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SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. July 08, 2024  California-based author Ashley Lockwood has released her latest novel titled A Heart of Ice and Shadow. It is the second part of the Shadows Eternal series and is a sequel to the national bestseller Shadow of Dark Desire. Positioning itself in the Amazon bestseller list both domestically and internationally, this series has become a favorite among fans of the paranormal and fantasy genres for its portrayal of vampire romance in an innovative way.

A Heart of Ice and Shadow follows the enthralling debut of her Shadows Eternal series, offering readers a suspenseful and satisfying conclusion to the vampire romance that has captivated hearts and minds worldwide. A Heart of Ice and Shadow takes fans through a roller-coaster ride of vampires, magick, and unparalleled fantasy never seen before in the world of fiction. 

This paranormal vampire romance novel will continue the story of magickally imbued Gwendolyn Moore and her sworn vampire protector, Sirus. After surviving a harrowing attack in Shadow of Dark Desire, Gwen continues to uncover the truth of what and who she is. Locked away in the safety of Sirus's ancient vampire castle, Volkov, Gwen is forced to come to terms with her new life in this world of magick and her blooming feelings for Sirus. As Sirus and Gwen navigate their growing bond, the evil Zephyr High Priestess and her faithful servant Aldor are hot on their heels and hell-bent on obtaining the rare power Gwen holds, no matter the costs.

Ashley Lockwood’s dulcet talent blends subtle elements of popular fantasy with searing romance, solidifying her as a uniquely charming writer with a growing fan base of avid readers. The complex struggles of her characters mirror the real emotional and relationship struggles of the modern world and her rich settings captivate and immerse readers into a realm of fantasy unlike any other.

Ashley Lockwood is a fabulous fabulist of the highest order. Making A Heart of Ice and Shadow the perfect summer read for anyone looking for a touch of darkness, a dash of magick, a spoonful of spice, and a whole heap of swoon-worthy romance. Fans of paranormal romance will simply find this book unputdownable. 

About Ashley Lockwood:


Ashley Lockwood is a bestselling author who breathes new life into the fantasy romance genre. Drawing inspiration from the vibrant diversity of San Francisco, she crafts captivating stories with rich narratives and complex characters that engage a wide range of readers. Her latest release, A Heart of Ice and Shadow, continues to enchant audiences with its magickal and romantic storyline, solidifying her reputation in the world of paranormal romance.

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