Pin on Pinterest -The core missions of the Born Again Soldiers of God group is to share the gospel of Jesus Christ with the homeless. Pastor Steve Gibbs, and his team conduct regular outreach sessions, where they not only distribute necessities but also spend time listening to the stories of those they meet. They offer prayers, spiritual guidance, and the message of salvation, fostering a sense of belonging and hope among the downtrodden.

The impact of the BSG group's work is profound. In Edmonton, their efforts have led to the establishment of community centers where the homeless can find refuge and support. In Penticton and Langley, the group organizes regular events to reach out to drug addicts, providing them with pathways to rehabilitation and a new life through faith.

Pastor Steve's leadership is characterized by compassion and dedication. He leads by example, often working alongside his team in the field. His approach is inclusive, ensuring that every member of the Born Again Soldiers Of God group feels valued and empowered to contribute to their mission. This sense of community and shared purpose has been pivotal in the group's success.

The Born Again Soldiers of God, under Pastor Steve Gibbs's leadership, embody the essence of Christian charity and outreach. Their tireless work in Penticton, Edmonton, and Langley serves as an inspiration, demonstrating the transformative power of faith and the importance of caring for society's most vulnerable members. Through their actions, they bring the light of Jesus Christ to those in darkness, offering hope, love, and a path to redemption.