Newsdesk: June 01, 2024: James Wright reveals in this video: that Walmart or Patti Pies never compensated james for his promotional work that made the company millions in sales for the Patti Pies nor did they come through on multiple deals they promised the internet sensation. See Video:

Looking into the transcript James Wright reveals even more: Inteviewer asks "Have you made a million dollars yet from that?". Wright responded "No, wow no and I want people to stop thinking that somebody cashed me out or somebody took care of me or somebody gave me the piece a piece of their pie, no all of that is not true let me tell, you I work I I have jobs and I and I keep it going for for myself and my family." James contiued: "Walmart promised all of these things we still got the eat, emails and they didn't do nothing, they didn't do nothing they said they were going to do"

For more information about James Wright’s Patti Pie journey, watch the video: James Wright’s Patti Pie Revelation.


James Wright gained fame as the charismatic reviewer behind the viral sensation of Patti Labelle’s sweet potato pie. His soulful endorsement and surprising revelation about the pie’s origin captivated millions, leaving an indelible mark on food culture. Whether from Walmart, Patti, or a neighbor, Wright’s slice remains iconic.


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