Shanghai, July 04, 2024 - Shanghai Hightec New Materials Co., Ltd, a premier technical yarn manufacturer, continues to lead the industry with its cutting-edge range of technical yarns and technical fibers. Hightec Materials' products, including Aramid, Panox Fiber, Modacrylic, and Kevlar Sewing Thread, are renowned for their superior quality and performance.

These advanced materials are widely used across multiple industries such as automotive, aerospace, military, fire protection, and various other industrial applications. Hightec Materials' commitment to unique innovation and tremendous excellence ensures that their yarns meet the stringent requirements of these demanding sectors that require only the best among the best.

With state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities and a dedicated R&D team, Hightec Materials has established itself as a trusted technical fiber manufacturer. Their focus on quality and customer satisfaction has made them a preferred choice globally.

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Shanghai Hightec New Materials Co., Ltd is a leading manufacturer of high-performance technical yarns and fibers. Specializing in products like Aramid, Panox Fiber, Modacrylic, and Kevlar Sewing Thread, Hightec Materials serves diverse industries with innovative, durable, and reliable solutions.


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