Kansas City, MO, June 24, 2024 - Leading and award-winning criminal defense firm — KC Defense Counsel — has taken the standards of legal representation to the next level with its top-tier collaborative style, client information system, and experience. Its tremendous excellence in ingenuity is only surpassed by its alluring success in defending their clients and getting them the sweetest verdicts and deals against the charges that have been laid on them.

Armed with a brilliant legal team and criminal defense lawyers who know the book of law like the back of their hand, KC Defense Counsel confidently and positively fights for the inalienable rights of the defendants and has been doing so for years with remarkable success.

Being people of absolute integrity, KC Defense Counsel is always adamant of pursuing the fullest extent of justice on sheer principle. It is this principle that gives them the aura of walking on water when they fight for their clients in the court. Apart from that, any time a case appears to be on the complex side of the law, the criminal defense lawyers specialize in getting the most favorable plea bargains from the prosecution’s side.

“Our mission is to fight vigorously for our clients and ensure their rights are upheld,” said R. Christopher Simons, Attorney & Partner at KC Defense Counsel. “We understand the stress and uncertainty that come with criminal charges, and we are here to provide the expert legal support our clients need.”

KC Defense Counsel operates not just in Kansas City but in multiple countries in the region like Jackson County, Johnson County, Saline County, Bates County, Platte County, and many others that can be found by visiting their website. Very soon, they are going to expand their firm to include more attorneys and a wider reach to assist more citizens.

For those seeking expert legal representation, KC Defense Counsel offers free consultations. Potential clients can call 1-816-287-3787 or visit KC Defense Counsel’s website for more information.


KC Defense Counsel is a law firm based in Kansas City, MO, in the United States of America. It specializes in criminal defense of citizens against a host of charges like traffic violation, DUI, theft, armed robbery, drug crimes, violent crimes and many others. The firm has a very successful track record in getting the most favorable verdicts and plea deals for their clients in the cases they take up.


Contact Person - R. Christopher Simons, Attorney & Partner


Phone Number/Free Consultation - 1-816-287-3787