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DOGG one of the prized Tyro pups on Solana is making huge moves as of late. With effective marketing kicking in less than a month since launch, DOGG's reach and community is growing daily.

With such star power as Snoop Dogg's platinum producer Meech Wells as a Co-Dev the moon may be just the first pit stop for this Galaxy ride. Meech can often be seen in all of the social platforms conversing with investors and helping make plans for the future of DOGG.

DOGG is paired with Tyro, like all the other pups in the Tyro ecosystem. So you can be an assured that DOGG also gets fed by Tyro and vice versa.

The very nature of DOGG centers around the iconic images put out by the team and the awesome graphic work behind DOGG. Combining the nostalgia of 90s hip-hop that is still strong today with modern day Solana block chain technology is proving to be a recipe for success.

DOGG holders are obviously very proud of their bags, scooping up the dips very quickly to increase their holdings and positions. This is one of the tell tale signs of a great community backing a token. With many of the feather hands shaken out in the first week DOGG is consistently making strides upward daily and being g heralded by more and more KOL's in the crypto space.

DOGG is very easy to buy being paired with Tyro and Solana. Simply go to  to find the contract address and also read other information about DOGG. Then go to your Phantom wallet and you can purchase DOGG on or which is Jupiter, these are 2 of the largest DEX's on the Solana chain. Keep an eye out for the upcoming DoggSwap.

For any questions you can reach the team on their telegram or Facebook from the DOGG website.


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