirajganj who has turned his dreams into reality through his indomitable courage, unwavering determination, and extraordinary talent. He was born on August 25, 2001, in Mukundgati village, Belkuchi Upazila, Sirajganj district. He is currently 22 years old. Rasel lost his father at a young age and was raised by his mother. He has two elder sisters and a younger brother.

From a young age, Rasel was curious and creative. He had a deep passion for art, music, and technology. Along with his studies, he started singing, drawing, and writing stories and poems in various newspapers. Growing up in a village with limited opportunities did not stop Rasel. He worked tirelessly to expand his knowledge. With the help of the internet, he gained knowledge in various subjects and made himself proficient.

Md. Rasel Sarker passed SSC from Sohagpur Govt. SK Pilot Model High School in 2018. He then completed his diploma in Textile Engineering Technology from Sirajganj Institute of Textile Engineering Technology in 2022. He is currently studying BSc in Textile Engineering in the Textile Department at Uttara University.

When asked why he became a textile engineer despite his interest in technology, Rasel said, "I didn't want to be a textile engineer, but it was my mother's wish. I am following my mother's dream. My mother wanted to see her son as a textile engineer." This young man has proven himself to be a worthy individual in multiple fields.

A multi-talented Md. Rasel Sarker is a skilled graphic and motion graphics designer. He has gained fame by creating eye-catching designs for various local and international brands through his company Creative Affix LLC. Rasel is an experienced video editor. His edited videos touch the hearts of the audience. His knowledge of digital marketing has helped him grow his business rapidly.

Rasel is also a talented musician. He is proficient in songwriting, composing, and singing. He has gained immense popularity as a music artist in Bangladesh and abroad. Some of his popular songs include "My Love Boy," "Morning Birds," "Emotional Tears," "Chill Baby," and "Painful Love."

Rasel is a children's writer. He writes books for children and is also an accomplished essayist. Several of his books have been published at the Ekushey Book Fair. Among them, "Pari Elo Swapne" and "Chilekothar Rahasya" are quite popular.

On social media, Rasel is an inspirational influencer. He motivates many young people by sharing his knowledge and experiences. Rasel has proven himself to be a successful entrepreneur through his company Creative Affix LLC.

Remarkable Achievements Md. Rasel Sarker has won awards in va  Youngest Musician

ants to further develop and enrich Creative Affix LLC. He also wants to work with young people. Rasel believes in "limitless possibilities." His life goal is to "turn dreams into reality" and "inspire the younger generation".

Md. Rasel Sarker is a unique talent. His indomitable courage, unwavering determination, and extraordinary talent make him "an exemplary personality".

Rasel's life is an "inspirational story" that "motivates us all to turn our dreams into reality".

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