Svigaris challenges traditional parenting paradigms and introduces new family traditions that promote unity and mutual respect. His book is a treasure trove of personal stories, lessons from his own children, and invaluable insights into the complexities of raising children in today’s ever-changing world.

Key Themes Explored in the Book

Building Family Traditions - Svigaris emphasizes the importance of family traditions in creating a supportive and cohesive environment. He discusses how routines and celebrations can foster a sense of belonging and stability.

Children’s Perspectives - The inclusion of his children’s candid viewpoints offers a unique perspective on parenting. These reflections provide readers with a deeper understanding of their impact on their children and how to connect with and support them more effectively.

Learning as a Family - Highlighting the value of lifelong learning, Svigaris explores educational stages from early childhood to higher education, offering strategies to support children's academic and personal growth.

Growing Independence - The book provides guidance on teaching children independence and empathy through understanding and respect.

Solving Problems Together - Svigaris offers practical advice on resolving family disagreements collaboratively.

Changing with the Times - He discusses adapting parenting styles to societal changes and individual family needs.


“What makes this book special are our children’s perspectives, offering candid views on our parenting. We aim to provide valuable suggestions and serve as an example, recognizing every family is unique,” says Žilvinas Svigaris.

"Who Educates Parents?" is more than just a parenting guide; it’s a heartfelt journey through the triumphs and challenges of family life. Whether you’re a new parent or seeking fresh ideas, this book offers timeless wisdom and practical advice to create a caring and supportive home.


Dr. Žilvinas Svigaris is a philosopher, educator, and devoted father with a diverse academic background in Programming, Economics, and Philosophy. As the co-author of "Preeminence of Myth and the Decline of Instrumental Reason," "Ecology: Welcome Home," and "Neoliberalism: Perspectives, History, and Criticisms," Dr. Svigaris delves into philosophical hermeneutics, ontology, phenomenology, and comparative studies. He actively organizes academic conferences and participates in various educational projects. Combining his academic expertise and over twenty years of parenting experience, Dr. Svigaris offers practical, insightful advice on raising kind, secure, and confident children, emphasizing lifelong learning, family unity, and adapting to modern challenges.


Daiva Svigariene - Mum

Vitas Svigaris - Son

Ieva Svigaryte - Elder daughter

Elija Svigaryte - Younger daughter

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