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June 20, the day America celebrates the ending of slavery and freedom since 1865. Percy Miller, a.k.a. Master P, has created a healthier alternative food company that’s making a difference building economic freedom and adding diversity into the grocery stores with Black-owned healthy food products that taste good.


Miller says, “We are evolving as a culture, we are no longer just consumers. We spend trillions of dollars annually with no real ownership but that’s changing. African Americans want healthier food alternatives. I heard them loud and clear. And that’s why Miller Family Foods was created. We feed happiness. Eat well. Feel good. “

Miller Family Foods is more than a family-owned food product company, they’ve joined the movement to making a difference in the lives of families and communities across the world. They are committed to helping preserve our families and communities by supporting active, healthy lifestyles.

Miller Family Foods offer healthier alternatives in cereal, oatmeal, breakfast bars, pancakes, waffles and more, deliciously made with the highest quality, using natural ingredients and flavors from the earth it grows. Good for our families and good for the earth we share.

Miller Family Foods motto is “FEEDING HAPPINESS, making a difference, serving healthy happiness, one bite at a time. We stand for integrity, hard work and giving back. We are honored to support charitable organizations such as Door of Hope.”

Miller Family Foods Golden Standards: #1 Nutritious : made with whole trusted ingredients ; #2 Convenient : quick and easy preparation ; #3 Delicious : enjoyably flavorful and satisfying.

Miller Family Foods High-quality standards: NO artificial preservatives, GMO and BHA/BHT ; NO partially hydrogenated oils nor high-fructose corn syrup ; NO artificial sweeteners and colors.

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