These are extraordinary times. As the COVID-19 pandemic continues across the world, our thoughts are with those who have been impacted by the virus and we wish them a full and speedy recovery.

We wanted to reach out and update you on few things that you can during this time. As people and businesses are coping with the situation, our first priority is the safety and well-being of the communities around the world.

Companies ensuring their operations done remotely & continue to serve the customers. Most companies as their employees across the world have been asked to work from home to ensure social distancing to help prevent the spread of the virus.

While people all remote, we should fully prepared with Business Continuity processes to ensure that we provide the same level of service and accessibility to Optiin software. During this time, our support teams are available and can be reached through online email, website, and chat.

Our development team has activated their Business Continuity Plan to abide by Service Level Agreements that meet the ongoing customer needs. As the situation changes, you have our pledge that you will have our continued support.

Since the COVID-19 pandemic was declared by many major countries, we have been observing the situation across the globe. Our software is managing operations remotely to guarantee the service up time 99.999%. Plus we also monitoring our team members' safety & health as well as to provide continuity and the best quality of our service.

Optiin will not participate in any national or international conferences in the coming months. We have also taken the necessary steps to prevent misinformation and fake news from being spread with the use of our services.

Here are 5 Things you can do remotely and why it IS a good time for it….

1. E-Learning….A remote economy….the E-Learning industry is poised to EXPLODE! It is a rich place to for you to plant the seeds of the work you are doing online, whether with your own products or promoting products as an affiliate marketer….this is a GOOD time.

2. Home Quarantine: Invest your time online learning what you can do. Use this link for inspiration, opportunity, and motivation:

3. Eliminate Fear and Uncertainty…for yourself, your own family and for others…..learn to create a stream of income that is generated from your home business work. No shut downs. No layoffs. Consistent pay every Thursday. Here is the link again.

4. Economic Recession: The BEST Time To Start a Business…the economic and financial impact of this pandemic may hit us the hardest. There is tremendous opportunity now. While most of the world is retreating, now is the time to set your foundation for substantial economic growth in the months to come. It takes a little courage, but we make it easy. So easy. Here is the link again.

5. Fewer Competitors: Opportunities For New Leaders To Emerge…. Many businesses struggle and fall short during times like these. Working with the company I work with, you remain nimble, able to use the situation to your advantage as your business actually grows. You will succeed QUICKLY. We provide you with everything you need to succeed, plus the training and support to make it happen fast.

Before Get panic Think and Ask Few questions.

Question #1: Do I have a problem? Investigate to see if anything is broken. Don't mess with things that aren't broken.

Question #2: What key number can I focus on that would fix my problem?

Revenue is the ultimate number you want to get up, but you can't directly affect it.

So, instead of obsessing over revenue, identify the number you can directly affect.

In our business, the number is sales qualified leads.

What is it for your business?

Consultant: New proposals sent?

Course creator: New email subscribers?

Saas: New trial signups?

What can YOU 100% control today that would lead to more revenue in the next few weeks?

I know that in order to have our best month we need 60 SQLs. Being clear on that gives me a tangible target that I can then plan and strategize around. It crushes the fear and anxiety and focuses me on something I can actually change.

Question #3: What 3-5 things could I do that would give me a 90% or greater chance to hit my key number?

This is the fun part. By now you know you have a problem and you've identified the number you directly control that will fix your problem.

After all, look at all the major businesses that have been built and survived during hard times:

Walt Disney Company (market crash of 1929) Hewlett Packard (Great Depression, 1935)

Fedex (oil crisis of 1973)

Costco (recession in the late 1970’s

Microsoft (recession in 1973-1975)

LinkedIn (2002, post-dot-com bubble)

Your coaching business will be no different if you play your cards right. So ypu can build it using Optiin and offer it remotely to people you want to help.

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